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    This is where we will list all the features of Beyond Earth as they are announced

    If you know of any features that are not listed please post them below

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    Release Date
    October the 24th, 2014 on Linux, Mac and Windows PC for $49.99

    The Seeding (Colonists/Cargo/Spaceships/Sponsors)

    There will be Eight factions

    You will Chose between Nation-states and Corporate Sponsors whether this means you can chose from the corporations and some nation-states (such as USA or the ARC) for each of the factions, or if there will be some corporations and some nation-states factions is unknown.

    American Reclamation Corporation NEW

    Leader - Suzanne Marjorie Fielding
    Bonus - Covert Operations are 25% faster and cause 25% more intrigue
    Capital - Central

    Brazilia NEW
    Leader - Rejinaldo Leonardo Pedro Bolivar de Alencar-Araripe
    Bonus - +10% melee strength
    Capital - Cidadela

    Franco-Iberia NEW
    Leader - Élodie
    Bonus - 1 free tech per 10 virtues
    Capital - Le Coeur

    Kavithan Protectorate NEW
    Leader - Kavitha Thakur
    Bonus - Outposts develop into cities 50% faster
    Capital - Mandira

    Panasian Cooperative NEW
    Leader - Daoming Sochua
    Bonus - +10% production towards wonders and +25% worker speed
    Capital - Tiangong

    People's African Union NEW
    Leader - Samatar Jama Barre
    Bonus - +10% food in growing cities when healthy
    Capital - Magan

    Polystralia NEW
    Leader - Hutama
    Bonus - +1 possible trade route from every city that can establish a trade route
    Capital - Freeland

    Slavic Federation NEW

    Leader - Vadim Kozlov
    Bonus - +20% orbital unit duration and gain 1 free tech after launching your first orbital unit
    Capital - Khrabrost

    The Spaceship

    Colonists NEW

    Aristocrats +3 Energy and +1 Health in every City
    Artists +2 Culture and +1 Health in every City
    Engineers +2 Production in ever City
    Scientists +2 Science in every City
    Refugees +2 Food in every City

    Spaceship Bonus NEW

    Continental Surveyor Reveal Coasts on Map
    Fusion Reactor Being with 100 Energy
    Lifeform Scanner Reveal Alien Nests on Map
    Retrograde Thruster Wider areas for choosing where to land first City
    Tectonic Scanner No technology is needed to see Petroleum, Geothermal and Titanium resources

    Spaceship Cargo NEW

    Hydroponics Begin with an extra Population in your first City
    Laboratory Being with the Pioneering technology (allows settlers and trade)Machinery Begin with a Worker unit
    Raw Materials Begin with a Clinic building in your first City
    Weapon Arsenal Begin with a Soldier unit

    Stuff To Build (Units, Buildings, Wonders)


    Cities are founded by using colonists.

    However, after your first settlement each new colony starts off as an outpost. These outposts do not have the same functionality as cites and can be 'taken' by the planet or other factions if not defended. To upgrade from a Outpost to a City you need to create a supply route between one of your current Cities and the Outpost, and after 6 turns it will convert to a settlement


    The Gene Vault
    The Panopticon
    - super-spy system that provides a variety of bonuses
    The Promethean Wonder
    - Very expensive to build, will take up an enter hex, and be vulnerable to attack
    - Used in the Purity and Supremacy Victory Conditions


    Alloy Foundry
    Gaian Well
    Clinic - + Science, +1 Health
    Old Earth Relic - +2 Culture
    Trade Depot - Allows 2 Trade Routes
    Ultrasonic Fence
    Vivarium +1 food in desert tiles


    Units will still comply to the One Unit per Hex system introduced in Civ 5

    There will also be extensive Unit Customization that you can unlock, When researching you may unlock a 'generic' unit you unlock the unit upgrade screen in which you can upgrade your units eventually these will branch out along affinity lines . Once you unlock a trait in this way it will be applied to all units of that type

    'Generic Units'
    Naval Carrier
    Missile Rover
    Aff 1: +10
    - All: Veteran Rover, +30% flanking bonus OR +30% against fortified
    Aff 5(sic): +18
    - Harmony: Viper, +1 sight OR no to movement penalty to pillage +20 heal on pillage
    - Purity: Lancer, +10% combat for every movement point left OR +20% attack
    - Supremacy: Prophet, +30% against wounded OR +40% if alone
    Aff 9: +28 +1movement , hovering (every tile costs 1movement)
    - Harmony: Cobra, +40% combat in miasma OR small ranged attack before melee (like Zulu Impi)
    - Purity: Dragoon, +1 movement OR +50% against city
    - Supremacy: Redeemer, 50% chance to withdraw on melee OR ignores zone of control
    - All: Marine, +20% attack OR +5HP selfheal
    Aff 4: +16
    - Harmony: Brawler, +40% defense against ranged OR 20 damage to neighboring enemy units on death
    - Purity: Sentinel, +30% defense OR +10% attack for every leftover movement
    - Supremacy: Disciple, +20% combat if adiacent to friendly unit OR +40% combat if alone
    Aff 9: +30
    - Harmony: Marauder, +40% combat in miasma OR every terrain costs 1 movement
    - Purity: Centurion, +1 movement OR automatic heal each turn
    - Supremacy: Apostle, +10 if adiacent to friendly unit OR +50% flanking bonus

    Civilian Units

    Colonists - can be used to build new colonies
    Trade Vessel
    Workers - Can be used to build Mines, farms et al

    Alien Lifeforms

    Manticore - Hurl acid from their tales
    Raptor Bug
    Siege Worm - The left over skull of a dead worm may trigger a quest
    Wolf beetles - Can be found in nests
    Sea Dragon - Can attack Land Units

    Purity Units
    Flying Fortresses
    Late Tanks will be amphibious

    Harmony Units

    Alien Calvary
    Xeno Titan - expands over one hex


    The orbital layer is the realm of satellites. These can grant your faction an economic, espionage, or military benefit and Work in the Orbital Layer.

    Satellites project coverage across the orbital layer, and this coverage doesn't overlap with other satellites. Securing coverage works on a first-come, first-serve basis.

    However, once you have a satellite in the air it is by no means permanent. Its orbit will degrade over time, and it will eventually crash on the planet below, sometimes leaving behind recoverable salvage. Satellites can also be pulled out of orbit manually or shot down by other players.

    Miasmic Repulsor orbital unit

    How to Define Your Experience (Research, Affinities, Virtues)

    B.E. will have a tech web

    There are two types of technologies Stem and Leaf. The Stem will be the general base technology (such as Synthetic Thought Stem) which will unlock different Leaf technologies for you to research (like Swarm Intelligence). You can chose to unlock these tech or continue further down the web (only researching the Stem Tech is needed to progress). there will be both horizontal as well as vertical connections allowing you to take multiple route through the web.

    Tier 1

    Pioneering - Trade Depot, Trade Vessel​
    Planetary Survey​

    Tier 2

    Alien Lifeforms
    Genetic Mapping
    Ecology - Ultrasonic Fence, Miasmic Repulsor orbital unit
    Alien Biology - Workers are immune to Miasma and can remove it​
    Engineering - Thorium reactor
    Power Systems
    Defense Grid
    Autonomous Systems
    Transcendental Math

    Tier 3

    Collaborative Thought
    Genetic Design
    Alien Genetics
    Alien Science
    Alien Adaption
    Alien Ecology
    Terraforming - Workers can build terrafarms, floatstone quarries, can build Gaian Well
    Climate Control
    -Alloy Foundry building, Naval Carrier unit
    Mobile Lev
    Ballistic Lev
    Tactical Robots
    Swarm Robots
    Tissue Engineering
    Vertical Farming

    Tier 4 NEW

    Orbital Automation
    Dark Networks


    Affinity works on a global level from the very first turn to the very last.

    You strengthen your affinity by doing quests or finding objects from expedition sites or by researching certain technologies.

    Harmony embraces genetics and alien life forms on the planet and tries to integrate with the planet
    If you start down this path your military units will become faster, heal quicker, and take on a Predator-esque appearance

    Purity is about maintaining the glory of old earth and the tradition
    Level 1 - Aliens will not attack tiles with explorer units
    Level 3 - +20% melee and Ranged against Aliens
    Level 6 - +2 Orbital Coverage in all Cities
    Level 8 - +4 free Floatstone Resources
    Level 11 - Agents can use Dirty Bombs
    Level 13 - Can Build Exodus Gate

    Supremacy takes a cybernetic post human approach
    Level 1 - Explorer Units can build an additional exploration
    Level 3 - Roads and Maglevs do not cost maintenance
    Level 6 - Orbital Coverage on or next to any Firaxite Resource
    Level 8 - +4 free Firaxite Resources
    Level 11 - Agents can use Sabotage
    Level 13 - Can build Emancipation Gate

    This will be similar to culture from previous Civ Games but with some marked differences

    Have 3 tiers, and 5 single virtues in every tier (60 total).

    They are an expression of what your civilization cares about "Culture drives the acquisition of items within a virtue table, and those items have a lot of cross-linking benefits in and out of other systems in the game — everything from city progression to tile improvement to military strategies to territorial acquisition and diplomacy" David McDonough

    There are also 'Kickers' these are bonuses you get from going deep down one virtue tree or from going wide and picking virtues from many trees. Horizontal kicker counts virtues in tier, vertical kicker counts virtues in tree

    Might NEW

    Tier 1
    Survivalism +25% melee and +25% ranged for units fighting aliens
    Scavenging Earn 100% of alien life form's strength as science after killing it. Earn 35 science from eliminating alien nest.
    Adaptive tactics: +50% experience from combat
    Liberation army: after conquering an enemy outpost, automatically found an outpost of your own in its place.
    Military-Industrial complex: +15% production of military units.

    Vertical Kickers

    5 Virtues - 5% strength melee and ranged for all units


    Tier 1
    Frugality 10% Food retained after a city grows

    Tier 2
    Pathfinders Explorer can build 3 additionnals expeditions


    Tier 1
    Foresight +10% science when healthy
    Creative Class Earn extra culture equal to 50% of net positive health
    Laboratory Apprenticeship Each city tile generate +0.25 Science for every population
    Social Mores Each city tile generate +0.25 Culture for every population
    Field Research Earn 50 science from finishing Expeditions

    Tier 3
    Information Warfare Recruit 1 new Covert Agent

    Vertical Kickers

    5 Virtues - +10% culture in every city


    Tier 1
    Labor Logistic +10% production towards buildings
    Central Planning +5 energy in capital
    Commoditization +1 energy from every basic resource
    Scalable Infrastructure +15% production towards wonders
    Standardized Architecture +25% Production towards buildings which have already bean built in the capital

    Tier 2
    Investment Earn 1% of stockpiled Energy amount every tun up to 50 Energy.
    (name unknown) +25% Production toward orbital units
    Alternative Markets Trade Routes with Stations grant +6 Energy per Station Tier
    (name unknown) +0.5 Health for every Trade unit under your command

    Tier 3
    Social investment +2 production from every Manufactory improvement
    ???-Network +25% more yield from your trade routes to you own cities

    Vertical Kickers

    5 Virtues - +10% Energy in every City

    Synergies (Horizontal Kickers) NEW

    6 out of 20 Tier 1 = 1 free virtue
    ? out of 20 Tier 1 = 10% food and 10% Energy in Capital
    20 out of 20 Tier 1 = 1 free technology
    8 out of ?? Tier 2 = Chose 1 free virtue, recruit 1 new covert agent

    How to Interact With Others (Trade, Diplomacy, Covert Ops, Quests)



    "Health is need to keep your colony productive and growing"
    With Negative Health the faction suffers science and culture penalties first, food and industrial production penalties later

    Remove Satellites - One diplomacy option is to ask other civ to remove satellites over your territory

    Covert Ops

    You can send spy's into other factions cities and depending on their level, this would change the kind of information you would get (research, Affinity)

    Eventually you will be able to do more impacting things like planting dirty bomb or calling in worms


    - a research pod crashes near your city
    - Choose between different station options (if one lands near you)
    - find three more resource pods (triggered by finding one resource pod)
    - stop invasive earth species or let it grow (less miasma), if selected last some time later the player has to decide between using the plant for food or production.
    - Destroy Aliens
    -Open Pods

    The Brave New World (planets, terrain, resources, stations)

    Aqua - Large seas
    Vulcan - A Planet with dunes, a cracked soil and a warm, dry climate. Little to no seas
    Fungal -
    Lush - A planet with a dense vegetation, like a jungle.


    Canyons - Lava flows through these allowing geothermal vents to be near by (PCG)
    The Miasma - Damages units who stay in it too long (PCG), stops improvements being built, limits resources gained from the hex

    Terrain Improvements

    Resources NEW

    Alien Nest - Can be "riled up"
    Alien Skeleton - After excavating it you may get a alien unit
    Copper - Not know yet if this was a placeholder but the graphics have changed
    Resource Pods - Like goody huts
    Firaxite - Can only be 'fully exploited' by Supremacy factions
    Floatstone - Can only be 'fully exploited' by Purity factions
    Geothermal Vents - Found near Canyons, once 'harnessed' can give extra power
    Progenitor Ruin - Can be excavated
    Xenomass - Can only be 'fully exploited' by Harmony factions


    Perform like city states in Civ 5, but only take up 1 tile.
    They will land over the first few turns and if they land near you, you may get a choice to influence their creation.
    They can only trade with one Civ at a time, each trade route will give you a bonus, this will increase for every repeat trade route confection

    Banu Musa Theoretical Sciences Think Tank
    Fort Miller
    -produced a missile Rover when trade route was established
    McDonough Biomechanical Research Lab
    -trade route origin city +2 science and +2 production
    Scyon Group Labs
    -gives tech
    Shackleton Geological Mapping Enterprise

    The End

    Victory Condition

    Transcendence Victory (Harmony)
    Awaken a semi-sentient super organism within the planet and reach a new level of consciousness
    Promised Land (Purity)
    Terraform the alien planet into a mirror of Earth and relocate Earth’s populace to this new Eden by building a warpgate

    Emancipation (Supremacy)
    Embrace cybernetic augmentation, then return to Earth by building a warpgate (gi)
    and "free" the people from their bodies

    Discover evidence of intelligent life and construct a means to establish first contact

    Domination is the same as in every other Civilization


    2K Games
    Ars Technica
    Tom's Guide
    UOL Jogos
  2. Eagle Pursuit

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    Aug 12, 2010
    One of the articles said 8 possible leaders to lead your people.

    It is the Toms Guide one from the list of sources.

    Also, we know there is an orbital layer where you can place satellites of military, espionage, and economic varieties.
  3. leif erikson

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    Plymouth, MA
  4. moysturfurmer

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    Mar 6, 2010
    Brazilia is one of the countries/sponsors, and have a militaristic bent

    There will be Avataresque "floatstone" formations that will be leveraged by the Purity affinity to create gunships and such.

    The Harmony affinity has access to Dune style sandworm cavalry and "thumper" spy missions to attract worms to an enemy city.

    The end game Supemacy units will be like the robots from the end of the movie AI.

    The Purity and Supremacy victories require the building of a warp gate "global wonder" or whatever that takes up a whole hex near your city.

    Interaction with the indigenous populations generally fall under 1 of three categories: alliance, domestication, and warfare.

    Edit: got all of this from the pcgamer article IIRC, but I'm out and about so I can't/won't cite my sources properly srry, somebody else can do it I guess or
  5. HanNorwood

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    Dec 6, 2013
    United States
    It appears that Egyptian, Brazilian, and French leaders will be in the game, as when you watch the video, you see: The pyramids at Cairo, Cristo Redentor in Brasilia, and The Eiffel Tower in France, all of them sending up spaceships from nearby.
  6. CanuckSoldier

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    Oct 29, 2001
    Which would also explain the 8 player MP limit....there are only 8 leaders to chose from.

  7. TPangolin

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    May 23, 2013
    Sydney, Australia
    • Seed the Adventure: Establish your cultural identity by choosing one of eight different expedition sponsors, each with its own leader and unique gameplay benefits. Assemble your spacecraft, cargo & colonists through a series of choices that directly seed the starting conditions when arriving at the new planet.
    • Colonize an Alien World: Explore the dangers and benefits of a new planet filled with dangerous terrain, mystical resources, and hostile life forms unlike those of Earth. Build outposts, unearth ancient alien relics, tame new forms of life, develop flourishing cities and establish trade routes to create prosperity for your people.
    • Technology Web: To reflect progress forward into an uncertain future, technology advancement occurs through a series of nonlinear choices that affect the development of mankind. The technology web is organized around three broad themes, each with a distinct victory condition.
    • Quest System: Quests are injected with fiction about the planet, and help to guide you through a series of side-missions that will aid in resource collection, unit upgrades, and advancement through the game.
    • Orbital Layer: Build and deploy advanced military, economic and scientific units that provide strategic offensive, defensive and support capabilities from orbit.
    • Unit Customization: Unlock different upgrades through the tech web and customize your units to reflect your play style.
    • Multiplayer: Up to 8 players can compete for dominance of a new alien world.
    • Mod support: Robust mod support allows you to customize and extend your game experience.
    • "There is a lot of inspiration from Alpha Centauri in this game," McDonough [co-lead designer] says.
    • "The five different victory conditions that represent that next major event in human history are tied to the new technology web."
    • Three Branches of the "Technological Web": "Purity technologies help humanity make their new home closer to Earth in its heydey. Harmony options adapt settlers rather than the terrain for a symbiotic existence. Supremacy disregards the land and focuses on humanity's independence from its environment, often involving a move toward a machine-like existence."
    • "It's also important to note that you're not going to get all the technologies in a single game,"
    • "Each of these affinities has a related victory condition. Purity players achieve a "promised land" victory by building a warpgate to bring humans from Earth to settle the new land. Supremacy players will achieve their "emancipation" goal by building that same warpgate. Instead of bringing humans through, forces will return to earth to free humans from their fleshy mortality. Harmony players will be focused on the new planet. "Transcendence" will allow them to awaken a superorganism slumbering deep in the planet."
    • "The other two victories are a traditional military conquest (achieved by wiping out all opposing civilizations) and "first contact," which involves finding evidence of alien life, building a device, and making contact."
    • "McDonough says "The web is much more customizable, so that by the end of the game, the technology that you have really represents who you've grown up to be.""
    • "The different affinities and technologies will have cosmetic impact on your civilization. Your leader and your units will adapt to your decisions."
    • In addition to the drastic changes to victory conditions, players will encounter a stronger narrative thread in each of their games.
    • "Once on the planet, quests will help players define their civilization's identity, giving players tasks (including chains of quests) that will help tell a story. Players will also have access to technology that gives them control over part of the planet's orbit. These creations can impact the terrain below, aid with terraforming, enhance tiles, rile up alien wildlife, or initiate strikes against enemies. Much like ocean-faring vessels in previous Civilization games, orbital units can be destroyed and interfered with."
    • "Cities, territories, improving terrain, getting technologies, building military units, those are things that every Civ player will recognize and are at the heart of this game, too," McDonough says. "But all the flesh that lives on those bones has been totally redesigned. All of it was designed holistically to live on the bones of a Civ game, but be a whole new experience."

    (Game Informer + Civ site)
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    Until the first DLC to it ;)
  9. cpm4001

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    Not here
    Similarly, it would appear that the US or a "spin-off" nation will also be in the game, as the video linked to by HanNorwood also shows a rocket launching from some sort of futuristic New York City.
  10. Eagle Pursuit

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    Aug 12, 2010
    I wouldn't use the trailer as an actual source.
  11. moysturfurmer

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    Mar 6, 2010
    PC Gamer:

    "[Harmony] territory is large, they grow very easily, they have a lot of free movement over the terrain. They're very fluid, they're very nimble."

    "Harmony player can take advantage of all the things that are threatening to you in the beginning of the game, even to the extent that they start to design their own alien creatures. You get to play these big alien things at the end of the game, they even ride them. They're not space elves, they're still very tough. In fact, the ground unit trajectory for Harmony, they look like Football players, huge genetically modified guys,"

    "[Harmony's uniques use] alien lifeforms as herds, or as cavalry, or breeding new creations for the Harmony player.

    "[Purity] player tries to push away the alien, they try to make the planet more like Earth, they try to avoid conflict with the alien life forms by building massive defences, by being tough and very hard to kill"

    "Purity" player is the one that's going to put guns on things. Giant platforms with lots of guns.

    the Purity player has the aforementioned flying fortresses. They're the tough guys, so they specialise in the float-stone, and they figure out how to mill it into a particular kind of ore that they can use to levitate truly massive objects. Their highest levels are the lev-tanks and the lev-destroyer, which is essentially a battleship that flies.

    "Purity marine... is really heavily armoured with a heavy bore gun"

    "the Supremacy player is very finesse oriented. It's going to be about building units and putting them in a geometry that lets them harmonise with each other. You have units that are very specialised, but if put in the right places relative to others, you get a lot of buffs that way."

    "So if you play the Supremacy path you will have access to Supremacy uniques—there's a catalogue of them, and they are themed along Supremacy ideals, so the first two are robots, basically droids, and they get more sophisticated from there."

    Your high level Supremacy marines will look like these lithe, robotic gleaming things
  12. reddishrecue

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    Nov 16, 2009
    Aeronautics were considered miracles in civilization 5. I haven't seen aeronautics in wisdom though.
  13. moysturfurmer

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    Mar 6, 2010
    PC Gamer

    "This is the contact victory, you get a signal through some means, either by researching it and finding it in a transcendental number, the ?mentissa?, or finding it in an alien ruin, or getting it in space when you put a radio telescope up there, and then you build a beacon, and then you have to turn it on and protect it while it's on, then several turns later the aliens, the progenitors, turn up and then you win."

    "There's the transcendence victory, this is the Harmony victory, this is a nod to Alpha Centauri of course. In this victory you discover that the planet is a living being, like Solaris almost, a living thing, and find a way to communicate with it, and integrate yourselves into its consciousness."

    "Then there are the promised land and emancipation victories, and these are my two favourite. You reestablish contact with Earth. You leave Earth in a very ambiguous state. They're on the mend, but resources are running low, and you're not really sure, so you re-establish communication with Earth and then you build a warpgate and if you're the Supremacy player and go for the emancipation victory, you send military units through the warpgate to conquer - to emancipate earth, to bring it in line with you. If you're the Purity player you bring settlers through and settle them, so that's a cool victory to go for because you have to plant these settlers and protect them until you have enough to sustain a new human colony."

    "You build the warpgate, which is a planetary wonder, which is a new concept in the game. It's a wonder that takes up an entire hex, and you have to give up that hex as part of your city to build this thing, and it takes a while and a lot of resources to build, and then if you're sending things through it or taking things out of it you have to protect it, they're very weak, so there's a military presence that has to be there, and there's a certain number of units you have to send in, and a certain number of units you have to pull out, and it it's the same with all of the other ones."

    "Supremacy doesn't always mean military. So the civ with the more militaristic bent, which is Brazilia? may pick Supremacy, but they may not. Harmony would be just as good, Purity would be just as good as an expression of military strength."

    "You can do many, many more things with spies when you get them in cities and things like smuggling from them and stealing their research and technology to things like planting the Dune thumper device in their city and having worms pop out. Only the Harmony player can do that. Or setting off a nuclear explosion, a dirty bomb in their city."

    "Covert ops is a good way to do that. One of the lower level things you can do is gather intelligence. You would send a spy to their city, gather intel, then you would get an intelligence report that says 'here's their level'. Depending on the level of the spy you'd get more detailed information—here's what they're researching, here are their affinity levels."

    "There's some stuff that's white hat stuff that's done peacefully, that's not detrimental to the other player but is still clandestine, so if the AI catches you doing it they're not going to be pleased about it, but it benefits you and doesn't harm them as much. Then the more clandestine activity happens in a city, we call it intrigue, there's an intrigue level that increments. Once that gets real high you can start doing things that are more directly offensive, like detonating a bomb or sending the aliens to attack."

    "As your dominant affinity goes higher you'll be able to stack these guys with perks, with special abilities that are themed to that. Your marines can start out as normal marines, and then you play a little while and they level up to level two marines and you give them the anti-alien perk instead of the anti-city perk, because that's the kind of army you want to field."
  14. Liex

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    Feb 27, 2012
    "Before you take off in "Beyond Earth," you’ll choose a nation to sponsor you and one of eight main characters. The one character revealed so far is Daoming Sochua, a female explorer that represents the Pan Asian co-operative." - Tom's Guide
  15. B166ER

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    Jul 8, 2013
    Jesus... i want to play that game right now! what a deep gameplay! im wondering how could be the multiplayer games.. i mean i never played Alpha centaury. everyone is on the same planet doing their quests and building stuff and when someone is trying to win building the warpgate or all the other victory conditions, you attack them?
  16. moysturfurmer

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    Mar 6, 2010

    "...futuristic fictional factions—like the American Reclamation Corporation..."
    & ruins are back as relics.
  17. Blitz Spearman

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    Jul 6, 2013
    Using the trailer as source really don't seem right. The trailer looked like an opening, and didn't the vanilla Civ V opening had vikings, while Denmark only appeared much later in a DLC?
  18. Chieftess

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    not "Kotaku".

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  19. bite

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    I will go through everything that has been posted so far and do an update of the main post later today
  20. Callonia

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    Jan 14, 2010
    I really hope this game uses a different expansion system that isn't same as Civ5.
    I wonder when that information will be released.. maybe during summer?
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