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blank video options


Jan 23, 2006
I have looked for this among the threads and haven't heard anyone else with this problem. I cant change any video options because there is nothing in the pull down menus in all of the video options.

Forgot to put my comp settings

Windows 7
I7 920 2.67
6 gigs of ram
nvidia gtx 285
I have the same problem in DX10 mode. The only way I can get the game to run at all in DX10 is to disable fullscreen. But then all the video options settings are completely empty. In fullscreen, the game minimizes and won't un-minimize.

I've tried two different computers with two different operating systems and two different video cards and have yet to get DX10 mode working. On one system, it just outright crashes. On the other I get this blank video options and other issues.

I have one more older laptop I could try....

I have to look I had to use the ini so that I could play in windowed mode since fullscreen would not work on my computer but I haven't made any other changes. The game still works fine I just cant change video options and I cant play in full screen.
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