"Bait City" Strategy No Longer Works!


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Jul 26, 2011
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Dadburnit! This was one of my favorite tactics before G&K, but now the AI does not seem to fall for the ruse:

Spoiler :

I place the "Bait City" as near as I can to two AIs, give or sell it to a third AI, and fireworks usually ensue. Not so with Askia. Ohhhhh, Noooo! He builds up about 35 military units, and annihilates my capital (Constantinople)! The Nerve!The Audacity! How could he even AFFORD that? I've never SEEN an army that size in the game before!

Sound like a very clever strategy! I may play vanilla again to try out this strategy :) thanks for sharing
I use this, and it does work, your city is too close to yourself, and your an easier target...

on second look, it would nice in your game to have that desert pantheon...

I'll try it again and put the Bait City on the far side of the two closest AIs. I was using the 1 culture per pasture pantheon, and it was working out pretty good. I believe that someone else snatched up the desert pantheon before I could select it.

This was actually a very informative disaster. Now I know to make contingencies for much larger armies than I have in the past.

And, perhaps, I shouldn't build too many Wonders that make me a target.........

Edit: I usually name the city "<snip>-U" or "Suuuuckers", or "Dead {leadername}"
Theodora's Revenge

Spoiler :

Take THAT, you muffin-sucking sponge lickers!!!! Let's see you take my capitol NOW!!!!!

I decided to establish a bit more secure perimeter before placing the bait city and....welll....got sort of carried away. I can still give Ghandi one on the other side of London.
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