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Best Civ to simulate global domination?

Discussion in 'Civ4 - General Discussions' started by Beefy Ben, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. Beefy Ben

    Beefy Ben Chieftain

    Apr 4, 2018
    Been playing Civ for decades, all I want to do is crush endless lands of primitive armies as an American superpower.

    I'm coming from Civ 2, where I only play World/Earth map, tech up to battleships & stealth bombers, then roll over continents of trembling galleons and musketeers under the flag of a world conquesting American republic.

    I kind of figure the franchise may have developed some more fun features in the last 20 years, but can't figure out what and how to play next. Some of the Civs don't have a good Earth map, some don't allow stacking (then how do you exercise the power of industrialization and overwhelming numbers?). I'm also concerned some other country might prematurely end the game with some lame victory like culture, which I think is idiotic in the face of my legions of tanks. The main feature of Civ 2 that I liked over Civ 1 is that hitpoints solved the phalanx-kills-battleship problem, although I worry about the later Civ games with knights killing helicopters. The other concern I had is that it seems harder to be hundreds of years more advanced than my enemies.

    Could someone give me some direction in which civ game to play and how to play it in order to achieve my world domination goals in some semblance of the current American government/religious system?
  2. Trout

    Trout Chieftain

    Jun 15, 2015
    For what you are describing, you would play the Earth 18 scenario. Choose America. Then click the box to disable cultural victory. If you bulb Theology, that will give you Christianity in the event you want to simulate the religious aspect. If you turn off tech trading, then you should be able to easily pull away from the AI over time and give yourself the riflemen killing archers and axemen that you seem to like. You can do that with tech trading on also if you play an Old World civ in that scenario. But for the New World like America, turning off tech trading will give you more what you are wanting.
  3. JBryan314

    JBryan314 US Army Combat Vet and Intelligence Agent

    Feb 4, 2012
    Deep South
    As mentioned, the "Earth 18 Civs" map is what you want. Turn off the "lame" victory conditions like culture and time. Choose America (it'll be Roosevelt) as your civ. You'll be fairly isolated on the North American continent, so you should be fairly safe for the most part to research your tech and build your military. You'll have a crappy neighbor but it's ok. We all do. You will have to deal with the problem of logistics though. Getting your massive military overseas.
  4. M3dge

    M3dge Chieftain

    Feb 3, 2012
    Southam, UK
    I think the seaborn invasion is the bit that causes the longest delay. Galleons are so slow...I tend to leave my invasion until I can use transports, and at least destroyers - so combustion. You can spend the interim winning South America (I assume you would stomp North America early) and getting a nice bunch of highly promoted forces for D Day. If you have bombers before the AI has flight I find this really speeds up the process, no need for slow artillery or heavy losses from attacking with cultural defense still in place.
  5. SS-18 ICBM

    SS-18 ICBM Oscillator

    Mar 5, 2006
    Here and there
    If you wait until the Modern Era, fully loaded Carriers battle groups and Transports loaded with Navy SEALs often mean Civs losing their coasts in one turn. Push inland and then reinforce with Airports. Then complete mechanization (Mech Inf, Modern Armor, Mobile Artillery) for the coup de grace.
  6. davelisowski

    davelisowski Spartan

    Mar 10, 2006
    One with a fun UU

    Oh, and terms of crushing, go for stacks of doom. There is a guide somewhere about it. I'm too lazy right now to find the link (hockey is on).

    Anyway, good for crushing enemies.

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