BERT: What's (or will be) your first play-through setup?


Jul 28, 2008
I'm downloading the expansion now and it'll be done in 10 minutes or so. Apparently, it's already unlocked for people in Europe (and possibly elsewhere) so I'll be playing asap.

In the meantime, what is going to be your first setup when you play-through the first time? I'm interested in what others will choose because I'll probably mimic what others choose after my first play-through.

My first play-through will be as Lena on the primordial biome. I can't choose if I want to do a standard sized map or a large map (with all the factions present). Regardless, I'll add the other three new factions as AIs, just because newness and all. I'm picking Lena because of the diplomatic bonus. She seems to be the best of the other three new factions.

As for other startup options, I haven't been keeping up with every little detail, but if there's any spaceship option for diplomacy, I'll be getting that (changing aristocrats from energy to diplomatic capital would be neat). I plan to press diplomacy as much as possible, which will mean bee-lining plenty of culture buildings. I hope there is plenty of firaxite around, because the idea of being very diplomatic on the new planet in order to keep the AI off my back while I send units through the gate sounds very diabolical. Something I'd expect the Geth to do from Mass Effect.

Anyways, share who/what you'll be trying out for your first play-through. Like I said, I'd be interested to try out some other ideas once I get through this game.

Download finished -- it's going to be a long night ...
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