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Best mix-n-match leader/civ combos?

Discussion in 'Civ4 - General Discussions' started by Polycrates, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. Polycrates

    Polycrates Emperor

    Dec 15, 2006
    So with bts allowing the option for using any leader with any civ, which ones do you reckon are going to be the killer combos?

    These are my thoughts:

    Pericles of the Arabs
    Can you imagine this man with a madrassa? Half price for a building that can give up to 24 GPP per turn? This combo is scary to even think about.

    Hammurabi of the Holy Roman Empire
    Half-priced rathauses for a guy who is going to be big on conquest of massive slabs of the world. Plus aggressive landsknechts. Nice. Napoleon of the HRE would be very vicious too. Darius of the HRE would also be good for a somewhat more peaceful approach. So much money, such low costs.

    Darius of the Portuguese
    Financial is massive for a coastal civ, plus cheap lighthouses and an easier time managing the massive overseas empire

    Hammurabi of the Zulu
    Expansionist works really well with Shaka, but switching for Organised would knock a little off his explosive early menace, in exchange for some serious legs through the rest of the game - and it's a civ for whom half-priced courthouses are a dream.

    Boudica of the (civ with your favourite melee/gunpowder UU here)
    Okay, so for most people that's Boudica of the Romans. To be honest, I'm not a massive Praetorian fan, but I can see how this would be powerful (though also incredibly one-dimensional). In MP this person would probably get dogpiled in about 3000BC, I'd imagine. Hammurabi of the Romans would probably be a better choice anyway.

    Brennus of the Mongols
    This guy is already the king of higly-promoted cavalry, the ger would make him even more crazy. Brennus of the Spanish, Byzantines or Russians would all also be pretty horsealicious.

    Brennus of the Aztecs
    So the jaguar is even more useless without aggressive, but the cheap courthouses are great for conquestin', and with his extra happiness to boot, he can whip his hands bloody and raw building an absurdly massive army of well-promoted axes, horse archers and catapults.

    Washington of the Inca
    Cheap terraces make him halfway creative as well, and happiness from charisma lets him grow his cities to make use of those terraces too, with quechua helping the reckless early expansion.

    Hannibal of the Dutch
    Massive naval power, if that turns out to be worth anything

    Gandhi of the Khmer
    +1 food per city is half a specialist.

    Tokugawa of the Celts
    Just thought I'd throw that one in - a massive axe/gallic rush (a lot of people underestimate the gallic rush) with aggressive, plus some extra promos for the archery guys out of the dun. Completely runs out of steam after the classical age but terrifying before that.

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