Battle for Barsoom [John Carter]


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Dec 20, 2005
Total Conversion Mod based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs novels and disneys picture:

BETA version 1.7 is now Released under this link -

DownLoad The Mod Here 1.6

DownLoad patch 1.6.3 updated 06/09/2014

My nick name is keldath, and ive been playing civ since civ 1 came out,
ive been modding since civ4 first came out.
this is the work ive made so far:

  • [*] visa mod for warlords
    [*] world of civ (woc) im the founder of the mod .
    [*] overlord mod 1+2
    [*] dawn of the overlords
    [*] song of the moon 2 (shame this mod wasn't popular )
    [*] dune wars like barsoom, dune is a mod i created and prospered by others.
    [*] Empire Of Liberty scenario mod.
    [*] and now barsooom mod.

what is this mod anyway you ask? :

This mod is a total conversion of the vanilla bts game.

the story of John Carter for those of you who dont know it goes in short like this:

" John Carter, a Civil War veteran who in 1868 was trying to live a normal life, is "asked" by the Army to join. But he refuses so he is locked up. He escapes and is pursued. Eventually they run into some Indians and there's a gunfight. Carter seeks refuge in a cave. While there he encounters someone who is holding some kind of medallion. When Carter touches it, he finds himself in a place where he can leap incredible heights, among other things. He later encounters beings he has never seen before. Later he meets a woman who helps him to discover that he is on Mars. And he learns there's some kind of unrest going on."
( short description taken from Imdb )

i have tried to adapt the mod as much as i could to the stories,
im am aware that i may have gotten some names wrong, i will current these over time.

the mod features the following:
  • 16 civs that represent the main cities and races of barsoom.
  • completely reworked tech tree and its long..
  • all new unit classes with various unit limits and powers
  • each civ have 2 unique units
  • each civ have 3 unique buildings
  • 9 religions and each civ can learn 1, so u better hurry to learn one b4 theres none..
  • 7 adapted corporations named - leagues.
  • new set of resources takes from the barsoom martian world.
  • many buildings, wonders and projects completely new.
  • great looking red terrain of mars.
  • archipelago/terra2/terrapit or 3 sized premade scenario maps.
  • music that will get you into the martian feel.

SDK parts thats included (OTHER MODDERS CAN USE THIS) im not using them all in the mod:

  • kmod version 1.42b : the mods core uses the greatly made mod by karadoc.
  • jculture and j improvement mods
  • hated civs/favorite civs -- unused yet
  • fresh water mod - water from improvements + no fresh water from lakes or ocean
  • extended mountains mod - allow pass on mountains, improvements tags and resources.
  • free tech from building tag -- unused yet
  • city unit and city size prereq -- unused yet
  • terrain health good/bad -- unused yet
  • unit prereq civic -- unused yet
  • specialist hsppiness/unhappiness
  • 50 civs on a map
  • woc tga index
  • unique civ project -- unused yet
  • project free unit
  • project help tag
  • kmod 1.41

python mods (mostly by platyping):

  • uuuu platy interface full package.
  • Regicide -- kill the kig unit for a victory.
  • Wonderful Victory.
  • Fertile Victory.
  • Growth Victory.
  • starting pop up by the_j.

this mod took around 16 months to be made and i have worked countless hours all by my self,
this is basically first beta, i have ran a lot of auto play games, and i count on your feedbacks to help me get this mod alive and much greater.
im going to add tons of things, but i wanted to get first draft to the public.

I hope you enjoy this, and help me build this mod and make it great, your input is important.
i thank to who ever play this.

known issues:

- some unit/leader pedia are missing
- buildings buttons are missing.
- proper resource and religion icons in cities are mixed - will be fixed in a future patch.

i owe credits to most of the civ4 community i think, i will add people i forgot soon so ,
to every one who ever uploaded a file to improve civ4, thank you so much for this, it is an amazing community.
  • karadoc, for his super ai mod - kmod.
  • to all the art makers, i will add your names soon.
  • the dune team. deliverator, david lalen, ahriman, koma and lebashr.
  • orlanth - for helping me with many arts music and encouragement
  • platying - by far the most skillful python coder i saw. hes work has boosted my modding and fun from civ4 tremendously. thank you!

    and to others along the years:

    pilotis/grave/ripple/johny smith/shqype/Vanchelon/mylon/strategyonly
    Civmansam/gir/fexfx/fanatic demon/arlborn/net55/Afforess
    Minor Annoyance/UncutDragon/denev/Pep/Arri/marnz/jdog5000
    Fuyu/the bug mod team/alerum/lemon merchant/glider/jeckel
    Snafusmith/mechaerik/The Capo/achilleszero/Bakuel/Xenomorph
    KrugerPritz/nudden /The_Coyote/Walter Hawkwood/Wolfshanze
    lib.sp'it/hrochland/stolenrays/OrionVeteran/ripple01/ lib spit/oksleeper/joseph II/nightingale

    And a very special thanks to these people who have done
    so much for me and the civ fanatics:
    Afforess - i cant thank you enough.
    glider - you rock man.
    zappara - youve made the biggest mod for civ4, its awesome.
    jdog5000 - a visionary, maybe the biggest contributor to civ4?
    dale - made the impossible possible.
    bug team - talk about interface huh? thank you all.
    Koshling - for helping me and a new dawn with countless improvements.
    to all art makers - for providing us with amazing eye candies.

    and to all the mod components that gave something extra for civ and my mod.



Spoiler :

DownLoad The Mod Here Beta 1.5
<a href="">Download at SpeedyShare</a>


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Wonderful news, thank you very much :woohoo:

I'll try the mod as soon as I have time :mischief:
Same here. Unfortunately, you have two mods that I'm currently testing ahead of you (VIP and OGI) , so as soon as I can free up the time (and dodge the other half's TRex glare) I'll give 'er a whirl. Looking forward to it, and 'gratz!
hey Keldath, gave your mod a go, but turn 4 CTD,:badcomp: it happens the turn I would receive my first culture growth. Not sure if it's related, but I thought I'd mention that...

Here is the save...


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hii all,

thank you for the kind words.

ty for the save.

i have tested it, and everything is fine on my end - ive passed a few turns then ran auto ai, i did over 200 turns with ur save.

can u tell me where u installed the mod? or what steps did u take?

heheh i forgot to change city names :)
Here's the install location. As far as to how, I used winrar to extract:sheep:
Spoiler :



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hi ,

thank you for the picture,

im sorry but i dont know why it will crash on your end, perhaps its got something to do with the steam install.

theres a folder - "resource" = try to delete it and reload a game (u need to start a game through custom scenario.

see if that helps.

ive found theses threads that answers the steam installed mods:

they all say to create a short cut manually : civ4beyoondtheswords.exe -mods\barsoom
or something like that.

hope it will help you.

by the way - i see u got fallen enchantments installed - is it a good game ??
Good morning Keldath....I'll look into it and check the resource/ and cache folders. Maybe delete them. As far as the steam install, it should not effect anything but location :crazyeye:, but who knows crazier things have happened.

This here, is what most of the post refer to..
Spoiler :

You can alter launch options like this...:c5puppet:

On to 'Fallen Enchantress''s a fun game early in it's can see the parallels with FFH series..dark foreboding World AI. You could check out Madjinns, local Civ guy,.. you tube/twitch for some gameplay


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Nice job keldath :king: :thumbsup: I'm glad to see a new total conversion mod get completed. IIRC this is the first one to be made since Dune Wars!

I also use Steam, and I didn't have any problems with crashes so far, however the mainmenu screen after loading the mod is the same as Civ4BtS screen. I had looked forward to seeing the custom Barsoom screen in action, any idea why this might be? :confused:

very weird. i will try to investigate more :(
maybe try - :
"D:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\sid meier's civilization iv beyond the sword\Beyond the Sword\Civ4BeyondSword.exe" multiple mod="Mods\barsoom"


"C:\program files\steam\steamapps\common\sid meier's civilization iv beyond the sword\Beyond the Sword\Civ4BeyondSword.exe" mod=\barsoom

well ill see about this fallen enchantment, thanks.

hi my friend,
your right - i only defined the custom screen you made me to the bts one - you need to go to the game options and change the source of the main menu , just choose bts and it will change.
Result: unfortunately no progress :badcomp::deadhorse:
I tried deleting the resource/cache folders.
I will have to look into this more, but of the few turns I can get in appears promising..

I started a new game, and at the same point, :culture::c5culture:pop seems to cause problem :trophy3rd:

For what it's worth here are two saves..The start, and the prior to crash. :salute:


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Ok thanks I can see the custom screen now! :scan: :goodjob:

I haven't found any crashes personally, but after setting HidePythonExceptions = 0 in the _Civ4Config file you can see plenty of Python exceptions appear, maybe looking at those could help track down any problem.
Ok, quick question folks. I had to do a reinstall last night (I screwed up on a scenario), and for some reason the BTS _config.ini seems to be missing. Any ideas how I can find it and put it back into the BTS folder?
Ok. This is the one I get (keeps popping up repeatedly so I just set hidepythonexceptions = 1).

drakarska, the file is CivilizationIV.ini in the My Documents/My Games/Beyond the Sword folder, there's a shortcut to it named _Civ4Config.ini in the base Beyond the Sword game folder. If some files are missing maybe just do a full clean reinstall of the base game since that could lead to a variety of hard to find problems.
Ok. This is the one I get (keeps popping up repeatedly so I just set hidepythonexceptions = 1).

drakarska, the file is CivilizationIV.ini in the My Documents/My Games/Beyond the Sword folder, there's a shortcut to it named _Civ4Config.ini in the base Beyond the Sword game folder. If some files are missing maybe just do a full clean reinstall of the base game since that could lead to a variety of hard to find problems.

My thx kind sir!
Update: Still no go tried the following so far...
1. delete cache and resource folders
2. used steam program to 'verify integrity of game cache'(basically look for missing files
and then steam replaces them)
3. uninstalled Civ 4 BTS, then reinstalled and patched.
4. changed name to barsoom1, ended up with gfc error
5. asked my wife for advice...told me to look it up :spank::sheep::pat:

Don't worry though there is plenty to do/play so don't fret about it too much, I'm sure it will work eventually.
Spoiler :


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Found a bug sooner than I expected - when I click singeplayer in menu, the option "custom game" is greyed out and inactive :(
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