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Best modpacks for Civ1 style & huge & marathon & 30 AI

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Creation & Customization' started by Cvv, May 17, 2013.

  1. Cvv

    Cvv Chieftain

    Mar 9, 2013
    --Important info
    1) [vanilla] only.
    (Both addons (G&K, Brave) must be disabled every time game starts from menu OR just move addons folders somewhere)
    2) difficulty - only Emperor (actually easier, may be a bit too easy)
    3) speed - only marathon/normal
    4) resources - only sparse (not designed for too much of them on map)
    5) leader screens - only "low" setting (pictures changed)
    6) load one of test saves to be sure to look how this all works
    7) don't use IGE mod and clock button without reason (may bug saves)
    8) Some stuff may be undocumented. Just expect :). For example, Light Touch mod sets up units optionally on alert every click. Useful for large wars, but useless from the start. To disable, change this setting in right top corner list.
    9) Hardly compatible with any other mods

    10) Tested maps are only earth from YetNot (included in version from archive) and PerfectWorld script (not included here)
    11) Game difficulty can be easily changed via unit maintain formula MODS\CivUP167\VEM_VanillaEnhancedMod\Armies\VEA_After.sql

    --Additional info
    There are some requirements for topic name type of mods:

    -mod usability test & no crashes with 100+ turns on WW2 maps
    -no huge slowdowns (turn time compare with and without mod on previous map from turn 5 to turn 10)
    -mod must be as standalone as possible for compatibility with others
    -right now exclusively vanilla gameplay because 2x more turn times in G&K or BNW

    Must-have list included (versions may be not correct due to unofficial updates):
    -R.E.D. Modpack (v 26), r_e_d__xtreme__v_26
    -Native Wonders (v 19) [not fully native, but restriction of 2-3 per city]
    -CivWillard (special version)
    -Attila Mods (v 17)
    -Not Another City States Mod (v 11)
    -policyes from policy_history_in_the_making_ii__v_5 [requres huge fixes, but only one existing xml policy mod]
    -Yet (not) Another Earth Maps Pack (v 13) & PerfectWorld3
    -Modern Warfare MOD (v 6) [only sounds and leader pictures, but may be greatest stuff for Civ 5]
    -unofficial_patch_and_vanilla_enhanced [extremely buggy and slow, used about 10% of all mod and used as a base for my own changes]
    -Copasetic UI Tweaks (v 4)
    -IngameEditor for testing different changes and problems

    Additional tested fixes:
    --pick n fix:
    -Promotions - Extra Cargo
    -Units - Sub Upgrades (v 4)\
    -Units - Equine Need Stables (v 4)\
    -UI - Unit List Enhancements (v 6)\
    -UI - Notification Options (v 7)\
    -UI - No Auto-Embark Workers (v 4)\
    -UI - Condensed Promotions (v 8)\
    -Global - Random City Names (v 1)\

    My own main changes were:
    -slower than marathon gameplay, faster unit production
    -AI level tweak enough to be interesting
    -all terrain less food (smaller cities, faster gameplay), all resources increased, no farm food boost from fertilizer etc
    -click on clock removes all units on the map as exit of extreme slowdowns
    -city screen no terrain scale (faster enter to city screen)
    -no heal in unfriendly territory (own only +1 and +2 in cities), no city health after capture, no initial city strength etc., no instant heal, no cheat promotions
    -lua autoclose for annoying diplomatic offerings (Open borders, denounce, etc)

    In vanilla, City States have almost no effect on turn times

    Current problems/TODO:
    -document all changes to text files
    -cultural diffusion crashes huge maps

    Would like to say big thanks for every job's author. Without them, Civ5 is empty.

    Download link:
  2. Cvv

    Cvv Chieftain

    Mar 9, 2013
  3. Cvv

    Cvv Chieftain

    Mar 9, 2013

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