Best scenario

Best scenario

  • Fall of Rome

    Votes: 15 20.0%
  • Into the Rennisance

    Votes: 20 26.7%
  • Empire of the Smoky Skies

    Votes: 17 22.7%
  • They are all equale

    Votes: 5 6.7%
  • I don't care about the scenarios

    Votes: 18 24.0%

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Mar 28, 2012
Oslo, Norway
Which scenario do you think is best in this expansion? My personal favourite is the Fall of Rome because it really fits in the expansion and it's the only scenario I have finished.
Fall of Rome is pretty fun. It feels a lot more interesting than the 1066 scenario, I think, and I liked that one too. I think it's the way social policies are set up in this scenario is key to making it as fun as it is.

Empire of the Smoky Skies isn't too special, or at least I didn't think so. It's basically just a modern/atomic war scenario with different names and textures for units like tanks and fighters. Airships are interesting though for being able to attack a city from both land or coast. Using Sky Fortresses to hold your flyers is also interesting, but it's also a frustrating tactic because by the time you get the tech to build Sky Fortresses, you may have already finished the scenario. Since you can only settle 3 cities, the scenario feels pretty limited, but that's just me. If you like espionage though, this is a good scenario for it.

I haven't gotten very far in the Into the Renaissance scenario yet. It definitely looks very creative and in-depth but it's also very massive and I haven't quite had the opportunity to put the time into this one.

So I'll put Fall of Rome for now but I think that Into the Renaissance will become my new favorite once I've had a chance to actually play it.
I've only played through smoky skies so far, and I thought it was quite enjoyable. I like the victory condition a lot because it encourages you to take a balanced approach to your empire, and the game doesn't drag once it's clear that you have won.

I'm going to try the renaissance scenario next to see how that plays out. It seemed quite large, so I hope it doesn't cripple my computer.
I wish it was possible to get a bigger Smokey Skies scenario. It really is fun to play out, but way too short to my tastes. The others I haven't tried yet.
Which scenario do you think is best in this expansion? My personal favourite is the Fall of Rome because it really fits in the expansion and it's the only scenario I have finished.

Honestly I think into the renaissance is the only scenario that really fits in this expansion.... Haven't played it yet though but it will be the first gak scenario I'm gonna try
hi, is it possible for someone to post a screen shot of the map for the Into the Renaissance scenario, i cant got x-pack until next week :(
Loving the Renaissance scenario the best. The map (both Historic and Fictional) has been done so well. In my current game as France, i'm having trouble winning on King. AI seems a lot more sensible, and I saw the Celts launch a massive naval force, with several embarked land units. Don't know where they were going but I got a little scared until they passed by.

Also everyone has denounced me for taking over one silly little CS, no one wants to trade with me because they are all guarded and my happiness is in red even WITH circus maximus, Notre Dame and all happiness bonus buildings. Dosen't look like im going to win because sweden has like 1000 points to my 600.
I've played Smoky Skies and Renaissance so far, loving them both.

I wish there could be a standard-size map for Smoky Skies to give the feeling of really building a sprawling empire, but there are only five civs which would struggle to settle all the lands. Maybe settlers should be cheaper both hammer- and gold-wise.

But Into the Renaissance is the beast. Clearly this scenario has gotten the most love. The map is lovely, though there is a serious lack of civs or CSs in the Balkans, Bulgaria and Hungary which pave the way for Austria to be the runaway. Also there is no Kievan Rus and those lands remain unsettled till late game, unless the Mongols go on a settling spree. I've also seen no crusades - I guess it's up to the player to go conquer Jerusalem in order to get some victory points for conquering cities with different religion and controlling a holy city. But I've been playing on Prince and King, so maybe on higher difficulty setting it's better. But despite these drawbacks the scenario is hugely replayable, given the number of civs you can play as. Each one requires a different approach.
The first time I played Into the Renaissance I didn't like it. What did you guys find appealing about it?
It just didn't seem very unique, like a regular Civ map with a large swath of land. Also, the AI will never be friends with you if you are of a different religion. The diplomacy didn't seem particularly special either...
I tried the s.cenarios, but they diden't particularly interest me. I think civ is more about just random maps and civs and random experiences. I don't really feel like I get that with scenarios.
Smoky Skies Steam power was best scene I think, I liked mostly
other was not so bad New World which came earlier than gk in civ5 goty
as third Invasion of Korea (also not gk specific
in Smoky you get more random map options than in the regular game
its rather silly not having these map options in the standard game
Smoky Steam is very very coool
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