Best ways to get them to declare war on you?


Jan 28, 2002
Randolph, NJ, USA
I want two things in my game: to keep my good reputation and to go to war. Unfortunately, all the civs left in the game (4) are democracies and are at peace with one another. I have clawed my way up from last place to second place and am itching for a fight.

Please share the diplomatic tricks that you use to encourange another civ to declare war on you.
well, if their unit is in my territory, i surround it with my units and then tell them to leave or declare war.

not really a diplomatic trick, i guess more of an exploit. Only other way I've found to do it is to make unreasonable demand after demand, and then try and plant a spy. If i plant the spy great, but 99% of the time he's caught and they'll declare war.
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