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Apr 8, 2001
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This little thread was sparked by a thought I had, whilst smoking opium with Coleridge (;)). Why have people chosen the avatar pictures they have?
Is is simply because that is your favourite unit, or that you like the look of it, or is it for another, perhaps more subtle reason?
One would be interested to see how many go in for particular reasons...
Personally, my choice of the Crusader is partly motivated by its pleasing apppearence (.005%), but the main part of the reason is that it is a subtle reference to one of one's favourite films.
A quantity of enriched uranium to the first person who guesses correctly :nuke: :lol: ;)

So, with a due sense of trepidation and dread, I declare proceedings open.
it looks a helluva lot better then the scorpion dude i had earlier!

but i want my avatar to be something very few others have (pref no one else), and i havent seen (that i can remember) anyone else with this dude, and it also has to look decent
Im stuck with this cavalry until we get custom avatars. ;)

As for the bonus question, I'll guess Excalibur, even though its wrong.

Could I still have some of that uranium?
Originally posted by Simon Darkshade
Is is simply because that is your favourite unit, or that you like the look of it, or is it for another, perhaps more subtle reason?
I have no answer to that question and therefore no avatar :D

Attempt to get hold of that uranium:
Is it Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail?
That one isn't directly about crusades, but the unit would fit quite well (except for the horse...)
Funny, when I smoke opium I usually get visions of giant underground rivers going through caverns measureless to man down to a sunless sea, by stately pleasure domes...or maybe an old, thirsty guy on a ship full of dead people with an albatross around his neck crying "water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink..." (though, I think he should just drink saltwater, as you'll live longer drinking saltwater than not drinking at all. Better yet, he should make a crude condensing mechanism and purify the water that way.)

As far as my avatar choice...
1) I am Italian
2) Romans were Italian
3) Legions are Roman
4) Legions conquered the whole civilized world
5) I am going to conquer the whole civilized world
6) It looks cool
I'd say it's between Kevin Costner's Robin Hood and that existentialist German film where the knight is playing chess with Death.

If I hadn't smoked so much opium in my time, I would remember the director's name, the title, or perhaps even a bit more of the film... :crazyeyes

Oh, and my avatar is the distinguished-looking gentleman-villain from CivII, the Diplomat, because I like to be well dressed and soft-spoken as I sow the seeds of evil about myself.
I chose not to use an avatar because I prefer verbal communication to pictorial.
I change my avatar as I please. There is no one avatar that I enjoy, rather a whole group that I choose from. This is probably the longest I've been without changing my avatar (3 weeks), maybe I will change it again.

Sometimes I will feel in a Naval mood, like now, where I must have a big Battleship. Other times it will be a more modest avatar, like Alpine Troops. Etc.

It all depends on my General mood of the time period. I think I am off to choose a new one now :)
The avatar I use is the nearest match to myself - a grumpy old bastard on a journey through life looking for answers to lifes little mysteries. :splat:

As to the movie, how can one be expected to know the mind of such vile evilness ;), I think Joespaniel is probably right with Excalibur.

Btw, I'll skip the uranium, I had problems with storing my last stash at a place called Chernobyl.
Padma was a major figure in the later period of the Exotic Splinter Culture. Their goal was to find/produce the next evolutionary advance in mankind. As such, I have chosen the Scout, as one who goes before the others, leading the way. (For further elucidation, see the 'Childe Cycle' novels by Gordon R. Dickson, who, alas, recently passed away.)

If Thunderfall had kept the 'blocky' Civ3 Tech avatars, I would have used the 'Philosophy' icon, as it was even more appropriate.

However, I do like SOME degree of individuality, and I have noticed another poster using the scout also. Although I think he usually stays in the Civ3 forums. I may start looking for a new avatar.:(
But then too many people had it, so I took this little guy...

An adventurer (at least that seems to be what it is:)) poet and bard...
I have a civ I militia because:
1) I have never seen anyone else with one.
2) I changed it as a random act of sarcasm in the custom avatar thread. I picked the best representation of an unruly mob as I could (that's what the protestors reminded me of)
3)These little guys could kill a cruiser!

Nothing else comes to mind at the moment....
I chose this one b/c its the closest thing to an AT-AT i could find.... GIMME AN AT-AT AVATAR!!!!!!!!!!
I chose the carrier mainly because I served on one in the navy, but I also use it a lot in my civ games to carry those deadly stealth fighters wherever I plan to conquer!

My favorite civ2 units however are the stealth fighter and howitzer for war, and the engineer and freight for development.
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