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Great Reverend
Nov 16, 2005
Peoria, IL
Released Mods - BtS v3.17

JCityLimit: Controlling City Count
This mod allows you to limit the maxium number of Cities each Civilization can have in each Era of the game. In addition to limiting the number of Cities allowed by Era, optional tags have been added to the Civilization Infos to allow you to limit what Terrain and Features will disallow Founding of a City for each Civilization.

JCultureControl: Beyond City Borders
Improvements now have the ability to spread Culture Borders, similar to those produced by Cities. The mod is coded in SDK so it causes no performance loss and is controled by tags in the ImprovementInfos XML file.

JEraLimit: Halting Progress
The endless march to Future Tech has always bothered me and this mod will stop it in its tracks. Unfortunatly, both the 'Play Now!' and the 'Custom Game' screens seem to be locked away in the game's EXE file and therefore out of the reach of us modders. Due to this fact, the only option I've found is adding a Custom Game Option to whatever Map Script I'm wanting to play with this mod. Released with the mod are 18 Map Scripts I have already modified to use the Last Era functionality. The included Map Scripts are from Beyond the Sword and origional Civ4.

JImprovementLimit: Tighter Control
With this mod you gain greater control over where and when Improvements allowed to be built. To compliment the bOutsideBorders tag, a bNotInsideBorders tag has been added, allowing you to restrict Improvements to unowned Tiles. You are now able to set a mininum distance that must be between two Improvements of the same Type. Lastly, Improvements can be set to require another Improvement be in a Tile for it to be built.

JRouteNative: Restricted Movement
This mod addes a new tag to UnitInfos XML file that allows you to set a UnitInfo to require a specific Route for its movement. Two other new tags are added to the UnitInfos XML. One allows UnitInfos to be set to Ignore specific RouteTypes, gaining no movement bonus from their presense in a Tile. The other new tag allows a UnitInfo to switch the movement bonus of one Route Type to another, ie make Railroads give only the Road movement bonus.

JTileNames: Titles for the World
This mod will allow you to set Names for various Tile objects, Terrain, Hills, Features, Bonuses, Improvements, Routes, and Rivers. The mod does NOT change GamePlay in any way, shape, or form. Instead it is designed for use by modders and scenario makers to give more life to their world.
I have written alot of mods, mostly in Python, since Civ4 came out many years ago. If it isn't listed in the opening post of this thread, then I have most likely abandoned the project. For a fairly complete list of my abandoned mods see the following link.

Jeckel's Abandoned Mods
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