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Best guide for Multiplayer games.

Discussion in 'Civ4Col - Multiplayer & PBEM' started by rastaman85, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. rastaman85

    rastaman85 Chieftain

    Dec 3, 2008
    Allthough the game is allmost dead allready there are still many people playing online, yet not knowing how to survive against stronger players. Thats why i decided to write some stuff down here, so i dont have to write it in Game allways;-)

    This guide is ONLY for multiplayer. It leads to destroying all other players, not win Independencie or get big economy. Your goal will be to have a big army in turn 21, (when fighting between Europeans is allowed) and continue getting more Units during the later game (if enemy is too strong)

    Take Netherlands for better ship, leader doesnt matter!! Make sure you know how many indians are in game, cuz they are the money factor.

    1st turn) Move ship diagonal up or down, if you find land UNLOAD SOLDIER, possibly close to indians (you can see if indians are near by crossing the land with mouse cursor) Your first city can take as much indian land as possible, the next ones will have to be away from indians to avoid war.
    2nd turn) Build city, send ship in city. Put pioneer in city-make liberty bells. Return other colonist in ship and load the muskets and tools in the ship too. Sail ship into indian village or search for one. Make liberty bells and Policy Points in City.

    Build another city on a free spot without taking too much indian land. Sell Guns and Tools to the indians by clicking yellow button, maybe buy fur, sugar or silver from indians if the price is well, then return your ship to europe.
    In Europe you pay some immigrants hoping to get an xpert scout. Load Scout and 2 colonists in ship (maybe make scout by doubleclicking one colonist) and buy some muskets (press Shift while buying to load less then 100)

    Now you either sell the guns to your indians (which you allready sold the first load) or better search for new ones if possible. Incans and Aztecs have much more money then others, regular indians have about 2000 per tribe.

    You continue this, build many cities making only liberty bells and policy points, they can also be in the inner-land. This way you get allmost all founding fathers you want. Try to get Peter Minuit first, say no to the others that come before!!
    Once you have Peter Minuit you can buy a Privateer or ask your king for troops. Take many dragoons and few cannons. Soldiers are only for defense, but are too weak to defend citys against cannons. Citys cannont be defended against cannons, except by counter-attack!!
    If Game continues longer try getting a drydock and one bigger town. (4-5 pop) Try making silver or any other good money supply. Very long games: Make your own muskets.

    Hope I could help you guys, see ya online.

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