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Begin Wresting Control of Central Africa | Civilization V Giant Earth Map Nigeria W/ TSL

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Stories & Let's Plays' started by Noobventures Gaming, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. Noobventures Gaming

    Noobventures Gaming Chieftain

    Mar 18, 2017
    Here goes! Also, any advice on what I could do to help improve my writing would be appreciated because a group of friends and I also have a blog where we post this kind of stuff.

    Begin Wresting Control of Central Africa | Civilization V Gameplay Part 1

    Noobventures Gaming Blog

    This game starts to get interesting!

    In the prologue, I was just establishing the basis for what would soon become a massive empire. Now it was time to pursue my first actual military conquest. As Nigeria, I started preparing a force that would march through the jungles to the heart Africa, where the Ethiopian empire lay.

    One thing I did have to keep in mind though were the consequences that occur from my warmongering. I had discovered the Iberian peninsula, the first contact with Europeans, and I now my actions would start to have consequences with other civilizations. Not that I really cared, but I always like to keep realistic in my Civilization campaigns.


    You're irrelevant Kamehameha

    Oh well, I didn't try to be bothered by it so much since I eventually was going to conquer everyone and rule the world. The most annoying thing though was a number of denouncements I got every turn lol.

    Ok, back to the war with Ethiopia.

    Kano, Ibadan, and my capital Lagos were the cities where I just mass produced units to venture into the jungle to attack the Central African cities of the Ethiopian Empire. As more Nigerian troops closed in on his borders, Haile started to reinforce the city. He eventually caught, and me being the nice person I am, decided to tell him the truth.

    The war with Ethiopia at first was generally troubling. It was hard to get around in the jungle, and Ethiopia had more units than I expected. I had lost a catapult the first few turns of the war; I wasn't bothered by that much because my cities were already producing trebuchets and more units for the war.

    Ethiopian troops were everywhere around the map, near Kano and even Denkyira. I started closing in on the city as his troops count started to dwindle. I started the siege of Lalibela with only 1 trebuchet, which I had to insta-heal many times, and two Crossbowmen. It was even more challenging when Haile was sending swordsman reinforcements to the front line.

    I eventually took over Lalibela, but my war with Ethiopia wasn't over yet! I will go more detail on that in the next post. Thanks for reading, this is AfricanManBeast with part 1 of Civilization V Gameplay, Giant Nigerian Earth Map w/ TSL.

    Here's the youtube video of part 1, it's more of a time-lapse since I'm kind of a noob at the whole recording stuff

    Noobs will be noobs am I right?

    *P.S., there's also a poll on our website that we welcome any of you guys to answer if you want*

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