Best wonders for OCC?


Aug 4, 2007
Since you're allowed 5 national wonders, which 5 would you choose and why?

My list, in order of priority

1) National park
2) Globe theater
3) Oxford University
4) (edit: ) National Epic
5) Ironworks (with national park, it's only +50% but still worth it)

If there's not much forest, then the alternate choice is Wall Street.

The natl park gives you lots of free specialists, which is probably the most important thing, especially with Representation, to keep up with research.
The Globe lets you grow the population as big as possible and never worry about negative modifiers from size or whipping or war
Oxford also helps keep you in the research race.
(edit: ) National Epic: more GP - very useful.
Ironworks: production and extra engineer specialists.
you mean national epic not heroic for great people. heroic epic can also be important for military production, but it can be "faked" with a GG military academy.

globe is good but i hold off on building it as late as i can, since i don't want the GA points in my pool. my theory on IW is that as late in the game as it comes, the usefulness is the ability to assign engineer specialists more than for the production bonus, so losing 50% due to no access to coal is no biggie. but i haven't tried OCC in BtS yet, and haven't had to deal with pick-and-choose national wonders.
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