Beyond Earth - one week to release!


Dec 27, 2008

By this time next week, Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth will have been released worldwide. If you haven't been keeping up with all the pre-release hype, here's some of what we've seen over the past six months to whet your appetite!

'A New Beginning' Launch Trailer:
Spoiler :
Official Gameplay Walkthrough:
Spoiler :
'Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth - Inside Look':
Spoiler :
'The Chosen' Intro Cinematic:
Spoiler :

If you're wanting a more in-depth look at gameplay, check out MadDjinn's playthrough as the Kavithan Protectorate, or head to our Beyond Earth General Discussions forum for all the info you could ever need. For specific details of what's included in the game, check out the Confirmed Features thread, or AriochIV's Well of Souls site.

If you pre-order the game you will receive the Exoplanets Map Pack, which features a number of extra map scripts. The official Civilization website has a handy purchasing guide, but note that it does not exhaustively list all retailers offering the game, and other outlets may offer cheaper deals.
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