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Beyond Earth Buildings List


May 19, 2006
Los Angeles
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Buildings | Cost | Maintenance | Yield | Tech Prereqs | Bonus
Alien Preserve|125|1 Energy|2 Culture|Alien Lifeforms|N/A
Alloy Foundry|310|1 Energy|2 Production, 2 Production (from Titanium)|Fabrication|2 specialist slots (engineer)
Augmentary|500|N/A|1 Culture, 1 Food, 1 Energy, 1 Science, 1 Production|Augmentation, Level 7 in Supremacy|N/A
Autoplant|210|1 Energy|2 Production, 1 Energy from International City or Station Trade Routes)|Robotics|2 specialist slots (engineer)
Biofactory|290|1 Energy|3 Production, 1 Production (from Chitin)|Organics, Level 4 in Harmony|N/A
Biofuel Plant|220|N/A|3 Energy, 2 Energy (from Algae)|Biology|2 specialist slots (trader)
Bioglass Furnace|470|1 Energy|2 Production, 15% Production bonus|Bioengineering, Firaxite, Level 8 in supremacy|N/A
Bionics Lab|265|1 Energy|20% Health bonus, 1 Production (from Resilin)|Bionics|N/A
Borehole|500|1 Energy|5 Production|Planetary Engineering, Level 8 in Purity|N/A
CEL Cradle|310|1 Energy|N/A|Artificial Intelligence, Level 4 in Supremacy|4 specialist slots (artist)
Civil Crche|445|1 Energy|2 Food|Social Dynamics|3 specialist slots (grower)
Clinic|60|1 Energy|1 Health, 1 Science Habitation|N/A
Cloning Plant|210|1 Energy|2 Food, 1 Production (from Xenomass)|Genetic Design|1 specialist slot (grower)
Command Center|310|1 Energy|20 City Strength, 20 City Hit Points|Communications|N/A
Cytonursery|90|1 Energy|1 Health, 1 Science, 1 Food (from Marshes)|Genetics|N/A
Defense Perimeter|150|1 Energy|10 City Strength, 40 City Hit Points|Defense Grid|N/A
Feedsite Hub|225|1 Energy|3 Culture, 1 Science from International City or Station Trade Routes|Communications, Level 2 in Supremacy|N/A
Field Reactor|500|N/A|2 Energy, 10% Energy bonus|Field Theory|2 specialist slots (trader)
Gaian Well|265|N/A|3 Energy|Terraforming, Level 4 in Purity|N/A
Gene Garden|200|1 Energy|2 Health, 1 Science|Genetic Design, Level 2 in Purity|N/A
Gene Smelter|350|1 Energy|3 Health|Transgenics|2 specialist slots (scientist)
Grow Lab|265|1 Energy|3 Food, 1 Food (from Fungus)|Biology, Level 4 in Harmony|N/A
Holosuite|245|1 Energy|2 Culture, 1 Culture (from Firaxite)|Cognition|2 specialist slots (artist)
Hypercore|470|1 Energy|2 Science, 15% Science bonus|Hypercomputing, Firaxite, Level 10 in Supremacy|N/A
Institute|310|1 Energy|N/A|Bionics|3 specialist slots (scientist)
Laboratory|80|1 Energy|2 Science|Chemistry|N/A
Launch Complex|130|1 Energy|3 Orbital Coverage around city|Physics|N/A
LEV Plant|390|1 Energy|4 Production|Mechatronics, Floatstone, Level 5 in Purity|N/A
Mantle|470|1 Energy|3 Science, 10% Science bonus|Field Theory, Floatstone, Level 8 in Purity|N/A
Mass Digester|255|1 Energy|1 Energy (from Tundra)|Organics|4 specialist slots (grower)
Microbial Mine|430|1 Energy, 2 Xenomass|3 Production, 10% Production bonus|Synergetics, Xenomass, Level 7 in Harmony|N/A
Mind Stem|600|1 Energy|Adds 1 point per turn toward Transcendence Victory|Alien Ethics|N/A
Molecular Forge|390|1 Energy|5 Food|Bioengineering, Level 8 in Harmony|N/A
Nanopasture|415|1 Energy|30% Food carried over after Growth|Nanotechnology|2 specialist slots (scientist)
Neoplanetarium|500|1 Energy|40% Production for Orbital units, 3 Orbital Coverage around city|Astrodynamics|N/A
Network|185|1 Energy|3 Science, 1 Science (from Copper)|Computing|N/A
Neurolab|255|1 Energy|10% Science bonus, 1 Science (from Firaxite)|Cognition, Level 4 in Supremacy|N/A
Node Bank|375|1 Energy|24 City Strength, 10 City Hit Points|Cybernetics|2 specialist slots (engineer)
Observatory|100|1 Energy|2 Science, 1 Science (from Firaxite)|Physics, Requires a workable, improved source of Firaxite|N/A
Old Earth Relic|40|1 Energy|2 Culture|Habitation|N/A
Optical Surgery|370|1 Energy|4 Health, 1 Health (from Silica)|Mechatronics, Firaxite, Level 5 in Supremacy|N/A
Organ Printer|390|1 Energy|15% Science bonus|Synergetics, Level 8 in Supremacy|N/A
Petrochemical Plant|160|1 Energy|1 Production (from Petroleum), 1 Energy (from Petroleum)|Biochemistry|1 specialist slot (trader)
Pharmalab|95|1 Energy|2 Health|Genetics|N/A
Progenitor Garden|430|1 Energy|20% Health bonus|Artificial Evolution, Xenomass, Level 10 in Harmony|N/A
Recycler|75|1 Energy|2 Production, 1 Production from Internal City or Station Trade Routes|Chemistry|N/A
Repair Facility|90|1 Energy|10% Production bonus for Land units|Engineering|N/A
Rocket Battery|125|1 Energy|18 City Strength, 15 City Hit Points|Ballistics|N/A
Skycrane|470|1 Energy|15% Production bonus|Astrodynamics, Floatstone, Level 10 in Purity|N/A
Soma Distillery|400|1 Energy|4 Health|Social Dynamics|2 specialist slots (artists)
Surveillance Web|235|1 Energy|5 City Hit Points, Maximum Covert Ops Intrigue for city reduced by 2|Artificial Intelligence|N/A
Terra Vault|390|1 Energy|15% Culture bonus|Social Dynamics, Level 7 in Purity|N/A
Thorium Reactor|105|N/A|3 Energy|Engineering|2 specialist slots (trader)
Trade Depot|60|1 Energy|+1 Production, Allows (2) Trade Routes to be established from the city it is built in|Pioneering|N/A
Ultrasonic Fence|120|1 Energy|Prevents liens from approaching within 2 tiles of city|Ecology|N/A
Vivarium|80|1 Energy|2 Food, 1 Food (from desert), 1 Food from Flood Plains|Ecology|N/A
Water Refinery|150|1 Energy|1 Food & 1 Production from Water tiles|Biochemistry|N/A
*Can only be constructed in cities built on Coastline.
Xeno Sanctuary|330|1 Energy|4 Culture, Adds 1 point per turn toward Transcendence Victory|Alien Ethics, Xenomass, Level 5 in Harmony|N/A
Xenofuel Plant|190|N/A|3 Energy, 1 Energy (from Xenomass)|Alien Sciences, Level 2 in Harmony|2 specialist slots (trader)
Xenonursery|180|1 Energy|10% Science bonus, 1 Science (from Xenomass)|Alien Sciences, Level 2 in Harmony|1 specialist slot (scientist)
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