Benito Mussolini of Italy: 3D Animated, Era Specific Leaderhead (25-01-2005)


Leaderhead Engineering
Jan 1, 2004
Montevideo, Uruguay
UPDATED: 27th August, 2005 - Corrected animation speed problems so it should look alright in game.

Here it is, at last, the download link for this leaderhead. It will VERY probably end being part of a WWII leaderheads set by me, but that still depends on whether I can or not make the leaderheads.

Anyway, enough talk... enjoy! :D

A different modern era is available for download below (for those who want the WWII times to be industrial in game)


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At last, I get a first post!

This is a great-looking LH - not only very like Il Duce but with good and imaginative earlier eras too that could be quite versatile. I especially like the Renaissance look for the Middle Ages.
he looks a lot like my old school principal :lol:

great work
Great job, look forward to seeing more from you in the future :D
With Railroads that give unlimited Movement, the Trains ALWAYS run on time :D
hey, how come i can't get mussolini's head to animate when I try to use it for the rise of rome sce. it just keeps a straight face and blinks from time to time. no smiles or frowns. i changed the flic address from Ce_01 to MussoliniAncient - Forward, and Ce_02 to backward, but it doesn't work. what am i missing? can anyone help? please!!
Nice job on the modern alternative! Viva Armani! :lol:
Great work,BRAVO for all of your leaderheads.I am using all of them ,but i need a few more,can you help me?

Tsar Boris III of Bulgaria

Someone for Beneljuks

Someone for Skandinavia and Greece

Leaderhead for France

and King Mihay of Romania
The same type as this leaderhead
I need them for finishing my mod WWII in Europe.
Well, thanks for your comments.

Regarding your request: I'll be soon making most of the ones you've mentioned. I'm making De Gaulle for France, Boris III for Bulgaria, De Geer for Netherlands, Leopold III for Belgium, and I don't remember the guys we had for the different countries of Scandinvia and Greece. Also, I've finished Antonescu for Rumania.

Now, all of them will be available on the SOE mod, which will be released "soon-ish". You can help speed up the creation process (by me) supplying me with images you can find of the leaders, and suggesting me changes whenever I post the previews (there is a thread in the main Creation and Customization forum). I specially need pics of Boris III, as I could find just a couple.
Greece had Ioannes Metaxas at the time.

here are some pics of him:

good pic for the clothing:

**if you are curious: the greek words write: "those led us to the glory of (19)40 **
i bet it was written by someone REALLY fond of metaxas, the king (George II i think) ( :lol: :lol: :lol: ), and general Papagos (also in the pic)
Thank you so much,thank you!I already have new units in my mod.Your leaderheads(all of them withaut the pope :lol: ,because its war scenario ).This is my first mod and its really interesting to create.I really like my work ,but i have problems with the exact locations of the city's because i feel lazy you know :D ,to rename sooo many citys :lol: ;) .But some day i will complete this work.I am working from last year on this.
First let me say I love this Mussolini face. I've always wanted to see him as a leaderhead for the Italians, and you've done a great job on him. I don't think I'll ever stop playing Romans now.
Could you do Chiang-Kai Shek as your next WWII leader (if your doing one). Only Barbarossa exceeded the Sino-Japanese front in casualties, and Chiang played a major role in the war.
Other recomendations are Henri Phillipe Petain. Mostly cause its easy to imagine him in different eras :).
last but not least, my namesake. Dr. Antonio De Oliviera Salazar, dictator of Portugal throughout the war (and well beyond, until he met his end at the hands of a devious chair). He was important in a diplomatic sense throughout the war, helped keep Franco out, and served as a channel of communication and trade.
Angry: Salazar.jpg
^About as emotive as he got.
Sorry if I overwhelmed you, but all your work on the figureheads is fantastic. They really stretch beyond their era with the way you draw them.
I second Salazar!!!!!
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