Blessing in Disguse?


I kill VIRTUAL Spanish!
Mar 11, 2006
So started a game of BTS Custom Continents 3 Medium everything Warlord (still new to game) so here's the starting location Civ4ScreenShot0000.JPG
Just want some pros some cons and some tips.
you're going to have to beeline towards iron and calender to make use of those bananas.
Looks good, but hope you get some Iron/Copper pops....
It's a pity there is no banana corporation. Are there any hills? I cant see from the thumbnail. One problem with a watery map like this can be the lack of production.

I would build Collosus to get extra seas tile commerce. Find a good production city on the sea to build Collosus and boats.

Explore more with a fishing boat.

Pros, you can rule the sea. Cons, possibly little production.
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