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Black Death Scenario

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Strategy & Tips' started by Occupant, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. Occupant

    Occupant Chieftain

    Jan 14, 2019
    Just got around to this scenario and....its one of their best.

    True to form....this Civ 6 scenario forces the player to master specific tactics - in this case pillaging - in order to win on Deity.

    To win at that level you must consider the following:

    -Play as England, which has a plague-free city (Dublin).
    -Maximize culture and enhance it as early as possible.
    -Accept the fact that you will NOT be utilizing FAITH for purchases.
    -The key to victory is PILLAGE. Turn out knights and then caravels to accomplish this. Pillage value goes up as the scenario evolves, but you should still start as early as possible. There is much to PILLAGE....
    -Send your initial swordsman to Scotland and Scandinavia. Pillage for gold whenever possible. Science is useful but faith is not.
    -Build Theatre Dist in every city before the first plague. Start it on first turn.
    -Focus on gold and military units early. Getting a trader out of Dublin to Spain is essential. Traders are very important between turns 30-70 Maximize them.
    -In general, forget Flagellants. You will not have the faith to buy them and using production on them is a waste in most cases. You will not need them.
    -Most of your assets will be bought with gold - units and bldgs. - maximize culture and purchase AMPs asap.
    -Try to have 5 caravels in the water by turn 50. Most of the raid-able districts are south in the MED. Harbor raids are mostly undefended and will be the primary gold source.
    -You will be buying Plague Docs for LOYALTY purposes only. Loyalty must be constantly monitored after around turn 40-50. France, HRE, and Spain will be gone due to Loyalty by game's end.
    -Protect your cities with agricultural wildcards early and then play cards that maximize culture and minimize purchase cost later.

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