Auto Unit Cycle = Off is not obeyed (after only)


Mar 6, 2012
I suffer from a severe form of vertigo, and I have to play with the "Interface->Auto Unit Cycle" option disabled. The frequent wide, fast camera movements when Auto Unit Cycle is enabled mimic an effect of my condition, and I find this very unpleasant.

After updating to, my Auto Unit Cycle option is still disabled, but sometimes the game acts like it is enabled for short periods of time. It seems random. I don't think I have precisely identified all the triggers, but here is all I know:

One condition that often triggers it, is when my turn starts and I select a unit to promote. After choosing the promotion, the camera sweeps quickly to some other unit on another continent. Also, units often cycle undesirably after selecting production in a city that has completed its build queue (but, seemingly, not always).

I will try to create a save where this happens this week. I know that unfortunately, severe vertigo is fairly impossible to imagine/empathize, for people who have not experienced it. But I wanted to post sooner rather than later, in case someone could share a way to control the order that my units cycle. (If I could control that, I could perhaps minimize the wild scrolling.) I would be very grateful. Until recently I enjoyed this game without getting dizzy or having to close my eyes frequently :)


May 9, 2011
Washington, DC
I'm sorry the game is giving you vertigo! I have the problem with unit cycling, too. And it is very annoying.

Since the hotfix, my games will swing wildly on large maps. I have - and have always had - unit cycling turned off (and I've double checked that it's still off in the options). In addition to the usual unit cycling shenanigans, sometimes the game can't seem to decide which unit it's going to cycle to first and will move all around the map for a bit before settling on one.

On a large map in war, this can be terrible to watch between turns. I, too, invite anyone with suggestions to chime in.


Nov 7, 2010

I confirm that auto cycle off does not work properly in CivV G&K rel.
and that it is very annoying!
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