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Best late game oriented civilizations

Discussion in 'Civ5 - General Discussions' started by Dark Paladin X, Aug 26, 2013.

  1. katfish

    katfish Warlord

    Aug 17, 2013
    Science: Korea 2x output lolz
    Domination: Korea x-com squads vs great war infantry lolz
    Cultural: Prophets give science lolz
    Diplomatic: x-com sqauds and "gunboat" diplomacy lolz
  2. Rumble Shakes

    Rumble Shakes Chieftain

    Jan 13, 2019
    A lot of people here don't go into too much fast detail. Lot's of TL;DR (for me at least). I'm a noob, too, but this is from my experience...

    Babylon is best science for going wide (more than 4 cities).
    Korea is best science for going tall (less than 4 cities).
    Russia has the best late game Domination for double luxury resources which increase happiness like crazy and allows for double the elite units. Uranium is a rare luxury.
    China has a great mid game Domination with their UU and UB.
    Egypt best for passive and wide with Wonder construction and UB adding gold and happiness.
    Rome is great for active and wide. I tried Rome and just disliked them as they're really high in producing buildings but that's it.
    Venice is amazing for being able to trade with (at max) 20 cities and not a lot of room for expansion. This means smaller-sized maps either crowded with players or City-States.
    Portugal has amazing gold income while bordering lots of City-States.
    Ethiopia is only good at domination and going tall. Their UA means they need to have less cities than the Civ they're attacking.
    England is best when there's a lot of sea but not a lot of ocean. Their UA gives them sea/ocean domination but their UU gives 3 ranged attacks for archers.
    Ottoman is hands-down the best sea/ocean domination. -67% maintenance cost and being able to steal boats gives them a huge gold advantage.
    Germany is the generally the best for land domination without any terrain or path you want to follow.
    India can go tall or wide but cities need to have 6+ population to gain benefits of their UA.
    Persia is best for going active, wide, and domination. Their UB adds to gold (for domination) and happiness (for going wide).
    Zulu is best at going active and domination.
    Japan is similar to Zulu but more built towards end-game with their UU.
    Mongolia is the best for taking cities and razing them.
    Hunnic is the best for early-game city razing.

    Hopefully this helps someone.
  3. choraltrickster

    choraltrickster Chieftain

    Jan 19, 2015
    Domination: Japan, Austria (buying city states next to distant capitals and airlifting your army)
    Diplomatic: Venice, Greece, Sweden
    Science: Korea, Babylon, Mayans (wide)
    Culture: Brazil, France

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