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BarbarianCivs - an unbalanced Game breaker

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Revolution Modpack' started by poncratias, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. poncratias

    poncratias Chieftain

    Feb 9, 2010
    Hi there,
    I'm a RoM 2.8 player, and i love the BarbarianCivs idea!

    But right now i can`t use the barbarian-civs- feature as it is, as it completely breaks the game in terms of balance!

    Whenever a barbarian city grows to be a civillization, it gets a number of "bonus gifts", like a lot of new techs (that nobody else has discovered yet), lots of strong units and even new buldings. -all at once!
    The bonus stuff is nomore about just "helping them to survive", as they already only get a chance to become a civ if there is nearly nobody in the near.

    This even get`s worse as the game develops:
    So right now my game is in like the early medieval era, there are 3 barb. civs (of 13 total civs), each of them only has like 2-3 cities (compared to my 15), but are running around with riflemen and guns while everybody else is building their first knights!

    so i took a look into the python file, and whoa, like 90% of the code is just about what all is to be given to them as "birthday present" when they settle as a civ!
    And also there is an annoying part of code that forces them to attack the first player they get contact with. Why that?? They are a just a newborn civ and try to survive, not go on some crazy psycho rampage!
    I tried to just delete parts of the code, as i don`t know how to recode it for the better, but this made the game crash.
    Yes, there is a config file for that mod but it lacks of options to alter that stuff!

    My intention would be that they get nearly 0 bonuses or maybe a settler and some workers,plus the military they already have, but no new techs or anything above that.
    Just like it is: a small group of barbarian folks that slowly develops to a civillization.
    in small steps, not a big hyperspacejump.
    As I stated above they are not in that great danger generally, and also if one of them gets crushed then this should be ok, as this won`t happen to everyone of them and is also completely natural.

    This barbarian civ feature would be so cool and add just that extra diversity to the game, but it sadly fails because of over-featuring.

    Could somebody PLEASE for the sake of this great mod

    .)make a "BarbarianCiv Pure edition" : no extra uber-bonuses, no attack-on-first-sight-diplomacy.
    .)tell me what to change in the file
    .)add more options to the cfg file (to alter bonus techs/units and the attack feature on/off)

    PLEASE everything else is great but only this particular coding messes it up completely...
  2. jdog5000

    jdog5000 Revolutionary

    Nov 25, 2003
    A lot of tweaking went in to tech bonuses in BarbarianCiv for the upcoming RevDCM release 2.7, so that should help.

    What kind of settings are you using? Did you start with 10 civs? How long ago did the barb civs settle? Are they on your continent?

    The situation you describe is very unusual ...

    There are a lot of settings in the BarbarianCiv section of Revolution.ini which you can use to change the behavior. You could set BaseMilitaryOdds to zero, BarbTechFrac to 0.85, BuilderBonusTechs to 0, stuff like that.
  3. stljeffbb

    stljeffbb XML Journeyman!

    Oct 22, 2006
    I see this as well...here are my settings:


    Planet Generator 0_68 (with some of my own modifications to the script, enabling a "new world" type set-up, where all starting civs [not barbs] are on one of between two and seven continents)

    256x160 Map

    Twenty civs to start

    ....what I'm seeing is, when I discover new lands, there are "minor tribes", but when I have a land unit come in close proximity (in this case, it has usually been a missionary), suddenly, the barb civs "level up" and get a bunch of upgrades to bring them closer to what I might have (ex. minor tribes have archers, suddenly they get longbowmen). Also, the boost is often like +200 points on the score-o-meter, meaning they got QUITE a lift! ;)


    EDIT: Played around a little with the Revolution.ini...I assume that "BarbTechFrac" refers to original civs, not those that were once barbarians....
  4. jdog5000

    jdog5000 Revolutionary

    Nov 25, 2003
    Yeah, there's certainly going to be a significant "leveling up" for BarbCivs settling in the new world when explorers come around ... that's intended. The question/issue is how close they get to the original civs.

    The first poster was seeing BarbCivs settle down (sounded like not new world) and get free techs much more advanced than anyone else, which should not happen and would definitely be a bug if it did.

    Techs and related boosts for new world BarbCivs have also been substantially reworked for the upcoming 2.7 release, so that should change things for you particular situation. BarbCivs settling in the New World will get less free tech now (whether this is historically accurate is debatable, but massive disease epidemics had the same effect eventually).
  5. Zeiter

    Zeiter Chieftain

    Nov 20, 2008
    I'm pretty sure that this is a bug. I had this happen in a few of my WolfRev 1.61 games.

    What happens is, when a barbciv or minor civ graduates into a full civ, they get the extra goodies, but the game doesn't record them as having graduated to the full civ. So even though they now have the writing tech, they are still listed as a minor civ on the scoreboard and can't be contacted. Then, throughout the game, they keep on getting repeated doses of freebies as they continue to "graduate" to full civ status, but without their status really flipping over.

    In one game the Ottomans emerged in about 500 A.D. on some small obscure landmass. By 1600 A.D., they had discovered all of the techs in the game and had gunships flying around, and they were still listed as a "minor" civ on the scoreboard and couldn't be contacted.

    I haven't had this bug pop up in my last few games, however, so I have no idea what could be causing it.

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