Baba Yetu composer Christopher Tin answers your questions!


Dec 27, 2008
He amazed us all with Baba Yetu, and now Grammy Award winning composer Christopher Tin is here at Civfanatics to answer some of your questions and tell us a bit about his upcoming album God of Love as part of the electronic duo Stereo Alchemy, alongside producer Kametron.

Head over to this thread Chris has started in our Arts & Entertainment subforum to ask some questions and find out more about the album, and you can download the title track for free here.

God of Love will be released on the 14th of February, and you can pre-order on Stereo Alchemy's website, where you can also preview the entire album. A download of the album costs $9.99, but you can secure a download of the album plus an autographed CD for just $14.99 (plus shipping and handling costs). All pre-orders come with an immediate download of 'She Walks in Beauty'.

In addition, 'liking' Stereo Alchemy on facebook will secure you an immediate download of 'A Rapture'.

If that's not enough free stuff for you, we're also pleased to announced a competition giving you the chance to win a free album. More details are on their way. And early next week we'll be posting up two exclusive reviews of the album authored by two of our staff members.

For those of you who would like to download Christopher Tin's Grammy Award winning album Calling All Dawns, you can do so on his website. Enter "CIVFANATICS" (no quotation marks or boldface) into the discount code field to secure $1 off a single album purchase, but please note that if you order more than one CD, then the code should NOT be used since there is already discount for that.

Christopher Tin answers your questions here at CFC
Free download of 'God of Love' title track here at CFC
Stereo Alchemy's website, facebook and twitter
Christopher Tin's website, facebook and twitter
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