Best Civ 5 Mod + Napoleonic Mod?

Quoth the Raven

Jan 8, 2016
Civ 5 was just one more expansion away from being the best civ game in my opinion. What is the best civ 5 mod for improving the whole game? I can think of several ideas that would improve civ 5, like being able to stack a limited amount on combat units on the same tile (2-5, maybe it increases with certain techs or a great general being in the tile), limiting the range of units like archers and crossbowmen to 1, non siege combat units requiring city population to support (or taking away population when they are built), an earlier ideology system (monarchy vs democracy or republic), options to stop research at a certain age, and multiplayer support.

Also, I have been more interested in Napoleon lately as I am listening to a podcast on him and I think a Napoleonic Wars mod would be great. I have no experience in modding though.
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