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Barbarian landings

Discussion in 'Civ1 - General Discussions' started by Lord.L., Oct 5, 2018.

  1. Lord.L.

    Lord.L. Chieftain

    Apr 6, 2018
    Russia, Moscow
    Are they fully random? I think not. Can I attract them to the needed place?
  2. Posidonius

    Posidonius Civherder

    Jun 28, 2015
    US of gawldarn A
    Land Barbys can spawn at a spot where the AI would place a respawned civ: a plains/river/grass square not too near an existing city, with a 'suitable' level of resources within that square's fat-cross area (viewed as if there were a city there). Sea Barbys can spawn anywhere, even in a 1-square lake, a "button lake". Don't know if there is a way to attract Barbys, but you can use the same techniques for controlling rival respawns to "un-attract" Barbys, by controlling the placement of cities on the board. If Red Wolves keep bothering you in one area, simply build a city there, to disrupt their nest. Thus, they will spawn somewhere else.

    Once the planet is covered with cities, Barbys will only spawn on the North or South Pole, near the closest city, but such spawns die immediately of frostbite.

    I think what you are asking, is whether you can put Barbys to work for you, attacking your rival civs? This may be possible with land Barbys, but the planning and effort to do so would be far more difficult than just attacking the rivals yourself.

    A small village, however, is different. When a hut turns into a Barby Bomb as you step on it, this can be very useful. In one game, Greeks and Germans were on a medium-sized island. Berlin was on a peninsula, forced into stasis by 2 Greek units. Germans could not grow citz, and could not build boats because their only two shield-bearing squares were occupied by Alexander's forces.

    When i was ready, stepped on a Barby Bomb and let them ruin Greece for me. The Red Wolves burned down Sparta and slapped Athens a couple times before they died off. I sacrificed one unit on the Bomb, entered the island, and constructed a "trap" on the Greeks, and thus put the Greeks to work for me, keeping up their "trap" on Germany, so Fred was trapped and i did not have to waste 2 units on him. By making the Barbys work for me, trapped 2 rival civilizations with only 3 units, by cocooning Athens.

    In that game, it worked well. Other games, not so well. Sometimes the Barbys fly off in the opposite direction or self-disband before they get to the rival you want them to sack. In general, the best use for a Barby Bomb is to bribe them all, so you have an "instant army" of NONE units who do not cost any of your cities a shield to maintain. No good for fighting, but useful for blocking expansionist rivals and occupying the forests near a city you have placed in a cocoon.
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