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Sep 28, 2007
Hello everyone, i am new here and i have played civ4 for quite some time but last week i picked up the latest expansion BTS, what a wonderful game, i come from Total war community and those games is known to have some issues but this game has it all.

I am also a litle but unsure about this espionage system. I played one game and i wanted to build some farms but then i needed "civil service". When i was done researching it then i tried again but this time i could not build a farm anyway, when i am looking at pop up text, it does not say what is wrong with it, nothing. did someone steal a Tech from me and if this is the case, how do i recover lost technology?

Perhaps this is a bug or something becouse i can build anything else except for farm
Once you research a tech it is yours. When a rival steals a tech from you it just means that he also now knows it.

You need Agriculture to build farms. I think civil service lets you spread irrigation so that you can build farms away from fresh water.

In the pop-up there should be a phrase like requires Agriculture(in red).

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Civil Service allows you to make a chain of farms from a fresh water source (freshwater lake or river). Without Civil Service you can only farm tiles next to the lake or river providing the fresh water. It's possible that you couldn't farm because there wasn't an irrigated tile (or fresh water source) adjacent to the tile you were attempting to farm.

If someone steals a tech from you, I think you always get a message saying someone has stolen it (at least, I did the one time it happened to me) - but as 3 EMS says, you don't lose that technology if it's stolen from you.
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