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Dec 22, 2004
Like almost everyone here, I enjoy modding Civ3. As wonderful as much of the available art is, I haven't been able to find everything I wanted. So I was forced to drag out a few imaging programs and give a go at creating what I wanted for my mod on my own. Most are original renders by me (especially the newer ones). Some of the following are painted by me and are new from the first pixel to the last. A few are derived from photos. A few are derived from the works of others. I tried to attribute the source within the zip files, when I could determine the origin.

I thought I'd share them.

Previews follow sorted by type.
Wonders - Part 1
Wonders - Part 2 (Modern)
Techs - Part 1
Techs - Part 2 (Military Techs)
Buildings-2 (Commercial)
Buildings-3 (Industrial)
Buildings-4 (Military)
Religious Buildings-1
Religious Buildings-2
Title Screens

I can also post previews of the city view icons, if anyone wants me to.

All the zip files are complete; they include all relevent and related files, and in many cases alternate versions of some of the files.
Including splash screen,Tech icons, civilopedia text and icons, pediaicons text, city view icons and installation instructions.

GIDustin's completely revamped his web site. Many of the old links are broken. I've fixed a few of them. Some have been moved over to the new database here...
And, most of my stuff is available by going here
Corey said:
These are beutiful but links wood be nice.

Thanks. I plan to add links. For now, they are not hosted on my server, but someone elses. So in the meantime, if you follow the link in the first post, you will get all the files I've released so far.
Pounder said:
You are to humble. These are excellent and will be used.

Nah, I'll bet you I'm going to use way more of yours, then you use of mine.
I've looked at your art and tried to copy your style and such, without success. btw, if you ever decide to do a water fall for Rhye's terrain pack, I'll be mighty happy. :lol:

Snoopy's is great, and until I saw the vibrancy that Rhye brought to the scenery I was completely happy with it.
Rufus T. Firefly said:
Good first work, but TV station was made by Ukas

No, the building I used as a basis was made by Ukas.

If you'd been slower to judge and better at reading my first post, you have read:
"Some of the following is new from the first pixel to the last. Some is derived from photos. Some is derived from the works of others. I tried to attribute the source within the zip files, when I could determine the origin."

Inside the zip file I clearly attribute Ukas has having done the image I based my file one. On that one in particular, I added the antenna, redid the entry way, redid the satallite dish, redid the BBC logo and a few other tweaks. That is the one I did the least work on, and I never claimed to have created it from scratch.
P.S.Y.C.H.O. said:
The Norwegian Naval Academy is pretty nice! :)
Thanks you. It is my personal favorite. Of course there is no historical basis for such a thing. But, the Norwegians have always had a rich nautical tradition (sailing to America centruies before columbus, etc)...

--- Here is how I made it, in case you want to make one for Sverige.
I just used photoshop, photodraw and a couple of built in civ3 images.

The basis for the Splash screen was the military academy splash screen. To which I changed the flag. Added the ocean and sky to replace the hills and such. I added a couple of ships, a sloop and I think a clipper. I used the civilopedia icons for these ships. I changed their size (photo shop) and placed them where I liked, and then drew small norwegian flags and such for them.

The basis for the civilopedia icon was the pre-existing Intelligence Center. Because it looked quite a bit like the military academy. I copy the flag I made from the splash screen (reduced in size). I added the water and a ship. I edited the ship image for size and to add the Norsk colors.
Thanks for telling me how to make a Swedish one! :) I don't think i'll make one though... I'm too lazy... ;)

The foundation of many early civilizations along the Mediterranean.

Something to make tundra more then wasted space.
Besides Bjørn is norwegian for bear, and no bear could tolerate a world without berries.
As always, all of my files are complete.
So for resources the zips will include:
civilopedia Icons, civilopedia text, pediaicons text, resource icons and installation instructions.
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