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Become a Sweeper on Deity (Easy)

Discussion in 'CivRev - Strategy & Tips' started by ShadeSigma, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. ShadeSigma

    ShadeSigma Chieftain

    Oct 6, 2010
    I beat Deity by 1700AD with Aztecs on Domination Victory. You have to train your 1st warrior and lead him out to explore. I didnt mess with any barbarians because you need to save them for exp. Max your city out to science and research Horseback Riding ASAP. I explored as much as I could to get more gold and specials. Once Horseback Riding is discovered, max your city out to production. Screw around til you get your first Horseman, and research either Pottery or Bronze Working next. I didnt worry about defending my city because if barbarians came out the hut, I rush a unit or two to defend it. The Zulus will attack an empty city as well but dont worry too much. Use that 1st Horseman to gain some exp while you build the next 2 for an army. I got my 2nd one in 5 turns. The 3rd one I rushed. Cleopatra and Elizabeth were right next to eachother on a peninsula. I had to build a Galley to port my army to them. I also got a free spy, and shipped that too. I declared war on the Egyptians first. Station your army in a forest IF there are no hills adjacent to the enemy city.

    The best units anyone will have is Legions and Archers. You can take Legions out with ease. Some civs wont have an Archer army and if they do, they will only have one. Use the spies to disrupt fortifications and the odds will be 15 12. Once your Horsemen army have veteran status, their attack will be 9. But add a little Infiltration with that and a Great General and it will be 15. A fortified Archer army in the capital will be 15 also, but when disrupted it will be 12. I took Cleopatra out. By now, you should know what to research by then. I didnt worry about growing my capital city because you will be taking other cities, and the other AI seem to react to that. The AI knows when you're tough and they actually wont bother you, but they will prepare. Next was Elizabeth, I had a bit trouble with her but she had only 2 armies but I had 2 spies. She was also adjacent to a hill which is a no no. I took her out. She asked for peace but I said no and wiped her next city out and she was finished.

    Next were the Mongols. Surprisingly, they didnt mess with me. Genghis Khan has had a little more time to up his defenses for you now. So when attacking your 3rd civ, I would strongly recommend researching Mathematics to get some siege units ready. As you would know, the Mongols have the ability to turn barbarian villages to theirs, so they will have a lot more cities to work from, just head to the capital and station your Horsemen army with an Archer army to protect them, AND place them in a forest. By this time, it should take you an average of around 3-6 turns to research anything if you make sure each city is producing science. Declare war on Mongolia, but dont attack. When he sends his armies at you take them out with the Horsemen army. Hold your own with defensive units until you can make a Catapult army. A Catapult army has 24 attack, and NO civ will have Musketmen at this time and they just MIGHT have Pikemen. But Pikemen still wont do good against a Catapult army. I took Genghis Khan out with them. I was able to research Gunpowder to for fun to ensure my defenses, because someone might discover Feudalism soon. Next was the Arabs. They had a lot of time to prepare but they were still behind in tech and they most advanced unit was the Cannon.

    I had the Musketman army protecting my Horseman army and Catapult army. I took out the Arabs. By 1700AD I was done and I dont think he was even in the Modern Era yet. With that 1st Horseman army I won 50 straight battles. I took all the cities and made only one city with the free settler. More tips:

    -Have ALL cities produce science, but the free settler you get for 100 gold, use that as a gold city. In the middle of the game use some cities for gold.

    -Cities that have the least chance of getting in trouble, build as many buildings as you can.

    -Use Great Builders ONLY for wonders.

    -Never settle a Great Merchant.

    -The cities closer to the enemy make defensive units and siege units.

    -If the Scout ability is available get it ASAP because it helps.

    -Recruit some naval units because Naval Support will be helpful on conquering the 3rd and 4th civs.

    -Make Granaries and Harbors anything that can make food. Settling cities near Whale and Fish will set you up good.

    -Settle and use resource tiles effectively because some are very versatile.

    -By some point in the game you will be ahead of everyone in every victory. Probably not cultural if you play a civ that have cultural advantages. You'll be able to win Dominantly, Technologically, and Economically. Culturally will take a bit longer but its possible.

    If you have any more detailed questions on what I did then just ask I'm sure I can answer. I won with the Aztecs. If you definitely want a tech victory you could go with the Japanese of course and use the island strategy.
  2. Terrapin

    Terrapin Prince

    Apr 15, 2003
    All decent advice. Your description of your game is the classic horserush scenario. Given the choice, I would take London first b/c those +1 Longbow Archers are too tough for horses if they form an army. I generally never build catapults. I take as many civs as I can with Horsies and then wait for Feudalism.

    One exception to not settling Great Builders is if you are the Romans, since you would be building a half cost wonder anyway.

    Great Explorer/Merchants can and should be settled in high gold producing cities. By mid-game, your best gold cities will produce more per turn than you get from cashing in the G-E/M.
  3. elthrasher

    elthrasher Revcaster

    Sep 11, 2009
    Knights vs. Catapults is a matter of taste. Both units have the same attack strength, though cats have half the movement and defense of knights. Catapults are 5 hammers cheaper, earlier on the tech tree (free for Arabs) and are on the path to Navigation. Galleons can make up for their slower movement.

    I wouldn't settle a GB even as the Romans. How many different buildings are you making? How many hammers will you save? Yes, you can save a lot if you are making dumb things like aqueducts, but you shouldn't do that. Use your GB on the East India Company or Leonardo's Workshop. That's 100 hammers saved. Or if it comes late you could GB a factory and you'll still save hammers vs. settling him.

    I have settled explorers without regretting it. Depends on your immediate goals. I'm mostly playing against human players and it's best to grab an advantage right now as opposed to slowly building up gold later. The AI will tend to give you more leeway. However, if that GE comes late and an economic victory is looking best, then settling him will yield a lot more gold. 400 gold in modern isn't that much, but 100 gold in medieval can be a lot.
  4. ShadeSigma

    ShadeSigma Chieftain

    Oct 6, 2010
    Though very right IF you have the Romans then scrap the GB to Wonders thing. Do you have a courthouse? Or even a factory which takes 200 hammers. Or perhaps even a University or Bank for your science or gold cities? At some point its good to also save your GB for later game perks if you're the Romans too.

    I could've taken London, but Cleopatra had too much border on the bottom peninsula and I couldn't cross to London or I would be declaring war on two people and that's just too much baggage. I only recommend catapults because of the abilities they get and they are siege units. Then, who knows? If your Civ knowledge is great, you may stumble upon Metallurgy, then save a GB for Leonardo's Workshop and your catapult is a handy dandy cannon. Once you get the cannon and protect it, the game is basically over.

    About the Great Merchants, I kinda forget what to do with them because it's only to your preference. But what you said is right, plus a market doubles output and banks quadruple it next and your city could be spitting out around 350 gold a turn. It has happened to me before.

    But you probably won't have to worry about all this in time against the AI because you will be in a position to do anything you want once you have only like 2 or 1 civs left and with the most advanced army ever. I only had the horsies who one over 50 battles, musketeers defending them, and catapults to soften up cities and overrun any other units. But all this won't work really on Multiplayer. On multiplayer you can't be conservative neither.
  5. Big_Bossman

    Big_Bossman Chieftain

    Apr 29, 2010
    Biloxi, Mississippi
    Check it out Deity Victory & some other funny screen shots from my I-Pad :) lol

    Some tips , find the choke points on the map and defend them ... It's better fighting battles off your cities doorstep ! Don't forget about sea / ocean choke points either later on when an advantage may be more critical to victory . If you can't take a city yet then clog up enemy land and sea squares . Hold on for catapults , all the while you will damage the enemy economy and it's production .
  6. ShadeSigma

    ShadeSigma Chieftain

    Oct 6, 2010
    Yes what ^ just said. It would help to when you have a city along a coast, use that city to make naval units IF the production is good. It is also VERY important also to block those choke points. You don't want your enemy to get ANY easy access to your territory at all; not even to let them explore near you. If you block them long enough they will get irritated and declare war. When blockading, stack units. Stack as many defensive armies as you can and have some heavy offense to back it up. Also, if it is possible, use naval units for naval support which can help also. Choke points are very important because the more units you have set around the map, the AI will KNOW that you are capable of defending yourself and will give it a 2nd thought. During my journey, only about 2 Civs declared war on me but the others knew better than to do that.
  7. GGrayson

    GGrayson Le CivRêve

    Dec 3, 2008
    You don't need a dedicated gold city that early. Why? Because you don't have the ability to build markets, and you probably don't have access to resources. It's better to use your early cities in unison to either get gold, or get science, but you need workers on production in the early game. I almost never have a dedicated gold city until I get the Currency bonus. Doing 4-6 gold out of one city early in the game doesn't do much for you, unless you can't get any gold from barbs or huts.
    Actually, this is not really good advice. Most buildings in this game are a waste of time. Barracks, library, and markets are about all you'll want to build in most games, sometimes banks and universities.

    Miltia already have scout. It's not a bad upgrade for units to have, but usually better are infiltration, march and blitz. Guerrilla and medic are the worst upgrades for attackers.
    These two buildings are almost always a waste of time. Harbors should almost never be used, granaries on very rare occasions might be useful (maybe for the russians or french). Growth is ok, but it's better to have a bunch of small cities than a few big ones. There are very few civs that benefit from having a large city, the greeks and egyptians are two of them. But, even with those civs, you probably don't want a harbor or granary. And it's an even bigger waste if the city has fish or whale already, as that city won't have a problem growing at all.

    I hope you take this criticism as contructive. It's an accomplishement to beat Deity. It took me several times to get it right, and I was winning very late like you, in 1700AD or past that. Several games I ran out of time.

    Now, if I can't win before 1000AD, it's pretty downright awful. Efficiency is the key to getting better at this game. Learning how to take other civs early, how to build 10+ cities really fast (by around 0AD), and learning that building buldings or most wonders are just making the game longer. Most games, I may just build one or two buildings, if that.

    If you'd like to learn more, a more active forum is at forums.2kgames.com

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