Aztec/Mexican Units Pack

Nov 3, 2020
Quick update: I am finished with the customized icons. Managed to find/make icons for all the units in the unit pack. Here's a quick look at what it looks like:

View attachment 574663

Ran out of time today, but will put them in the mod tomorrow. They're not perfect, but for such a large project, I think they'll do just fine.

About all I have left to do now is to add the ancient GG, and possibly the ancient GA, and any changes you find. They it's about time to release publicly.

More tomorrow...

EDIT: Updated picture. GA and GG added.

Sounds great!


Jan 1, 2012
If you still wanted to work on this pack, I and Mightytoad have made several units that would serve well as well replacement flavor units. I made a catapult, Bombard. Great Bombard, and Mightytoad made all the ship lineup until the industrial era that would look great and very fitting for this.
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