Beer and civ 16


Nov 13, 2009
Am currently playing as the Drunk Scots. As a Scotsman I feel incredibly proud having risen to become leader of the Drunk Scots.
We're a friendly bunch, happy to get on with everybody in the fine game of Civilisation.
civ scots.jpg

But if we're attacked, we're a fearsome enemy. Strangely Mahatma Gandhi was first to find that out. We had huge respect for the guy, brilliant fellah we thought, passive resistance and all that. "Hello wee man!" we said to him, "come and have a pint!" But then he started giving one of our smaller cities a good kicking for no reason. We had three major cities at the time - Haggis, Neeps and Tatties - and the military units started pouring out of them. Mahatma never got invited down the pub with us after that.
civ scots1.jpg

Then some guy called Ramesses started putting the boot into another of our fine and wondrous cities, again for no reason. "Oi pal, what do you think you're daein?" we shouted. No reply from him. He didn't last long after that.
civ scots2.jpg

By now we had many cities, most of them named after whiskies:
Glenfiddich, Glenlivet, Glendronach, Glen Grant
Can you do without them, if you must know, I can't
Put a drop in a glass of Glen Grant or Glen Drottar
It's a perfectly bearable way to drink water

Glenfarclas, Glen Lochy Glen Garioch, Glen Faul
I once knew a man who had sampled them all
Glen Ugie, Glenkinchie, Glen Isla, that's plenty
He looked 65, but in fact he was 20

Glenturret, Glen Scotia and last week Glen Fyne
Was rare at communion when we ran out of wine
Glenglassoch, Glen Lossie, Glendullan, Glenmorangie
I prefer them to Cointreau which I find too orangey!

And now the Russians have started being nasty (shockaroonee!) The game's ongoing so I'll keep yez posted...
(Whisky lyrics from a song called Our Glens, by Scotland the What)
Quick update: the Russians have been soundly gubbed. Minsk has been renamed Mince... :lol:

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