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Berline Blockade - My version

Discussion in 'CivRev - Stories & Tales' started by Im_An_Eejit, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. Im_An_Eejit

    Im_An_Eejit Chieftain

    Jun 15, 2008
    Deity SP
    Spain (Me)

    By the year 2050 and something, all but me the japs and the germans were left.
    I had the japs under my thumb and they knew it ( i had kyoto and all of their major cities) So i took my attention to germany, i would have my revenge on germany for killing my warrior unit that had lasted 24 battles against unbelievalbe odds lol. Only a few turns before.

    Berlin was on a nice piece of land, seperated from the other civs ( including me) by a bottleneck.
    They had built the city of hamburg on this bottleneck (there only other city)
    I Nuked the city, sealing the germans off. I then sent various battleship units to block the sea squares that were previously accesible to the germans. Many were not used but i cant remember the exact number.
    Anyway, i then began to flood the surrounding squares with tanks. Laying siege to berlin.

    My city Vigo, had not made anything in ages and so when i selected to build spies it produced 33 seperate units lol, i loaded these spies onto the a ship and sent them to berlin. Demolishing buildings, kidnapping great people and pillaging gold.

    After capturing the last japanese city of Yakamohli ( cant remember the name ) I looked back at berlin, nothing had changed. Its population had remained at 19 and i was only able to demolish two more buildings ( which had taken 40 odd years to build) a granery and a barracks lol. And with that i swiftly brought the game to an end in the year 2094.

    I thought it was hilarious and am hoping that an opportunity like that will some day come up online lol.

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