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[BERT] Questions about map size and AI


Aug 8, 2011
Novosibirsk, Russia
I've played vanilla Civ:BE some time ago. Tried different affinities/victory types/sponsors and abandoned it because the game felt incomplete. However, it was quite difficult to play at Gemini: AI expansion was fast enough to fight for territory. Also, some AIs were close to victory at the same time as I was.

Thanks to 2K Steam sale, I decided to try Rising Tide. I am mostly satisfied with the changes. However, the way affinity levels were spread through the whole tech tree makes my cry.

After the one almost complete playthrough on Gemini (Standard map, 8 players) and it seems like AI is just sitting there doing nothing. I have quit the game just before boring "Build a gate and settle 20 villages" started on turn 200+ and at this moment every AI has only 3 cities. The map is almost empty. So my questions are:

1. Is that normal for AI on higher-than-average difficulty?
2. Should I use smaller map size for 8 players (keeping in mind that aquatic cities are available)?
3. Does AI expand normally on higher difficulties or it just receives some game-breaking advantages?

Thank you.
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