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Bantu Peoples for VP project thread

Discussion in 'Mods Repository' started by Hinin, Mar 5, 2021.

  1. Hinin

    Hinin King

    Aug 1, 2014
    Hi everyone,

    I've currently begun to work on a civ mod for the Bantu Peoples designed with VP in mind.

    The main characteristics of this civilization is that it has no proper unique component. Instead, because of the status of the Bantu as a "cradle civilization" from which emerged countless tribes and nations, I chose to focus on two elements :

    • First, the ability to expand at an impressive rate, and so produce settler units with less constraints than other civilizations.
    • Second, the ability for each Bantu city to feel unique. Depending on its placement, each city will benefit from two unique bonuses (see them as unique free buildings) which will bring different advantages to the city and unique promotions for the units it produces.
    So here is an example of what the UA could look like :

    For now, here is a list of these Peoples, which are inspired by nine major Bantu groups :

    Spoiler Nine Bantu Peoples :
    Spoiler Hutu :
    Hutu : Present in the Great Lake regions, and most particularly in Rwanda and Burundi, they are famous for their throwing knives and benefit from fresh water and high resource density ;
    => Each worked improved resource and Lake tile provides +1 :c5gold: Gold. +3 % :c5production: Production for units per worked Fresh water tile. Units have the "Hutu" promotion (medium chance to withdraw before melee attacks, and deals 10 damage to the attacker when doing so).

    Spoiler Nguni :
    Nguni : Branch in which you can find the Xhosa and Zulu people, they have inhabited more arid climates and will be able to better preserve their resources and expand their territory, while benefiting from their martial traditions ;
    => 20% of Food is carried over when a new citizen is born in city and -33 % Culture/Gold cost to acquire new tiles ; units gain the "Nguni" promotion (+25 % bonus :c5strength: CS from flank attacks ; +33 % xp gain).

    Spoiler Chewa :
    Chewa : Inhabitants of the Great Rigt Valley and some of the only regions in Africa with Alpine climate, they are famous for their secretive rites, reclusive communities and distinctive ancestral masks. As such, giving them the means to grow and prosper is both a way to gain some insight into their practices and to gain a frightening force on the battlefield.
    => +5 CS to city and gain a small amount of Food, Faith and Culture whenever a unit is built in the city ; units gain the "Chewa" promotion (+20 % :c5strength: CS against ranged attacks ; -5 % :c5strength: CS to adjacent enemy units, cumulative).

    Spoiler Shona :
    Shona : Famous people of the Kingdom of Zimbabwe, they have become masters of fortifications and as such benefit from their strongholds both militarily and economically.
    => Gain a small amount of Science whenever a building is built in the city ; +1 :c5gold: Gold, +1 :c5faith: Faith and +1 :c5production: Production from Forts and Citadels ; units gain the "Shona" promotion (+15 % :c5strength: base CS when fighting on a Fort, Citadel or City tile).

    Spoiler Kongo :
    Kongo : From the Kingdom of Kongo, they used their knowledge of shallow waters, farming and self-sustainability to create polyvalent and surprisingly potent cities.
    => No famine or malus from local :c5unhappy: Unhappiness ; :c5unhappy: Needs modifier reduced by 10 % in City ; units gain the "Kongo" promotion (when starting turn next to or on a Coast tile +1 :c5moves: MP and ignore ZOC for the turn).

    Spoiler Mongo :
    Mongo : From the equatorial forests of Central Africa, they are famous for their medicine and able to transform the land at a quicker rate to build up more cohesive and balanced cities.
    => +4 :c5production: Production, 2 :c5culture: Culture and +1 :c5happy: Happiness for every 8 Citizens in City ; units gain the "Mongo" promotion (+25% improvement rate ; +1 Visibility Range and heals 5 HP at the end of turn whatever the action)

    Spoiler Luba :
    Luba : Artisans and specialists of their crafts, they are also famous for their impressive memory devices. As such they can make for impressive GP centers and provide the means to defend them.
    => +1 :tourism: Tourism from Specialists and 2 Specialists don't cause :c5unhappy: Unhappiness in City ; units gain the "Luba" promotion (+30 % :c5strength: CS when fighing on a GP Improvement and generate GG/GA more quickly).

    Spoiler Sukuma :
    Sukuma : Inhabiting the rugged lands of Tanzania, their proximity with what is today called Lake Victoria and their deep knowledge of medecine and animal life make them best at making low-population cities prosper.
    => +1 :c5war: Army Supply for each Horse, Ivory or Natural wonder tile within 3 tiles and claim these tiles ; - 20 % :c5food: City growth, but +2 :c5culture: Culture and +3 :c5production: Production from natural wonders ; units gain the "Sukuma" promotion (units always fight at full strength and are immune to "plague" effects).

    Spoiler Kikuyu :
    Kikuyu : Famous for their city-states and sultanates on the coast of modern-day Kenya, they gain precious luxury resources, help the formation of cultural and trade centers and benefit the most from exchanges (peaceful or violent) with other cultures.
    => When founded, gain a random existing luxury resource on the city tile ; gain +1 :c5culture: Culture and +1 :c5science: Science for each International Trade Route coming to or from this City ; units gain the "Kikuyu" promotion (gain :c5gold: Gold, :c5culture: Culture and :c5science: Science from kills).

    Now, how to obtain these Peoples ? Once a city is founded, liberated (for you own cities) or when you finish a Courthouse in it, the type of tiles around the city are analyzed and choices are made in order to select two bonuses/Peoples. The "Peoples" are buildings that are always lost on capture.

    For now, I have in mind a "if" condition checklist (see the following list in spoiler), but there are of course other possible solutions.

    Spoiler Conditions list :

    • If a Natural Wonder or 3 or more Horse or Ivory tiles are within 2 tiles of the city, Sukuma is chosen ;
    • If 3 Strategic resources are within 2 tile of the city, Luba is chosen ;
    • If 4 or more Forest or Jungle are within 1 tile of the city, Mongo is chosen ;
    • If 3 or more Coastal tiles are within 1 tile of the city, Kongo is chosen ;
    • If 4 or more Toundra tiles or 2 or more Mountain tiles are within 1 tile of the city, Chewa is chosen ;
    • If 4 or more Hill tiles are within one tile of the city, Shona is chosen ;
    • If 5 or more Desert or Plains tiles are within one tile of the city, Nguni is chosen ;
    • If 5 or more Fresh Water tiles are within 1 tile of the city, Hutu is chosen ;
    • If there are 3 or more Luxury resources within 2 tile of the city, Kikuyu is chosen ;
    • If there is still a trait to gain, Luba is chosen (except if already chosen) ;
    • If there is still a trait to gain, Nguni is chosen (except if already chosen).

    So, here is the concept for the civ. As you may have noticed, some of the bonuses are balanced with their relative rarity and the terrain associated with them in mind. This method of selecting the Peoples may seem overcomplicated at first (why not choose an event screen and let you select what you want ?) but I wanted the resulting empire to be heterogeneous and diverse, so here if you go out of your starting biome the chances your new cities will become very different from your first ones are high. Plus, I wanted to not give the civ a starting bias, so each beginning will be different. That said, if this proves to be too problematic, I have other solutions in mind (for example using the event system).

    Another problem I have is of course the adequation between the conditions for obtaining the Peoples, the bonus they offer and the historical and cultural elements that are referenced. There is obviously always the risk both of oversimplification and unintuitive sets of characteristics for each People, so don't hesitate to criticize.

    As for the coding, it has already begun (at least for a part of the core files). However, before doing the heavy-lifting parts, I would like to have your opinion on the project since it is the first one where I'm not only an armchair critic, but actually doing the hard work : I don't want to add more any more Peoples, but the existing ones will surely be tweaked or reworked thanks to your suggestions (since most of them are still concepts first and foremost). I intend for this civ to be my main project for the next year, so there is no hurry, and I want to better my fledgeling coding skills on small sized things in the next months before handling the big parts.

    Thank you for reading.

    Spoiler City list :

    • LUBA
    • LUNDA
    • NYANZA
    • BUALI
    • KABASA
    • ULUNDI
    • NAMULI
    • GITEGA
    • NGOZI
    • TABORA
    • UJIJI
    • MONGU
    • KHAMI
    • BOENDE
    • GEMENA
    • LISALA
    • BUMBA
    • KILWA

    Spoiler Concept for civ symbol :

    Bantu logo inspiration.png

    Colors :
    • RGB 240,137,22 for the icon
    • RGB 45,105,144 for the background
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2021
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  2. Hinin

    Hinin King

    Aug 1, 2014
  3. Hinin

    Hinin King

    Aug 1, 2014

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