Best placement of my next city please (printscreen)


Dec 10, 2003
Sydney, Australia

I have fur in the south, a single tile which is blocked off by mountains. Is it best to place a city on the fur to get the fur aquired? I would rather place my city north of the mountains. But am unsure if i will aquire the fur.

see print screen.


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You can build a fort and road on a coastal resource in your borders and it will grant you access to that resource. So you can build where you want.
Ignore those beavers and other similiar situations until your cultural borders grow over them. This will take a while. Then build a fort like he said; or, because forts take longer build the quicker regular camp.

Mostly expand with cities over nicer land but next to resources on nicer land. Take the nicer land in the direction of rivals first before they take it. Then decide if they will be an early friend or foe.

Place your city 1W of the Silver and then boat a worker over to the fur and make a camp on it like normal. As long as you have sailing, you'll get the fur.

A good city postion is one that has access to at least 1, even better if 2, food resources, the only exceptions to this is if you need iron, or bronze or oil or some other type of highly useful resource an the only way to get it is to found a city in a poor location, things like fur etc just wait until your borders expand over them, it's not a resource thats worth the maintenacne costs of a unproductive city to have
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