B1 - Aztec Succession game


Dec 10, 2001
Ontario, Canada
Copied example from Lees LK series:

Worker automate is not fair is sucession games - please do not use it.
Also, no long go to orders. Don't fortify ships in the middle of the ocean.
Of course - NEVER load a autosave!

Playing -
3-4 more players needed

Civ = Aztec
World = Huge, All average settings.
Difficulty = Regent
Barbarians = Roaming
# Civs = 16
24 hours to verify you can play your turn, 48 hours to play.
Your choice, up to 20 turns. You can always play less.

Most games I've seen, the Aztec AI seems to trail everyone else, so lets help them rise to glory!

I've played the first 40 or so turns, and will post once we have enough players.

The land looks pretty good, lots of grass and rivers. Problem is, I havent found any luxuries nearby.. we may have a problem with unhappiness!


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I am going to pass -
Hugh world gets unreal by the 1700s. Now if you want to downgrade to large ...
I have only played the Aztecs once, on either warlord or chieftan, got bored with the game and quit, but I will give it a shot if you need another player.
I'm competent at warlord level, tried regent once a while back and didn't do too well. I hope I've improved since then. Learning a lot from the Japan open succession game that I've had a few turns in.

If it's OK with everyone I'd like to take a shot at this.

OK Turn order is:
Brian (Me)
Nanook (playing)
LKendter - If you still want to play.

We will need another player if Lee backs out. However, I've changed the game to be all the same except Large instead of Huge.

Aztec Hunter-gatherers join together and build a village for mutual protection. It is called Tenochtitlan, as the leader has something against vowels.

Worker is sent out to investigate purple flowers, which cna be made to color hides. Brianzuma, the founder of the Aztecs, thinks this will please his woman. The Jaguar-King is pleased.

After many hundreds of years, the city bands together enough warriors to create the Jaguar Army

Workers finally distill enough dyes to color all Aztec clothes a dark green.

A small village called Anasazi teaches the Aztecs Pottery.

The Aztec city now controls a much larger expanse of land.

A settler sets out from the home city to found another!

A strange man in purple comes out of the Jungle to the south of Aztecia. he identifies himself as a scout for the Iroquois people!
They have little to offer us, so we allow him to pass for now.

Keeping with his liking of unpronouncable names, Brianzuma calls the new city Teotihuacan.

All quiet.

Another settler on the way, then we should build infrastructure. The Zulu are in the south, explore north but expand south. We dont want them to get our land!
Too late for me to start now, i'll get to it tomorrow. Looks to be an enjoyable game though, looking forward to it.
The reign of the Great Nanook has begun.

3000-2670: Yawn. Exploration, infrastructure. New Jag built, but nothing else interesting to report.

2630: Tlateloco founded on the coast. This is necessary for long term growth.

2310: Alphabet discovered, broneworking started. Only 9 turns away.

We have a real problem. There is literally no where to expand to. To the north is a small mountain range and then a 1 tile strip of beach before the ocean starts. To the south is nothing but jungle and mountains stretching for at least 12 or more tiles. We have room for maybe 1 or 2 more cities before we have to start doing wholesale jungle clearing to be able to build anything. The aztecs are best at early expansion, and we're simply not going to be able to do that. Our best bet is probably to do a slow expansion and use the tech broker/pope stategy. Of course, this is subject to change depending on circumstances.
LKendter (i am playing)
I change Teotihuacan to temple. This city can't produce a settler until is irragation is done.
I change Ttateloclo to Barracks. Way to many wasted shields waiting for the worker.
I chnage Tneochitlan to Settler, so that we can continue to expand.
:cringe: GACK - This starting position bites - GACK :cringe:

2310 BC - Teot will expand in 1 turn, so I order a worker. Someday, I would like to see a size 3 city here.
2230 BC - Teno orders up another Settler. With this being our ONLY :( city to produce them, I have to concede trying for the pyramids :(
2110 BC - I find where the Iroqoius cities are. Niagara falls is a not a great location.
1990 BC - Texcoco is founded, city #4. The last good spot. Flood plains kill a pop point in Teno.
1950 BC - Our next science goal is writing.
1870 BC - Pop out a conscript warrior - WEEEEEEEEEE. :p
Tlax is formed - A worker is ordered - Our land needs much work.

Summary - We need lots of workers with this position.
Shdwlord (Now playing)
Arizona_Steve (On deck)

Ok, the land sucks right now, but that jungle will be great once it's cleared, say in 1967.. :( Consider it a challenge..


Well, I think its salvageable, but if you guys want I can start again.. the original game was alright, but on a huge map it would be too slow later on.

On the bright side, look at the Cuban succession game, now that land sucks! :lol: And they are turning it around from what I've read.
Shadowlord surveys the land and thinks to himself, "what a mess"

1700 well, I get quite an impression of what kind of game this is going to be when our warrior moves next to a barbarian, and the barbarian kills the warrior

1675 Do we have any city that can produce a wonder? Tlatelolco gives it a shot, building the Colossus in hopes of getting something

1650- 1625

1600 Light blue border spotted far to the south

1575 Russian scout finds us, science increased to 90%

1550 Light blue is America

1525 Tenochtitlan finishes settler, begins another

1500 Russian cities spotted to the south east

1450 Texcoco finishes temple

1375 Tenochtitlan finishes settler, begins another

1350 Calixtlahuaca founded, America starts pyramids

1325 Jaguar warrior angers the carib tribe, warriors kill him

1275 writing learned, Literature began

1250 Xochicalco founded

I built almost no military, we will need some soon before the other nations decide to broaden their borders at our expense. But I grabbed as much space as I could for us, the iroquois and the russians have us pretty boxed in. There is still some jungle open that we can claim though
Steve the First looked over his inherited lands and pondered a number of things. Firstly, the uncolonised jungles to the South and the fertile lands to the East. If he didn't get them, he knew someone else would.

He decided that the jungles would be worth colonizing, as they could be cleared in time, yielding fertile lands that might contain resources hitherto unheard of. A program heavy in settler and worker building was instigated in his lands.

For the time being, it was decided that the current projects, initiated by the previous ruler, would be allowed to complete before the plans were put into action.

Firstly an idle worker was ordered to connect Xochicalco. Other workers were put in place for new projects. Texcoco completed the training of a spearman division. A settler group was ordered and the spearman division was sent forth to fortify Calixtlahuaca, a settlement devoid of defence. A settler group was produced by Tenochtitlan and a spearman was started. Meanwhile Tlaxcala created a spearman division, who was ordered to fortify. A temple was started there.

The Tenochtitlan settler was sent south of Calixtlahuaca, to form a new city with the intent of securing the Eastern grasslands and denying the Russians access to our lands. Teoihuacan completes the granary it was working on, and starts another settler.

Our spearman reached Calixlahuaca and fortifies it. Production there is changed from spearman to settler. A mining project is started aroung Tlatelolco. This should help with wonder building. I am still building the Colossus there. Maybe we should earmark this as a science city.

Tenochtitlan creates a spearman and starts a temple. The spearman is ordered to go to Xochicalco and fortify there. Meanwhile, Texcoco gets connected to trade network.

Bad news. The Iroquois have settled the fertile Eastern lands - exactly where I was sending my settler to. One day we will claim these lands! Our settler is redirected to close off Eastern borders and prevent further incursions. Texcoco creates settler and starts another.

Teotihuacan creates another settler and begins a worker, which has been timed to complete when city hits pop 2. Tlaxcala completes a temple and starts Jaguar Warrior. We need to get some border patrols in the southern lands to block Iroquis settlers.

Our worker completes a road to Xochicalco, and begins a road to Begins road to connect the gold nearby. SteveVille (sorry, but these Aztec names are damn hard to type) founded, and begins training a spearman division. Tenochtitlan completes a temple and begins training a Jaguar Warrior division, to augment the Southern border patrols.

A spearman division reaches Xochicalco and fortifies the city. Tlacopan founded and begins training more spearmen. A lone Jaguar Warrior is forced to move as the Iroquis plop down a city in OUR jungle. Grrrr. Technotitlan and Tlaxcala both create Jaguar warriors, and begin workers. Both Jaguar Warriors are sent South to patrol the jungle.

Teotihuacan creates a worker and is set to wealth as the treasury is running seriously low. Tenochtitlan creates worker, and starts another. Xochicalco creates spearman and starts a temple.

Atzcapotzalco founded deep in the jungle. A spearman is sent from Xochicalco to defend it. There is a Jaguar Warrior there already. Therefore we start a temple to avoid culture flip, as it is getting a little too close to the Iroquois capital for comfort. Tlaxcala creates worker and starts wealth to prevent further drain on treasury.

Our wise men figure out how to compile words into books. Literature learned. Since I see a fight ahead, Iron working is started.

Notes: Two cities, Teotihuacan and Tlaxcala are creating wealth. Feel free to change. I have added a number of workers to the pile, and begun the long process of clearing out jungle. Next leader might want to concentrate on Iron Working and get a stack of swordsmen to begin an early offensive.

*** Save deleted to save space on server ***
Thanks Steve, I'm up next.. Giving the impending Valentines day, it may be Friday before I post a turn :)

Brian (Now playing)
Nanook (On deck)
730 BC - Inherited turn.
Calix building Settler. There doesnt seem to be anywhere to put it so I switch to temple instead

Wealth cities switched to Spearmen.

710 BC:
Tenochtitlan starts Great Library (80 turns!)

Lower the tax rate to stop bleeding. Our economy sucks. Iron Working now 10 turns from 9.

690 BC:
We are the 3rd most powerful civ behind the Greeks and Egyptians. Thats good news..
Iroquois are 4, Russians are 8(last)

670 BC:

650 BC:

630 BC:

610 BC:
Tzintz.. forget it, Whaletown is created! Brianzuma has enough of names with too many Constanants!

590 BC:
A strange grey borderline is seen to the west.

570 BC:
The Colossus is built in Tlatelolco!

Iron working is discovered, we start on The Wheel. We have 2 sources of iron, neither is hooked up yet.

550 BC:
We meet the Indians. They are technologically advanced! They have Masonry, The Wheel, Mysticism, Map Making to trade!
We offer to trade Literature, they offer Contact/Egypt, Mapmaking, Masonry, Territory map, 30 gold. We take it.

We may end up missing the GL but this trade is too good to pass up I think! We will get loads of benefits.
Time will tell if it was a good idea.

Egypt has Wheel, Mysticism and Math, comm. with Romans, French and Germans.
I trade Literature for Communications as the Indians will do it anyway.

France wants Literature for Mysticism and Wheel, I decline. I think they cant afford to trade it anyway.
Trade territory maps with almost everyone. We seem to be on one big, strung out landmass..

We will get Gl in 38 turns, as of this turn.

530 BC:
India complains about our troops in their territory we agree to move.
Rome offers Mysticism for Literature, we decline but trade Territory maps.

We are now #1 in world ranking!

510 BC:
Russia asks for territory map and 21 gold.. We agree for now.

Americans want to trade Territory maps, plus 14 of our gold on top of it. I decline.

490 BC:
We discover the Wheel, start Horseback riding (4 turns)

We have no horses! however, there are some unclaimed near Mauch Chunk..

470 BC:
The Egyptians start the GL.. way behind us I hope.. we have 34 turns to go.

(14)450 BC:

430 BC:

410 BC:
Horseback riding is discovered, Started mathematics.

Workers finish the iron road!

390 BC:
The Germans are building the GL. We have 24 turns left.

370 BC:
An Iroquois settler took one look at our jaguar warrior and ran back to Mauch Chunk! :)

350 BC:
The Russians are building the GL.. If we dont get it, I'm gonna lash myself with wet Spaghetti noodles! :)
Tzintzuntzen built.

330 BC:
Our people want to build the Forbidden Palace. Brianzuma thinks Salamanca or Moscow would be a good location.. :D

The French are building the GL.. the good news is if we lose it we can switch to pyramids! :)

The settler near Atzcapot.. (you get the idea) should try for the bridge to India or the horse area.. preferrably horse..!

Math in 1 turn.. Our economy is better after much road building.. hook up the other iron, and build Swordsmen!

I got greedy and traded Literature for a bunch of stuff.. Don't know if it will be worth it.. time will tell.. The next player will either build the GL or have to switch to Pyramids.. We seem to be catching up quickly in tech anyway.. we are now #1 in power..

Good luck..
Sorry I didn't post sooner, been quite busy yesterday and today. I'll be playing my turn tomorrow. I would suggest that everyone download and install the new patch, it fixes quite a few bugs.
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