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Blanec's Hyperdimension Neptunia Civilization VI

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Released Mods' started by BlanecWH, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. BlanecWH

    BlanecWH Chieftain

    Jun 27, 2016
    Hyperdimension Neptunia: Touhou Galaxy Project

    Hyperdimension Neptunia is now become the Civilizations of Civilization VI. Take the CPU as the leader based on Hyperdimension Neptunia series as well as HDN: Touhou Galaxy Project Novel. All Civilization are make by Blanec - White Heart. The Story is setting around Traveler from Beyond of Gamindustri. Kasami and Rom & Ram is original civilization from Civilization V.

    For Memory of Kagami and Blanec, the Greatest CPU without HDD Form version in Civilization V, see here.

    The Story of Traveler from Beyond of Gamindustri is setting in 4 year after Memory of Kagami act. After disaster of Great Universe War in G.C. 2014 between Touhou Galaxy with their alliance and Star Conflict with their Mind Trick universe, after Death of Princess Kagami Hiiragi and fall of Interstellar Federation, Kasami Hiiragi have become the next princess of Interstellar Federation and turn the Federation into the Dictatorship of Lastation Empire and destroyed the loser universe who fought the war against Touhou Galaxy with Treaty of Hiiragi, the peace treaty that rip off all loser universe from Great Universe War and force their people to eating horse remain similar to evil Treaty of Versailles were many their people have drive into insane as they kill many horse, caused Lastation Empire have annex some part of loser universe being one of their horse have escape into Touhou Galaxy, leading to many loser universe attempt to avoid the treaty but end up with Lastation Empire have destroy their planet and trillion death of their people as lesson until Lastation Empire have annex all universe, no loser universe survive in the end of G.C. 2015.

    4 Year after Great Universe War, Kasami Hiiragi have declare the stability of nation and turn Lastation Empire from Dictatorship into the Federal Democratic Republic but not for long until one day, a mystery person have trick Kasami and other 3 CPUs fall into dimension hole and fall into the world known as Gamindustri and she and other was trap in planet and meet with other CPUs there, which the story is begin.

    List of Civilizations

    Chiyukitalian, also known as Land of Space Advancement. the Chiyukitalian is the nickname of Gamindustrian settlement on planet Chiyuki in the Touhou Galaxy that far from Gamindustri around 750 million light years found by fairly tome girl similar to Histoire name "Chiyu" (English version as "Reco") was Founder of Chiyukitalian Civilization or Modern Gamindustri. Chiyukitalian have arrive on Chiyuki in 8,000 year ago with stargate that connect each other until one day the gate was destroyed. Chiyukitalian is excellent on technology of computer technology and video game. Chiyukitalian have been at war with Star Conflict for 2,000 year since Fall of Tomoyatalian Empire until Great Universe War in G.C. 2014 which turn Interstellar Federation into the massive power of Lastation Empire.

    Chiyukitalian in currently lead by four leader with Kasami, Peon, Aiko and Niwa. Main Chiyukitalian leader is peference with Kasami Hiiragi, a sole CPU leader and main protagonist of the series, and easily to use especially to player who like to Domination, although Kasami will focus Science Victory more than Domination. Teijiki Peon, naval commander and CPU which best for naval superior. Aiko, novel writer and youngest CPU and she is only Tomoyatalian-lead Chiyukitalian Civilization which superior for ranged unit and final, Vertimiki Niwa, Alpha Force Guardian and CPU which superior to punch against Unique Unit. All Chiyukitalian Goddesses have same Agenda is not like Denounce or War.

    - Kasami's Chiyukitalian Civilization
    - Ton of Easter Egg
    - Various Unique Unit

    Spoiler :

    - Chiyuki
    - Tomoya (when lead by Aiko)

    Possible name:
    - Kukan-Ori-Ori
    - Coruscant
    - Vargayang
    - Raji
    - Lacorn
    - Kor-Somtatan
    - Shugo-Mo-Mo
    - Alpha Vista
    - Tally
    - Hulta
    - Beta Oska
    - Gamma Vega
    - Port Delta
    - Epsilon Valla
    - Kuromura
    - Eta Ja
    - Genemeya
    - Titania
    - Cameron Alpha
    - Lambda Vegas
    - Emmerson Core
    - Omega Vika
    - Port Omicron
    - Sakukiwa
    - Panas Vista
    - Tango Delta
    - Cape Tau
    - Phi Chi Koi
    - Kronos
    - Ceeland
    - Stellar
    - Fushiki
    - Chinozaki
    - Namu
    - Soki
    - Shimo
    - Lukara
    - Mikira
    - Shimura
    - Usami
    - Rajiro
    - Aminamei
    - Nasumi
    - Maralo
    - Luyasara
    - Alexdimer
    - Jefferson
    - Timbark
    - Bird Bridge
    - Wellson
    - Chi Hai
    - Lazzarodo

    Chiyukitalian Overview:
    Chiyukitalian were often to start near coast, given to their civilization advanced on naval unit (for some reason, they often to start near river and high chance to close with lake instead of coast due to bug of start plot of civilization). Ducken Explorer were useful to deal against early barbarian invasion and explore other rival civilization. Tomoyatalian unit were powerful with their ranged and strength which easily to fight against enemy unit that invade their land, however, these Tomoyatalian ranged unit are extreme weak against city defense! Their air unit were extreme powerful and most of bomber were capable to deal against naval unit, especially StarfurotorX-4 which was multiple-role fighter that capable to attack enemy fighter, defend against bomber and also can pillaging a tile.

    As plan in Rise & Fall, there are possible to have unique Governor name which Chiyukitalian governor will take from a Maker of Chiyukitalian like 'Tominoru', XJM lead project as The Educator (very unlike, According from Dev's test which have only 7 governor and have same character in every civilization, or maybe that will using hard code since Chiyukitalian may don't like same to every Civs much like attempt to replaced a Unique Great Person). Also Chiyukitalian leaders will never spare a free city when capture or join to Chiyukitalian since Chiyukitalian don't like Neutral city. (likely that they will never liberate because currently there are no liberate a city that belong to original owner before their city being revolt) Also Chiyukitalian Leader will be focus to each Alliance based on which Aiko will prefer to Culture Alliance while Kasami and Peon will prefer both Economic and Research Alliance, Niwa will focus on Military Alliance.

    Chiyukitalian Traits: Land of Space Advancement
    Chiyukitalian have been at war with Star Conflict for long and their economy have become a problem, they have found the Self-Defense Force for reduce the military and easily to protect their land from enemy civilization especially barbarian, +15 Strength to owner unit in owner border or if there are enemy in her border, also no War weariness for owner as they have seen the war as normal life. Her city is the planet and all city will have fully fortification strength and the ability to bombard, however, player city can't build the wall which some are require to boost the tech. She also gain +1 level diplomatic visibility to all civilization as well as Broadcast Center gain 1 slot for every great work.

    As plan in Rise & Fall, All cities will have always loyalty to Chiyukitalian leader and will never be lost or revolt to other civilization and will never need a Governor to gain loyalty unless using to deal with other city such as increase city ability, gain Golden Age score for every turn. As Golden Age of Chiyukitalian is around Tomoyatalian Era or Medieval Era and Early Federation Era or Industrial Age since Tomoyatalian Empire have liberate the galaxy from Ducken, and Interstellar Federation under Empress Miki have expanse the empire and become a largest nation in that time. Dark Age of Chiyukitalian civilization is around Republic Era or Renaissance Era and GUW-Federation Era or Atomic Era (but may will appear to many time when your age score is lower into dark age) after Fall of Tomoyatalian Empire and many planet were spread into their own rule, and Death of Tsukasa Hiiragi in Star Conflict Invasion over Touhou Galaxy. Finally, the Heroic Era is Imperial Era or Information Era after Touhou Galaxy have destroy Star Conflict after Victory over Great Universe War, Chiyukitalian Civs were not always fail into dark age, mainly because Chiyukitalian were lead many unique unit.

    Unique Unit: Various (Primary is Shinano Carrier)
    Chiyukitalian have various Unique Unit to deal against enemy, most of unit are based on novel, like this Bomobor-1 is Naval Bomber that capable to deal against naval unit. Chiyukitalian were strong with Naval and Air Unit (with exception that non of these naval unit can't capture city), also that most of powerful unit were require resource! especially cavalry, siege, air (except Tomo-Furotor) and heavy naval ranged unit (from naval ranged unit as light naval ranged unit are take from naval melee unit), Chiyukitalian will be a deadly when enter to medieval era, be sure to secure some resource especially horse to train some Kero Knight and fight against your denouncement civs or protect your friendly civs from your foe.

    As plan in Rise & Fall, there will likely to add more unique unit around 8 unit that remain from Civ5 mod such as Tomo-Cobenk, Tomo-Arthuro (possibly) and Pod Attack Walker or even likely to take a unit from other mod such as Astronaunt which original within Enlightenment Era mod. But currently there are only 4 unit appear in the game which likely to be a replacement are Imperial Lastation SpecForce (replaced Spec Ops), Pod Attack Walker (replaced Pike and Shot) and Railgun Trooper (replaced Heavy Trooper that replace Modern AT).

    (Traveler from Beyond of Gamindustri novel, 21 year old)
    Leader: Kasami Hiiragi

    Amu or Noire, also known as Kasami Hiiragi (Born: March 3, G.C. 1997 in Planeptune, Gamindustri) leads Chiyukitalian. Kasami is known for being Youngest Leader of Touhou Galaxy, she is also the Liberator of all people and not only survive the Great Universe War from Star Conflict, but also bring the Chiyukitalian as superpower species in entire galaxy, as well as she is the Goddess of Touhou Galaxy who rebuilt the galaxy from ash quickly. Kasami has often been used in preference to other Great Chiyukitalian ruler such as Reco, Miki Hiiragi or even Tomoya Dinoji of Tomoyatalian Empire who is successful Chiyukitalian have liberate the Touhou Galaxy from domination by Ducken Empire, as well as Teijiki Peon, Aiko and Vertimiki Niwa who are alternative Chiyukitalian leader for who like their favorite characters.

    Kasami age in this story is 21, as previous story is around 15-16. As this version, she is now more mature and strong to build a greatest civilization across the galaxy, she will ignore people who demand her to stop settle near them since she will expanded more land, although she is stronger than anyone but she still weak against her big sister, Kagami Hiiragi.

    Kasami Traits: Treaty of Hiiragi's Legacy
    Kasami will get no Warmonger for declaring war due to Treaty of Hiiragi (but not work with Gandhi since declare war can trigger him think you are warmonger may because using violence, not even defensive pact). As Civilization who have declare friendship with her will gain 5 amenity, or if there are civilization who have denounce her or at war with her (she declare war on player also count) will penalties with -30 amenity (include with city-states as well) and Barbarian will appear due to Treaty of Hiiragi drive loser universe into the insane although they will appear slower than other unless have combine with other amenity penalties such as War weariness and Bankruptcy which will make a worst nightmare to your civilization, especially war with her. Unlike Gandhi, this version is not increase War weariness, but the main 'amenity' which cause some Leader like Alexander who don't have penalties with War weariness will face this trouble. Allow to trained Order of Hiiragi, most powerful melee unique unit in the Chiyukitalian when lead by Kasami.

    As plan in Rise & Fall, Civilization who Denounce, Declare War on her (also count with Emergencies, maybe) will penalties with -15 loyalty score to your civilization (which mean that your city will lost in few turn) in city that not have Palace or Governors and easily to fill enemy cities into her empire unless you have strong pressure since we will not allow to make a Free city into her empire too quick, but also gain loyalty when friend with her, also that Kasami can declare any casus belli without research civics and allow backward civs who friendship with her to make Alliance or Defensive Pact with her without research civics (but Kasami player need to research these civics in order to unlocked it), Defensive Pact is unlocked at Diplomatic Service instead of Mobilization.

    Enemy who denounce her can't build naval unit, settler and trader (but exist Trader still can do) due to Treaty of Hiiragi Order 17, maybe also enemy can't using casus belli more than Surprise War and can't declare a friendship, make alliance, defensive pact or even proposal a trade with other civilization or other new Diplomatic action in Rise and Fall such as Emergencies if these are possible, this Leader Traits is useful on those denouncement civs.

    Historical Agenda: Hate Karma People
    She will always like to Declaring Friendship, making Alliance or even Defensive Pact to her friend and she will like every player at start if they don't make the karma against her to make her complain, she won't Declare Surprise War or Joint War against you and never gone war with City-States, she will liberate the city from attacker especially City-States and those who declare surprise war on civs. Kasami don't like people who earning karma that she don't like are include with Civilization Declare a Surprise War (Joint War is also count as Surprise War, Surprise War is also count when war on City-States) against Civilization, Convert a Religion to her city, but most upset for her to complain is Denounce Direct on her (although denounce can stop AI being bad, casus belli or use as formal your unhappy but as Kasami is drive her go insane and make her as your enemy and she will never forget your action), Declare War on her and Close to Victory, if player declare war on her no matter what the casus belli is... (like Liberation War or Reconquest War not even Defensive Pact until make peace, she will complain for entire game and she will never be forget (except for close to victory), if case of city-states if they declare war on her, she will killed them. Kasami is also hate on civilization that declare war on civilization that Defensive Pact with her or team with her.

    If she is complain, you may will face with ton of barbarian or other civilization who likely will declare war on you, and also that if she or you denounce her, she will often to casus belli against you. Also that Denounce Kasami will increase warmonger upon declare war on her.

    Other civilization who declare a friendship with her will get no warmonger which make easily for Kasami player who like to razed denouncement player. Note that this is Agenda, not Traits which Human player still receive this Agenda although you may not always use, with Friend with Ultradimension Noire which will buff this power and civilization who denounce her will aware of this.

    As plan in Rise & Fall, Kasami will strong to use Emergencies against their enemies who have denounce her or denounce them if there are her friend with and will dislike civilization who use Emergencies against her much like declaring war on her although some Emergencies were not always automatic to declare war on her, but because this was similar to Lucas's Alliance were gag their alliance to attack on Touhou Galaxy in Great Universe War. Also dislikes Civilization that not promise to her, broke the promise (when not as friend, but currently is hard code) or convert her city to their empire, Kasami is also dislike Civilization that send a trade route into her city if you denounce her, she will also to Declare War of Retribution against civilization who broke a promise to her, she will often to attack a Free city if Loyalty is not enough to convert a free city into her empire.

    Kasami Hiiragi player are need to superior more than everyone in the game and need to have more land than the other. Kasami player will strong and faster when following government are follow with Autocracy, Monarchy, (Absolute Monarchy in Rule with Faith) and Democracy, but for some reason, the AI may will remain stuck with Monarchy or Feudal Monarchy, if player have a problem with other religion, go for Theocracy, in late game, player need to choose a government with less military policy and one with more economy policy. Strong Chiyukitalian Unique Unit were require resource which mean that player need to found a city with these require resource in order to built a strong unit.

    As Her:

    She will always powerful and important that she is design for Culture Victory more than most of other Victory while Science and Domination victory is good for some skill but Religion Victory is not recommand as her religion unit will need to defend rather than attack, with Land of Space Advancement and Defender of the Faith Beliefs will become impossible to convert her city. Make sure to not promise to any civilization especially "Move the Troop near me" as Kasami AI or player will not promise this to player (as there are no promise to move troop by player, any may will update in future or mod), Chiyukitalian players were Settler superior that will settle to anywhere in the map so best way to settle a city is settle close to their own city at least 8 tile away to allow more districts since Chiyukitalian were often to many districts and defense against other religion unit since Chiyukitalian were weak in religion focus especially Human player unless Religious Colonization but it will convert there are no defense, make sure to not promise to stop settle near them or make Alliance with them into order to expand the empire if you don't want to have a bad relation with other civs, also that should avoid to settle near enemy city that denounce or denounce them because they will grow up faster when signed a trade route and you bored to nuke these trade unit although it still slower.

    If Civilization have denounce her or at war with her, amenities will apply with -30 to all enemy city and will greatly spawn Barbarian (Rebel) and they have high chance to attack one of their city to razed it especially if their city get bombard by her unit!! Allow her to get no Warmonger. But Barbarian will raze enemy city if enemy player are at war with her and there are Barbarian that close to enemy city, move your unit (recommend with Scout Trooper and LAAT) to close enemy city with 0 HP (leave 1 tile away from your unit and barbarian or barbarian will attack your unit instead of enemy city).

    Kasami player may can declare war without Warmonger or capture cities if Kasami player have friend but remember that if there are Gandhi appear in this game, he will warned you to avoid a violence even you have friend with him, he will warn you and even using Defensive Pact against enemy civilization.

    As plan in Rise & Fall, if Kasami player have annoying with other civilization that convert her city to other religion or other thing, player may can join Emergencies against enemy civilization but make sure that you need to prepare or you will be fail especially a religion. You may also can enter into Dark Age when score is met (unless have not do anything), however, your city can't be revolt to other civs and still loyalty to your empire. Also that Kasami player can annex the city-states with your loyality which you will no longer to worry about other civs stolen your city-states. If you are target of an Emergencies that trigger a war, you will not worry about a denouncement civs attacking you since their empire somewhat explosive when they are weak and besure that you have to follow the goal and take these member to fail their goal so you will be stronger.

    Against Her:
    She is design for friendly civilization which anyone be friend with her and she will declare the friendship with anyone quickly and will accept a friendship on everyone if not unhappy, player can send the trade route with her to get various yield especially gold at early game (but useless when denounce her because Barbarians will pillaging your trader and your unit may will be killed when run out of gold). Unlike most Civilization after at war with other civilization which later have declare the friendship at some point, Kasami will stay complain for entire game no matter what they do. Also that both Kasami Player and AI is often being very high target for unfriendly civilization by Joint War which likely lead her get more warmonger than usual even in classical era when kill these civilization and player will require lot of resource to make peace with her, also Declare War on her will get huge warmonger. It should be warn that if player's civlization have close to civilization who denounce or at war with Kasami will face problem with Barbarian from their civilization that will escape and pillaging your improvements especially "Helicopter" unit. She also will expanse and control more land and she will not promise to stop settle near you.

    Player can win against her with Domination only, as Culture and Science will far ahead than you while Religion is still normally but she will upset for being convert a religion unless she don't have a religion, best way to deal with her is have nuclear weapon and nuke one of her city that don't have Turtles or Fighters unit since most of unique unit were require much of resource and player need to have a unit to deal with a Rebel pop-up in your city when declare war on her and must have large amount of gold to keep your unit, best way to declare war on her is using Joint War (but may will end up with get denounce by other civilization who friend with her). Remember to not Denounce her too early (as well as late game) because player's civilization will reduce many yield from amenities penalties and she will often to Declare Formal War or other Casus Belli against player quickly. Also that denouncer player have bad luck if player have denounce her and declare war when denounce is not expired, Kasami will not make peace!

    As plan in Rise & Fall, a Member who join Emergencies against her, make sure if these Emergencies were trigger a war or she will think you are karma people and it will same to what look like especially capture her city after she launch a nuke or liberate a city-states from her is hardest thing to archive since her defense force traits and most of unique unit were stronger than their replacement. Not only you will just fail a goal, but you may will loss your city into a free city or her empire faster and you will have get a bad relation with her, there are rarely because she will love a friend many friend that no karma with her.

    Support Mod:
    - JFD's Rule with Faith
    Spoiler :

    Note: Chiyukitalian leader are often with female which there are no male leader in Chiyukitalian which some male leader title like "Hista" didn't exist in story. Kasami Hiiragi and all CPUs of Touhou Galaxy were often to start with "Lady" (exception with Ancient Era and Theocracy Goverment).

    Chiefdom & Polis = Male: Hista, Female: Histy
    Horde = Duckan
    Autocracy = Male: Chiyu-Prince, Female: Chiyu-Princess
    Oligarchy = Duckenator
    Classical Democracy = Chief of States
    Merchant Republic = Male: Viceroy, Female: Vicereine
    Feudal Monarchy = Male: Tomo-Prince, Female: Tomo-Princess
    Theocracy = None (use Default female title), with her Religion = Goddess
    Noble Republic = Chancellor
    Absolute Monarchy = Male: Tomo-Emperor, Female: Tomo-Empress
    Constitutional Monarchy = Male: Chiyu-Emperor, Female: Chiyu-Empress
    Liberal Democracy = Male: Stellar-Prince, Female: Stellar-Princess
    People's Republic = Naval Commander
    Military Guardianship = Male: Lord, Female: Lady
    Empire Policy = Male: Stellar-Emperor, Female: Stellar-Empress

    Kasami Hiiragi = Lady

    - Yet (not) Another Earth Maps Pack
    Chiyukitalian will start on Tokyo, Japan.

    Spoiler :

    - Blanec - White Heart (A.k.a. Kasami Hiiragi): Code, Writing, Artwork

    Special Thank:
    - Deliverator: 3D Model Tutorial & Guide

    - Be Positive
    - This forum is use for Discuss about Bug, Issue and Opinion
    - This mod is also using as release of other mod which if this mod is not enough goal, it will not release and will likely remove.

    (C) 2015, Lowee Empire, Kasami Hiiragi and every material are part of Idea Factory, Compile Heart, Hyperdimension Neptunia: Touhou Galaxy Project Novel.
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2018 at 10:10 AM
  2. BlanecWH

    BlanecWH Chieftain

    Jun 27, 2016
    Gamindustri Goddesses
    Lowee, also known as Land of White Serenity is much older or younger nation in Gamindustri being have fully of magic and retro structure like Mushroom, located on the north of Gamindustri, the nation is full of snow landmass. Lowee is known as play for major role in every Hyperdimension Neptunia series as easily to someone get lost there.

    Lowee in currently lead by three leader are Blanc, Rom and Ram. Blanc is best for anyone have problem with Tundra and Snow tile as she will do this job good and she will focus on train the Great Writer. Rom is good on Trade with other civilization as her will get culture and Ram is focus on culture as well.

    Planeptune, also known as Land of Purple Progress is the most advanced nation on the Gamindustri which have technology that rivally to Chiyukitalian as Chiyuktalian may have advance technology but in 8-bit world although they lack of space flight and space exploration. Planeptune is serve as primary nation in Hyperdimension Neptunia series with several protagonist like Neptune, Nepgear, Plutia, Ultradimension Noire & Kasami Hiiragi (likely) and as well as Blanc in MegaTagmension.

    Planeptune in currently lead by three leader are Neptune, Nepgear, Plutia, Uzume and Segami (although Segami soon will be remove and move to Sega-like Civilization instead of Planeptune). Neptune is like for war with other nation as think that Planeptune is the most powerful nation ever!! While Nepgear is like to seeking friend with other civilization that not backstab. Plutia is best for basic like send the delegation, make friendship, etc, but she is extreme dangerous in early game as her Doll will overrun the enemy city quickly but she will not backstab and declare a surprise war. Uzume like civs that not control her city, and Finally, Segami will like all Civs and will declare a friendship with every civs (include all Civs that was a bad guy), she don't like Civs who act like Kasami Hiiragi don't like (Declare War on her or Denounce her).

    Lastation, also known as Land of Black Regality is the most powerful nation of the Gamindustri rival to Planeptune and Chiyukitalian being "does everything", although their military is much like Chiyukitalian being as Defence Force. Lastation is also known for most hard work nation on Gamindustri.

    Lastation in currently lead by two leader are Noire (and Ultradimension Noire) and Uni, both are Tsundere and if there are Ultradimension Noire in this game will easily to play as Kasami to kill someone without warmonger. As Noire is focus on Science Victory, she will be dangerous in late game as she will have XMB Artillery to deal with them while Uni is focus on Domination Victory as her siege unit have bonus against them, and she is known as most dangerous in every game being as Vert being that Siege unit can knock city defense faster although they might not often to attack enemy unit more than city. Ultradimension Noire is similar to Kasami Hiiragi with except that her Agenda soon will replaced in Rise and Fall.

    In Rise & Fall, Noire's Agenda will like Civs with large number of Wonder or Production and will not like backward civs with poor production, Noire will like those with strong one of these so she will accept a friend request. Uni's Agenda will not like Civilization with large number of Siege unit will like civilization that weak on it. Although have attempt to make this before but not working until this DLC was arrive, Uni will also attack on Civs with strong number Siege unit which easily to match, however, Kasami Hiiragi is real problem to archive this.

    Leanbox, also known as Land of Green Pastures is the most freedom and relax nation of Gamindustri and never have been conflict with other three nation for long (as Hyperdimension) being as Island nation. Leanbox is hard to conquest in military power by other nation except of Chiyukitalian. According to Gamindustri Freedom Rights by Touhou Galaxy Project, Leanbox is most freedom nation in Gamindustri while Planeptune is the worst, mainly because of Neptune.

    Leanbox in currently lead by sole leader is Vert, she is extreme power in Anti-Cavalry unit and she will build much these unit, she is dangerous in mid and late game as she will build these unit for conquest on other nation.

    Eden is youngest and shortest-live nation of Ultradimension Gamindustri, as start for stolen shares of other nation before being recover the memory, after recovery, the nation start to fall apart.

    Eden is lead by single leader known as Peashy, she is extremely to punch out all enemy unit with her strong melee unit combat and the Unique Unit thanks to Anonydeath's information on Noire's cosplay and some Kasami's Pronography image from Meito Anizawa, she have know how to take down their Unique Unit that lead by CPUs (although can't fight against Order of Hiiragi) unless when fight against Niwa. Peashy is deadly but friendly if you make a friendship too early.

    Spoiler :

    - Blanec - White Heart (A.k.a. Kasami Hiiragi): Code, Writing, Artwork

    Special Thank:
    - Deliverator: 3D Model Tutorial & Guide

    - Be Positive
    - This forum is use for Discuss about Bug, Issue and Opinion

    (C) 2015, Lowee Empire, Kasami Hiiragi and every material are part of Idea Factory, Compile Heart, Hyperdimension Neptunia: Touhou Galaxy Project Novel.
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2018 at 7:13 AM
  3. BlanecWH

    BlanecWH Chieftain

    Jun 27, 2016
    Alternative Chiyukitalian Goddess
    Alternate Chiyukitalian Leaders
    (Traveler from Beyond of Gamindustri novel, 21 year old)
    Leader: Teijiki Peon

    Peon, also known as Teijiki Peon (Born: November 3, G.C. 1996 in Federation Starship CCSS Mikasa) lead Chiyukitalian. Peon is best Naval Commander of Federation who serve on Nagato-class Battleship CCSS Nagato during time of Star Conflict Invasion over Touhou Galaxy and Great Universe War. She is friend of Kasami and she is also one of survivors during Ryoo School Massacre launched by Star Conflict in G.C. 2008 which also that during of Massacre, she have study on Ryoo School in first day.

    Peon Traits: Admiral of the Nep
    Peon will have strongest naval unit in the game especially in later game but much like all Chiyukitalian Unique Unit, non of Naval unit were have melee unit which she have special unit for Melee unit on her own, the Imperial Navy Trooper which weaker than Mako but strong in coast and no cost to embark, also strong defense when embark. Harbor district build half time. Also, if there are Civilization have denounce or at war with her, their unit will penalties with -10 Strength and -1 Movement which impossible to defend against other civilization or even Barbarians! Civilian unit is also count for movement which settler will likely catch by Barbarian.

    (Traveler from Beyond of Gamindustri novel, 18 year old)
    Leader: Aiko (Yoshimizu)

    Aiko, official name known as Aiko Yoshimizu (Born: July 2, G.C. 2000, Tomoeda, Tomoya), Aiko is only person who didn't feature her last name, she is simply as "Aiko" due to Yoshimizu was ancient royal family of Tomoyatalian Empire and fact that her entire family was killed by Star Conflict during Invasion over Touhou Galaxy, she is Tomoyatalian-born CPU and she is youngest main character in Touhou Galaxy Project, Aiko is Manju trader, News Anchors of Federation News Network, Novel Writer and also, she is Commander of Anti-Lu-Al Force during Great Universe War. Aiko is only Chiyukitalian Leader who start capital as "Tomoya" instead "Chiyuki" unlike most of people since she is Tomoyatalian.

    Aiko Traits: A Dream of Aiko
    Aiko will gain more amenity when declare a friendship with other civilization. Amphitheater can hold more than 4 slot much like Blanc. Aiko Manju, a special luxury resource that can be found on city that found by Aiko, also enemy civilization will suffer additional War weariness penalties for war with Aiko. Allow to train Anti-Lu-Al, most powerful ranged unit which can defend Tomoya from enemy foe.

    (Traveler from Beyond of Gamindustri novel, 30 year old)
    Leader: Vertimiki Niwa

    Niwa, official name known as Vertimiki Niwa (Born: April 27 G.C. 1988, Kowa prefecture, Kyomoto, Chiyuki), She is Alpha Force Guardian during Interstellar Federation and she also the Best Teacher of Alpha Force because her tactic on fight against stranger civilization in Piglette Space of Delta Quadrant with special weapon known as FX-2 Anti-Piglette Beam Launcher that capable to punch them. Niwa is oldest and very mature unlike Peon and Kasami, she is also love to shoot people with firearm when travel to against dangerous species.

    Niwa Traits: Alpha Force Guardian
    Much like Peashy, but far more superior, she is strong to against Unique Unit once she was during trap on Piglette Space and Barbarian thank to repel the Mocka species pirate attack on CCSS Alliance which she will attack Unique Unit that not as Chiyukitalian so she will know what they look like, although, Niwa is strong to against all Unique Unit but Peashy can take down those Chiyukitalian Unique Unit since not all Civilization will lead ton of Unique Unit like Chiyukitalian, also no cost when embark or disembark thank to Alpha Force course.
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    Neptunia Villain
    ASIC is antagonist faction in Hyperdimension Gamindustri during Mk2 or Re;Birth 2 act, with goal to revive Deity of Sin to destroy the Gamindustri (and later Touhou Galaxy).

    ASIC is lead by Arfoire, she is religious and hate everyone friend with her enemy, as well as don't like Civilization who spread a religion to her city while she don't have a religion or have high amount of faith yield if she have a religion. Making hard to win a Religion Victory, if player like to make a bad relation with her, pick up one of Chiyukitalian Civilization especially Kasami Hiiragi.

    Tari (TBD)
    Coming Soon

    Lucas's Alliance (TBD)
    Star Conflict during Great Universe War known as Lucas's Alliance is main antagonist faction in Touhou Galaxy during Memory of Kagami act, the Star Conflict is main enemy of Chiyukitalian and their goal is conquest the Touhou Galaxy and exterminate all Chiyukitalian species.

    Lu-Al is lead by one leader known as George 'Will' Lucas, a.k.a. William Georcas is main antagonist of entire Hyperdimension Neptunia: Touhou Galaxy Project, he is not like all Civilization and will dominated all nation into his land, he is extreme warmonger without any question and he is good puncher against Kasami Hiiragi without any problem with Barbarian pop-up or Amenities and he can't build other district more than Military function and general district for City Center, he can't recruit any Great person.

    However, we have a problem with his Leader model due to extreme high poly which not likely that Civ6 can handle him. Also Kasami Hiiragi is still can't denounce him if you play as him since Kasami don't like him even you never make karma against her, and he can't declare a friendship or other action more than Declare Surprise War, Denounce or Demand from them even play as him until Rise and Fall release.

    Neutral Alliance (TBD)
    Coming Soon
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