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Blanec's Hyperdimension Neptunia Civilization VI

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Released Mods' started by BlanecWH, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. BlanecWH

    BlanecWH Chieftain

    Jun 27, 2016
    Pathum Thani, Thailand
    Hyperdimension Neptunia: Touhou Galaxy Project

    "Want try to be a god?"
    - Tomoya Dinogi
    Hyperdimension Neptunia is now become the Civilizations of Civilization VI. Take the CPU as the leader based on Hyperdimension Neptunia series as well as HDN: Touhou Galaxy Project Novel. All Civilization are make by Blanec - White Heart. The Story is setting around Traveler from Beyond of Gamindustri. Kasami and Rom & Ram is original civilization from Civilization V.

    For Memory of Kagami and Blanec, the Greatest CPU without HDD Form version in Civilization V, see here.

    Hyperdimension Neptunia: Touhou Galaxy Project is science fiction spin-off story of Hyperdimension Neptunia series as take in space.

    The Touhou Galaxy was setting in same universe as Hyperdimension Neptunia, the Touhou Galaxy is the advanced version of Ultradimension as Touhou Galaxy size is large as 100,000 light years with 400 billion star system. Chiyukitalian were humanoid species from planet Chiyuki which represent as both Sega and Sony. Chiyukitalian speak alien-like language known as Chiyukitarana and also Star Conflict's Galactic Basic (which can be see both "Lady Tomoya Dinogi Present......" write in Aurebesh and Amulet in copyright image). Chiyukitalian were smart and hardworking that why Chiyukitalian is advanced than those have live in Gamindustri. Chiyuki is Homeworld of Chiyukitalian species that located in Taiyo System, Alpha Quadrant and it became as capital for various government near 6000 year from Chiyukitalian Empire, Tomoyatalian Empire, Interstellar Federation and now Lastation Empire as Chiyuki have similar landmass as Gamindustri with four major cities being capital as Tomokyo. Chiyukitalian have powerful energy-based projectile weapon technology known as FX-Blaster and KX-Blaster which stand for Fusion-eX Blaster and Kinetic-eX Blaster.

    Touhou Galaxy Project is advanced version of Neptunia series that feature in space setting and galactic conflict, but also it feature with blood and gore, nudity (but no lewd) and funny humor, as well as highly dramatic story, family and contain both historical and real life reference (such as Jerry people eating horse remain after payment to winner of the Great War).

    Make sure that you have read one from Civ5 page before to read this story.

    (Before Gathering Storm DLC)

    The Story of Traveler from Beyond of Gamindustri is setting in 4 year after Memory of Kagami act. After disaster of Great Universe War in G.C. 2014 between Touhou Galaxy with their alliance and Star Conflict with their Mind Trick universe, after Death of Princess Kagami Hiiragi and fall of Interstellar Federation, Kasami Hiiragi have become the next princess of Interstellar Federation and turn the Federation into the Dictatorship of Lastation Empire and destroyed the loser universe who fought the war against Touhou Galaxy with Treaty of Hiiragi, the peace treaty that rip off all loser universe from Great Universe War and force their people to eating horse remain similar to evil Treaty of Versailles were many their people have drive into insane as they kill many horse, caused Lastation Empire have annex some part of loser universe being one of their horse have escape into Touhou Galaxy, leading to many loser universe attempt to avoid the treaty but end up with Lastation Empire have destroy their planet and trillion death of their people as lesson until Lastation Empire have annex all universe, no loser universe survive in the end of G.C. 2015.

    4 Year after Great Universe War, Kasami Hiiragi have declare the stability of nation and turn Lastation Empire from Dictatorship into the Federal Democratic Republic but not for long until one day, a mystery person have trick Kasami and other 3 CPUs fall into dimension hole and fall into the world known as Gamindustri and she and other was trap in planet and meet with other CPUs there, which the story is begin.

    (Gathering Storm DLC)
    The Story of Birth of Lady Tomoya Dinogi is setting in 4 year after Traveler from Beyond of Gamindustri act. 4 year after incident of evil old women have attempt to destroy the Touhou Galaxy. Kasami have finally go to rebuilt the Lastation Empire but many Loser Universe able to uprising against the Lastation Empire and their pro-government which cause the massive chaos to the Empire until one day. A mystery girl have falling from sky of Chiyuki. She have reveal herself known as "Tomoya Dinogi", a girl who don't have any memory left more than her name and her little sister 'Ran'. Miki rumor that Tomoya's father is lead the project of advanced walker that will change the face of the Touhou Galaxy known as Mark 2 Project which include with two prototype of Mammoth Mk.2 and Mastodon Mk.2 walker that hide somewhere in this galaxy and they have to secure these walker before the Loser Universe have invade the planet.

    Story of Birth of Lady Tomoya Dinogi will change the story of Touhou Galaxy Project more seriously, with introduction of the overpowered walker that all ground force will unmatched. As well as one of four protagonist of this series will died!

    Main Cast

    - Kasami Hiiragi
    - Teijiki Peon
    - Aiko
    - Vertimiki Niwa
    - Miki Hiiragi
    - Tomoya Dinogi

    Main Character:
    - Neptune
    - Nepgear
    - Plutia
    - Uzume Tennouboshi
    - Noire
    - Uni
    - Blanc
    - Rom
    - Ram
    - Vert
    - Hatsumi Sega
    - Peashy

    - William Georcas

    - Arfoire
    - Rei Ryghts
    - Jonathan "Jack" O'Neill
    - Samantha "Sam" Carter
    - Alexander "Alex" Marcas
    - Omar "Young" Anoke
    - William "Morgan" Clark

    Support Character:
    - Konata Izumi
    - Kagami Hiiragi
    - Tsukasa Hiiragi
    - Miyuki Takara
    - Nanako Kuroi

    The Project
    List of Touhou Galaxy Project plan:
    There are no relation with old Touhou Galaxy Project plan in Civilization V.

    - Great Maker: A Great People similar to Great General that represent as Hero unit with unique promotion and ability. Can recruit to one unit per leaders. Limited based on player in the game.
    - Shares System??
    - TGP Wonder: Retake few wonder from Civilization V version of TGP and recreate into 3D wonder such as Tomoya's House.
    - Gamindustrian Calendar: Change Anno Domini (AD) to Gamindustrian Calendar (G.C.), they were nothing special but change the game were look.
    - TGP Player Rank: Change most of historical rank person to TGP character and their quote. So you will no longer get rank of Dan Quayle anymore.
    - You'll pay for this in time!


    - Mastodonmk2 (A.k.a. Lady Tomoya Dinogi): Code, Writing, Artwork, Model Art

    Special Thank:
    - Deliverator: 3D Model Tutorial & Guide
    - Typhlomence: Unique Dialog Lua code from Civilization V for Civilization VI
    - Vice Virtuoso: Minor Lua code stuff from Civilization V and Original concept for Hyperdimension Neptunia from Civilization V such as Chiyukitalian and Lowee mk2. (Except Eden and various Neptunia villain)
    - Endoron: Original concept for Hyperdimension Neptunia from Civilization V. (Except Chiyukitalian, Planeptune under Uzume and Hatsumi Sega)

    - Idea Factory/Compile Heart & RandomTBrush: Various model from Hyperdimension Neptunia, Noire model for Kasami Hiiragi, Ultra Noire and Miki Hiiragi
    - Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X: Model for Starfurotor(s) and Bomobor(s).
    - LucasArts: Various 3D Model from Star Wars: Empire at War, Star Wars: Battlefront

    - Be Positive and respect to all modder. But DON'T Comment any thing on this page until I have to create a Development Log page.
    - This forum is use for Discuss about Bug, Issue and Opinion.
    - This mod is also using as release of other mod which if this mod is not enough goal, it will not release and will likely remove.
    - Chiyukitalian Civilization will automatic delete those leader were not Chiyukitalian! when play these leader such as if you play "Monika" lead the Chiyukitalian that make by fan or modder which are not allowed by creator or never exist in TGP story, the code will delete that leader from Chiyukitalian and then force to main menu.
    - Third party mod that hack this mod (and Lowee Mk2) with any method will always take down, not even bigger modder can't allow to edit this mod without permission from creator. (see copyright below)


    This Copyright image can't be seen in other Steam Workshop mod more than the Mod that made by Mastodonmk2, if you see this image being put in the mod that not belong or work by (with) Mastodonmk2 is likely stolen!!
    (C) 2015, Chiyukitalian, Tomoya Dinogi, Kasami Hiiragi, Teijiki Peon, Aiko, Vertimiki Niwa, Miki Hiiragi, Blanec and every material are part of Idea Factory, Compile Heart, Hyperdimension Neptunia: Touhou Galaxy Project Novel. Created by Mastodonmk2.

    HDN: Touhou Galaxy Project is rights work material for part of Idea Factory and Compile Heart, and work by Mastodonmk2. DON'T use for selling or commercial without have permission by creator especially Tomoya Dinogi, Aiko and Gekino Bird seal.

    Related Project
    - Hyperdimension Neptunia: Touhou Galaxy Project (Civ5)
    Neptunia project in Civilization V. Include with massive factory and various gameplay, as well as Lowee Empire lead by Lady Blanec and Neutral Alliance lead by Jonathan O'Neill.

    - New World Order Project (TBD)
    Real world project in Civilization VI. The Massive Empire civs based on various union and association. Purely fictional, but still based on real life.
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  2. BlanecWH

    BlanecWH Chieftain

    Jun 27, 2016
    Pathum Thani, Thailand
    (Hyperdimension Neptunia: Chiyukitalian Civilization)
    Former also known as Hyperdimension Neptunia: Blanec's Lowee Empire.

    Great Seal of Interstellar Federation or "Gekino Bird" was main seal of Chiyukitalian which become the main seal of Interstellar Federation since G.C. 1954 and main seal of Lastation Empire in G.C. 2014.

    (spelled as Chi-Yu-Ki-Tar-Lien), also known as Land of Space Advancement or simply known as Bird. the Chiyukitalian is the nickname of Gamindustrian settlement on planet Chiyuki in the Touhou Galaxy that far from Gamindustri around 750 million light years found by fairly tome girl similar to Histoire name "Chiyu" (English version known as "Reco") was Founder of Chiyukitalian Civilization or Modern Gamindustri, the Tomoyatalian (spelled as Tow-Mo-Yai-Tar-Lien) were the people from Tomoya which original was people of Chiyukitalian until the proclaim of Tomoya Dinogi, Chiyukitalian were commonly were character who often to using melee weapon such as Sword, Spear and Hammer while Tomoyatalian were Archery and Magical, and the Ducken (spelled as Duck-Ken) were originally was the survivors from Star Conflict with Conflict Republic Explorer ship name "Ducken" in "Ducken Flight Project" which later crash into Raji until rise as Ducken Empire and crash the Touhou Galaxy until they have defeat and start new world on Coruscant which later become Interstellar Republic. Chiyukitalian have been at war with Star Conflict for 2,000 year since Fall of Tomoyatalian Empire until Great Universe War in G.C. 2014 which turn Interstellar Federation into the massive power of Lastation Empire.

    Chiyukitalian Leader start from Left with Kasami, Peon, Aiko, Niwa, Miki, Tomoya and Blanec.
    Chiyukitalian in currently lead by seven goddesses from Kasami, Peon, Aiko, Niwa, Miki, Tomoya and Blanec. Main Chiyukitalian leader is peference with Kasami Hiiragi, a sole CPU leader and main protagonist of the series, and easily to use especially to player who like to Domination, although Kasami will focus Science Victory more than Domination. Teijiki Peon, naval commander and CPU which best for naval superior. Aiko, novel writer and youngest CPU and she is only Tomoyatalian-lead Chiyukitalian Civilization which superior for ranged unit, Vertimiki Niwa, Alpha Force Guardian and CPU which superior to punch against Unique Unit, Miki Hiiragi, Golden Age hunter and faith of glory of the Great Tomoyatalian Empire which capable to punch against Civilization that are in Dark Age and much like Kasami that she design for player who prefer with Domination although she will focus Science instead. Tomoya Dinogi, she is Chiyukitalian that prefer with religion domination and she will 100% focus on faith and the religion, if she lost to seek religion victory, she will go after science. Finally, Blanec, CPU of Lowee Empire that make her military unit more superior when at war with enemy and she like all civilization that will enjoy with her. All Chiyukitalian Goddesses have same Agenda is not like Denounce or War by others. Also they will never hesitate to declare war on anyone who denounce on them.

    - Kasami's Chiyukitalian Civilization
    - Ton of Easter Egg
    - Various Unique Unit

    Spoiler :

    Chiyukitalian have various capital are include with Chiyuki, Tomoya, Kukan-Ori-Ori, Coruscant, Vargayang, Raji, Lacorn, Kor-Somtatan, Alpha Vista and Tally which these capital are the main member of the Interstellar Federation (if you have one of these city should train 4 Fighter, 3 Bomber and 1 Bomobor-2), but the Chiyukitalian capital are generally with "Chiyuki", Homeworld of Chiyukitalian and also known as Gamindustri of the Touhou Galaxy which have become as main capital since Chiyukitalian Empire, Tomoyatalian Empire and Neo-Tomoyatalian Empire, Interstellar Federation and currently, Lastation Empire, and "Tomoya", Homeworld of Tomoyatalian and the capital of Tomoyatalian Empire which the Tomoya was the first colony by Chiyukitalian and second most important capital of Interstellar Federation and now, Lastation Empire, Tomoya is also given nickname as "Lowee of the Touhou Galaxy', Kukan-Ori-Ori" or "K-11" was desert planet and homeworld of Kukan and also one of major Chiyukitalian military planet site that using as gateway to Star Conflict's galaxy, as the planet was found in G.C. 1989 after arrival of Empress Miki and one of planet in Operation of Sandstorm, K-11 once was poorest planet in Touhou Galaxy after suffer from Kukan plague that wiped out entire Kukan population for 4000 year until Empress Miki have arrive and after Star Conflict Invasion over Touhou Galaxy have raise the budget over the K-11 and leave from poorest planet to most heavily industrial and military planet on the Touhou Galaxy.

    - Chiyuki
    - Tomoya (when lead by Aiko)

    Possible name:
    - Kukan-Ori-Ori
    - Coruscant
    - Vargayang
    - Raji
    - Lacorn
    - Kor-Somtatan
    - Shugo-Mo-Mo
    - Alpha Vista
    - Tally
    - Hulta

    These planet below are not exist in TGP.
    - Beta Oska
    - Gamma Vega
    - Port Delta
    - Epsilon Valla
    - Kuromura
    - Eta Ja
    - Genemeya
    - Titania
    - Cameron Alpha
    - Lambda Vegas
    - Emmerson Core
    - Omega Vika
    - Port Omicron
    - Sakukiwa
    - Panas Vista
    - Tango Delta
    - Cape Tau
    - Phi Chi Koi
    - Kronos
    - Ceeland
    - Stellar
    - Fushiki
    - Chinozaki
    - Namu
    - Soki
    - Shimo
    - Lukara
    - Mikira
    - Shimura
    - Usami
    - Rajiro
    - Aminamei
    - Nasumi
    - Maralo
    - Luyasara
    - Alexdimer
    - Jefferson
    - Timbark
    - Bird Bridge
    - Wellson
    - Chi Hai
    - Lazzarodo

    Chiyukitalian Traits: Land of Space Advancement

    We won over Great Universe War and end the Star Conflict war over Touhou Galaxy for 2000 year, and destroy the Star Conflict into their knee and declaration of Lastation Empire, all this glory thank to Lady...... Tomoya?

    The Land of Space Advancement was common name of Touhou Galaxy. Chiyukitalian were famous known for being one of most advanced nation of all Neptunia civilization. Most of the name was came from Chiyukitalian's legendary philosophy of SCUD: Sufficiency, Completion, Understand and Development which contain many method for Chiyukitalian to survive such as one similar to Japan after World War II were heavily focus on technology, economic and culture instead of military and build up attacking force, or even legend of Pi thong lang phra as Chiyukitalian would hide many defense, good fortune and help many poorest planet across the galaxy without have been ask by the public, as well as last card to defeat Star Conflict as Kasami after Star Conflict Invasion have spend her time between G.C. 2008 until G.C. 2014 to build large armada for Federation Self-Defense Fleet and Superweapon that could destroyed entire universe known as Goddess of Flame.

    Chiyukitalian have been at war with Star Conflict for long and their economy have become a problem, they have found the Self-Defense Force for reduce the military and easily to protect their land from enemy civilization especially barbarian, +20 Strength to owner unit in owner border or if there are enemy in her border. No War weariness and never revolt when loyalty are low to every Chiyukitalian city. Chiyukitalian city have automatic gain urban defense upon found new city but they can't build the wall to boost some tech. She also gain +2 level diplomatic visibility to all civilization as well as Broadcast Center gain 1 slot for every great work. Grant +1 Era score when complete an district as Chiyukitalian love to build many district as they can.

    Chiyukitalian Unique Unit: Various (Primary is Shinano Carrier)

    (Start from left above) Mammoth & Mastodon, Corellian, Bomobor-1, Enforcer, Falchion, Gonk, PAW, Ton-Flak, SPHA-T, StarfurotorX-3, Tector and Tomo-Bomobor.
    Shinano Carrier is Space carrier of Federation Self-Defense Fleet and later Imperial Lastation Navy, Shinano were carry over 4 Quadbot FX-Blaster Cannon, 4 FX-Blaster Cannon, 12 KX-Blaster Cannon and 2 squadron of StarfurotorX-3 and StarfurotorX-4.

    Chiyukitalian have various Unique Unit to deal against enemy, most of unit are based on novel. Chiyukitalian were strong with Naval unit and Air Unit, also that most of powerful unit were require resource! especially cavalry, siege, air bomber and naval ranged unit, Chiyukitalian will be a deadly when enter to medieval era, be sure to secure some resource especially horse to train some Kero Knight and fight against your denouncement civs or protect your friendly civs from your foe and gain all item from them, however Kero Knight is weak against melee unit. Note that Chiyukitalian Unit were powerful, but these unit are design for defense rather than Domination Victory unless player use well. Bomobor-2 is (still) known as most powerful Chiyukitalian unique unit (since Civilization V).

    Most of Unique Unit model are Star Wars, making this mod as first and largest Star Wars model mod in Civilization VI (although most of Star Wars model mod were exist just in Civilization IV and some were Civilization III) so far with back one from Civilization V. But the effect and fx system is still same since AssetsEditor is suck!! would crash at any time when edit the system and play animation of unit.

    Unit will be appear in this Gathering Storm DLC are Defense Pod, Astronaut and of course: Titan Trooper, this Nightmare unit from Civ5 is back once more. But this time, you can beat the Titan Trooper which original strength of this unit is over 900 strength, but this version is over 250 strength due to 900 strength don't work well. Ducken Vibolance will be return as early anti-cavalry. Pod Attack Walker will change into light cavalry. Ducken Grenadier is now mid-game anti-cavalry with range attack.

    Also that most of Chiyukitalian Unique Unit are NOT FOR MODDER! Which the third party mod who used these unit traits will not appear to their mod. Unless we have to release some model on Civfanatics, but currently we (don't know how or can't allow) to upload it.

    Chiyukitalian Unique District: Ecumenopolis
    was Greek word mean "A city made of the whole world".

    The Ecumenopolis were important district that will used to focus on city that food tile were impossible which using these Ecumenopolis to cover their tile that not important will gain twice level of House and 10 food, 5 production and gold, just like how player would make a planet in one big city.

    In Gathering Storm. Ecumenopolis will prove with 1 energy which act as power station.

    List of Chiyukitalian Leaders
    (Birth of Lady Tomoya Dinogi novel, 25 year old)
    Leader: Kasami Hiiragi

    "I was the Goddess who rule over entire galaxy, but I still not strong as my big sister"
    - Kasami Hiiragi

    Lady Kasami stand in CPU work room in Saidainogikai which overseen the Tomokyo, capital city of Chiyuki.
    Kasami, also known as Kasami Hiiragi (Born: March 3, G.C. 1997 in Tomokyo, Chiyuki), known to general populace as Lady Kasami, known in clone as Miki 001A or Miki Clone number 0039# as Kasami was most perfect Clone of Miki Hiiragi unlike most of Miki clone, commonly known as Amu. Kasami is main protagonist of TGP series and her story, she is known for being Youngest Leader of Touhou Galaxy, she is also the Liberator of all people and not only survive the Great Universe War from Star Conflict invader and end the conflict for over 2,000 year, but also bring the Chiyukitalian as superpower species in entire galaxy and crashed Star Conflict into their knee, as well as she is the Goddess of Touhou Galaxy who rebuilt the galaxy from ash quickly. Kasami has often been used in preference to other Great Chiyukitalian ruler such as Reco, Miki Hiiragi or even Tomoya Dinoji of Tomoyatalian Empire who is successful Chiyukitalian have liberate the Touhou Galaxy from domination by Ducken Empire. There are also other Chiyukitalian leader such as Teijiki Peon, Aiko and Vertimiki Niwa who are alternative Chiyukitalian leader for who like their favorite characters but their power are not enough to compare Kasami.

    Kasami age in this story in Civilization VI is 21, as previous story in Civilization V is around 15-16. As this version, she is now more mature and strong to build a greatest civilization across the galaxy, she will ignore people who demand her to stop settle near them since she will expanded more land, although she is stronger than anyone but she still weak against her big sister, Kagami Hiiragi and Tsukasa Hiiragi.

    Kasami in this game wore La Victoire outfit, Ultradimension Noire's default costume. She and Miki is only leader that animated but reused Catherine de Medici animation.

    Kasami Traits: Treaty of Hiiragi's Legacy
    "Honestly, I like people who like to keep in peaceful on my galaxy and not earn the karma, I know that Good karma is good people, Who do a good karma will bring a happiness while a bad karma will bring a suffer, I like it if you want to make a friendship with me."
    - Kasami Hiiragi​

    Treaty of Hiiragi is peace treaty of Touhou Galaxy signed after Great Universe War. The Treaty is force the loser universe who lose the war against Touhou Galaxy pay entire resource, economic system, restriction of built or commission of any military starship and of course, force people to eat horse remain although the treaty didn't teach people to do eat the horse so whatever, but they appear much like Jerry after Great War that would lead the Great War II.

    Kasami will never be brand being Warmonger for entire game which also allowed her to declare any casus belli without have civics and she will never be a target of any Emergencies thank to Treaty of Hiiragi (but not work with Gandhi since declaration of war that not as emergencies will trigger him think player are warmonger may because using violence, not even defensive pact by someone). Civilization who have declare friendship with her will gain 10 amenity and 5 loyalty. if there are civilization who have denounce her or at war with her (she declare war on player also count) will penalties with -30 amenity and loyalty (it also affect to city-states too!) in non-capital. Unlike Gandhi, this version is not increase War weariness, but the main 'amenity' which cause some Leader like Alexander who don't have penalties with War weariness will face this trouble. Also the ability will cause denounce players can't train settler but exist settler still allow to found a city but would revolt soon as it, spy are easily to success in denounce civs. Civilization who never declare friendship with Kasami can't train any trader upon meeting with her.

    If AI denounce or at war with Kasami, they will gain worse relation toward third party and will denounce them with reason "We are Karma People" although this will never affect to human player who denounce her but they soon would get own as she make war on player. Also, these negative relation will not affect to Kasami player if they denounce her.

    AI player will never discuss or make a worse relation with Kasami player such as "Different government" or "Spy on them" so that mean no AI will never ask player to move your troops from their border after they have denounce player, but the discuss not work with Human player especially Multiplayer!! although Kasami player in Multiplayer may not take care about those another human discuss so whatever or up to player think.

    Kasami Agenda: Hate Karma People
    "You're an utter failure. Just being in your presence is almost intolerable, it's like I can feel the incompetence coming off you. The Teikoku is worse off with you around, so conduct your business quickly and begone."
    - Kasami Hiiragi
    Karma is means action, work or deed which the karma is main key concept in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, and Taoism.

    Kasami will want to befriend with everyone and she will like every player at start if they don't make the karma against her to make her complain. She never backstab and declare Surprise War against player and never gone war with city-states. Kasami hate all player that earning karma that she don't like are include with Civilization have declare a surprise war against civilization, convert a religion to her city and become a dominated over her city, but most upset for her to complain is denounce direct on her, declare war on her and close to victory (this function still use not even the main core was delete in R&F DLC), if player declare war on her no matter what the casus belli is... (liberation war or reconquest war not even defensive pact or emergencies until make peace, she will complain for entire game and she will never be forget, if case of city-states if they declare war on her, she will killed them instantly. Also that denouncing Kasami will increase twice warmonger upon declare war on her or everyone!

    Note that Kasami (along with Miki and Tomoya) will never have good agenda against Konata Izumi.

    Kasami Unique Unit: Order of Hiiragi

    Many people have start to use firearm and more advanced weaponry, few people still remain to use the sword in this greatest galactic conflict as Order of Hiiragi have murder one of Konata's underling army.
    Order of Hiiragi, fully name known as Royal Order of Hiiragi Family which also the Honours of Interstellar Federation (and later Lastation Empire) since G.C. 1989 was guardian force of Interstellar Federation fought since Star Conflict Invasion over Touhou Galaxy, the Order was found by three member of Hiiragi include with Kagami, Tsukasa and Kasami Hiiragi in G.C. 2008 and disband in G.C. 2014 and few member of Order of Hiiragi survivors of Great Universe War and one of them was one of three founder and player know that Kasami Hiiragi will gonna to do this after this?

    The Order of Hiiragi was Chiyukitalian Unique Unit under Kasami Hiiragi player, the Order of Hiiragi is ultimate unit of Chiyukitalian as one of most powerful unit in Chiyukitalian which extremely hard to take down and extreme powerful to capture information era city defense with ignore Zone of Control and 15 strength from both friendly border and defense from ranged attack, Order of Hiiragi also can move after attack, but the order have limited to one unit and only can be train after they died. Order of Hiiragi can be kill when embark, however, they were no cost to embark or disembark.

    "The Fate of Touhou Galaxy is depend on you, Lady Kasami Hiiragi of the Touhou Galaxy. Your people have thank to your guidance and protection from Star Conflict invader but now they have fall by their karma. Be kind and please for the new generation of Touhou Galaxy, Lady Kasami. Brave to protect from your foe who want to destroy the galaxy that you love."
    - Loading Qoute​
    Kasami Hiiragi player are need to superior more than everyone in the game and need to have more land than the other. Kasami player will strong and faster when following government with Autocracy, Monarchy, (Absolute Monarchy in Rule with Faith) and Democracy, if player have a problem with other religion, player should focus on faith as much as you can and train religion unit to defend your city from other religion, in late game, player need to choose a government with less military policy and one with more economy policy. Strong Chiyukitalian Unique Unit were require resource which mean that player need to found a city with these require resource in order to built a strong unit. Chiyukitalian leader are prefer with "Siddharthism" religion, a fictional Buddhism.

    As Her:

    Lady Tomoya have attempt to stop these Ram's trader from smuggling Gizmondo into Chiyukitalian Empire by nuke them with Bomobor-2 as currently Firaxis didn't have release Civ VI DLC that have similar function to Brave New World yet.

    She will always powerful and important that she is design for Science Victory more than Domination victory but human player will prefer this victory to dominated other civs. Religion Victory is not recommand as her religion unit will need to defend rather than attack because religion unit may more expensive than other civs, religion unit with Land of Space Advancement and Defender of the Faith Beliefs will become impossible to convert her city. Make sure to not promise to any civilization if they don't promise to player, Chiyukitalian players were Settler superior that will settle to anywhere in the map so best way to settle a city is settle close to their own city at least 8 tile away to allow more districts since Chiyukitalian were often to many districts and defense against other religion unit since Chiyukitalian were weak in religion focus especially Human player unless Religious Colonization but it will convert there are no defense, make sure to not promise to stop settle near them or make Alliance with them into order to expand the empire if player don't want to have a bad relation with other civs (but player will do against those are not friendly with player), also that should avoid to settle near enemy city that player denounce them (but they have not denounce player) because they will grow up faster when signed a trade route and player bored to nuke these trade unit although it still slower. Kasami player may can declare war without Warmonger or capture cities if Kasami player have friend but remember that if there are Gandhi appear in this game, he will warned the player to avoid a violence even player have friend with him, he will warn player, even using defensive pact against enemy civilization. Player shouldn't declare Surprise War if player don't want to be enemy's next door.

    In Rise & Fall, Kasami player when unlocked first Governor, recommend to prefer with The Surveyor or The Financier first and have to maximum this first before recruited new one if there are there are no City-States or play without City-States. if Kasami player have annoying with other civilization that convert her city to other religion or other thing, player may can join Emergencies against enemy civilization but make sure that player need to prepare or player will be fail especially a religion. Player may also can enter into Dark Age when score is met (unless have not do anything), however, your city can't be revolt to other civs and still loyalty to your empire. Also that Kasami player can annex the city-states with your loyality which player will no longer to worry about other civs stolen your city-states.

    Against Her:
    She is design for friendly civilization which anyone be friend with her and she will declare the friendship with anyone quickly and will accept a friendship on everyone if not unhappy, player can send the trade route with her to get various yield especially gold at early game but player should declare a friendship with her as soon as possible or player will face with someone Joint War with her against player. Unlike most Civilization after at war with other civilization which later have declare the friendship at some point, Kasami will stay complain for entire game no matter what they do. Also that both Kasami Player and AI is often being very high target for unfriendly civilization by Joint War which likely lead her get mad and Joint War declarer will got mad with other people and player will have require lot of resource to make peace with her, also Declare War on her will get huge warmonger. She also will expanse and control more land and she will never promise to stop settle near you.

    Player can win against her with Domination, as Culture and Science will far ahead than player, if case of Religion is still normally but she will upset for being convert a religion unless she don't have a religion but still upset when close to victory, best way to deal with her is have nuclear weapon and nuke one of her city that don't have Turtles or Fighters (or Makos or Falchions in R&F update) unit since most of unique unit were require much of resource, best way to declare war on her is using Joint War (but may will end up with get denounce by other civilization and when player's partner). Remember to not Denounce her too early (as well as late game) because player's civilization will reduce many yield from amenities penalties and soon will loss all your city. She will often to Declare Formal War or other Casus Belli against player quickly.

    (Birth of Lady Tomoya Dinogi novel, 25 year old)
    Leader: Teijiki Peon

    "I the Naval Commander and I see all enemy in the known space, Pudding can't save your ship unless given it to me, abandoned ship now."
    - Teijiki Peon

    Lady Peon on CCSS Nagato's bridge, first Nagato-class Battleship.
    Peon (Pae-On), also known as Teijiki Peon (Tei-Jei-Ki Pae-On) (Born: November 3, G.C. 1996 in Federation Starship CCSS Mikasa after crash on Imperial Tomoya Navy Headquarter, Tomokyo, Chiyuki) known by general populace as Lady Peon, commonly simply as Neptune in her classroom. Peon is best Naval Commander of Federation who serve on Nagato-class Battleship CCSS Nagato during time of Star Conflict Invasion over Touhou Galaxy and Great Universe War. She is friend of Kasami and she is also one of survivors during Ryoo School Massacre launched by Star Conflict in G.C. 2008 which also that during of Massacre, she have study on Ryoo School in first day.

    Peon is focus on military naval defense and naval superior to target on civilization that have city on small island, Peon will war on civilization that weak on navies much like Norway except that she will war only if she denounce or denounce by.

    Like Tomoya, Peon once have been appeared as Great Admiral in both Civ 5 and Civ 6 before remove in new update of Civ 6 as new leader of Chiyukitalian, but still appear in Civ 5 until future mod may remove her and become a new leader for Chiyukitalian.

    Peon in this game wore Navy Sailor Uniform (NSU), common female uniform of Federation Self-Defense Fleet and Imperial Lastation Navy while 3D leaderscene adding CCSS Nagato Red Armband.

    Peon Traits: Admiral of the Nep
    Peon is known for her nickname as Admiral of the Nep and she also say "Nep" in various dialog in the game. Peon also love to naked their body and run toward bathtub or beach much like Neptune but even often.

    Peon will have strongest naval unit in the game especially in later game but much like all Chiyukitalian Unique Unit were most of them were no naval melee unit. Harbor district build half time. Denounce or war with Peon will reduce Great Person point as well as no trader and builder to be train (unlike Kasami that exist trader still allow to trade). Allowed to train Mammoth, a former Chiyukitalian Unique Unit which now become as Peon's Unique Unit which capable to attacking cities and gain 10 strength to friendly unit near one of these unit.

    Peon Agenda: Friendship of Nep-Nep
    Peon want to be friend with everyone after massacre of Ryoo as many people thinking she is death or write-off from story.

    Peon like those player who will like to declare a friendship with her and not like those player who not friend with her have denounce or declare war on her friend.

    Peon Unique Unit: Mammoth
    was an extinct Elephant species, little bother of Mammoth was Mastodon, another extinct Elephant species.

    The Mammoth is deadly Chiyukitalian land unit when become to support land force, the Mammoth were powerful to take down the enemy city in just few hit and capable to launch WMD on enemy unit (currently we still can't get the nuke fx to it), just like Mastodon but much more bigger role, the Mammoth support 15 strength to friendly unit that near these Mammoth, however, Mammoth is slowest Chiyukitalian Leader unique unit and also require Uranium.

    As Her
    Peon is Chiyukitalian leader that always focus on naval and air unit since their naval unit have strongest strength when defending in friendly border combine with advance shielding when defend from ranged attack, but player may not to avoid built or train some land unit to defend their city such as Turtle. Mammoth is useful when assault on heaviest city defense by launch a nuclear weapon and capture it with Mako.

    Against Her
    Naval raider and Naval melee unit will useful to deal against Peon's naval unit when they have ran over non-friendly border which shielding system will not working against these attack. Build ton of land unit will useful to capture Peon city since she wouldn't always focus on land unit.

    (Birth of Lady Tomoya Dinogi novel, 21 year old)
    Leader: Aiko

    "Aiko, My name is Aiko, I'm Aiko, just Aiko, I have no family left. That baddies murder my family."
    - Aiko

    Lady Aiko and her new house on Tomoeda after end of conflict.
    Aiko (Ai-Ko) (Born: July 2, G.C. 2000, Tomoeda, Tomoya - Died: July 1, G.C. 2022), known to general populace as Lady Aiko, her nickname known as Ai and formerly known as Aiko Yoshimizu because her family was declare as extinct family after her entire family was murder by Star Conflict during Invasion over Touhou Galaxy which no one know about her surname and the family. She is Tomoyatalian-born CPU and she is youngest main character in Touhou Galaxy Project, Aiko is Manju trader, News Anchors of Federation News Network, Novel Writer and also, she is Commander of Anti-Lu-Al Force during Great Universe War. Aiko is only Chiyukitalian Leader who start capital as "Tomoya" instead "Chiyuki" unlike most of people since she is Tomoyatalian. Aiko is only leader that didn't mentioned in Blanec's Lowee Empire in Civilization V mod.

    Aiko is finally died at Battle of Mammoth Project were she is sacrifice herself to protect Tomoya from shot by Loser Universe leader who bring the army to retake a walker. Making her as first and only protagonist that died in TGP series.

    Aiko were polite and quiet, although Aiko were not always hot temper or always angry like Blanc and she never turn into red eye when rage, but she is super hatred toward those who make her life worse and she will swears to condemn all Star Conflict (that would make Blanc afraid to her) who murder her family and left her with no family and she have cursed them that they will downfall too soon or later.

    Aiko often to say those Star Conflict Villain as "Baddies" which likely a childish, although the original that she will have to say "B&i%t/c+h" rather Baddies so we have censor because she may not adult in that time and we need Aiko look more polite but buried with vengeance.

    Aiko in this game wore Tomoeda elementary school uniform. While original have plan to make into a real uniform that similar to Cardcaptor Sakura were black sailor uniform that will coming in Gathering Storm DLC.

    Note: Although there are Red eye animation for Aiko when angry like all Blanc but it not used.

    Aiko Traits: A Dream of Aiko
    "A dream is the illusion wall that locked the people that wait someone to break this wall and free of yourself from dream, a people who dream and but not make it real was people didn't free their people inside of their mind, and a people who dream and make it real is people have tear down the wall and save their people to say about your truth"
    - A Dream of Aiko (Aiko Yoshimizu)​

    A Dream of Aiko
    was Aiko's only diary which she have wrote many her story in this diary start since 6 year ago (which that time she still in Yoshimizu family) as she have given from her grandmother 1 month ago before passed away. She would later make her diary into a novel book which talk about Aiko's wish to stop conflict and war over Touhou Galaxy that launch by Star Conflict for 2000 year and she start to write more after Star Conflict have murder her family in G.C. 2008 and published after Star Conflict Invasion over Touhou Galaxy under pen name "Aiko", during her publish, she claim that this novel is talk about "Yoshimizu" who have wrote this novel before being murder by Star Conflict. A Dream of Aiko was became one of best selling novel in Touhou Galaxy, just imagine when Blanc want to following her.
    Ram fear this Aiko's diary since Naraka have welcome her if she drew Aiko's diary which Aiko would murder her for good, not even act of mercy for life will not stop Aiko to murdering since Aiko have wrote entire her life in this beloved diary as entire life for her, have drew or destroy this diary will completely destroy her life, as well as her deceased father, mother, bother and little sister that she have wrote on.

    Aiko will gain more amenity when declare a friendship with other civilization. Amphitheater can hold more than 4 slot much like Blanc. Aiko Manju, a special luxury resource that can be found on city that found by Aiko, Tomoyatalian unit that lead by Aiko will not suffer from melee attack, making nightmare for player with large number of melee unit but lack of ranged unit will feared against her, also enemy civilization will suffer additional War weariness penalties for war with Aiko. Allow to train Anti-Lu-Al, most powerful Tomoyatalian ranged unit which can defend Tomoya from enemy foe.

    Aiko Agenda: Tomoyatalian Liberator
    Aiko is one of Tomoyatalian survivor after Star Conflict from their invasion on her homeworld of Tomoya which lead the Federation take support to Aiko to retake this planet from Star Conflict.

    Aiko like to liberate a city (but not liberate a city that enemy to her) the civilization that liberate a city from her enemy. She hate those player who occupying her or one of her friend that you are not friend with her.

    Aiko Unique Unit: ALA Unit
    is stand for "Anti-Lu-Al" and "Lu-Al" is stand for "Lucas's Alliance" was special force that found by Aiko after end of Star Conflict Invasion over Touhou Galaxy until was disband after Great Universe War as merge into Imperial Lastation Special Force.

    ALA unit were extremely fast (not fast as LAAT) ranged unit in Chiyukitalian, have more ranged than any Tomoyatalian Unit especially when lead by Aiko which gain 5 ranged instead of 4 and gain another ranged bonus on hill tile, making as best unit to hold the ground or defend the Tomoya from enemy force. However ALA unit is weak against heavily city defense!!

    As Her
    Aiko is heavily focus on ranged unit and ranged cavalry (or light cavalry since Chiyukitalian change all light cavalry as ranged unit) since they were faster than siege unit although Aiko have longer range attack than most of Chiyukitalian, but Aiko didn't have strength when attack like Uni and also Siege unit can't move and attack in same turn. Aiko can make her Tomoyatalian unit as frontline unit since they will never get any penalties to melee unit attack. Combine with ALA unit, she is capable as strongest defense force to defend Tomoya from enemy unit.

    Against Her
    Uni capable to deal against Aiko with bonus range and strength when attacking, making as best civs to deal against Aiko's unit since Tomoyatalian unit were weaker than normal archer but strong for range. Peashy can punch out all Chiyukitalian unit thank to their anti-unique unit ability until she have unleashed ALA unit which impossible to defend from attack unless bring to heaviest city defense since ALA unit weak when attacking district.

    (Birth of Lady Tomoya Dinogi novel, 34 year old)
    Leader: Vertimiki Niwa

    "Although the gun is old, it still kill."
    - Vertimiki Niwa

    Lady Niwa live in biggest house of Niwa family.
    Niwa or Vert, official name known as Vertimiki Niwa "Ver-ti-mi-ki" (Born: April 27 G.C. 1988, Kowa prefecture, Kyomoto, Chiyuki) known in Japanese as Beru Niwa (or Vert Niwa) known to general populace as Lady Niwa and Lady Vert by Alpha Force Soldier, She is Alpha Force Guardian during Interstellar Federation and she also the Best Teacher of Alpha Force because her tactic on fight against stranger civilization in Piglette Space of Delta Quadrant with special weapon known as FX-2 Anti-Piglette Beam Launcher that capable to punch them. Niwa is oldest and very mature unlike Peon and Kasami, she is also love to shoot people with firearm when travel to against dangerous species. Niwa was born in family that have Father as Chiyukitalian and Mother as Ducken which she have half Chiyukitalian and Ducken, also still can't explain if she still become a CPU by obtain the CPU Memory since they restrict the people who were no Chiyukitalian or Tomyatalian will become a Bedrull.

    Niwa in this game wore Alpha Force casual outfit, while original have to be Alpha Force battle armor.

    Niwa Traits: Alpha Force Guardian
    Alpha Force Guardian
    or AFG is highest rank of Alpha Force. They have mentioned in Alpha Force Headquarter in Civ5.

    Much like Peashy, but far more superior, she is strong to against Unique Unit once she was during trap on Piglette Space and Barbarian thank to repel the Mocka species pirate attack on CCSS Alliance which she will attack Unique Unit that not as Chiyukitalian so she will know what they look like, although, Niwa is strong to against all Unique Unit but Peashy can take down those Chiyukitalian Unique Unit since not all Civilization will lead ton of Unique Unit like Chiyukitalian, also no cost when embark or disembark thank to Alpha Force course. Allow to train Alpha Force Soldier, Niwa's unique that capable to deal against Unique Unit and gain science from it.

    In Rise and Fall, If Niwa kill enemy unit in near enemy city, that city loss 25 loyalty.

    Niwa Agenda: Teacher of Alpha Force
    Teacher of Alpha Force
    is every mind of Alpha Force Soldier have know and learn that Teacher of Alpha Force is always themselves.

    Niwa like the civilization that peaceful to her nation and the world and she will dis-kudo when someone declare war (and re-kudo when you are not at war), She don't like civilization that not peacefully (those were denounce or war on her) or those declare surprise war.

    Niwa Unique Unit: Alpha Force Soldier
    Alpha Force
    was the special force of Interstellar Federation which similar appear as GIGN, this unit once have debut since Civilization V as part of Alpha Force Headquarter wonder which only Neptunia civs can be train, otherwise, non-Neptunia Civs have this wonder just gain free 3 Alpha Force unit and if lost, it gone forever!! Alpha Force were commonly name as AFS which mean Alpha Force Soldier which generally mark on their Armor and Helmet.

    The Alpha Force Soldier were deadly to against Unique Unit that lead by other civilization as gain 15 strength when fighting them so player must not bring the Unique Unit into Alpha Force fight. But Alpha Force were weak against Armor unit or heavy cavalry unit. They also can paradrop without Airport building but the animation will not be play!!

    As Her
    Niwa is good punch against all Unique Unit especially Brazil's Unique Battleship "Minas Geraes", Mightly "War cart", or even All modding unique unit such as JFD which most of Chiyukitalian naval unit have shield to defend against ranged attack. Player should build Alpha Force Soldier to punch up to all most powerful unique unit in Information Era or those were powerful than exist Chiyukitalian unit especially Tari!!

    Against Her
    Peashy is best leader to deal against Niwa as their unit are capable to deal against Neptunia unique unit except bought with Puncher which useless against Niwa, however, they can't take down Alpha Force Soldier.

    - 1: Anti-Unique Unit system will crash to main menu if modding civs have unique unit that take from another unique unit, specially SQL.

    (Birth of Lady Tomoya Dinogi novel, 17 year old)
    Leader: Miki Hiiragi

    "Glory of Great Tomoyatalian Empire is the people who have make a good deed and people have accept to record the history."
    - Miki Hiiragi

    Lady Miki in Hiiragi household.
    Miki, official name known as Miki Hiiragi and Miki Yoshimizu (Born: March 1 B.G.C. 4902, Tomokyo, Chiyuki) known to general populace as Lady Miki, commonly name known as Nowaru or Nowa (or Noire), She is one of four greatest leader of Touhou Galaxy history. She was 6th Princess of the Interstellar Federation and only Empress of the Interstellar Federation from G.C. 1988 until G.C. 2008 which known as longest Princess of the Federation unlike most of Princess that have 10 year long term. Mother of Hiiragi family, Big sister and prime clone to Kasami Hiiragi (who is clone of Miki Hiiragi). Interstellar Federation under Empress Miki have lead the Federation become the most powerful dominated galactic government and retake most of planet in middle sector from Star Conflict invader since G.C. 1988 and one of them was Kukan System during Operation Sandstorm in G.C. 1989, however, Operation Sandstorm cause entire Miki's Main armada from 9 of 10 Kagi Cruiser and 1 of 2 Yashima Battlecruiser destroyed in the battle, as well as Princess Yoshino Yoshimizu died to protect Miki. Miki was lost in Kukan system for 7 year until return to Chiyuki in G.C. 1996.

    Much like Segami, Miki is not CPU, she is the Goddess which leader who hate CPUs like Rei still denouncing her for being a CPU. She is more powerful than Kasami such as Governer can't stop disloyalty unlike Kasami. Miki also can train other unique unit from other four Chiyukitalian leader such as Order of Hiiragi, making her unstoppable.

    Note that Miki may not always Tsundere unlike Kasami which her clone may different than this original body.

    Miki in this game wore Clear Dress outfit, Hyperdimension Noire's default costume. She and Kasami is only leader that animated but reused Catherine de Medici animation.

    Miki Traits: Mother of All Hiiragi
    Miki is Hiiragi Mother, she have 5 daughter are include with Inori, Matsuri, Kagami, Tsukasa and Kasami Hiiragi as she have powerful to capable of.

    Miki is Golden Age hunter which she will do her best to archive golden age, gain +1 plus score to every historic moment that you have made, with combine of Taj Mahal, she will ultimate of golden age capable. Miki also gain to all military strength when fight against Civilization who fell into dark age which unlike Mapuche were gain strength when fight against Civilization who enter into golden age. She also gain capable similar to Kasami Hiiragi but different with those who denounce will gain -15 Amenity and Loyalty in non-capital and additional with -15 Amenity and Loyalty to city that no Governor. Miki also can build other Unique Unit of Chiyukitalian leaders which allow her become unstoppable. But Miki is weaker than Kasami because Kasami have more stronger such as Miki still be the target of an emergencies.

    Miki Agenda: Great Tomoyatalian Empire
    Great Tomoyatalian Empire
    is name of Interstellar Federation under rule of Lady Miki Hiiragi.

    Miki will try to earn much of Golden Age score and she like those were Golden age, she also love Kasami Hiiragi players (as well as Kasami Hiiragi will love Miki Hiiragi players). Miki hate those Civilization that declare war, convert a religion in her city and those emergency member that they were in Dark Age, as well as those who denounce or war with her. She like those were not following one of these. Miki also will always make peace even she have destroyed your entire civilization. (Although we currently don't know how to fix that)

    Miki Unique Unit: None
    Miki have many clone of herself if she died, another clone will take role for her, but I sure that Original Miki Hiiragi is not yet killed or died.

    Miki don't have any Unique Unit beside as she can train all Chiyukitalian Leader Unique Unit, making her unstoppable, which player can train Mammoth, ALA unit, Alpha Force Soldier and Clow at the same time and punch the enemy with these Leader unique unit, However Miki can train these unit just one time!! Also, Miki can't train Order of Hiiragi that belong to Kasami.

    As Her
    Miki is good at golden age era which make her easily to get Golden age especially Chiyukitalian Unique Unit, if player face with many leader are weaker in technology or civics, then have to stop upgrade the unit that player didn't have got before. Miki's Chiyukitalian is deadly when fight against those civilization were dark age, keep eye on those dark age player to take declaration of war (but should attack on those were denounce player), unlike Mapuche.

    If AI leader that don't have always accept demand to stop settle near Miki player then player can force them to accept these demand and they will say "I obey. Lady Miki."

    Against Her
    Mapuche will useful to deal against Miki's unit since she will always want all golden age era, don't fight against Miki if player are on dark age since she will bonus strength against those were dark age. Just like Kasami, don't denounce or make war with Miki too early.

    (Birth of Lady Tomoya Dinogi novel, 14 year old)
    Leader: Tomoya Dinogi

    "I am the God of all Chiyukitalian."
    - Tomoya Dinogi

    Lady Tomoya in her bedroom.
    Tomoya (Tow-Mo-Yai), official name known as Tomoya Dinogi (Born: January 31, G.C. 2008, Tomokyo, Chiyuki) known to general populace as Lady Tomoya and her nickname known as Tomo. Sometime, she is also referred as Hatsumi Sega and Segami at some point. Lady Tomoya is creator and the god of all Chiyukitalian that oversaw the Chiyukitalian from Celestia realm for a long time until she was banish by unknown power while she taking a bath that cause her fall into Human realm and she don't have remember anything but her name and her sister "Ran". Tomoya's ultimate goal is end of all conflict, bring the peace to the Touhou Galaxy and restore the Interstellar Federation. As well as restore her power as the god.

    Although Tomoya is a god, but she is born under human family of Dinogi, as currently we can't explain why she have become a god of Touhou Galaxy.

    Tomoya is a God as human form rather than being the Goddess since she was born in normal family on Chiyuki known as Dinogi family. Although Tomoya is not a CPU still getting denounce by Rei who may not like all CPUs or Goddess. She is design for Religion victory which unlike most of Chiyukitalian leader (save for Kasami Hiiragi to those denouncer) with powerful ability that will allow the Chiyukitalian Buddhism dominated over the world.

    Being mentioned many time and many time since Civilization V such as one of Tomoyatalian Archer image or Tomoya's House Wonder and Civilization VI at that time, she is finally appear for the first time as the leader of Chiyukitalian and she is newest main character to the series.

    Tomoya in this game wore the Segami Wear and her Yellow Ribbon similar to Segami. Although she will wear Tomoeda School Uniform much like Aiko.

    In Gathering Storm DLC. Anything that related to Old Tomoya Dinogi and Tomoyatalian Empire since Civilization V and Civilization VI before Gathering Storm DLC will be remove, and this character will be retcon.

    Tomoya Traits: God of All Chiyukitalian (TBD)
    is the god that protect all Chiyukitalian people against the evil Star Conflict and other people that attempt to destroy the Chiyuitalian.

    Being have ability similar to Tomoya's House Wonder that 50% rate of all Great person (except Great Admiral) in Civ V, She is 100% rate in this game. Player will not worry about religion unit can't convert your city if you have found a city far away, this will automatic found a religion to your city when found without have Religious Colonization, but only get when your religion is dominated (may affect to other religion unit that dominated over your city). Also that player's city will completely ignore other religion's pressure in all city, making useful to prevent being convert by other religion's pressure (but not work with other civilization that follow player's religion). She will no warmonger for entire game no matter what she do or destroy many civilization, she will never have warmonger for sure, but she still be the target by an Emergency. Allowed player to declare Liberation and Reconquest War without have civics, but player have to liberate right city. DO NOT Liberate a city that denounce or denounce by other leader!

    Tomoya Agenda: Sega Hard Girls(TBD)
    Most of Chiyukitalian fictionalized console were came from Sega. As Tomoya is lead the Sega Hard Girls after the end of Loser Universe Uprising against the Touhou Galaxy.

    Tomoya will promise everything and EVERYTHING not even player have denounce her (but sure that she will broke it soon), Like all Civilization that not threat to her such as move your troop over her border while not declare a friendship (I may can't fix this if many friend unit is near her border when friendship is expired, but we will make when your troop are bigger than her), launched a nuclear weapon (when player have declare war), surprise war on her neighbors, convert a religion become a dominated over her, and most importantly, she don't like Denounce or being war by other player.

    Also that she will not declare Formal War beside as Surprise War, she will declare war with Casus Belli only.

    Tomoya is often to say player who do bad with her as "Bedrull", a nasty cannibalism-like monster that came from people who used the CPU Memory but lack the ability and faith to rule the nation, as well as those were not Chiyukitalian or Tomoyalian species by original (rare that Ducken species is also can become a CPU).

    (Gathering Storm DLC)
    Tomoya Unique Unit: Mammoth Mk.2 + Mastodon Mk.2

    Mammoth Mk.2 and Mastodon Mk.2 is the ultimate war machine of the Imperial Chiyukitalian Army that capable to wiped out entire invader. These powerful walker were build for reduce the budget on standing army and spend it on Navy and Air Force instead. The walker is also making many loser universe have spend their negative on these walker for making their planet unstable because these walker can't be hijacked thank to their fusion barrier if anyone touch to that vehicle. Without them will likely as easy cake to retake the planet from Chiyukitalian control.

    In Gathering Storm, Tomoya's Leader Unique Unit "Clow Order Magical girls" of Tomoyatalian Empire will be replaced by massive powerful Mammoth Mk.2 walker and Mastodon Mk.2 walker of Imperial Era. These unit were ultimate walker that capable to go anywhere in the game without to embark them much like Titan Trooper in Civ5 but unlike them there are no encounter against them as they were weaker than Titan Trooper. The Mammoth Mk.2 were design for engage in melee combat while Mastodon Mk.2 is weaker than Mammoth Mk.2 but greatest at support for ranged combat and capable to wiped out entire civilization without to say anything. However, AI who were warmonger and not friend with Tomoya will likely to denounce you as they thinking of these walker will make their conquer to other civs even harder due to these Walker will gain any city close to these walker with 100 strength and if your civilization is at war with those Surprise War or warmonger leader will never give up any item in peace deal until your walker is destroy or delete away.

    Note that we want Firaxis to release Khmer's Domkey assets unit since we will require these animation for Mastodon Mk.2.

    (Pre-Gathering Storm DLC)
    Tomoya Unique Unit: Clow

    Clow Order may have some people who worn Clone Trooper and Imperial Gunner fight the enemy with magical staff like this, but it still joke anyways.
    Clow Card was the magical card from Cardcaptor Sakura made by Clow Reed and also primary weapon of Tomoya, Tomoya have accidentally open the book which unleashed all card to many planet before she can collect them all. In-game, the unit were similar to Apostle but appear to be Chiyukitalian/Tomoyatalian female archer, but one were Republic Trooper and one were Ducken Gunner.

    The Clow Order were built early than Order of Hiiragi that capture city will automatic adopted religion that player have follow, however, Clow Order were weak against late game unit especially air unit!! Also defeated unit will turn into a vanilla builder but not a R-2 Builder which currently we can't make this.

    Sure that this unit will make a joke that Clow was take from Apostle which enemy player will not like if enemy player unit being take convert by an Clone Trooper. Also that originally that capture defeated unit will turn into a Gonk Droid but can't do this (since code can't turn a unit into a Unique Unit).

    After Gathering Storm DLC. These Clow Order will be replaced by Mammoth Mk.2 and Mastodon Mk.2 after unlocked specific technologies.

    As Her
    Tomoya player should found a religion as long as no one have found a religion yet which make player easily to convert owner city before someone take it. Found all city close to civilization that were have different a religion since Tomoya's Chiyukitalian will never got any pressure from rival religion. If player loss religion then have to destroy the civilization who convert your religion and take all city that following religion and razed it since Tomoya will never be brand for warmonger!!

    Against Her
    Tomoya's Chiyukitalian will always go for religion victory and if player don't want to be target of religion convert. Player shouldn't ignore Tomoya's religion if player have found a religion next to her empire and already have a religion then player have to keep Prophet and build holy site in all city before found a religion. If player can't stand against Tomoya's superior religion unit then have to declare Holy War for good, if not then choose what player want to make war with her.

    Konata is useful to deal massive number of Tomoya's unit since she is extremely prepare for war with Chiyukitalian.

    - If Tomoya is being target of declaration of war such as Emergency, the AI who declare war on her (that not Gorgo or those leaders that never given any item in the peace deal) will not likely make peace with her unless Tomoya player do but they will never given any item in peace deal not even she have destroyed their goods or military unit, or even capture ton of city (they will ask player to return those city that player capture it).

    (post-Blanec: Greatest CPU without HDD Form, 21 year ago)
    Leader: Blanec
    "For the Ruui Teikoku we will not fall."
    - Blanec

    (Bu-ra-ne), official name known as Kasami Hiiragi (Born: G.C. 1997, Tomokyo, Chiyuki) known to general populace as Lady White Heart was the greatest CPU in Touhou Galaxy that never have HDD form who fight against the brutal war of Star Conflict in Great Universe War in G.C. 2014 and later found the Lowee Empire to rule the galaxy and force all loser with Treaty of Hiiragi which result of founding of Neutral Alliance in G.C. 2015. As Lowee Imperial Navy have start to assault on Star Conflict after they have invade the Touhou Galaxy before they have been raid by fleet of Neutral Alliance which lead the Lowee at War Emergency.

    Note that Blanec is not playable by default, in order to make her playable. Player need to edit BlanecOption.sql and set her to 1 which allow her to be playable, but also disable other Chiyukitalian leader since Blanec and her Lowee Empire used "Kiiro no hana" instead of "Gekino Bird".

    Blanec in this game wear Autumn Leaves and her big cap until we have make Ladies Teikoku Sailor.

    Note: Blanec will never angry into red eye much like Aiko although there are animation for red eye image for Blanec.

    Blanec Traits: For the Ruui Teikoku we will not fall
    This quote was motto of Lowee Empire.

    All Chiyukitalian unit under Blanec grant 5 movement and 15 strength when at war with enemy and also ignore everything like ZOC, border and terrain. Enemy that at with her reduce their 15 strength and 1 movement. No penalties when occupied cities. Also denounce or at war with Blanec will allow player to declare Surprise War only. (Beside of Canada since I don't know if there are code will allow them to declare this war since their trait block this war)

    Blanec Agenda: Neutralize Alliance
    Neutralize Alliance
    means that Neutral Alliance was eliminated by Lowee Empire.

    Blanec don't like all civilization that not befriend with her or stay in neutral since neutral in her vision is enemy since she think that neutral may work with enemy. She will really hate when you denounce or declare war on her.

    Blanec Unique Unit: Magical Trooper
    Magical Trooper
    or KARMA-39 (Kagami Assault Recon of Magical Army) was elite force of Lowee Empire that serve under Lady Blanec, most of special force never worn any redshirt in the combat.

    The Magical Trooper in this Civilization VI is similar one from Civilization V except shorter paradrop (due to hard code in GlobalParameters) as capable to move and fight well in Tundra and Snow tile and can move faster in mountain. Destroying improvement require single move point and automatic heal every turn. They were useful to destroy their improvement more than engage in battle with enemy unit.

    Spoiler :

    - 1: Chiyukitalian were name after Japanese word "Chikyu" were mean "Earth" or "World", but the Japanese version of Chiyukitalian were called "People of Chiyuki".
    - 2: Tomoyatalian were name after fictional town called "Tomoeda" from anime "Cardcaptor Sakura" which Kasami (in real life) have watch. There are several reference from this anime such as Kero Knight, Most of Tomoyatalian unit were start with "Tomo-", and even great Tomoyatalian leader like Tomoya Dinogi (currently she have become the sixth leader of Chiyukitalian) was based on "Tomoyo Daidouji".
    - 3: Most of unit and their 3D model were from Star Wars and they have almost similar to it such as Ducken Trooper were Stormtrooper.
    - 4: Lastest President of the Interstellar Federation: Henry Kyle is only great leader of Chiyukitalian were male, and he is not Chiyukitalian, or even Tomoyatalian, but Dogooese.
    - 5: Kasami Hiiragi's Personification was Fictional Sixth Generation of video game console since "Playstation 2" was the last console that Kasami (in real life) have play and never touch the console since that.
    - 6: All 6 Chiyukitalian leader name in the game have two of leader have same syllable and also have same dialog text are:
    Ka-sa-mi Hii-ra-gi and To-mo-ya Di-no-gi have 6 syllable
    Mi-ki Hii-ra-gi and Tei-ji-ki Pe-on have 5 syllable
    Ai-ko Yo-shi-mi-zu and Ver-ti-mi-ki Ni-wa have 6 syllable​
    Note that Aiko not have surname.

    Next Update
    Chiyukitalian update will fix the bugs and issues along improve their balance:
    Spoiler :

    "Great Lowee Empire"
    - Introduction of Blanec
    - New Aiko Art
    - New Tomoya Unique Unit: Mammoth Mk. 2 and Mastodon Mk. 2 that will make Warmonger Leader denounce at you.
    - New additional unique unit for Chiyukitalian.
    - Chiyukitalian Civilization is no longer allow to declare war on City-States and City-States also can't declare war against Chiyukitalian.

    Chiyukitalian civilization have few issue and limit that need the core game to update the code system such as:
    Spoiler :

    - X1: Chiyukitalian civ mod will often to update at many time and at one time on Steam Workshop will completely refuse to update the mod will cause to make new mod instead, that is Workshop's fault!
    - X2: Currently we don't have know how to make a custom music (Not to Suk's method) in Fraxis code, plus that the music ARE require much of space and likely that Workshop may can't allow to upload (est. 600 MB).
    - X3: Currently Fraxis didn't have update the SDK so we still lack the asset for Rise and Fall which would cause some unit do weird animation such as Navy SEALs as they lack Paradrop animation.

    Chiyukitalian civilization have few bugs that were code or AI system:
    Spoiler :

    - 1: AI civilization who have strong relation with friend who have denounce or at war with Kasami or Miki were they will gain penalties with -80 relation with other leader will declare a friendship wit them. This often with Tsukasa Hiiragi (who will always want many friend) especially when their friendship have expired for 1 turn, but if 1 turn after expired were not have declare a friendship, they will done. We still fix with third party to prevent friendship with them.
    - 2: Combat Unit that have ability to bypass rival border that not friend with player without open border will ask question to declare war, best way to used those civilian unit and escort with these unit.
    - 3: There are serious bug with Treaty of Hiiragi if the player who died and later comeback will no longer affect to Treaty of Hiiragi anymore.
    - 4: If you launch a nuclear against city that patrol by enemy fighters with Bomobor-2 from Carrier. There are 90% that Bomobor-2 will died instantly.

    - X1: If your city rebel against you to Blanec's Chiyukitalian with loyalty will show "Gekino Bird" instead of "Yellow Flower" because artdef. is SUCK.

    Mod Components
    Official Support Mod:
    - Civ IV Leader Traits for Civ VI

    Kasami Hiiragi = Protective, Imperialistic
    Teijiki Peon = Protective, Seafaring
    Aiko = Creative, Charismatic
    Vertimiki Niwa = Protective, Inventive
    Miki Hiiragi = Industrious, Imperialistic
    Tomoya Dinogi = Philosophical, Imperialistic

    - JFD's Rule with Faith (Not Support: RIP Leader Title)
    Chiyukitalian Civilization is greatly support with JFD's Rule with Faith for aim the realistic look of Chiyukitalian.

    Although Chiyukitalian Civilization is greatly support with JFD's Rule with Faith especially the Leader Title. However, JFD's Rule with Faith have kill "Leader_Title" so it likely that this mod will temporary unsupported to this mod (Also "Chiyukitalian Civilization" will be replaced with "Chiyukitalian Empire").
    Spoiler :

    Note: Chiyukitalian leader are often with female which there are no male leader in Chiyukitalian which some male leader title like "Hista" didn't exist in story, but keep it because Rule with Faith can't support female-only title without have core title. All Chiyukitalian female leader were often to start with "Lady" such as Lady Kasami, Lady Miki and Lady Tomoya for example (exception with Ancient Era Government). In lastest update, JFD is seem have to remove the Civilization Title completely so we might no longer see our Lady's title anymore.

    Chiefdom & Polis = Male: Hista, Female: Histy
    Horde = Duckan
    Autocracy = Male: Chiyu-Prince, Female: Chiyu-Princess
    Oligarchy = Duckenator
    Classical Democracy = Chief of States
    Merchant Republic = Male: Viceroy, Female: Vicereine
    Feudal Monarchy = Male: Tomo-Prince, Female: Tomo-Princess
    Theocracy = Male: Tomo-Priest, Female: Tomo-Priestess, with her Religion = Male: God, Female:Goddess
    Noble Republic = Chancellor
    Absolute Monarchy = Male: Tomo-Emperor, Female: Tomo-Empress
    Constitutional Monarchy = Male: Chiyu-Emperor, Female: Chiyu-Empress
    Liberal Democracy = Male: Stellar-Prince, Female: Stellar-Princess
    People's Republic = Naval Commander
    Military Guardianship = Male: Lord, Female: Lady
    Empire Policy = Male: Stellar-Emperor, Female: Stellar-Empress

    - Yet (not) Another Earth Maps Pack
    Chiyukitalian will start on Tokyo, Japan.

    Misc Mod:
    - Autoplay

    Although the Autoplay what Chiyukitalian be player or AI, they were ultimate nightmare for entire game and player might need high spec to run this mod with Chiyukitalian civs.

    - All resource or new improvement mod
    Resource were not conflict with Chiyukitalian mod.

    Chiyukitalian R-2 Builder can build most of improvement and even from the mod thank to SQL by Vice at the time in Civilization V. But remember that R-2 will took all improvement that were made by Vanilla builder only!!

    Restricted or Not Support Mod:
    - Steel and Thunder (and All mod that made new non-unique unit)

    We don't have yet to support this mod since we have to wait until Firaxis have made all DLCs and Expansion mod that contain new unit before we can do this mod. But we won't made the unique unit from the mod that not being made by JFD, Deliverator and Sukritact, etc.

    - Some mod made by UncivilizedGuy (and Editing vanilla unit)
    Note that some of his mod might conflict the unique unit system since Chiyukitalian unit were using SQL (also take from vanilla unit) rather than XML which result return to main menu. So if the mod have edit Ranger's Ranged Strength to 0, the Scout Trooper which Ranger replacement will reduce their strength to 5 Ranged Strength.

    - All of mod that allow Chiyukitalian Unique & Traits
    If you have read that Chiyukitalian Unique Unit are NOT FOR MODDER! that mean all of Chiyukitalian can't be edit or even used by other civilization than Chiyukitalian thank to our copyright and the advanced security. So if Leader "A" have Order of Hiiragi that have belong to "Kasami Hiiragi" will automatic delete upon on play. Also, Delete Kasami's Historic Agenda will automatic restore the Agenda and she will denounce player for being hack her agenda. As well as those leader that made for Chiyukitalian but not agree by creator will automatic delete that leader upon on play and result crash to desktop rather than main menu.
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    BlanecWH Chieftain

    Jun 27, 2016
    Pathum Thani, Thailand
    (Hyperdimension Neptunia: Planeptune Civilization)

    "N" Emblem was main iconic symbol of Planeptune nation.
    , also known as Land of Purple Progress is the most advanced nation on the Gamindustri which have technology that rivally to Chiyukitalian as Chiyuktalian may have advance technology but in 8-bit world although they lack of space flight and space exploration. Planeptune is serve as primary nation in Hyperdimension Neptunia series with several protagonist like Neptune, Nepgear, Plutia, Ultradimension Noire and as well as Blanc in MegaTagmension. Before Hyperdimension Neptunia: Victory, Planeptune is only nation that didn't start with "L" letter.

    Planeptune in currently lead by three leader are Neptune, Nepgear, Plutia and Uzume (Segami was part of Planeptune until she was remove in "Farewell, Tomoya" Update). Neptune is like for war with other nation as think that Planeptune is the most powerful nation ever!! While Nepgear is like to seeking friend with other civilization that not backstab. Plutia is best for basic like send the delegation, make friendship, etc, but she is extreme dangerous in early game as her Doll will overrun the enemy city quickly but she will not backstab and declare a surprise war. Uzume like civs that not control her city. Segami was original appear on this mod but will remove her to other civilization as soon as possible.

    Planeptune Traits: Land of Purple Progress

    All Planeptune unique unit (that were model) are unite together to take down Izumi's Household.
    Land of Purple Progress is common name of Planeptune, primary common in Original and Re;Birth 1.

    Planeptune Builder gain extra charge. Kill enemy unit gain full science when fight outside and faith when fight inside your border.

    Planeptune Unique Building: Pudding Factory
    Neptune (and Peon) is kind like these Pudding and she never give any Pudding to everyone. Peashy have attempt to eat Neptune's Pudding.

    The Pudding Factory will gain twice time as original Granary, but no house.

    Leader: Neptune
    "Nope, you can't be more popular than me. I mean, I'm the main character of this franchise and stuff."
    - Neptune

    Neptune Human player have Denounce Konata Izumi Human player as being as Hotseat player because this is Hotseat game.

    Neptune Trait: Purple Heart's Power
    Purple Heart
    is ultimate character with unlimited of power that capable to strike down any CPUs (include with Touhou Galaxy CPUs) although she have weaker at early of the game.

    Just like Chiyukitalian, but they came with less strength than Chiyukitalian with only 10 strength when defend in player's border.

    Neptune Agenda: Symbol Attack!
    Symbol Attack
    is common attack turn in Neptunia game when someone attacking enemy first before they have react.

    Neptune's Agenda is nothing special, just declare war on anyone who were not Neptune.

    Neptune Unique Unit: Dogoo Knight
    were weakest monster in Neptunia series, they were commonly found on Planeptune and Chiyuki (until they overrun everywhere in the Touhou Galaxy).

    The Dogoo Knight were special as no penalties against anti-cavalry and also gain 15 strength when fight against them too! However, these Dogoo Knight can't fight against Swordsman (but not Chiyukitalian unique Ducken Trooper) units since they can cutting these smile, they will never require a resource.

    - Move Mastodon Mk2 close to Neptune's city when play as Tomoya will instantly revolt.

    Leader: Nepgear
    "B-But in the previous game, I managed to pull it off as the main character just fine!"
    - Nepgear

    Nepgear Trait: Purple Sister's Passion
    Purple Sister
    always fight for right what Gamindustri want. She want everyone to fight alongside with her with not just CPU, but also Maker and Human who want to join up (not even they can fight against these Monster).

    First envoy send to City-States will count as 2, gain 1 science per city-states suzerainty

    Nepgear Agenda: Mirage Dance
    Mirage Dance
    is Nepgear's first Special Attack.

    She like civilization who maintain the peace but she don't like those have declare a surprise war against civilization.

    Nepgear Unique Unit: Nepgeardam
    was a robot with strange on facial.

    Weaker than infantry but very cheap and never require gold to maintain them.

    Leader: Plutia
    "Uh-oh... I did it again."
    - Plutia

    Plutia Trait: Iris Heart's Indecency
    Iris Heart
    have action and behavior that most of people not like such as torture people with whip for example.

    Killing enemy unit will gain 10% point toward Great Scientist. Animated Doll built by Plutia gain 2 doll more than one unit.

    Plutia Agenda: Sadie

    Plutia Unique Unit: Animated Doll
    Plutia love to stuff and making Doll similar to her friend and also love to getting smash when see someone being injure, such as Arfoire for example when she have attempt to threat IF with Eggplant.

    The Animated Doll were weaker than Warrior, however, they were cheaper and powerful at mass number while adjacent to another dolls, more doll will make nightmare for Tomoyatalian Archer, as well as make early city defense useless against these massive attack. Gain additional doll while play as Plutia (which always Plutia's Unique Unit but if someone used her doll will gain just one unit!). The Doll will obsoletes at Gunpowder which also can't be upgrade, if you want to keep exist doll, try to find city and keep there.

    (Age lower than 20)
    Leader: Uzume Tennouboshi

    "I don't expect you to get it, but I'm gonna fight this giant, one-on-one! If you wanna leave, then just go, but I'm staying right here!"
    - Uzume Tennouboshi

    Uzume Trait: Orange Heart's Adorable Soft
    Orange Heart
    and Uzume have different voice as Uzume is more mature and brave, but Orange Heart is kind like more adorable and cute.

    Uzume's Traits were heavily focus on defend as if player was at war with major civilization and have less than 15 military unit then gain extra 200 production toward military unit. Military that fight for Uzume border gain 15 strength for it.

    Uzume Agenda: Mousou Katharsis
    Mousou Katharsis
    is one of Megadimension Neptunia VII soundtrack.

    Uzume like those civilization have liberate a city from captors or like those keep her city intact and not being capture which she not like it.

    Uzume Unique Unit: Umio Builder & Umio Warrior
    was Uzume's parter, Umio was male fish creature with face similar to Sega's video game "Seaman". Also Umio is first Neptunia playable character that not female and not humanoid.

    Umio Builder have less build charge cost than replacement, but these fish have ability to upgrade their work to fight for Uzume if she was at war with other civilization (not city-states, but still find the coding system). This concept have similar to Smart Doll from Typhlomence's Culture Japan/Sorunia Civilization mod from Civilization V, but there are bug while at war since Umio Builder will be replaced by Umio Warrior, as currently we can't find out how to keep this unit even have new unit upgrade since this is Firaxis's fault!!

    Umio Warrior have same strength as vanilla warrior, but unlike Warrior that Umio warrior still useful to take down later era unit as bonus 10 strength when enter new era.

    Leader: Neptune (Ultra)
    "Wow, you have 'Nep' in your name, too?! Crazy! This Nep can't help but feel some sort of sentimental fate at play here!"
    - Neptune

    Neptune Trait: Neptune's Adventure
    Unlike Hyperdimension Neptune, This Neptune have no Goddess form and she still remain as human and adventure after being trap in Zero Dimension. But this game still allow her as Planeptune ruler not even she is not CPU!!

    Under this Neptune, all Planeptune recon unit gain free 1 promotion which useful to explore more faster than anyone. Since this Neptune have adventure to many world and many dimension that likely got lick by some dimension Dogoo or being hunt down by Bedrull after trap in Chiyuki, she still always run to avoid such as thing which she have teach her army to ignore terrain cost, allow unit to take down weak terrain cost unit without take problem such as Ducken Trooper since these plastic boy can't fear as careless archer or warrior that try to defend their home from Chiyukitalian invasion.

    Neptune Agenda: Nep-Note
    was a small book that collect every bug that she found, which capable to put anything into a book which also as prison since can put anything not even a person, but the book can't take much of space and explosive if that object have strength enough to break this book (such as put an Shinano-class Carrier).

    Neptune will always clear Barbarian camp that try to invade their land. Like those have strong adventure world or complete satellite project and she tired with those never explore or weaker than her.

    Neptune Unique Unit: Scout Service
    were the character appear in Victory and Victory II, player may can be trust or not so whatever for player thinking.

    This Ranger replacement will help their friend win the battle as gain 10 strength to those friendly unit that close to these Scout Service, but (Like Mammoth) that owner unit can't gain strength.
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    BlanecWH Chieftain

    Jun 27, 2016
    Pathum Thani, Thailand
    (Hyperdimension Neptunia: Lastation Civilization)

    "LS" Emblem was main symbol of Lastation nation.
    , also known as Land of Black Regality is the most powerful nation of the Gamindustri rival to Planeptune and Chiyukitalian being "does everything", although their military is much like Chiyukitalian being as Defence Force. Lastation is also known for most hard work nation on Gamindustri.

    Lastation in currently lead by two leader are Noire (and Ultradimension Noire) and Uni, both are Tsundere and if there are Ultradimension Noire in this game will easily to play as Kasami to kill someone without warmonger. As Noire is focus on Science Victory, she will be dangerous in late game as she will have XMB Artillery to deal with them while Uni is focus on Domination Victory as her siege unit have bonus against them, and she is known as most dangerous in every game being as Vert being that Siege unit can knock city defense faster although they might not often to attack enemy unit more than city. Ultradimension Noire is similar to Kasami Hiiragi with except that her Agenda soon will replaced in Rise and Fall.

    In Rise & Fall, Noire's Agenda will like Civs with large number of Wonder or Production and will not like backward civs with poor production, Noire will like those with strong one of these so she will accept a friend request. Uni's Agenda will not like Civilization with large number of Siege unit will like civilization that weak on it. Although have attempt to make this before but not working until this DLC was arrive, Uni will also attack on Civs with strong number Siege unit which easily to match, however, Kasami Hiiragi is real problem to archive this. Also that Uni is not like Noire players!! (that include with Kasami and Miki player too!)

    Lastation Trait: Land of Black Regality
    Land of Black Regality
    is common name of Lastation, primary common in Original and Re;Birth 1.

    Trade with your own city gain 2 production. All district build half time and much like Chiyukitalian that gain 1 era after complete. Allow to build unique industrial zone see below.

    Lastation Unique Unit: XMB Artillery
    "XMB" is stand for "eX-Multi Blaster" which generally was Uni's HDD weapon.

    This Rocket Artillery replacement have highest defense similar to bombard and have longer range than artillery which rivalry to Turtle.

    Lastation Unique District: Avenir
    was biggest industrial company in Lastation of Superdimension (Original/Re;Birth1) as 80-90% of work are came from Avenir, as well as serve as central plot in Lastation act. Kroyon (Kor-Yon) Heavy Industrial District have similar to Avenir as largest Industrial zone of Chiyuki which located on central of capital city known as Tomokyo which large as entire Kazakhstan as Kroyon was own by the government while several factory are mix with private and the government, and also the located of main Hyperion Shipyard Corporation, Stardrive System Industries and Universal Startech. Unlike Kroyon which as industrial zone, Avenir was a manufacturing company and their action in story often to choose small company that being verge of bankruptcy and create a bond to them and the parliament, but the truth of Avenir was found for defeating Neptune after warring to access to advanced technology of Lastation to create a CPU Breaker and also they have name similar to one of company in Final Fantasy. Avenir also mentioned in HDN Mk2.

    Avenir have no special but always be build at start of the game without have to research, making Lastation faster production than Chiyukitalian, but there are no Kroyon district exist in Chiyukitalian.

    Leader: Noire
    Noire Trait: Black Heart's Beauty
    Black Heart
    have thinking that she is most beauty ever, beside as Green Heart. However, Black Heart's beauty is likely mean their strength and power.

    15% Production toward wonder, gain 1 science when player have a friendship and friend gain 1 production.

    Noire Agenda: Paper Hard Work
    often to offer Noire work with paper although fact that Noire use Computer instead.

    Noire will always accept friend request by player if Noire like those advanced player with high production or wonder, she not like those weak in technology and the production as well.

    Likes Advanced Civilization with high production. Dislikes Backward Civilization with low production.

    Leader: Noire (Ultra)
    Noire Trait: Black Heart's Beauty

    Note: This Ultra Noire have same Trait name but different ability.

    15% Production toward builder and trader, gain 1 amenity when player have a friend and friend gain 1 science.

    Noire Agenda: Lonely Heart
    This Noire very Lonely for all days and she have only one true friend "Plutia".

    She like those civilization that never make her to complain (just like Karma but different) and she will complain those neighbor that make her to complain such as declare war and denounce on her.

    As Her
    Noire player should build Avenir first before anything else and quick found a city and train the trader to own city to gain production, if player found a friend like Chiyukitalian then go for sure if they will be useful as friend that enemy. Miki will always like those Noire player which allow Noire players to take a friend with her without any problem.

    Against Her
    Chiyukitalian under Kasami and Miki will be useless to deal against Noire if you don't want to fight against same person. Uni will be useful to deal against Noire.

    Uni Trait: Black Sister's Boldness
    is type of person who like to shooting people who get their way, Uni love to duel with Noire in gun to sword fight but end up getting lost to her. Uni also lose duel with Kasami in gun to gun fight that almost get Uni explosive into a piece by Kasami's GC-36 FX-Blaster Rifle although Uni can dodge every energy projectile.

    50% production on ranged and siege unit. Every ranged and siege unit under Uni's Lastation gain 10 strength when attack and 1 range, as well as all siege unit can move and attack at same turn, that mean if player have these XMB Artillery, they will be useful to take out those Chiyukitalian Turtle since Turtle have same range as XMB Artillery, under Uni will gain 1 range attack for all XMB but shouldn't attack Turtle when move your XMB into Chiyukitalian border!! But XMB Artillery still have weaker range than SPHA-T although they were weak strength than XMB, however.

    Uni Agenda: XMB Lock On
    Uni love to lock on enemy with her XMB gun as most powerful weapon in Lastation while XJM Project have want to make making Negative Heart to clean their soul similar to Tomoya's ability.

    Uni will want to top of the Civilization strong in ranged and siege unit and really not like those civilization that stronger in these unit than her, as well as those Noire players that include with Chiyukitalian players like Kasami and Miki too if player didn't have fight to her.

    Uni will increase raged with Chiyukitalian player if player have put Turtle in their own city from Uni invasion with ranged and siege unit attack if player keep defend Chiyuki from Uni, if you don't want to make bad relation then have leave your own capital fall for Uni and other player will denounce Uni for good until you can emergency against her.

    As Her
    Uni is second most powerful civilization that capable to deal with Chiyukitalian especially ranged unit if player fight against large number of Tomoyalian Archer, not only have same range attack, but also extra damage then use melee unit to flank these archer. After complete a tech that allow to build a XMB Artillery, player have to keep these Artillery defend your city if player was attack by, if siege enemy city, player should have use hit and run tactic or defend with melee or ranged unit.

    Against Her
    Chiyukitalian under Aiko and her ALA unit will quick tear down those Uni and her XMB Artillery for good as ALA unit is extremely fast ranged unit (not with LAAT) especially attack on the hill which gain range similar to SPHA-T. Cavalry unit and Kero Knight will useful to hunt down ranged unit of Uni thank to their fast.

    Unlike Ram, Uni still want to declare a friendship if player have reach relation with Uni strong enough (around 25 relation value or higher).
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  5. BlanecWH

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    Jun 27, 2016
    Pathum Thani, Thailand
    (Hyperdimension Neptunia: Lowee Mk2 & Lowee Civilization)

    "L" Emblem with David-like Six shape Star was main symbol of Lowee nation.
    , also known as Land of White Serenity is much older or younger nation in Gamindustri being have fully of magic and retro structure like Mushroom, located on the north of Gamindustri, the nation is full of snow landmass. Lowee is known as play for major role in every Hyperdimension Neptunia series and also as place for someone easily to get lost there.

    Lowee in currently lead by three leader are Blanc, Rom and Ram. Blanc is best for anyone have problem with Tundra and Snow tile as she will do this job good and she will focus on train the Great Writer. Rom is good on Trade with other civilization as her will get culture and Ram is focus on culture as well.

    There are bug AI system with Ram when play as Chiyukitalian as she will plot against Chiyukitalian player if you are no longer friend with her but she still friendly toward player, the message that she have plan to war against Chiyukitalian which player can be see when player have max level gossip with Ram. She will declare war against the player with Joint War!! Don't denounce or get denounce by someone.

    Lowee Traits: Land of White Serenity
    Land of White Serenity
    is common name of Lowee, primary common in Original and Re;Birth 1.

    Every tundra and snow tile under Lowee will have 1 culture. If Lowee player have problem with Peter and Russia then have to prepare for defending your nation (or capture one of their city if player don't want his Russia convert your culture border) Otherwise, player will loss dominated over the snow tile.

    Lowee Unique Unit: Magical Soldier
    Magical Soldier
    were female soldier of Lowee Army that train in art of marksmanship and magic, rumor that they also learning from Blanc's novel as their techniques which cause their recruitment suffer to fact that Blanc have assault one of these soldier. Lowee Empire have similar these soldier were known as Magical Trooper that they also learning from Blanec's novel, but unlike them. They were afraid of wearing Redshirt!!

    Magical Soldier is weaker than Musketman replacement but strong when fight against enemy unit on tundra and snow tile with strongly ignore terrain, as well as they will not require the resource to train. This will useful to hold the ground against Dogoo Knight or Republic Trooper invader.

    Lowee Unique Improvement: Mushroom Fiefdom
    Mushroom-like structure
    were common in Lowee especially in snow place.

    This unique farm can be build on tundra and snow tile only, plus 1 food when research Steam Power. 1 gold after Electricity and 1 culture after Computer, unlike Vice's Civ5 version of Lowee. They can't gain point to Great Writer which will overpowered especially with Tomoya.

    Leader: Blanc
    , known to general populace as Lady White Heart was CPU of Lowee. She was very quiet and reserved but she is extremely hot temper when she get upset and she would do this as her did. Although being easily to get mad and meaning, she is very love to her nation and do her best to protect them from any threat. Her common lobby is reading a book.

    Note that both Hyper and Ultra Blanc have same traits and agenda.

    Blanc Trait: Snow wasteland (Originally was to be White Heart's wrath)

    Before being replaced as Snow wasteland, we have using White Wart's wrath but the system in Civ 6 can't handle this and fact that we don't know about Lua code in that time which replaced to more peaceful since Blanc never want to at war with those people unless those have mean to her.

    Lowee under Blanc will gain food from Tundra and snow tile, making easily to gain food on hard place beside as Chiyukitalian (that district will stuck that plot forever). Amphitheater can how twice slot of Great Work of Writing if player don't have enough space to build one of these district, make her to win the culture victory.

    Blanc Agenda: White Time
    White Time
    is one of original soundtrack of (Original) Hyperdimension Neptunia as the song is all about Blanc and Lowee.

    Blanc will want to build large stand army, she will not likely to build navies or air force to match the force to survive. She like the player who pose no threat to her and her neighbors, otherwise, she hate those player who surprise war on her neighbors and herself and will make war with those have attacking their neighbors with surprise war unless player or she denounce it. She will never attacking neighbors unless denounce. India under Chandragupta is super problem if they want to be Cyrus.

    Leader: Rom
    Rom Trait: The White Sapphire of Binary Star

    The name of traits was came from Civilization V mod Endoron's HyperDimension Neptunia Lowee Ruby and Sapphire versions Rom and Ram.

    Gain 3 Culture for each trade route to international city. All unit automatic healing when fighting in tundra and snow tile.

    Rom Agenda: Little Afraid
    Rom is very afraid of stranger although she is kindness with all people unless bullying them.

    Rom is very afraid of stronger nation, but she still befriend with all civilization that like her. She will never declare war on anyone (except Emergency since currently Firaxis still not yet update with this action but we saw in Netherlands's Leader). She like player who didn't pose no threat to her and really not like to those attack or declare war on her.

    Leader: Ram
    "Darn Right. We're Lowee's pride and joy! I'm Ram and this is Rom!"
    - Ram

    Ram being beheaded by Lady Kasami after she have declare surprise war on her.

    Ram Trait: The White Ruby of Binary Star

    The name of traits was came from Civilization V mod Endoron's HyperDimension Neptunia Lowee Ruby and Sapphire versions Rom and Ram.

    Lowee unit under Ram will gain 25% strength of killing unit to culture which useful to hit Order of Hiiragi which this unit will gain super strength to them, but player have to find the way to kill the Order of Hiiragi when lead by Kasami or Miki. 1 Culture from Marsh, Oasis, and Floodplains.

    Ram Agenda: Drew every Book
    Ram is kind like to drew every Blanc's lovable book along with Rom and given her angry and chase after them. Ram will drew every book that Blanc love except Aiko, if Ram draw any Aiko novel (especially A Dream of Aiko) will likely that Chiyukitalian Naraka have welcome Ram to that place since Aiko would murder her for doing such as this since she didn't have any book to replaced since her book have given memories of worse day being watch her entire family getting murder by Star Conflict. She is not just drew Blanc's book, she also prank Neptune and Noire when she meet Blanc.

    Ram's Agenda is nothing special by just have high culture than her, she really not like those lower than her.

    NOTE: This bug is patch in Gathering Storm.
    Spoiler :

    Lady Kasami have nuke Ram's city after she have surprise war on her.
    Also that Ram is likely to plot those Chiyukitalian player for no reason (especially Miki) although she is friendly toward and not even have strong relation enough with 25 relation or higher. Chiyukitalian player also can't declare a friend with them and extremely rare that she would make friend with Chiyukitalian players. If player see this message, then have to denounce them and joint war against them.

    Ram Unique Unit: Maryo Worker
    is one of gamipic character that appear in Chirper, commonly appear in Lowee.

    This worker can be train by Lowee under Ram, they have twice charge cost more than normal builder, however, they will died so fast when close to Chiyukitalian R-2 Unique Builder which cause them to revolt their entire charge to 0.
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    (Hyperdimension Neptunia: Leanbox Civilization)

    Spear X-shape was main symbol of Leanbox nation.
    , also known as Land of Green Pastures is the most freedom and relax nation of Gamindustri and never have been conflict with other three nation for long (as Hyperdimension) being as Island nation. Leanbox is hard to conquest in military power by other nation except of Chiyukitalian (because of lacking spaceship and space operation).
    Leanbox in currently lead by sole leader is Vert, she is extreme power in Anti-Cavalry unit and she will build much these unit, she is dangerous in mid and late game as she will build these unit for conquest on other nation.

    Leanbox Trait: Land of Green Pastures
    Land of Green Pastures
    is common name of Leanbox, primary common in Original and Re;Birth 1.

    All Anti-Cavalry gain 10 Strength and they also can move after attack. 1 Culture to every Entertainment Complex, Theater Square and Commercial Hub.

    Leanbox Unique Unit: Ran-Ran
    is female with White Pig-like mask like this text "(´'w'`)".

    Ran-Ran is powerful defense unit for Leanbox as any military unit that stationed same tile as Ran-Ran gain 10 Defense Strength. Unlike Mammoth or Mastodon that nearby unit gain strength when defend, these Ran-Ran is only same plot as them and it using much of Ran-Ran to cover all unit, but don't let Ran-Ran fall into enemy hand or player can using these worker as defensive tool especially when attacking by melee or ranged attack. It should protect most important unit that player think that this can defeat enemy.

    Leanbox Unique District: Live Arcade
    The Live Arcade will gain free 5 gold and faith, but nothing wonderful.
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    (Hyperdimension Neptunia: Eden Civilization)

    Eden is youngest and shortest-live nation of Ultradimension Gamindustri, as start for stolen shares of other nation before being recover the memory, after recovery, the nation start to fall apart.
    Eden is lead by single leader known as Peashy, she is extremely to punch out all enemy unit with her strong melee unit combat and the Unique Unit thanks to Anonydeath's information on Noire's cosplay and some Kasami's Pronography image from Meito Anizawa, she have know how to take down their Unique Unit that lead by CPUs (although they can't fight against Order of Hiiragi) unless when fight against Niwa. Peashy is deadly but friendly if you make a friendship too early unless player have weak army, but strong in navy or air force.

    Eden Traits: Land of Yellow Wasp
    The name of traits was came from Civilization V mod Endoron's HyperDimension Neptunia: Eden Peashy.

    Eden can't recruit Great Prophet or found a religion since Eden was very young nation. Melee class unit reduce 3 maintenance and melee combat unit gain 50% experience when combat.

    Eden Unique Unit: Puncher
    Peashy love to wearing gloves to punch out all enemy that she want, most of her gloves have claw.

    These Eden Fighter are cheaper, faster and strong in number but weaker strength than replacement which Archer are great threat. These Puncher were useful when deal against Chiyukitalian's Tomoyatalian Archer units (that not lead by Aiko) which they were completely weak when defense against melee attack.

    Eden Unique Building: Anonydeath's Lab
    have keep his secret power for Peashy here and he is not just keep Peashy's power here, also he is have collection of various Noire cosplay image and he also trade legal Kasami's cosplay image to Anizawa and later various Tomoya's bathtub scene image after he was caught for have selling these Kasami image.

    This secret building replaced Sewer which gain 1 Amenity but loss 1 housing.

    Leader: Peashy
    "Gimme pudding! Neptuna's pudding!"
    - Peashy

    Peashy Trait: Yellow Heart's Pea Punch!
    Pea Punch
    is most common when Peashy hit enemy.

    Melee combat unit gain 15 strength when attacking enemy unit and 10 extra strength when fight against unique unit that lead by CPUs nation (that include with Chiyukitalian!), but player should rush the attack, otherwise, loss 5 strength when defend in non-player border

    Peashy Agenda: Are you stronger than Neptuna?
    is name spell by Peashy about Neptune.

    Peashy like player who strong in land army but really dislike those player who weak land army than her but stronger in Navy or Air Force, Peon is most likely who don't focus on land unit but naval unit and air unit.

    As Her
    Peashy is best civs to prepare for war with every protagonist CPUs except Peon which she would make strongest naval unit that punch out all attacker unit. Chiyukitalian is best target for Peashy since no vanilla unit exist in Chiyukitalian (with few non-combat unit) but they can't gain extra damage against their leader unique unit.

    Use Puncher to punch against city will easily to take down weak civs that don't have strong defense.

    Against Her
    Kasami and Peon's Chiyukitalian will easily to get rid of Punchers and other melee unit since she will build many melee unit promotion to combat against players. Aiko also capable to defense against Peashy unit with Tomoyatalian unit since her ranged unit gain free 1 range attack.
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    Arfoire Syndicate of International Crime
    (Hyperdimension Neptunia: ASIC Civilization)
    ASIC Overview:
    , also known as Arfoire Syndicate of International Crime is antagonist faction in Hyperdimension Gamindustri during Mk2 or Re;Birth 2 act, with goal to revive Deity of Sin to destroy the Gamindustri (and later Touhou Galaxy).
    ASIC is lead by Arfoire, she is religious and hate everyone friend with her enemy, as well as don't like Civilization who spread a religion to her city while she don't have a religion or have high amount of faith yield if she have a religion. Making hard to win a Religion Victory, if player like to make a bad relation with her, pick up one of Chiyukitalian Civilization especially Tomoya Dinogi.

    ASIC Trait: Four Felons
    Four Felons
    are the 4 person who have high faith and their ultimate goal to revive Deity of Sin and wait for Gamindustri's destruction.

    ASIC is master to war against civilization following different religion which allow 15 strength to fight and convert enemy city's religion to player's religion. Melee unit of ASIC can capture defeated enemy unit and turn them into player's side to fight against their formal master.

    ASIC Unique Unit: Warechu
    ASIC's underdog force known as Warechu were grey mouse creature that send the pirate clip to reduce the shares and the faith of people from CPU and cause CPU become sickness without shares to survive (this don't work with Chiyukitalian CPUs).

    Twice faster than Chiyukitalian Recon unit. Although the faster were not enough when compare to their strength as Warechu is completely weak against an attack and unlike Chiyukitalian Recon that these mouse don't have ability to ignore terrain cost and even can't enter to rival border without have to open border!

    Leader: Arfoire
    "Before you die along with this world, I will grant you endless despair... For I am destruction incarnate. My manifestation is inevitable. Thus, destruction is inevitable."
    - Arfoire

    Arfoire Trait: Overlord Momus
    Overlord Momus
    is Arfoire's creature that debut in Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1. The creature however, they was reused from Deity of Sin from Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 (but not to Re;Birth 2).

    Arfoire's Missionaries and Guru can attack other religion unit, make early rival religion smash into their knee. If player is at war with other civilization will gain free 2 Faith to every cities and gain full strength of faith when kill enemy unit.

    Arfoire Agenda: Destroyer of the Gamindustri
    Arfoire think that Gamindustri have to be destroyed just like were Console War and Goddess rule over the world as people want the freedom and right.

    Arfoire will declare Holy War against civilization especially Chiyukitalian when lead by Tomoya Dinogi as she is superior on religion victory. Arfoire like those civilization following their religion and really dislike those civilization have convert a religion to their city not even she don't have a religion!
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    (Hyperdimension Neptunia: Tari Civilization)
    Tari Overview:
    is former nation in Ultradimension that mentioned in Hyperdimension Gamindustri Victory and Re;Birth 3 act, Tari were tyrant nation that rule over 1,000 year before the Lowee and other nation (and before rise of Chiyukitalian Empire) and they were finally destruction by their own people.
    Tari is lead by Rei Ryghts, she is tyrant, no mercy and hate all CPUs, as well as she will destroy these CPU nation with various copy unit from exist nation (except Chiyukitalian and Planeptune when lead by Plutia). If player face with ton of unique unit attacking your civilization, pick up one of Chiyukitalian Civilization especially Vertimiki Niwa.

    Tari Trait: Seven Sages
    Seven Sages
    is secret faction that plot the Gamindustri since G.C. 1989, lead by Rei Ryghts.

    Tari can't build the Entertainment district which people have to live in worse in life. Gain 200 Production toward military unit on city that you found on non-home continent but it reduce 5 Amenities. Gain Pong Laser when found on capital and the unit can be found when capital is capture.

    Tari Unique Unit: Pong Laser
    Pong Laser
    was a weapon that build by resistance to fight against Rei, the weapon is extremely powerful and capable to destroy CPU nation. The Laser is also appear in Anime and it capable to cut though anything from Planeptune CPU Tower to an Shinano Carrier, however, it can't take down against Imperial Lastation Navy Flagship 18 km Pururut class Super Battleship/Carrier "ASS Kasami" thanks to their Hyperdimension Pulsar Barrier and Neptunium Armor, or even 30 km Great Mind Trick.

    Pong Laser were extremely long range and powerful enough to shoot anywhere in 100 tile away, but can't move (for strange reason, AI can move these Pong Laser!) and can be found in capital only, Pong Laser will take position of Support Unit instead of Combat Unit which can stack an Archer and Pong Laser in the city in same time. Note that Pong Laser will 100% damage when shoot enemy unit that inside the border, otherwise can take only 5 damage. Also that Pong Laser can take down Chiyukitalian Bomobor-2, the most powerful Chiyukitalian unit just one or two hit!

    Leader: Rei Ryghts
    "Eek! I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Someone like me shouldn't be so rude and object to anything!"
    - Rei Ryghts

    Rei Trait: Game Re;start
    Rei want to reset the Gamindustri from start and want to retake what she want from these CPU, also they want to take what Touhou Galaxy CPUs too, but it could made for million year to take from it because she would fail to first step when they want to slap Imperial Lastation Navy and Air Force.

    All player city in home continent will always Loyalty (not even being bomb by Treaty of Hiiragi). All player's unit that not religion unit or Pong Laser gain 25 Strength when on non-home continents and also loss 5 loyalty per turn when found or capture a city in non-home continent. Also can train other Neptunia Unique Unit except Chiyukitalian and Plutia. Mainly in Chiyukitalian because of Copyrights!!

    Rei Agenda: The World without CPUs
    Rei was former CPU of Tari before being downfall by their own people, after that, she have start to blame her fault and mistake to her CPU and she have start to asking that people can live in better day without CPU.

    Rei hate all CPU except Peashy since Peashy was made as CPU puppet by Rei and she will never give up item in a peace deal to those CPU player. Rei like leader that not a CPU.

    Note that Hatsumi Sega, Tomoya Dinogi and Miki Hiiragi were not CPU still get denounce and hate by Rei so we given some reason here:
    - Segami: She is Goddess but not always said that she is CPU unless in profile.
    - Tomoya: She is CPU and Goddess (although Tomoya born as Human before become the Goddess) and also have a CPU Memory, but she lack HDD form and Final Form.
    - Miki: Although Miki is CPU and the Goddess, she is unlikely have CPU Memory and she don't have HDD Form, but she have Final Form.
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    Lucas's Alliance
    (Star Conflict: Lucas's Alliance)

    This "Triangle" symbol and Aurebesh "Lu-Al" was emblem of fear and hatred, as well as the banned symbol by Chiyukitalian government to all intergalactic member.
    Star Conflict
    during Great Universe War known as Lucas's Alliance is main antagonist faction in Touhou Galaxy during Memory of Kagami act, the Star Conflict is main enemy of Chiyukitalian and their goal is conquest the Touhou Galaxy and exterminate all Chiyukitalian species. Lucas's Alliance was destroyed in Battle of Chiyuki along with William Georcas and the Great Mind Trick which also known as Last Battle of Great Universe War and Battle to end of all Star Conflict War which lead to Fall of Star Conflict and dominated by Chiyukitalian.
    Lu-Al is lead by one leader known as George 'Will' Lucas, a.k.a. William Georcas is main antagonist of entire Hyperdimension Neptunia: Touhou Galaxy Project, he is not like all Civilization and will dominated all nation into his land, he is extreme warmonger without any question and he is good puncher against Kasami Hiiragi without get any problem when you denounce her which you will get nothing from her unlike other civilization and he can't build other district more than Military function and general district for City Center, he can't recruit any Great person. Also good punch when his unit attacking enemy unit like single Warrior can beat up Falchion Tank useful against Chiyukitalian's Land of Space Advancement Trait. He will Declare Surprise War only and his unit will not require a resource. However, his weakness is if a his unit is defend will instantly kill especially when fight against more advanced civs, he can't win a religion victory since he can't found a religion but side-effect that he would kill player before archive this. If you play as him and there are Kasami Hiiragi AI, she will denounce you no matter what since she don't like him even you never do anything.

    Their unique unit have twice strength as original which given them strongest and most powerful civilization in Neptunia series mod which these can punch against Chiyukitalian unit, but all unit are weak against district and ranged attack and most of his ranged unit are only given with 1 range attack.

    However, we have a problem with his Call of Duty Leader 3D model is extremely high poly which not likely that Civ6 can handle him. But we would reduce their polygon for good match.

    Lu-Al Traits: You are Rebel Scum!
    Rebel Scum
    is common name of Rebel Alliance referred by an Imperial member in Star Wars.

    Lu-Al gain wall defense automatic upon when found a city and can't built other district more than Encampment, Harbor, Aerodome and House district, can't build any wonder, also can't even earn any great person (that include with Great Prophet to found the religion) or even gain influence to city-states. No war wearness and can't losing loyalty to other civilization. Lu-Al are design to war against Chiyukitalian and military don't require gold to maintain.

    Lu-Al Unique Unit: Various (primary is Tornadotrooper)
    The Tornadotrooper was alternate name of Stormtrooper which more deadly carry Assault Rifle with special of boot jump, wall running and supply drop, as well as they don't want boots on the ground!! Tornadotrooper were best known for most powerful trooper of Star Conflict which no military soldier can compare to them until their reputation was destroyed when they have committed the greatest infamous to the galaxy by murdering Lady Haku Tsunemi, Chiyukitalian Music Idol during Battle of Chiyuki in Great Universe War who want pigeon to end this conflict.

    Lucas's Alliance unit are extremely strongest and most powerful than Chiyukitalian and they will have no problem with Land of Space Advancement such as their Unique Warrior have twice strength than replacement like vanilla warrior was 20 Strength, their Warrior is 40 Strength while Chiyukitalian Warrior is just 25 Strength, making impossible to take any his city unless have planing, however, their unit is extremely weak when being defend which instantly hit no matter what enemy scout can take down Lu-Al unique Modern Armor just in one hit. Also their Ranged unit have 1 range and Siege unit have 2 range. They will lack of Naval ranged unit.

    Leader: William Georcas
    "We gonna Destroyed You! Rebel Scum!, Our plan is just beginning, you will die, This is not enough to beat you, We will see THAT!"
    - William Georcas
    George 'Will' Lucas, also known in this universe as William Georcas, was fictional character that given name similar to real life person and he known for being the creator of Star Conflict (alternate Star Wars name). He is ruthless and lack of heart and love, he do everything to conquest Chiyukitalian with his military since start of Star Conflict-Touhou Galaxy War.

    Lucas Traits: Great Mind Trick
    LSS Aspidochelone
    was 30km Xvan class Battlestation that using as main base of operation by Lucas's Alliance and one of infamous superweapon that crash the Touhou Galaxy in Great Universe War that capable to destroying entire fleet of Federation force by using stolen XJM Project superweapon known as CCM-896 "God Breath" F-Spectrum Cannon and their hull is made from Neptunium material that can be found on Chiyuki that using for Shares system of CPUs. Federation when encounter this ship often to refer as Great Mind Trick as the ship entire ship have large organic body of him (William) to operate the Mind Trick and convert people who following the chaos, the ship was known as both tactical and strategic failure for Lady Kasami until the ship was finally destroy in Battle of Chiyuki.

    Denouncing Kasami will never get any penalties from her unlike other leader, he will never have the problem with Kasami. He will always being target of all emergency for everyone to join against him if he attack other civilization or capture a city from other civilization.

    Anytime when he declare war on everyone beside as Lucas's Alliance. A special emergency against him is appear under "Great Universe War Emergency".

    Lucas Agenda: You Know Nothing
    You Know Nothing, Jon Snow.

    He hate all player if they appear in the game (except himself and team) and he will never give up anything to them.
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    Neutral Alliance
    (Stardoor: Neutral Alliance)

    The "Point of Origin" or symbol of Earth was cliche symbol to Terran military race, Neutral Alliance.

    Neutral Alliance is currently not yet have made, but I have plan to make into Civilization VI under version that alliance with Lucas's Alliance, so look over Civilization V version of Information before I have plan to make.

    Neutral Alliance was infamous Stardoor military alliance that make for prevent the conflict by become the neutral but their secret plot against Lowee Empire and start the Lowee at War Emergency. The Neutral Alliance was based on Tarianpa Galaxy in their main capital planet known as Tau'ri which known to be worst place to live by Lowee Empire order. In Memory of Kagami, Neutral Alliance was found sometime before Great Universe War and convert into Lucas's Alliance and start the war with Interstellar Federation, Neutral Alliance was destroyed in the end of Great Universe War.

    Neutral Traits: Neutral Terrorism
    Alliance is given their plot against Lowee Empire and their Treaty by prepare weapon and strike other people's planet by using Stardoor pirate.

    Neutral Alliance military unit are stronger when fight against same unit promotion such as Warrior vs Warriors which both are melee promotion unit, Neutral Warriors will gain 15 strength against these unit, but they don't gain bonus when fight against different promotion such as Neutral Warrior attacking Scout which are recon promotion will take only normal strength. Neutral Alliance is know horse storage which will support people later with 2 horse are free for make horse units and horse resource gain 4 food yield. Open border to all City-States but can't gain new envoy to influence them.

    Neutral Unique Unit: Various (Primary is Guardian)
    M4A1 Guardian
    is fourth generation main battle tank of Neutral Alliance Militia with unmanned turret and 150mm smoothbore cannon.

    Neutral Alliance in Civ 6 would return of Death Glider, Neutral Trooper, Guardian and Sandman, the four major unique unit from Civ 5.

    Neutral Unique Building: Stargate
    was a dimension portal that connect between two world. In TGP, they were name as Stardoor which have a Stargate-like door much like Doraemon.

    Replaced Monument that gain airdrop in all city that have these Stargate, but no initial culture unlike replacement, trade route in the city with stargate gain 1 science and cultrue.

    Leader: Jonathan O'Neill
    "You can't attack Neutral, but we can attack you, but you can't attack Neutral, but we can attack you if you are violation to the Neutral."
    - Jonathan O'Neill​

    Jonathan "Jack" O'Neill
    , also known in first name as John or Jack was President of the infamous war crime known as Neutral Alliance and the main antagonist in "Blanec, the Greatest CPU without HDD Form", he is one of infamous leader that response for attacking Lowee Imperial Navy during assault on Star Conflict and they have revoked against Lowee Empire peace treaty known as "Treaty of Hiiragi" which cause many loser universe that fought in Great Universe War against Touhou Galaxy fully pay to Lowee Empire and force people to eating horse much like Jerry in Great War.

    He also appear in Memory of Kagami. He found the Neutral Alliance prior before Great Universe War and being as one of most wanted by Federation Armed Self-Defense Force, he was KIA in Battle of Chiyuki.

    O'Neill Traits: Neutramy
    Neutral + Enemy

    While not at war, gain 200 production toward military unit. All spy in enemy land gain 1 sight.

    O'Neill Agenda: Horsniibalism
    was term by Lowee Empire to people who eating too much horse remain.

    He like all civilization that not have any horse resources and hate them when have one of these. He also not like Lowee Empire.

    Leader: Samantha Carter
    Carter Traits: National Brain

    Carter is known to SGC as most valuable national brain as she have made several weapon for SGC and Tau'ri.

    All friendly unit gain 15 strength near owner spy. Free 1 promotion when at war with major civs. All melee unit gain full strength while attacking city.

    Carter Agenda: Operation: Heart of Neutral
    Operation: Heart of Neutral
    was Lowee Empire operation during assault on Neutral Alliance capital, Tau'ri.

    Carter like all civilization that never at war with them and dislike then at war with them (not even they have declare war on you).
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    Lucky Star
    (Lucky Star Civilization)
    Lucky Star Overview:
    Lucky Star
    were the human faction that appear as part of Hyperdimension Neptunia: Touhou Galaxy Project. These Lucky Star were ultimate civs that capable to deal against Chiyukitalian (or even Neptunia) in different ways. The Lucky Star anime was Kasami's favorite anime beside as Cardcaptor Sakura.

    Lucky Star were lead by five leader are include with Konata Izumi, Kagami Hiiragi, Tsukasa Hiiragi, Miyuki Takara, Nanako Kuroi. 3 of 5 Lucky Star leader are mindless when play as Chiyukitalian (We will tell it later) and player have to not join these friend that will cause player's problem later unless how to deal against them and do it right, or maybe destroy them for good.

    Note that these Lucky Star leader in this mod are NOT Chiyukitalian!!

    Lucky Star Trait: Oha Lucky!
    Nothing but just 1 food per district, but Later I will replaced with better traits.

    Lucky Star Unique Unit: Meito Fighter
    Meito Anizawa
    was anime-only character that debut in Lucky Star, he was seller at Animate Ikebukuro Shop which recognize Konata Izumi as "Legendary Girl A". Anizawa was arrest in G.C. 2008 after he attempt to make Pornography image on Lady Kasami while take a bubble bath which violation to her copyrights image (since Kasami already allow her image into public and sell just only were signed by Kasami) and child pornography under 18 which Kasami in that time was 11 year old. After he was fine, a rumor also that he still sell various bathtub scene image of Lady Tomoya and Segami or both of her were take a bath or onsen together.

    Meito Fighter were strongest infantry replacement in Lucky Star that he ready to smash Chiyukitalian that they did to him long ago, these Fighter were faster and powerful than Mechanized Infantry. First of all, they came early than replacement in Atomic Era. Second, they were extremely powerful than replacement 100 to 85 strength and even stronger than Chiyukitalian Mako. Third, they were faster than replacement 6 to 3 movement point and they were stealth and can fight and retreat (invisible and can move after attack) as well as they were 99.99% no maintenance. Konata can train these unit early than anyone as they can be train at start of the game but appear to be weaker than real replacement and they can be train when only she at war with other civilization. These weaker will replaced by real version which allow exist weaker version upgrade into a real version with cheaper cost.

    Lucky Star Unique District: Luckyhood
    This Lucky Star district have similar to Neighborhood and gain free 1 amenity, enemy who plunder this district will get 50% less than normal Neighorhood.

    Leader: Konata Izumi (28 year ago)
    "I love scaring Tsukasa."
    - Konata Izumi

    Konata Izumi was main character and protagonist of the Lucky Star series, and is the Lucky Star crew's leader. She is the daughter of Sojiro Izumi and Kanata Izumi, and lives in her house in the Satte-Shi prefecture near Tokyo. Nicknamed "Kona-chan" by her friends, she is an eccentric but friendly and outgoing person.

    Konata is super lazy and do nothing, and if she was in this game, best ways to deal with her by play as Chiyukitalian leader "Kasami Hiiragi" and destroy her!! Also that player must not trust Konata in this game and she is super deadly in early game and late game (if they were not denounce Kasami).

    Konata Traits: Izumi Family

    Konata player can't recruit any great person (include the mod) except the prophet or build the Spaceport, Aerodrome and Government Plaza district. (Also can't get any legacy card from the government since can't build a government district and build a building), as well as reduce 40% of science and culture which make Konata become as most backward civilization in the match. But Konata were generally design for domination victory more than anything else since Konata will not have any maintain to military unit and when player have small army (usual less than 10 units) gain free 200 production toward military units, as well as grant 10 strength when attacking enemy and additional 10 strength when attacking Chiyukitalian units!!

    Allow to train weaker Meito Fighter which they were similar ability to real Meito except weaker strength and normal movement which can be train when at war with other civilization (We don't know if they can train when at war with city-states).

    Gathering Storm will allow Konata declare only Surprise War.

    Konata Agenda: Konakona
    is alias name of Konata on MMO game, most likely World of Warcraft.

    Konata will never gives up any item in a peace deal and will want all resource, city and everything to them until they will make peace. Konata will be brand for warmonger for entire game and she will always surprise war on everyone not even she have small army and not even Chiyukitalian players!! also that she will not make any promise which always rage by Chiyukitalian Human players. Konata like those player who were lazy which she will recognize these weaker as "Truly gamer" such as have less wonder, less great person, less army and declaring surprise war. There are total 32 dislike those player were hard work such as high culture yield, high food yield, delegation to them, denounce them and of course, playing as Chiyukitalian!!

    In Gathering Storm. There would be some surprise agenda for Konata such as love world congress vote on them or hate civs too much Gore's path to spin Chiyukitalian player's head.

    List of Konakona agenda list, Green text is mean you are "Truly gamer", Red text is mean you are "Hard Work". All relation except play as Chiyukitalian is 1 or -1 while play as Chiyukitalian is -5.
    Spoiler :

    - Weak in Culture, Strong in Culture.
    - Weak in Production, Strong in Production.
    - Weak in Faith, Strong in Faith.
    - Weak in Science, Strong in Science.
    - Weak in Gold, Strong in Gold.
    - Weak in Land-based domain unit, Strong in Land-based domain unit.
    - Weak in Population, Strong in Population.
    - Weak in Exploration, Strong in Exploration.
    - Weak in Progress, Strong in Progress.
    Also known as lead technology or civics.

    - Weak in Great People, Strong in Great People.
    - Weak in Wonder, Strong in Wonder.
    - Declare a Surprise War (or War with City-States).
    - Winning any Victory beside as Score Victory. (-100)
    This one is extremely highest negative relation which at -100 relation. If player get denounce this reason, she will message with "(YOU'RE WINNER !)" based on infamous worst video game of all time.

    - Enter into the Dark age, Enter into the Golden Age.
    - Share information about you, Not share information about you.
    This one is same as Gossip hidden agenda.
    - Not same Sex, Same Sex.
    Konata is Female character which likely that she will ask these not truly gamer against Neptunia player since most of generally Neptunia character are Female.

    - Your people are Unhappy, Your people are Happy.
    - Weak in Food, Strong in Food.
    This one seem to be weird as no agenda will tell about yield more than food.

    - Weak in Naval-based domain unit, Strong in Naval-based domain unit.
    - Weak in Air-based domain unit, Strong in Air-based domain unit.
    - Denounce them.
    - Send a delegation to them.
    - Demand from them.
    - Declare a friend with them.
    - Culture Bomb on them.
    - Liberate a city.
    - Embassy to them.
    - Different government.
    - Same government.
    - Caught spy on them.
    - Clear Barbarian camp.
    - Close to them.
    - Play as any Chiyukitalian or Sega leader. (-5)
    Although play as Sega leader still get warning text as "Play as Chiyukitalian" because they shares same Arguments.

    Kasami, Miki and Tomoya AI will not make Konata as good karma which mean, anything Konata do bad to them will gain freely denounce them.

    As Her
    Konata is one of most powerful Lucky Star civilization that capable to deal against Chiyukitalian especially Tomoya.

    Konata Player were faster to train military unit when lost and fight back, if player want to quick domination, player have to spend on warriors and archer since they were easily to quick siege the city under your control. Also that if declare surprise war with your target will open to train Weaker version of Meito if player didn't have get the real version yet. Remember that Konata player can't declare casus belli more than Surprise War, if there are Kasami player in this game will easy to get raged by her.

    Note that Konata Player will never get any good relation with Chiyukitalian and Sega Hard Girls player as she is Otaku.

    Against Her
    Kasami Hiiragi is best Chiyukitalian leader to deal against Konata and every Chiyukitalian leader except with Tomoya, first of all, she will never get any damage relation with other leader (except the Agenda) and if Kasami player get denounce by her will easily to reduce these Meito's strength. If player being target of declaration of war by Konata, player have to research archery to build ranged unit, also build the wall and military district for easily to repel Konata's force since Weaker Meito were easily destroyed by city ranged attack. And player will have Konata pay for that war.

    Play as Tomoya will change various Konata dialog to say themselves as "Konata I the Great" just how her MMORPG rank want to beat Lady Tomoya. As well as Segami but most of quote except defeat quote which same as Tomoya were came one of Civilization V mod.

    Leader: Kagami Hiiragi (28 year ago)
    "You watch too much anime."
    - Kagami Hiiragi

    Kagami Hiiragi was one of main character of the Lucky Star series. She is the tsundere in the group and a stereotypical tsukkomi character. In Touhou Galaxy Project, she is big sister of Kasami Hiiragi which both were Tsundere and fight for right of the Touhou Galaxy from Star Conflict.

    Kagami is very trust leader and will respect those leader were have study very hard. Kasami will never branded Kagami as Karma people (currently the code is still not exist).

    Kagami Traits: Hiiragi Family (under Kagami)

    Gain 1 Science per district in one city, that all, but we will change it soon.

    Kagami Agenda: Tsukkomi
    Kagami will never backstab and declare war on anyone unless player denounce them. Kagami is really hard work about to strong in science or production and like those were strong in these yield. She really not like those were weak both science and production.

    As Her
    Kagami Hiiragi is strongest leader in Lucky Star that capable to take down even Kasami Hiiragi of Chiyukitalian because Kasami is younger than Kagami and little sister will never win against big sister anyway. As Kagami, she is extremely deadly in advanced technology in science although the culture seem to be weaker.

    If there are Tsukasa in this game, her capital will change into "Alt" to prevent from conflict naming a capital with Kagami.

    Against Her
    Kagami is weaker in religion victory unlike Tsukasa. But she is extremely growth faster for science victory and even faster as Chiyukitalian.

    Leader: Tsukasa Hiiragi (28 year ago)
    "I-I'm not Kamigishi... I-I'm Hiiragi..."
    - Tsukasa Hiiragi

    Tsukasa Hiiragi. A stereotypical klutz character, Tsukasa is the younger fraternal twin sister of Kagami and lives in a six-member family household with her parents, she is 4th member of Hiiragi family.

    Tsukasa, in other word, love friend and she will never go out for war and everything, she will promise anything (just like Segami and Tomoya). She is always loyalty to all leader that friend with her and she also strong at religion victory.

    Tsukasa Traits: Hiiragi Family (under Tsukasa)

    Gain 1 Faith per district in one city, that all, but we will change it soon.

    Tsukasa Agenda: Hi-chan
    Tsukasa is nothing but want to befriend with everyone, player may not have trouble with Tsukasa until the mid game if she have a religion which player have to defend owner religion from Tsukasa (especially Tomoya player if player have a religion) since she will be deadly at religion victory and player don't bored to make worse decision by denounce and then Holy War, only best encounter was play as Tomoya and settle all city near Tsukasa to drain away from their religion since Tomoya's Chiyukitalian will never get any pressure from other religion!! Tsukasa like all players and never declare war on anyone (except Emergency!), she will like all leader except those were denounce or declare war on her.

    As Her
    She is weak but strongest religion Lucky Star civs, but don't take convert Kasami, Miki or Tomoya's city if they have a religion, she were capable to buy new religion unit faster than other since she have strong faith.

    If there are Kagami in this game. Tsukasa's capital name will be change into "Alt" to prevent from conflict naming with Kagami.

    Against Her
    Kasami player can convert Tsukasa city without notice (not working with Human player if have been convert by Kasami player). Tomoya is deadly at religion which her city will never got any pressure from Tsukasa and also can pressure to her city twice strength of religion which easily to convert her city. Also don't make Religion Alliance with her although she will not likely to form any alliance more than Religion especially with Human player!

    Note that Kasami's Traits can't prevent Tsukasa from being befriend with all civilization even she denounce them.

    - Tsukasa often to declare a friendship with all leaders and all leader that they have denounce or at war with Kasami, Miki or Tomoya if have been expired shortly. Best way to deal with Tsukasa is have to joint war against them with Tsukasa, or maybe denounce her for good.

    Leader: Miyuki Takara (28 year ago)
    "Well... you see, they broke this morning. I had placed them on the chair, and forgotten about them."
    - Miyuki Takara

    Miyuki Takara is one of the main characters in Lucky Star. She is the moe in the group and a stereotypical friendly "healing-type" meganekko or glasses girl character, and some say she's a saint. Unlike the other main characters, she is seen less often and talking less often.

    Miyuki is super careless to make the risk to their people and she is most trouble to all Chiyukitalian player if she was in the game, first all, Miyuki's Agenda will quick destroy the trusting toward Chiyukitalian player quickly if player do something wrong about them, best ways to deal Miyuki should play as "Miki Hiiragi" and destroy her!! Chiyukitalian player shouldn't make friend with her.

    Miyuki Traits: Takara Family

    Miyuki's city will gain 1 gold per district in one city. Miyuki's military unit is extremely weak and shouldn't fight outside of owner border, if does, that unit reduce 30 strength when go outside, making Miyuki can't go and clear Barbarian camp or fight other civilization's religion unit, as well as Miyuki can't win the Domination victory.

    Miyuki Agenda: Yuki-Chan
    Miyuki like those peaceful civilization and hate those civilization with violence. This agenda alway problem with Chiyukitalian player since she don't like those have declare war (not even Emergency or those Defensive pact civs), capture a city, denounce them, troop near them, demand from them, convert a religion to them (if she have a religion), culture bomb to them and of course, when player attack her after she have declare war on player!! Chiyukitalian player shouldn't (or make after they have get attack) make alliance with player who will likely to be target of declaration of war, otherwise, Miyuki will brand player for being violence since player declaring war although player declare defensive war.

    Although Miyuki don't like violence, Miyuki still can declare a surprise war!!

    As Her
    Miyuki is useless Lucky Star leader since Miyuki player's military unit will loss 20 strength when fight against enemy outside of border which make Miyuki useless to attack barbarian camp, religion domination or even retake your owner city after become a free city. But Miyuki is super overpowered when fighting against Chiyukitalian??

    Against Her
    Miki will useful to deal against Miyuki since she will gain free 20 relation to all players which make them hard to denounce Miki player. Miyuki is weak, not even more advanced than player, around 2 era behind, especially weak Chiyukitalian player since they will extra bonus with owner border, that mean, Ducken Explorer can murder Miyuki's Infantry just one hit especially Kasami without take less damage.

    Leader: Nanako Kuroi (43 year ago)
    "Hey, Konata, stop sleeping and go to work!"
    - Nanako Kuroi

    Nanako Kuroi is the homeroom teacher for Konata Izumi's class and her primary subject is world history. She is more like a friend than their teacher, as she has a lax personality. Consequently, she frequently borrows and exchanges video games with Konata, and is in Konata's guild in the same online game, where she plays as a scout. Still single, she is constantly online, even on Christmas and New Year's Day. When writing on the chalkboard, Nanako is able to become ambidextrous. She loves to watch baseball, and is a big fan of the Chiba Lotte Marines. Also, Nanako speaks in a fake Kansai accent. A running gag within the series is whenever Konata and Nanako are both online together, Nanako tells her to stop slacking off. She is also completely oblivious to Yui Narumi's marital status, often using Yui as a source of understanding regarding the life of being single.

    Nanako, much like Shia Labeouf and Relic's Ronald Reagan, she will want to open border with all civilization and she will never want to open border on her nation, Kasami Hiiragi will useful to deal against this teacher if you have been denounce or at war with her, their border will automatic open.

    Nanako Traits: Kuroi Family

    Nanako's Archaeological Museum hold twice slot of Artifacts which easily to hold more, but it not auto theme. Their Archaeologists were ignore terrain cost and can enter to other civilization's border without have to open border to them. Open Border or make Alliance with other civilization gain 1 yield of science

    Nanako Agenda: Nanakon
    is alias name of Nanako in MMORPG game, maybe same video game as Konata play.

    Nanako want to open border with all civilization after player have research Early Empire civics and she will never declare surprise war to those have open border to her. Nanako like those civilization that open border to her or make alliance with her (since Alliance will automatic open border to them). Dislike civilization that never open border to them (or after 10 turn since last open border or alliance) and she will start more upset when player never open border to them for each 5 turn, max upset at 15.

    As Her
    Nanako's Archaeologists can enter to other civilization's border without open border or even Terracotta Army and their Archaeological Museum hold twice than regular, making possible to win the culture victory, but still get worse relation when dig from them without have being Alliance with them. Player can glow faster to everyone if open border or make alliance will increase science.

    Against Her
    If they didn't have civics that can train Archaeologists. Chiyukitalian is best way to deal against them as their Archaeologists can enter to other civs without open border, but Archaeological Museum still hold as regular civs. If player have these Nanako's Archaeologists invade attempt to invade your border, player might using Chiyukitalian anti-trader tactic, but make sure that player must not nuke direct on them since they can trigger a war.

    If player don't bored to their aggressive then player have to open border to them.

    Support Mod:
    - Civ IV Leader Traits for Civ VI
    Konata Izumi = Aggressive, Protective
    Kagami Hiiragi = Industrious, Inventive
    Tsukasa Hiiragi = Spiritual, Charismatic
    Miyuki Takara = Spiritual, Mercantile
    Nanako Kuroi = Aggressive, Explorative

    - JFD's Rule with Faith
    Spoiler :

    Note: These Lucky Star title are came from video game and various word from many player when say about these player. Also that both male and female title have same title name as it. Before the new update of Rule with Faith that cause error with Leader Title. These Lucky Star title are just for Konata (and Nanako) since other Lucky Star will use same as Japan title.

    Chiefdom = Tester
    Polis = Noob
    Horde = Camper
    Autocracy = Nerd
    Oligarchy = Community
    Classical Democracy = Member
    Merchant Republic = Seller
    Feudal Monarchy = Pro
    Theocracy = Healer
    Noble Republic = Hacker
    Absolute Monarchy = Beast
    Constitutional Monarchy = Tryhard
    Liberal Democracy = Looter
    People's Republic = Speaker
    Military Guardianship = Master
    Empire Policy = MMO
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    BlanecWH Chieftain

    Jun 27, 2016
    Pathum Thani, Thailand
    Sega Hard Girls
    (Hyperdimension Neptunia: Sega Hard Girls Civilization)

    Sega Hard Girls nation was appear in Neptunia spin-off: Superdimension Neptune vs Sega Hard Girls. The nation have four different era lead by four major sega console. The nation was almost vanish after Grand Library's book start to disappear from left to right but (not) all timeline were fix.
    Sega is lead by Hatsumi Sega, she was originally lead the Planeptune before new update have remove her to this civilization. Sega also lead by four leader start with Classical-era "Mega Drive", Medieval-era "Sega Saturn", Industrial-era "Game Gear" and Modern-era "Dreamcast". Much like Tomoya Dinogi, Hatsumi Sega is represent as entire Sega company.

    There are issue with Dreamcast since her color was orange, but blue in Europe because they using PAL since Firaxis system in Civ6 is different than Civ5, Lady Tomoya concern that there are too much complex code to edit since ArtDefs system is SUCK when using since they were not look like the SQL code or anything which we can't find out how to make different leader without get caught.

    Like all Chiyukitalian leaders. All Sega leader also don't like anyone denounce or declare war on them. They also never like to declare Surprise War as well.

    Sega Traits: Land of Great Timeline
    Land of Great Timeline
    was common name for Sega nation that mentioned by Lady Tomoya Dinogi referred as Timeline of this world can be change.

    Sega nation provide 2 modifier yield of Culture, Science and Gold and increase to each era start since Ancient Era to Information Era. Grant 1 era score from every eureka and inspiration thank to Grand Library's record which can be rival to Chiyukitalian's era score from district complete.

    Sega Unique Unit: Nepbike
    After timeline was change and Neptune have become a bike which this bike was used by IF and Segami to adventure and save the timeline from change.

    Unlike Planeptune version of Nepbike which before being remove, this version is replaced Spec Ops instead of Scout. The Nepbike is faster than replacement, as well as ignore zone of control and terrain cost thank to driver (which was IF). But have lesser range attack, high cost, as well as can't paradrop without airport unlike replacement.

    Sega Unique Building: Grand Library
    Grand Library
    was the library that contain many historical event and record from many era. Have a book disappear from the library will cause that event or record disappear as well. (FACT: If the event or record were disappear, the book will disappear as it never have been record to the story)

    This Sega library allow Great Writer to storage their great work there just one slot. Grant all great person point (Include to all mod of Great Person, but it might cause problem with JFD's Rule with Faith's Great Theologian since they using same point as Great Prophet). Although the library is little high cost than replacement.

    (15 year old)
    Leader: Hatsumi Sega

    "I'm a Kami-sama, not a Megami-sama!"
    - Hatsumi Sega

    Lady Segami have greeting to Lady Tomoya as she want her to fix her timeline.
    Segami or Segamin, official name known as Hatsumi Sega (Hat-Su-Mi Se-Ga) known to general populace as Lady Segami. She is one of co-protagonist of this series as fight alongside with IF. Segami is represent as whole Sega world. Segami is only Maker have to be a goddess since the Maker were represent as company. Although Segami is Goddess, some how she said that she is the God. (FUN FACT: "God" in Touhou Galaxy Project were always Male although the God under female were referred as "Goddess", This also happen to Tomoya Dinogi as well)

    Segami's age seem to rival as Tomoya Dinogi since she look younger and have high than Uni around 151cm according to Tomoya's height. Also she is few leader beside as Chiyukitalian have 2D dynamic leaderscene.

    Trait: Sega Hard Girls
    Sega Hard Girls
    is 4 Sega ruler are Mega Drive, Sega Saturn, Game Gear and Dreamcast as Segami can transform into these Sega ruler, but still keep her voice.

    Segami lead Sega city start with 5 Amenity and lack of War weariness in all city. Have 1 Friend grant free +1 era score to each Historic Moment earned. Much like Miki Hiiragi which she only grant when have friend, seek out with Chiyukitalian that lead by Tomoya first and make sure that Segami player don't have religion to prevent any lossing loyalty.

    If Segami have declare a friendship with Mega Drive, Sega Saturn, Game Gear and Dreamcast will grant some bonus of their ability. Declare a friendship with Tomoya will grant ability to build Mastodon MK 2. unit.

    Segami Agenda: Sega Maker
    was only Goddess that have title as "Maker" which this title were often with Human.

    Like Tomoya, she will promise everything and EVERYTHING not even you denounce her and she will use Casus Belli only, she like all civilization except those have denounce or declare war with her.

    As Her
    Segami is useful to increase their advanced technology and civics thank to era change for example, if player still not reach to Information Era while stuck at Industrial Era, this will help to boost their science, culture and also provide a gold.

    Make sure to have a friend to increase era score when complete to make your civilization become the Golden age, but much like Miki that era score have to be 2 or higher, 1 era score can't increase.

    Note, if player encounter Tsukasa or Miyuki, both will using dialog same as they used for Tomoya when say about Segami.

    Against Her
    Much like Tomoya, Segami is weak when attack against Lucky Star especially Konata, but she would make up a strong defense to repel any Konata invaders much like Tomoya as well as she love to spam a settler which she will build the large empire over the world.

    Leader: Dreamcast
    Coming soon
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    Pathum Thani, Thailand
    Typhlomence's Unique Dialog

    Normal Quote when Tomoya have denounce player.

    Unique Quote when Lady Tomoya have denounce Konata player.

    Unique Quote when Lady Tomoya have denounce Miyuki player.

    Thank to Ryoga's Unique Cultural Influence and JFD who have make special dialog so Typhlomence have a special Unique Dialog in Civilization V based on it. So Civilization VI, Typhlomence may not yet have made a mod on Civilization VI so we won't see any Unique Dialog or Lua code system on it. I, Lady Tomoya Dinogi have made these special unique dialog for Civilization VI especially Neptunia civilization by using scrap code from Typhlomence's UniqueDiplomacyUtilsV3.lua that took from Civilization 5 version of Blanec's Lowee Empire. As well as Vice Virtuoso's Neptunia civs which I used this code and convert for Civilization VI to recreate this special dialog. Although I have face several issue before and upon on test such as basic Lua code in Civilization VI which different one from Civilization V and Dialog Database that might not work for custom leader instead of vanilla code. All bugs and issue were fix and currently we have release for Chiyukitalian and old version in Lucky Star. Also that these Unique Dialog were work well with Single player.

    I may will move this information to another page instead of this project.

    Link to the original of this function here.

    Know the main function

    Main function of Unique Dialog system. Remember that I will not spoiler anything about this code unless modder have to look from Chiyukitalian mod. Also this lua code is familiar with one on Civilization V version except they can't take the text code.
    function ChangeDiplomacyReference(targetReference, newReference)
      if targetReference and newReference then
        local text;
        if Locale.HasTextKey(newReference) then
          text = newReference
        if text then
          for row in pairs(DB.Query("UPDATE DiplomacyStatements SET StatementText = '" ..newReference.. "' WHERE StatementText='" ..targetReference.. "'")) do
    If ChangeDiplomacyReference have both targetReference and newReference, they will allow to replaced unless if Locale.HasTextKey found that newReference is exist in Text Database, otherwise, the text will not allow to pass this and without it will cause much trouble in later and even crash to desktop because Dialog database can't find this text.

    After complete all task, the Query will update the DiplomacyStatements by set StatementText from targetReference to newReference.

    Done, you just change your mind from eating Pizza to Hamburger.

    Create a DiplomacyStatements:
    can create by 2 method as similar to Typhlomence's function, but we need to stay in classic way since DiplomacyStatements is complex than previous one. So we gonna need to create owner version of DiplomacyStatements and replace Leader's table from "ANY" to "(Your Leader)" for example "LEADER_LKH_TOMOYADINOGI" as well as StatementText to your leader's dialog which look like this.

    Note that I using SQL instead of XML in this code.
    INSERT INTO DiplomacyStatements
    (Type,                            Initiator,    SubType,    Leader,                        Mood,    StatementText,                                                        LeaderAnimation,        Selections)
    You also can use Lua code to create this one without have to create directly from Database, but like I have mentioned before that DiplomacyStatements is more complex and some code may confuse and would result to error when display.

    We know that we gonna replaced Tomoya's Dialog by change say hello and player is Konata.
    local sTomoyaDinogi = "LEADER_LKH_TOMOYADINOGI"
    local sKonataIzumi = "LEADER_BWH_KONATAIZUMI"
    function KasamiCharacterSpecificDialogText()
      local aPlayers = PlayerManager.GetAliveMajors();
      for k, pPlayer in ipairs(aPlayers) do
        local iPlayer = pPlayer:GetID();
        if (pPlayer:IsHuman() == true) then
          local leaderType = PlayerConfigurations[iPlayer]:GetLeaderTypeName()
          if leaderType == sKonataIzumi then
    aPlayers will find all player exist in this match from PlayerManager.GetAliveMajors() and then pPlayer will took from aPlayers to get what player is alive. iPlayer will took pPlayer and find their GetID player, after find the ID, pPlayer can be pass if player is IsHuman() and leaderType will took from PlayerConfigurations[X]:GetLeaderTypeName() were iPlayer is player in that [X].

    After we complete all code, the leaderType will need to ask lua code to find the player who were the human player in this game so player in this list are sTomoyaDinogi which she is Tomoya Dinogi and sKonataIzumi is Konata Izumi. Human player is sKonataIzumi so they will start ChangeDiplomacyReference to update Tomoya's Dialog by change "LOC_DIPLO_FIRST_MEET_LEADER_LKH_TOMOYADINOGI_ANY" to "LOC_DIPLO_FIRST_MEET_LEADER_LKH_TOMOYADINOGI_VS_KONATAIZUMI".

    Let us load this code:
    This one is using for make sure that Unique Dialog are ready to load for the game.
    function OnLoadScreenCloseKasamiText()
    After we complete KasamiCharacterSpecificDialogText so we gonna put this code into OnLoadScreenCloseKasamiText before we gonna Events.LoadScreenClose.Add and add OnLoadScreenCloseKasamiText on play. Remember that this LoadScreenClose won't work or update to each turn so we gonna using player per turn instead, but currently we don't want to test this yet.

    Create the text:
    Make sure that you have these text, recommend to using same path as vanilla does if that line don't need to be use.
      <Text>Hi there, people. I want to introduction myself to all your people. My official name is Lady Tomoya Dinogi of the Tomoyatalian Empire, my friend call me "Tomo", but your people have to called my official name. Nice to meet you and I sure you will be a good friend and I will promise everything. I'm not the Goddess, but I am the CPU of this nation.</Text>
      <Text>Hi Konata SUCK!</Text>
    So you have done to my explain and good luck to test on Unique Dialog.

    Both Lady Segami and Lady Tomoya are greeting to Konata Izumi.
    Spoiler :

    Konata Izumi react both Lady Segami and Lady Tomoya when murder her.
    Spoiler :

    Miyuki have react both Lady Segami and Lady Tomoya when murder her. Note that Miyuki use same dialog whatever player is Tomoya or Segami.
    Spoiler :

    Lady Kasami have react to Konata Izumi when she have declare war on them.
    Spoiler :

    Lady Aiko have react to Ram when she have disloyal to her agenda. Note that Aiko's Unique Dialog is very dynamic to each turn based on Aiko's mood, If Aiko cry about someone have drew her diary when play as Ram. This will no longer be used in later turn as her diary was drew and she will start more anger and rage, but I can't allow to see here.

    Aiko's Unique Agenda toward Ram is different than other as Aiko will denounce Ram for drew her book instead of capture her city.

    Currently that I have attempt to working perfect but still not test yet.
    Spoiler :


    (Ram only)

    The Unique Dialog is also using in different path of the code like this one were Kagami and Tsukasa Hiiragi is appear in same game were share same capital name is "Hiiragi Household". Tsukasa's capital which below of the image is change into "Alt." to not conflict with Kagami's capital which sometime Tsukasa or Kagami will took the capital name were using by another Lucky Star leader if they were in the game (and below their turn) as well.
    Spoiler :

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