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Barracks, Armories, Military Academies... are they worth it?

Discussion in 'Civ5 - General Discussions' started by Tyrus, May 30, 2014.

  1. Crafty Bison

    Crafty Bison King

    Jun 26, 2012
    It's become a luxury to ask this question now with the pacified early warring, which used to answer the question for you as you knew you'd need several archers super early.

    For me, no, I rarely build any early, because you can either farm barbs for the first 30, or if you actually need them there and then, well that's exactly when I wouldn't have time to build the barracks/armoury anyway.

    Heroic epic regularly tempts me to get barracks up if I'm going tall, but I generally regard it as I luxury I can't afford as there are always more important things to build, especially if I'm doing so poorly that I have few enough cities to realistically consider this.

    Later on, sure, if there is nothing better to be building, or if you go Brandenburg (again, the 3 promos off the bat are tempting for GWBs, but it's not that far to go if you don't, and I usually want to focus on something else better), but I rarely spend more than a couple of turns on them.

    In conclusion, the best help for an army is a strong economy and productive cities, not explicit military bonuses.
  2. GoStu

    GoStu King

    Sep 16, 2013
    My position on these buildings is that it's usually not worth it for the early-game, where adding another unit is much more valuable than the value of adding a promotion or two to a unit (which is really the XP Barbarian-clearing can give you anyway).

    When I'm playing as my favorite warmongers ever, the Aztecs, I generally wait until I've completed Honor before putting a Barracks in every city. Honor is typically my second tree; policies go Honor Opener, full Tradition, then back to Honor. This greatly reduces the Production time of the individual buildings. Then, I build a Heroic Epic in my best-production Coastal city, and an Armory and Military Academy when possible.

    My overarching though process is that getting more land forces out and murdering promotes them quickly and gives me culture. They'll get the +15 XP by doing their job barbarian-hunting, and a few Barracks are prohibitively expensive early on. Waiting for the Epic to build your ground forces just delays the army too much for a theoretical-at-best promotion. Get your units out and fighting faster and their increased promotions more than make up for the +15%. Later, I'll need to build a navy and this is where the Heroic Epic shines for me. This is an entire group of new units with limited time to hunt Barbarians. Starting them 2 promotions up and with a 15% combat boost is big. Also, the Barracks come at half price and aren't hard to build at that time anyway. Any reinforcements I need to my ground forces also come from this city. Units that work roughly as well regardless of promotions (Siege units come to mind) can be built/bought as needed almost anywhere.

    Later game, if I go Autocracy, I'll put Armories and Military Academies everywhere for the Happiness. Otherwise, I ignore them. The Heroic Epic puts you at odds with the idea of building these buildings everywhere: you really want to build troops only out of that city, but somehow you've got to put XP granting buildings in every city? The only real use I get out of extra Armories/Military Academies is mass-producing a round or two of Air units, which don't gain anything from the Heroic Epic.

    I know that's a lot of text, but hopefully it addresses all your concerns.
  3. Acken

    Acken Deity

    Sep 13, 2013
    QC, Canada
    Yes they are worth it for heavy fighting as long as you have time to build them before fighting. Getting free 15XP is worth 4 to 5 turns of attacking with a unit, you're that much closer to logistics or range promotions.
  4. tetley

    tetley Head tea leaf

    Nov 8, 2001
    I think that unless you're Zulu, there's a crossover point somewhere in Medieval Era where Barracks starts to become worth it. There is the barb farming, true, but also Barracks costs 75 hammers. Catapult costs 75 hammers. Do you get the barracks, or just build another cat? I'm getting another cat, heck yeah.
  5. reddishrecue

    reddishrecue Deity

    Nov 16, 2009
    I think these buildings are worth it because they go with the autocracy social policy that gives 2 happiness per military building... the promotions for the troops are not that bad either if you want to make new units.

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