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Best game you've had recently

Discussion in 'Civ4 - General Discussions' started by lindsay40k, May 3, 2016.

  1. lindsay40k

    lindsay40k Emperor

    Mar 13, 2009
    Me? I've been trying to get my first Deity win.

    I play with huts and events, which is fine because that's what I enjoy.

    I was Ethiopia and north of Churchill. My start was cattle and two flood plains, but with Marble and Gold I figured I'd let it roll.

    Winston builds TGW and Mids. Great, that's me fending off Barbs with just Chariots. My generals have Greed for the Copper around Hastings. I also get War Chariots quest.

    I'm on Marathon, so eight Chariots before Alphabet is quite do-able; indeed, it's necessary for security. My borders push back those of Hastings. Evil plot forms!

    With a half dozen Chariots, I blitz Hastings. Four free Axemen! Whilst fighting a tactical withdrawal of Addis Ababa, I take my free units and march on London. It's mine! Deity axe rush without metals :D

    Winston isn't happy, and I have to liberate Addis and take Nottingham before he gives up. Along with Izzy, the three of us become devout Buddhist faithful. Shaka doesn't like that. A legion of Zulu come at a weak border city. But I don't quit; Music gives me a GA, and trades including Theology. During the GA, I get GLib (Would have got Parthenon, too, were it not for a hurricane in London taking out my Forge), and a horde of Shock Axemen. I dismantle a dozen Zulu SoDs, like them evil fish who peck lobsters to death, and take back my city. Shaka refuses peace unless I hand it over; Pope Hammurabi tells us to pack it in.

    Now, with a HE city with four GGs and a super healer, I fancy my luck at the holy city of Barcelona. I've not yet got a NE city, and all them Wonders she's built will make a decent late catchup. Maybe even go Corporate, with a NE/WS holy city. I figure brother Winston will intervene. Fine. His stack banzai charges London Castle. My Crossbowmen come out with Combat and three promos; Shock CGII laughs at a dozen Macemen without siege units, and he hands over 220G. Barcelona falls, as does Madrid. Spies pull down her Castles. Wang Kon and Hammurabi DoW.


    Hammu has peace vassaled to Wang, and she's persuaded them to join in. The most sectarian religious leader has gone crawling to the heathens for help as we have our robust discussion about who is best suited to govern our Holy City.

    Hammu's SoD is fragmented and dies in waves. I figure I could get him to give up, but it wasn't until the MOUNTAIN of Korean knights appear that I notice he was a vassal. They run through Barcelona and Madrid, my CGIII Longbows and SCGII Crossbows running out of quivers, and my Formation Pikemen drowning in the blood of their piled high enemies. His army does not stop to occupy the city, it runs through headlong into my stack of CRIII Maces and overwhelms their guards, three units surviving on red to inform me that Pachacuti will heal no more.

    I call it a day at that, as our oh-so-pious founder of Buddhism invites the Hindu heretics to occupy our most sacred city, and there is plainly no way my 0.5 UPT HE city is going to produce an army in time to take anything back. Even if London survives the inevitable human wave attack, Wang is in no mood to negotiate...
  2. Lexicus

    Lexicus Deity

    Aug 28, 2007
    Sovereign State of the Have-Nots

    Games with lots of wars are my favorite.
  3. Lexicus

    Lexicus Deity

    Aug 28, 2007
    Sovereign State of the Have-Nots
    I'm playing another awesome game now, which is in the wrap-up stage after a grinding war of attrition against Roosevelt that, naturally, ended with my complete victory. Basically my stacks moved in on his cities, and he kept producing stacks with tanks and marines, vs my infantry and artillery) which were never big enough to hold me back, so I lost huge numbers of artillery but wiped out his forces in every battle.

    Roosevelt was the most powerful civ, now wrapping up the rest of the AIs. They have tech leads but my stacks are just too large to be stopped.

    This was a game I played the "orthodox way" developing a core and breaking out with curs.
  4. Seraiel

    Seraiel Deity

    Sep 6, 2011
    The best game I played recently was GM-137.

    Double Gold + Horses + Pigs + FPs start, Darius, Large, Marathon, Terra, Spacerace
    12 cities by 2000BC
    Oracle Currency
    18 cities by 1500BC, HGs done
    29 cities by 1000BC, wasn't able to build the Mids in the same city as the HGs but conquered them directly after they got built
    910BC Oxford
    42 cities 500BC
    270BC Sushi, 80BC Mining
    60 cities 1AD
    695AD win beating Kaitzilla by 1 or 2T and beating the fastest (Deity) Space Race existing and that even without playing Incans
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  5. DMOC

    DMOC Mathematician

    Aug 23, 2007
    I think Serial has lots of interesting/best games (hint: check his signature).
  6. rbj2001

    rbj2001 Warlord

    May 26, 2006
    Anyone else like playing the Great Plains map script? They're always a lot of fun for me. Usually a bit harder than other maps. Very replayable due to the different terrain (randomized) in different areas of the map, and different starting positions having different terrains to work with.

    My last game, playing my usual Epic/Standard size/Monarch difficulty/K-mod, I was randomly assigned Cyrus, which means Immortal rush (Immortals being chariots which are +50% vs archery units). Was positioned top left, on the plains just east of the Rockies, which means plenty of plains cows, so Animal Husbandry was my first tech.

    Fortunately had horses a short distance away, and founded my next city next to the resource - away from the river, so not an optimal location, but allowing me to get horses 25 turns or so quicker than building a Monument and waiting for borders to expand.

    I then founded one more city to the West in the foothills of the Rockies, which got me Gold, Stone, Fur, Wheat, and some flood plains, for a great commerce city.

    Now, I got down to business and started pumping out Immortals as fast as I could. There was a choice of going after Ragnar to the east, or Brennus to the south. Brennus signed his death warrant by settling in some nice spots along some rivers, a bit closer to me than was comfortable. My Immortals made short work of his archers, and fortunately most of his cities weren't on hills. Had a GG before long, which gave me an Immortal medic III with which to spur on the rush. I kept a couple of cities, and razed a couple more. Before long, the Celtic civilization had been destroyed!

    Then I concentrated on pumping hammers into researching Code of Laws while I cleared up a couple of barbarian cities, so that my economy wouldn't go to pants, and then onto Construction in preparation for taking on Ragnar. Well, he's already in a tussle with Lincoln to his south, and when Lincoln asks me to join in, I agree, and wipe out Ragnar with my Immortals and a smattering of catapults and swordsmen.

    I research Feudalism unusually early, before anyone else. Suddenly, Isabella and Saladin, on the other side of the map, want to be my vassal! OK then...

    I have the Heroic Epic in my capital, but unusually, stay on Vassalage, since I'm already pumping out units fast enough, and those extra XP are more valuable when you're Charismatic, particularly since I hadn't bothered with religion so Theocracy wasn't an option.

    Next up, Lincoln, my only serious rival, faces my wrath. Despite an early victory for him where he crept up and wiped out the good half of my stack, which was sitting war-damaged outside a city after taking it the previous turn, he eventually succumbs to my industrial plains-cow production line of Maces and Trebs.

    Joao also peace-vassalled. From there on, it was a simple case of wiping the floor with Sitting Bull, and battling the various civs who disingenuously claimed I was too weak to defend them, and broke away. Of course, they were no match for my hordes of highly-promoted knights, and eventually, cuirassiers. Finished some time in the 11th Century.
  7. johnniewalk

    johnniewalk Chieftain

    May 11, 2015
    Don't thing bad but it's true, can't able to read all the content which you posted because its quiet boring make it short and sweet.

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  8. obsolete

    obsolete Deity

    Dec 17, 2005
    Planet Earth
    If you are going to play it on Marathon, then at least make it challenging. Turn on Always War so it becomes a bit interesting.
  9. salty mud

    salty mud Ey-up

    Feb 21, 2006
    God's Own County
    I was playing the Earth scenario with nine civs on Prince. It was very memorable because it gave such a Cold War type feel. I was Japan.

    Early in the game I colonised Korea and waged war on the Mongolians, wiping them out fairly early. I researched Feudalism, waged war with China and made them my vassal. A few centuries later I used my rifles and cannons to invade Persia's musketeers and made them my vassal also. India was initially a vassal of Persia - after a bit of rough and tumble they broke free and then became my vassal.

    In the west, Frederick the German was doing much the same. He vassalised the Romans and Greeks fairly early on. He also vassalised the Egyptians but due to their massive size they kept breaking free. Egypt were, therefore, a kind of neutral power in the power struggle between Germany, supported by Rome and Greece, and Japan, supported by China, Persia and India. Towards the end of the game I was just counting down to a space victory and was getting bored of pressing end turn. To finish the game off and for good measure, I dropped 5 ICBMs on Frederick's cities.

    I really should have finished the game off. It would have been good to have it in the Hall of Fame!
  10. Lexicus

    Lexicus Deity

    Aug 28, 2007
    Sovereign State of the Have-Nots
    I just finished playing an epic Germany game, where I used Panzers to great effect since I needed a few modern wars to wrap it up. I don't know why people claim the AI never builds tanks, tanks ended up being the unit that I killed the most and it was awesome :D
  11. 6K Man

    6K Man Bureaucrat

    Jul 17, 2007
    in a Gadda Da Vida
    Best game recently? One I’m still playing. I consider “best” to mean most entertaining, and this one has a lot going for it.

    Emperor, K-Mod, large fractal map, low sea level, 18 Civs, unrestricted leaders, no vassals, PA’s enabled, epic speed, Washington of Inca (for the cheap Terraces). I’ve been trying to tweak the settings I use to make the game more interesting, and I find that without vassals enabled, AIs are more likely to get huge and powerful by conquering weaker neighbours.

    Started on a southern continent with 2 neighbours… like it always happens when you want to rush early, they were Protective, and one was Babylon… so no Quecha rush. On top of that, I had no metals (and my neighbours got metals quite late), so I did some expanding and wonder building in the early going in lieu of war (had quadruple corn in my capital, so early expansion was easy). Finally got Horses, and decided to kill one of my neighbours, or at least take some of his cities. None of us had a religion, so I figured I could make friends with the other one.

    That didn’t work out, but in a good way – I had stupidly good luck with my Horse Archer war. I was winning multiple battles in a row at 30% and 40% - amazingly, I took a capital defended by 6 Archers without losing a single HA. That just encouraged me to keep going until said AI was dead. And by that time, I was pretty close to Construction… and pretty soon Babylon was dead too.

    At that point, my economy was in utter ruin (building wealth almost everywhere). A long period of consolidation followed while I slowly teched towards Optics. Finally found everyone else, or they found me – everyone else was divided among 3 continents, 2 big and 1 smaller. No vassals meant that quite a few AIs had died, and a few others (Augustus Caesar of Sioux and Boudica of Japan, in particular) were yuuuge (25+ cities). War with any of the huge AIs was a non starter, so I’ve been gradually picking off the weaker remaining AIs.

    Other funny things about this game:
    Long after Chemistry and MilSci made privateering on the high seas impossible, Julius Caesar kept sending unescorted single Galleons towards my coast, to do who knows what. I never found out what because I kept a few Privateers around, and sank every last one of those Galleons. Now I have several 26+ XP Privateers, soon to become Destroyers. I generally keep a handful of Privateers in cities post-Chemistry in case of spy-laden AI Caravels snooping around, but seldom actually kill anything with them. This game was a pretty dramatic departure from that norm.

    Fighting a war with England required me to patch up relations with 2 other AIs enough to get them to open borders with me so I could prosecute the war. Don’t think I’ve ever had to do that before. I’ve also had to bribe multiple AIs into meaningless wars just to break up defensive pacts. That’s something else I’ve never had to do more than once.

    Once my war with England and Holland is over, I’ll have to separate Boudica from her friends, diplomatically. Should be fun :)
  12. rah

    rah Deity Supporter

    Sep 12, 2005
    The world needs more K-mod.
    Currently doing a k-mod IMM always war, OCC, hub map.
    The hub delays the initial waves from the AI due to the extra distance so you get a little more time at the start to prepare but it also delays your ability to sweep them for the conquest victory.
    Very difficult, BUT ENTERTAINING.

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