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Balancing Culture/Science/Wonders/Military

Discussion in 'Civ3 - General Discussions' started by Lorax, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. Lorax

    Lorax Chieftain

    Jan 13, 2004
    How do you go about balancing culture (Temples, etc), Scienece (libraries, etc) Along with Wonders & Military?

    Do you make production a certain ratio/procedure? Say 1 Science/Cuture for every 3 Military?

    Or do you create cities of a certain production style - say one a culture city, one a science city, one a military city?

    I seem to get far behind in Military buildup to the AI, even if I pump out quite alot of unit - its never enough to rival the large invasion forces that I subjected to....
  2. Gainy

    Gainy Guest

    Don't build wonders. If you get a leader (in vanilla civ), by all means use it to rush your FP or whatever, but generally don't bother. This will free up alot of time to create a military, then you can capture the wonders from the AI :)
    I only really build Temples and Courthouses in all of my cities, but my productive ones will get a Barracks, Cathedral and a Marketplace also - plus anything required for growth.

    I don't sector my cities into building anyhtign in particular, once i've fully expanded, I go to war almost immediately afterwards.
    There's no point being peaceful if you want to get a high score.
    Btw, you can demand techs from the AI instead of researching 'em when you've got a big enough military :satan:

    Edit: I wouldn't build buildings just for the sake of getting cultire, that's a waste of time.
  3. Lorax

    Lorax Chieftain

    Jan 13, 2004
    It does seem the only way to dictate gameplay and control your own destiny is to have a dominating military.....In every other style of play/ victory path, the AI will bully you or force your hand to do something you dont want to do....

    I had a rather large parcel of land secured - completely void of Iron - talk about a nearly impossible way to play.....
  4. LordKestrel

    LordKestrel King

    Mar 28, 2003
    Seattle, USA
    Don't listen to them, it's easy enough to be a builder :)

    I've started turning off research, and just purchasing techs from the AI. Once several civs have any given tech, it becomes much cheaper to purchase. Often in the first two ages, you can purchase one tech from someone, and then trade it for another 1 or two, with a little cash thrown in. This is what is known as a twofer, and a couple of those can save you tens of thousands of gold throughout a game. Remember that it's always cheaper to pay lump sum instead of per turn. On the flip side, you get more gold from the AI in they pay per turn, but there is always the risk that they'll declare war to get out of their debt...

    For the most part, you'll want to build workers/warriors/settlers exclusively throughout the ancient age, so that you can expand quickly, and take up a large chunk of land. You'll want at least a warrior in every city to deter the AI, and be sure to cave in to their demands while you're still weak (you can always exact your pound of flesh when you have tanks at your back).

    If I'm playing a scientific or religious civ, I tend to produce a few temples/libraries to consolidate borders, and increase culture. I play a more peaceful game, so culture is fairly important, as I want to flip the other civ's cities, and not have mine flip to them.

    Wonders I tend to ignore until the middle ages, unless I have a city producing an enormous number of shields (ie, 10+ at size 6), in which case I'll try and pick up the Pyramids with it. The other exception is a coastal site with a river and several gold bonuses, which I'll try and build the Colossus in. I recently had a river+3 silks city build the Colossus, and it is very powerful.

    Build lots of workers. In my opinion, there is no such thing as too many workers. Many games, I have more workers than other military (current game, I had 90 workers, and 90 riflemen & cavalry). Once your entire land is railroaded and improved, rejoin workers to your cities, to get them to 12 or 20 population. This is also a good thing to use slaves for once their parent civ has been eradicated. Add a couple slaves to each town, and before long, they'll all be assimilated.

    Something that helps is to have a goal for the game. By 1000BC, I try and have a game plan, and follow that throughout the game. Perhaps you want to win diplomaticaly, so you stay out of wars for the most part, and stay a few techs behind the leaders for the game. Build up cash, and use it to rush improvements, and pay for techs. With some luck, you can use a prebuild, build the UN, and win the vote. If you decided that you wanted a conquest victory, an early swordsman war to remove a civ from the playing field can go a long way towards that goal.

    Don't worry about being behind in tech, and as the others pointed out, you can take wonders from the AI. You can make this easier by trading masonry to your neighbors, so they get started on the pyramids early. If one of them builds it, just relieve him of that wonder. Often, even if they don't build the Pyramid, the wonder cascade will net them something useful, such as the Lighthouse, or the Hanging Gardens.

    Once last thing, granaries. Granaries effectively double the speed at which your cities grow, making them extremely powerful. This is one of the reasons why the Pyramids are prized, but don't hesitate to build them yourself. If you haven't read it, read the article on the 4 turn settler factory. A city needs 20 food (w/ granary, 40 w/o) and 30 shields to build a settler. The concept of the factory is to have a city with granary produce 5fpt and 8spt, thereby growing twice, and building a settler every 4 turns. If you can get one of these going in your game, have that city build settlers until every square is filled. You could even keep building a few to have in reserve in case spots open up because of war.
  5. Amorphus

    Amorphus I'm a ninja

    Feb 5, 2003
    I usually have a pretty sufficient army according to the military advisor - the only problem is most of my units are defensive and I get overconfident. "So Germany you don't wanna give me Invention do you, it's DEATH for you" and then I realize I have no offensive power and end up pleading for peace once they start pillaging my improvements. :crazyeye:

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