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Beliefs for a Wide Empire

Black Lotus

Sep 22, 2010
Generally I play ICS or a Wide Empire as some people call it, what are some of the best beliefs for this type of strategy? Most people on the forums talk about Tall Empires, I would assume Church Property would be pretty good, what else should I take?
Church Property is good for all empires tall and wide alike.

The 2 science per trade route is great too. Etc.
I like to take the 1-Happiness-per-River-City Pantheon, happiness for shrines and temples, and Papal Whatchamajiggie. I can take out one AI easily if I am on one end of a fairly long river and the AI is near the other end. I just build a string of cities down the river, take my military with me, and have the upper hand when I get to the AI. Then I spread religion to the CSs, and take the 20-min-influence SP in Patronage.
Pagodas are also great for any empire if you have access to a lot of faith per turn.

+2 happy, 2 faith, 2 culture per turn gives any wide empire a nice maint free building.
came here to say pagodas.

the key thing with happiness is to add it incrementally, not all at once, to avoid stalling out growth in boom & bust cycles.

pagodas are perfect because you can set faith auto-buying, and you can count on +2 happy every X amount of turns. Not many options provide that kind of predictable, scheduled happiness increases.
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