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Blood and Iron: The Conquests of the Chancellor

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Stories & Tales' started by MTB4884, May 27, 2011.

  1. MTB4884

    MTB4884 Emperor

    May 25, 2011
    Western United States
    This is a fanciful compilation of tales and incidents from a game of Civ III-Conquests. I was inspired to try my hand at a tale of my own by reading the work of such giants as zeerust and Vanadorn. Special thanks to Kal-El for devising a unique mod for this great game.

    Starting conditions:

    Civ III Conquests v. 1.29, Kal-El's Earth mod (256 x 256 map) (start positions only).
    Victory conditions: Conquest, victory point scoring at 50,000 city and 500,000 total
    I'm looking to conquer the globe, not launch spaceships or dominate. Victory point scoring is only on to help keep track of how I'm doing.
    Time: 1000 turns
    Accelerated production
    Mass regicide

    Other civilizations are:

    I'm playing as the Germans.

    Difficulty level: Regent

    The first spoilered section below contains a tentative chapter list (as of 10/24/11) and a list of the topics in the thread by post number and post date from 5/27/11 through 12/31/11. The second continues from 1/1/12 through 6/18/12, and the third through 12/31/12. The last section ends at 3/23/13 due to the posting size limit, and is continued in the second post below. Posts that are not part of the story itself (brief asides and comments/responses from readers) are marked as OOS and are listed to maintain list accuracy.

    Spoiler :
    Tentative Chapter list:
    Chapter 1: Founding of the Empire #1-34
    Chapter 2: First Indian War #35-146
    a) Initial land battles
    b) Wotan's Spear
    c) Assault of Persia
    d) Invasion
    Chapter 3: Road to War #147-174
    Chapter 4: Egyptian Conquest #175-214
    Chapter 5: Early Industrial Era #215-272
    Chapter 6: 2nd Indian War #273-447
    Chapter 7: Interwar Period #448-473
    Chapter 8: Turkish War #474-606
    Chapter 9: Second interwar period #607-?

    5/27/11 #1-Opening setting
    5/27/11 #2-Berlin settled-4000 BC
    5/27/11 #3-City name chosen
    5/27/11 #4-Celt leader
    5/27/11 #5-Contact with Turks
    5/27/11 #6-Great Wall
    5/27/11 #7-Fishermen and pirate frigate
    5/28/11 #8-Sparthage subscription post (OOS)
    5/28/11 #9-MTB4884 reply to Sparthage (OOS)
    5/28/11 #10-Catapult attack
    5/28/11 #11-Count Spee-Celtic battle
    5/28/11 #12-Princeof Persia subscription post (OOS)
    5/30/11 #13-Upcoming events (OOS)
    5/30/11 #14-Contact with Iroquois
    5/30/11 #15-Hans and the attack on Rome
    5/31/11 #16-Alberich and Republic
    5/31/11 #17-Upcoming events (OOS)

    6/1/11 #18-Ministry Council meeting
    6/1/11 #19-Captain Lutjens's speech
    6/3/11 #20-Queen Isabella
    6/3/11 #21-Wotan's Spear vs. Eustace
    6/5/11 #22-Fr. Stein and GL
    6/5/11 #23-Grosbruckner and Fr. Stein.
    6/5/11 #24-Upcoming events (OOS)
    6/8/11 #25-Battle of Madrid
    6/14/11 #26-Bishop Berg and Thor's Oak
    6/14/11 #27-Ministry meeting and Democracy
    6/14/11 #28-1st Map (OOS)
    6/20/11 #29-Preparation for Viking attack
    6/21/11 #30-1st speech to Reichstag with Democracy
    6/23/11 #31-Wotan's Spear sinks barbarian galley
    6/27/11 #32-India demands contact with England
    6/28/11 #33-Ministry Council meeting
    6/30/11 #34-Indian ministry meeting

    7/2/11 #35-Mahatma Gandhi declares war
    7/2/11 #36-MTB4884 surprise at Gandhi's war (OOS)
    7/3/11 #37-Aviary message reaches Antioch
    7/5/11 #38-Vice-Chancellor
    7/5/11 #39-Indian embassy-Wilhelm Tell
    7/6/11 #40-Vice Chancellor's Reichstag speech
    7/7/11 #41-Battle of Mustang
    7/8/11 #42-New Chancellor
    7/9/11 #43-Chancellor Konrad's 1st Inaugural speech
    7/10/11 #44-Mother Agnes & Grosbruckner
    7/11/11 #45-Chancellor meets with Turkish Ambassador
    7/13/11 #46-Rajput sights the Wotan's Spear
    7/14/11 #47-Gen. Stavros-Battle of Dacca
    7/15/11 #48-Arab meeting and agreement
    7/16/11 #49-War Council meeting
    7/17/11 #50-Panama Canal-1st Panamanian & barbarians
    7/18/11 #51-Launch of Wilhelm Tell
    7/19/11 #52-War Council meeting
    7/20/11 #53-Prisoner exchange
    7/21/11 #54-Chancellor and Queen meet in Bhopal
    7/22/11 #55-Wotan's Spear & Sheik Sadim
    7/23/11 #56-Sparthage (OOS)
    7/23/11 #57-Reply to Sparthage (OOS)
    7/23/11 #58-Indian minister meeting
    7/24/11 #59-Princeof Persia (OOS)
    7/24/11 #60-MTB4884 comment (OOS)
    7/24/11 #61-Sandia Hari
    7/25/11 #62-Mother Agnes and Gov. Furst
    7/26/11 #63-Gandhi and Egyptian ambassador
    7/27/11 #64-3rd Viennese-MGL
    7/27/11 #65-Wotan's Spear meets Agra
    7/28/11 #66-Tut-en-Kamun
    7/29/11 #67-War Council meeting
    7/30/11 #68-ZeletDude lurking (OOS)
    7/30/11 #69-MTB4884 reply to ZeletDude (OOS)
    7/30/11 #70-Wilhelm Tell vs. barbarian gallley
    7/31/11 #71-2nd Panamanian-S. America

    8/1/11 #72-Wotan's Spear gets supplies
    8/2/11 #73-Wotan's Spear arrives Abydos
    8/3/11 #74-Wotan's Spear and 'German patriot'
    8/4/11 #75-Bishop Mueller-Dacca
    8/5/11 #76-Sandia Hari, rug merchant
    8/6/11 #77-Minister von Clauswitz & English delegation
    8/6/11 #78-Battle of Teutoberg Forest
    8/7/11 #79-Battle of Dacca
    8/8/11 #80 Wotan's Spear and more supplies
    8/9/11 #81-Indian ministry meeting
    8/10/11 #82-War Council meeting
    8/11/11 #83-2nd Tikal defeats small barbarian force
    8/12/11 #84-Explanation of barbarians (OOS)
    8/12/11 #85-Turkish intrigue
    8/13/11 #86-2nd Tikal encounters main barbarian force
    8/14/11 #87-Soup kitchen in Dacca
    8/15/11 #88-Indian ministry meeting
    8/16/11 #89-Indian attack on Patalipurta
    8/17/11 #90-Wilhelm Tell vs. pirate frigate
    8/18/11 #91-War Council meeting
    8/19/11 #92-Shah Darius IV complains to Gov. Reichert
    8/20/11 #93-Battle at Patalipurta
    8/21/11 #94-Field Marshall Stavros-scouts
    8/22/11 #95-Memorial Plaza riot
    8/22/11 #96-tR1cKy (OOS)
    8/23/11 #97-Reply to tR1cKy (OOS)
    8/23/11 #98-Captain Wilhelm Tell
    8/24/11 #99-Victory or death speech
    8/25/11 #100-Siegfried circumnavigates South America
    8/26/11 #101-3rd Panamanians disperses barbarian camp
    8/27/11 #102-War Council meeting
    8/28/11 #103-2nd Battle of Dacca
    8/29/11 #104-2nd Inaugural speech
    8/30/11 #105-Wilhelm Tell vs. 3 barbarian galleys
    8/31/11 #106-Minister von Clauswitz and son Karl

    9/1/11 #107-Field Marshall Stavros & Shah-Persian war
    9/2/11 #108-Chancellor's speech to Reichstag-asks for declaration of war
    9/3/11 #109-War elephant battle
    9/4/11 #110-Fishermen and Wilhelm Tell
    9/5/11 #111-War Council meeting
    9/6/11 #112-Battle of Persepolis
    9/7/11 #113-Chancellor and Turkish Ambassador
    9/8/11 #114-Military Minister and son Karl
    9/9/11 #115-Sandia and Karl
    9/10/11 #116-Prinz von Persien-War Council meeting
    9/11/11 #117-Battle north of Gaza
    9/12/11 #118-Dr. Schliemann
    9/13/11 #119-Karl and Queen
    9/14/11 #120-Karl and Father
    9/15/11 #121-State dinner
    9/16/11 #122-Peace negotiations contact
    9/17/11 #123-War Council meeting
    9/18/11 #124-1st peace negotiations in Turkey
    9/19/11 #125-War elephant battle
    9/20/11 #126-Battle of Jaipur
    9/21/11 #127-Return of Dr. Schliemann
    9/22/11 #128-Wotan's Spear
    9/23/11 #129-Welcome of Heroes
    9/24/11 #130-Campaign speech-SDP
    9/25/11 #131-Chancellor and SDP chairman
    9/26/11 #132-War Council meeting
    9/27/11 #133-3rd inaugural speech
    9/28/11 #134-Tavern
    9/29/11 #135-Gov. Vijay
    9/30/11 #136-Wotan's Spear vs. Rajput

    10/1/11 #137-Battle of Ahmadabad
    10/2/11 #138-War Council meeting
    10/3/11 #139-Sultan and discussion of peace with India
    10/3/11 #140-Sparthage-typo alert (OOS)
    10/3/11 #141-Princeof Persia-request for map (OOS)
    10/3/11 #142-Response of Sparthage (OOS)
    10/3/11 #143-Response of Princeof Persia (OOS)
    10/3/11 #144-MTB4884 response & 2nd written map (OOS)
    10/4/11 #145-MGL near Prinz von Persien
    10/5/11 #146-Peace treaty
    10/6/11 #147-Chancellor and Egyptian Ambassador
    10/7/11 #148-Ministry Council meeting
    10/8/11 #149-Karl and Father
    10/9/11 #150-Indian War Memorial dedicated
    10/10/11 #151-Contact with Mongols
    10/11/11 #152-Sighted “Llves”
    10/12/11 #153-Karl and Ambassador
    10/12/11 #154-Staff of Ra
    10/13//11 #155-Ministry Council meeting
    10/13/11 #156-Added list (OOS)
    10/13/11 #157-Sparthage (OOS)
    10/13/11 #158-Princeof Persia (OOS)
    10/14/11 #159-MTB4884 reply (OOS)
    10/14/11 #160-Opera intrigue
    10/15/11 #161-Thebes intrigue
    10/15/11 #162-Princeof Persia (OOS)
    10/16/11 #163-MTB4884 reply (OOS)
    10/16/11 #164-Ministry council meeting
    10/17/11 #165-Inaugural speech
    10/18/11 #166-Karl and Father-Bhopal
    10/18/11 #167-Assassination in Bhopal
    10/19/11 #168-Ministry council meeting
    10/20/11 #169-Hans von Ribbentrop
    10/20/11 #170-tR1cKy (OOS)
    10/20/11 #171-MTB4884 reply (OOS)
    10/21/11 #172-Dr. Schliemann and barbarians
    10/22/11 #173-Ministry council meeting-
    !0/23/11 #174-Ambassador and Queen
    10/24/11 #175-OOS-Moved list to post #1
    10/24/11 #176-Chancellor declares war
    10/25/11 #177-Colonel Tell and Egyptian Embassy
    10/27/11 #178-Chancellor's war speech to Reichstag
    10/28/11 #179-Battle of Giza
    10/29/11 #180-Door of Heaven
    10/29/11 #181-War news reaches Thebes
    10/31/11 #182-Wilhelm Tell battle

    11/1/11 #183-War Council meeting
    11/2/11 #184-Battle of Buto
    11/3/11 #185-Queen Cleopatra and King Sunni Ali
    11/4/11 #186-Battle of Memphis
    11/5/11 #187-Mahatma and Egyptian Ambassador
    11/6/11 #188-War Council meeting
    11/7/11 #189-Abydos interrogation
    11/8/11 #190-Arabian Ambassador and Shiek Sadim
    11/9/11 #191-Karl and Marie
    11/10/11 #192-Science Minister
    11/11/11 #193-Queen Cleopatra
    11/12/11 #194-Queen Cleopatra and King Sunni Ali
    11/13/11 #195-5th inauguration speech
    11/14/11 #196-Siege of Thebes
    11/15/11 #197-War Council meeting
    11/16/11 #198-Battle of Thebes
    11/17/11 #199-Queen and Nef-er-tiri
    11/18/11 #200-Queen seeks peace
    11/19/11 #201-Queen and Chancellor
    11/20/11 #202-War Council meeting
    11/21/11 #203-Arabian Ambassador
    11/22/11 #204-Engine accident
    11/23/11 #205-Songhai Ambassador
    11/24/11 #206-Trade agreement with Iroquois
    11/25/11 #207-War Council meeting
    11/26/11 #208-Songhai trade deal
    11/27/11 #209-Turkish Crown Prince-trade deal
    11/28/11 #210-Cannon test
    11/29/11 #211-Steam engine test
    11/30/11 #212-Field Marshall orders

    12/1/11 #213-Queen and Nef-er-tiri
    12/1/11 #214-Chancellor's victory speech
    12/2/11 #215-State visit to Turkmenistan
    12/3/11 #216-Wilhelm Tell vs. barbarian galleys
    12/4/11 #217-Ministry Council meeting
    12/4/11 #218-tR1cKy (OOS)
    12/4/11 #219-Sparthage (OOS)
    12/4/11 #220-Princeof Persia (OOS)
    12/4/11 #221-MTB4884 reply (OOS)
    12/5/11 #222-6th Inauguration speech
    12/6/11 #223-Karl and Foreign Minister
    12/7/11 #224-Ministry Council meeting
    12/8/11 #225-Chancellor and Indian Ambassador
    12/9/11 #226-Karl and Dr. Erlich
    12/10/11 #227-Diplomatic mission to England
    12/11/11 #228-Karl promotion
    12/12/11 #229-Military attache briefing
    12/13/11 #230-Military Council meeting
    12/14/11 #231-Science experiment
    12/15/11 #232-Peace conference
    12/16/11 #233-Chancellor and Arabian Ambassador
    12/16/11 #234-OOS-10,000 views reached
    12/17/11 #235-Chancellor and Turkish Ambassador
    12/18/11 #236-Shiek Bakr
    12/18/11 #237-OOS-Sparthage
    12/18/11 #238-OOS-MTB4884 reply
    12/19/11 #239-Battle of Mecca
    12/20/11 #240-Mahatma and Ambasssadors
    12/21/11 #241-Operation Overlord preparation
    12/22/11 #242-War Council meeting
    12/23/11 #243-Battle of Medina
    12/24/11 #244-Chancellor's speech
    12/25/11 #245-Stille Nacht
    12/26/11 #246-War Council meeting
    12/27/11 #247-Chancellor and Songhai Ambassador
    12/28/11 #248-Military Minister and General
    12/29/11 #249-Military Minister and Prinz Otto
    12/30/11 #250-Chancellor's 7th inauguration speech
    12/31/11 #251-War Council meeting

    Spoiler :
    1/2/12 #252-Battle of York
    1/3/12 #253-Chancellor and Sultan
    1/4/12 #254-OOS-Map description as of 370 AD
    1/5/12 #255-Prinz and Minister
    1/6/12 #256-Council Meeting
    1/7/12 #257-General Hannibal and Marshall Dietrich
    1/9/12 #258-Council Meeting
    1/10/12 #259-Ambassador and Sultan
    1/11/12 #260-Consul and King
    1/12/12 #261-Golden Spike
    1/13/12 #262-Mahatma train
    1/15/12 #263-Wotan's Spear
    1/17/12 #264-Chancellor and Mahatma
    1/18/12 #265-Council Meeting
    1/20/12 #266-Karl and Ministers
    1/22/12 #267-Sadim founded
    1/24/12 #268-"Herr Baker"
    1/25/12 #269-Clock Tower and spy
    1/26/12 #270-Special Council meeting
    1/27/12 #271-Chancellor and Ambassador
    1/28/12 #272-Ambassador and Prinz
    1/30/12 #273-Chancellor and Indian Ambassador

    2/1/12 #274-Colonel Brandt and military attache
    2/2/12 #275-Chancellor's Reichstag speech
    2/3/12 #276-Captain Mehta
    2/5/12 #277-War Council meeting
    2/6/12 #278-Mata and Sanjay Hari
    2/6/12 #279-Princeof Persia (OOS)
    2/6/12 #280-Sparthage (OOS)
    2/6/12 #281-MTB4884 reply (OOS)
    2/7/12 #282-Indian settler attack
    2/7/12 #283-Princeof Persia reply (OOS)
    2/8/12 #284-Battle of Delhi
    2/9/12 #285-Mahatma and Sultan
    2/11/12 #286-Prinz and General
    2/13/12 #287-Chancellor and Turkish Ambassador
    2/15/12 #288-Battle of Hyderabad
    2/17/12 #289-Minister and reporter
    2/19/12 #290-Ambassador and Mongolian Consul
    2/20/12 #291-Minister and Prinz
    2/22/12 #292-Prinz and Eva
    2/24/12 #293-King and Ambassador
    2/26/12 #294-Battle of New Pune
    2/27/12 #295-OOS-Tomorrow's Dawn
    2/27/12 #296-OOS-MTB4884 reply & upcoming events
    2/28/12 #297-Imperial Theater intrigue
    2/29/12 #298-OOS-tR1cKy
    2/29/12 #299-OOS-MTB4884 reply
    2/29/12 #300-Battle of Bombay

    3/1/12 #301-Chancellor and Minister
    3/3/12 #302-OOS-Upcoming events
    3/5/12 #303-Second battle of Delhi
    3/7/12 #304-Wotan's Spear
    3/8/12 #305-Chancellor's visit to Delhi
    3/10/12 #306-OOS- Princeof Persia
    3/10/12 #307-OOS-MTB4884 reply
    3/10/12 #308-Prinz and Eva's wedding
    3/11/12 #309-War Council meeting
    3/12/12 #310-OOS-Explanation of modded ships
    3/12/12 #311-Chancellor and Songhai Ambassador
    3/13/12 #312-OOS-tR1cKy
    3/13/12 #313-OOS-MTB4884 reply
    3/13/12 #314-Sultan's birthday party
    3/14/12 #315-Marshall Blucher
    3/15/12 #316-Chancellor's office
    3/16/12 #317-Indian Advisor meeting
    3/17/12 #318-Chancellor and Science Minister
    3/18/12 #319-Chancellor's 8th inaugurarion
    3/20/12 #320-GNS Siegfried
    3/21/12 #321-War Council meeting
    3/23/12 #322-Barbarossa Dam
    3/24/12 #323-Second Battle of New Pune
    3/25/12 #324-Chancellor and Military Minister
    3/27/12 #325-Hans von Ribbentrop
    3/28/12 #326-Songhai Ambassador
    3/29/12 #327-Minister and Chancellor
    3/30/12 #328-OOS-Princeof Persia
    3/30/12 #329-OOS-MTB4884 reply/Sultan and Grand Vizier

    4/1/12 #330-Prinz and Doctor
    4/3/12 #331-Battle of Lahore
    4/4/12 #332-Sultan and Grand Vizier
    4/6/12 #333-Foreign and Military Ministers
    4/6/12 #334-OOS-Tomorrow's Dawn
    4/6/12 #335-OOS-MTB4884 reply
    4/7/12 #336-OOS-tR1cKy
    4/7/12 #337-OOS-MTB4884 reply
    4/7/12 #338-Harbor agents
    4/9/12 #339-German agents and Vikraat
    4/9/12 #340-OOS-Princeof Persia
    4/9/12 #341-OOS-MTB4884 reply-written map description
    4/10/12 #342-OOS-Princeof Persia
    4/10/12 #343-MTB4884reply-Chancellor's fishing trip
    4/11/12 #344-OOS-Tomorrow's Dawn-screenshot instructions
    4/11/12 #345-OOS-MTB4884 reply
    4/11/12 #346-War Council meeting
    4/11/12 #347-OOS-Princeof Persia-screenshot instructions
    4/11/12 #348-OOS-MTB4884 reply-got screenshot
    4/11/12 #349-OOS-Princeof Persia
    4/12/12 #350-Size issue-Eva's model
    4/12/12 #351-OOS-Lahore and Gibraltar area attachments
    4/13/12 #352-Battle of Mumbai
    4/14/12 #353-German and Indian Ambassadors
    4/15/12 #354-Preparation for peace negotiations
    4/16/12 #355-Chancellor and Sultan
    4/17/12 #356-Chancellor and Ministers
    4/17/12 #357-OOS-Princeof Persia
    4/18/12 #358-MTB4884 reply/Thor's Hammer
    4/19/12 #359-Sultan and Grand Vizier
    4/20/12 #360-War Council meeting
    4/20/12 #361-OOS-tR1cKy
    4/20/12 #362-MTB4884 reply-upcoming events
    4/21/12 #363-Sultan's birthday party
    4/22/12 #364-Battle of Multan
    4/23/12 #365-Chancellor and Military Minister
    4/24/12 #366-Sultan and Grand Vizier
    4/25/12 #367-King Sunni Ali II
    4/25/12 #368-OOS-Tomorrow's Dawn-impis
    4/25/12 #369-OOS-MTB4884 reply & upcoming events
    4/26/12 #370-Chancellor and King
    4/28/12 #371-Mecca rioting
    4/28/12 #372-Miltary and Domestic Ministers
    4/30/12 #373-War Council meeting

    5/1/12 #374-Battle of Surat
    5/2/12 #375-OOS-Princeof Persia
    5/2/12 #376-OOS-MTB4884 reply & upcoming events
    5/3/12 #377-Wilhelm Tell and sealer team six
    5/4/12 #378-Siegfried and 1st Ironton Knights
    5/5/12 #379-Dueling campaign speeches
    5/7/12 #380-Ambassador and Prinz
    5/8/12 #381-Prinz and Ministers
    5/10/12 #382-Dawn raid
    5/11/12 #383-Sultan and Ambassador
    5/12/12 #384-OOS-20,000 views-upcoming events preview
    5/13/12 #385-Election night
    5/13/12 #386-OOS-Captain Ovious
    5/14/12 #387-MTB4884 reply-Inauguration
    5/15/12 #388-War Council meeting
    5/15/12 #389-OOS-Question from Captain Ovious
    5/15/12 #390-MTB4884 reply
    5/16/12 #391-OOS-Captain Ovious
    5/16/12 #392-Chancellor and Sultan
    5/17/12 #393-Chancellor Konrad and Sultan
    5/19/12 #394-Battle of Kor
    5/21/12 #395-War Council meeting
    5/22/12 #396-Chancellor Otto and Chancellor Konrad
    5/23/12 #397-Sultan's birthday party
    5/24/12 #398-OOS-wuhjah
    5/24/12 #399-MTB4884 reply-upcoming events
    5/26/12 #400-Chancellor and opposition leaders
    5/27/12 #401-Ambassador and Great Leader
    5/28/12 #402-OOS-wuhjah
    5/28/12 #403-OOS-MTB4884 reply
    5/28/12 #404-Chancellor and Ministers
    5/29/12 #405-OOS-wuhjah
    5/29/12 #406-Chancellor and Ambassador
    5/31/12 #407-Chancellor and Science Minister

    6/1/12 #408-OOS-tR1cKy
    6/1/12 #409-OOS-MTB4884 reply
    6/2/12 #410-Chancellor and King
    6/4/12 #411-Mahatma and Military Advisor
    6/4/12 #412-War Council meeting
    6/6/12 #413-Battle of Punjab
    6/7/12 #414-Battle of Sparthage Harbor
    6/8/12 #415-Chancellor and Military Minister
    6/9/12 #416-OOS-wuhjah
    6/9/12 #417-MTB4884 reply and upcoming events
    6/11/12 #418-Chancellor Konrad and General Tell
    6/15/12 #419-Brief aside/Battles at Sword Point
    6/17/12 #420-Order of the Golden Sturgeon
    6/18/12 #421-Naval strategy planning

    Spoiler :

    6/19/12 #422-OOS-Introduction to crossover
    6/19/12 #423-Crossover part 1
    6/19/12 #424-Crossover part 2
    6/21/12 #425-Sultan and Ambassador
    6/22/12 #426-Chancellor and Military Minister
    6/24/12 #427-OOS-upcoming events
    6/25/12 #428-Foreign Minister and Songhai
    6/26/12 #429-Chancellor and Ambassador
    6/28/12 #430-Chancellor and King
    6/30/12 #431-Chancellor and Ministers

    7/2/12 #432-OOS-upcoming events
    7/5/12 #433-OOS-crossover posted with "The Celestial Bureaucracy"
    7/5/12 #434-Chancellor Otto's decision
    7/7/23 #435-War Council meeting
    7/8/12 #436-King and advisors
    7/9/12 #437-Chancellor and Consul
    7/10/12 #438-Shiva and game theory
    7/12/12 #439-Sultan's birthday party
    7/15/12 #440-Chancellor and Minister
    7/16/12 #441-Foreign Minister
    7/17/12 #442-Olive branch
    7/19/12 #443-Ambassador and Sultan
    7/20/12 #444-Chancellor and Deputy Ministers
    7/21/12 #445-Chancellor and Mahatma
    7/23/12 #446-Chancellor and Military Minister
    7/24/12 #447-Peace negotiations
    7/25/12 #448-Reichstag speech
    7/26/12 #449-Sultan and Grand Vizier
    7/27/12 #450-Captain Mehta and Ganges
    7/29/12 #451-OOS-planned updates
    7/30/12 #452-Attack on New Lahore
    7/31/12 #453-Chancellor and Ministers

    8/1/12 #454-Captain Scheider's tale
    8/2/12 #455-Ministry Council meeting
    8/4/12 #456-Military Minister and reporter
    8/5/12 #457-Chancellor and Military Minister
    8/6/12 #458-OOS-Tomorrow's Dawn
    8/6/12 #459-OOS-MTB4884 reply & planned updates
    8/6/12 #460-Shiva cannon accident
    8/7/12 $461-Chancellor and Ministers
    8/8/12 #462-Sultan's birthday party
    8/9/12 #463-OOS-Inexist
    8/10/12 #464-OOS-MTB4884 reply
    8/10/12 #465-Promotion to Admiral
    8/11/12 #466-Melchior and Military Minister
    8/12/12 #467-Accidents good and bad
    8/13/12 #468-2nd Corps barbarian battle
    8/14/12 #469-Ministry Council meeting
    8/15/12 #470-Ambassador and Grand Vizier
    8/16/12 #471-Ministers and retired Chancellor
    8/17/12 #472-Project Enigma
    8/18/12 #473-War warning
    8/19/12 #474-OOS-Captain_Ovious
    8/19/12 #475-MTB4884 reply/Chancellor and Ambassador
    8/20/12 #476-Chancellor's Reichstag speech
    8/21/12 #477-Battle plans
    8/22/12 #478-OOS-Upcoming events/GNS Wuhjah
    8/23/12 #479-Melchior and Military Minister
    8/24/12 #480-OOS-Captain_Ovious
    8/24/12 #481-OOS-MTB4884 reply/Ambassador and Ministers
    8/25/12 #482-Battle of Mustang
    8/26/12 #483-Ambassador and Chancellor
    8/27/12 #484-GNS Wuhjah
    8/27/12 #485-OOS-Captain_Ovious
    8/27/12 #486-OOS-MTB4884 reply
    8/28/12 #487-Admiral and Captain
    8/29/12 #488-Minister and reporter
    8/30/12 #489-War Council meeting
    8/31/12 #490-Battle of Farghona

    9/1/12 #491-Consul Lille
    9/2/12 #492-OOS-upcoming events
    9/3/12 #493-OOS-State of German science
    9/3/12 #494-Johann Heinrich
    9/4/12 #495-Chancellor and Ministers
    9/5/12 #496-Artillery test
    9/6/12 #497-Battle of Prinz von Persien
    9/7/12 #498-Sultan and Grand Vizier
    9/9/12 #499-OOS-explanation of infantry
    9/9/12 #500-Second Battle of Sparthage Harbor
    9/10/12 #501-Election night
    9/11/12 #502-Battle of Sarai
    9/12/12 #503-Battle of Baku
    9/13/12 #504-Otto's second inaugural speech
    9/14/12 #505-Chancellor and Minister
    9/15/12 #506-Rocks and displacement
    9/17/12 #507-Sultan and Grand Vizier
    9/19/12 #508-Battle of Audaghost Harbor
    9/20/12 #509-Iroquois and furs
    9/20/12 #510-OOS-Princeof Persia
    9/20/12 #511-OOS-MTB4884 reply and upcoming events
    9/21/12 #512-OOS-tR1cKy
    9/22/12 #513-OOS-MTB4884 reply
    9/22/12 #514-GNS Wuhjah
    9/22/12 #515-OOS-Captain_Ovious
    9/22/12 #516-OOS-MTB4884 reply
    9/22/12 #517-OOS-Sparthage
    9/23/12 #518-OOS-MTB4884 reply-story reached 30k views
    9/23/12 #519-Military and Foreign Ministers
    9/24/12 #520-OOS-Princeof Persia
    9/24/12 #521-OOS-MTB4884 reply
    9/25/12 #522-Konditerei message
    9/26/12 #523-Sultan and Grand Vizier
    9/27/12 #524-Chancellor and Military Minister
    9/29/12 #525-Li Tang and Consul Lille
    9/30/12 #526-War Council meeting

    10/1/12 #527-Agent Axel
    10/2/12 #528-Greenhouse meeting
    10/3/12 #529-King and Ambassador
    10/4/12 #530-He-Ro-Tep
    10/5/12 #531-Melchior's message
    10/6/12 #532-OOS-tR1cKy
    10/6/12 #533-MTB4884 reply-upcoming events
    10/7/12 #534-Battle of Bachu
    10/8/12 #535-Melchior and Johann
    10/9/12 #536-Turkish Delight and reinforcements
    10/10/12 #537-Topkapi Palace intrigue
    10/11/12 #538-OOS-MTB4884 comment
    10/12/12 #539-Chinese gold
    10/14/12 #540-Military and Foreign Ministers
    10/15/12 #541-Johann and intrigue
    10/17/12 #542-Second battle of Sharif
    10/19/12 #543-Mata and Sanjay Hari
    10/20/12 #544-War Council meeting
    10/21/12 #545-Turgay siege
    10/23/12 #546-Mahatma and Turkish Ambassador
    10/25/12 #547-OOS-upcoming events/Turgay battle plan
    10/27/12 #548-Sultan's birthday intrigue
    10/28/12 #549-Battle of Turgay
    10/29/12 #550-Military Minister's report
    10/30/12 #551-Rescue by GNS Wuhjah

    11/1/12 #552-Ambassador Mueller and Mahatma
    11/2/12 #553-War Council meeting
    11/5/12 #554-OOS-upcoming events
    11/6/12 #555-1st Corps charge
    11/7/12 #556-Report at the opera
    11/9/12 #557-Sultan and Chinese Consul
    11/10/12 #558-OOS-tR1cKy
    11/10/12 #559-OOS-MTB4884 reply
    11/10/12 #560-Almaty tactical situation
    11/11/12 #561-"Face the Empire" interview
    11/12/12 #562-Almaty Harbor raid
    11/13/12 #563-Battle of Almaty report
    11/14/12 #564-Chancellor and Ministers
    11/15/12 #565-Launch of GNS Franz von Clauswitz
    11/16/12 #566-Songhai Ambassador and Military Minister
    11/18/12 #567-OOS-upcoming events
    11/19/12 #568-Songhai Ambassador and Foreign Minister
    11/21/12 #569-Chancellor's meeting with Ministers
    11/22/12 #570-Warchief Long Turtle
    11/24/12 #571-Indian Ambassador and Military Minister
    11/25/12 #572-War Council meeting
    11/26/12 #573-King Sunni III and German Ambassador
    11/28/12 #574-OOS-Merchent343
    11/28/12 #575-OOS-MTB4884 reply/Military Minister briefing
    11/29/12 #576-OOS-wuhjah
    11/29/12 #577-OOS-MTB4884 reply & upcoming events
    11/29/12 #578-Grand Vizier and Consul
    11/30/12 #579-Ambassador and Ministers

    12/1/12 #580-OOS-Captain_Ovious
    12/1/12 #581-OOS-Merchent343
    12/1/12 #582-OOS-MTB4884 reply
    12/2/12 #583-Imperial Theater briefing
    12/2/12 #584-OOS-Captain_Ovious
    12/2/12 #585-OOS-MTB4884 reply
    12/3/12 #586-OOS-Merchent343
    12/3/12 #587-MTB4884 reply/Turkish announcement
    12/3/12 #588-OOS-Merchent343
    12/4/12 #589-MTB4884 reply/Chancellor Konrad's mission
    12/4/12 #590-OOS-Merchent343-AoE 2 reference
    12/5/12 #591-MTB4884 reply/Prinz von Persien meeting
    12/6/12 #592-Melchior and Military Minister
    12/6/12 #593-OOS-Merchent343 question
    12/6/12 #594-MTB4884 reply
    12/7/12 #595-OOS-Merchent343
    12/7/12 #596-MTB4884 reply/Siege of Lop Nor
    12/8/12 #597-Chancellor's announcement
    12/9/12 #598-Topkapi Palace negotiations
    12/9/12 #599-OOS-Captain_Ovious question
    12/9/12 #600-MTB4884 reply
    12/9/12 #601-Merchent343-mod
    12/9/12 #602-MTB4884 reply
    12/9/12 #603-Chancellor Konrad's final choice
    12/10/12 #604-OOS-Captain_Ovious
    12/10/12 #605-Chancellor Otto and Ministers
    12/11/12 #606-Peace treaty
    12/12/12 #607-Mahatma and Chinese Consul
    12/12/12 #608-OOS-Merchent343 prediction
    12/12/12 #609-OOS-Princeof Persia
    12/13/12 #610-MTB4884 reply & upcoming events
    12/13/12 #611-"Face the Empire" interview
    12/14/12 #612-Chancellor Otto and Ministers
    12/15/12 #613-GNS Wuhjah encounters the pirate frigate
    12/17/12 #614-Chancellor Otto's dream
    12/17/12 #615-OOS-Captain_Ovious
    12/17/12 #616-OOS-MTB4884 reply
    12/18/12 #617-Miss Etta
    12/19/12 #618-Governor Kleinmann and "Face the Empire"
    12/19/12 #619-OOS-Merchent343 DeLorean question
    12/19/12 #620-OOS-MTB4884 reply
    12/20/12 #621-Ganges revolt report
    12/21/12 #622-Last stand at Ganges
    12/22/12 #623-OOS-Captain_Ovious
    12/22/12 #624-OOS-MTB4884 reply
    12/22/12 #625-Chancellor and Indian Ambassador
    12/23/12 #626-Ministry Council meeting
    12/24/12 #627-Mahatma and Ambassadors
    12/25/12 #628-OOS-Merchent 343
    12/25/12 #629-MTB4884 reply
    12/26/12 #630-Captain_Ovious
    12/26/12 #631-MTB484 reply-40k views
    12/27/12 #632-Naval report
    12/28/12 #633-Battle of Barbarian Ridge
    12/29/12 #634-Chancellor and Ministers
    12/31/12 #635-Gunfire at the Konditerei

    Spoiler :

    1/1/13 #636-China discussion
    1/3/13 #637-Ursula's story
    1/4/13 #638-Sultan and Grand Vizier
    1/6/13 #639-OOS-upcoming events
    1/6/13 #640-OOS-Merchent343
    1/7/13 #641-MTB4884 reply/Melchior's proposal
    1/9/13 #642-GNS Siegfried and island battle
    1/10/13 #643-Crown Prinz Helmut and Songhai Ambassador
    1/11/13 #644-Foreign and Military Ministers
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    1/17/13 #650-Marshall Bruner
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    1/18/13 #652-MTB4884 reply/Battle of Peking
    1/19/13 #653-OOS-Civinator
    1/19/13 #654-MTB4884 reply and upcoming events
    1/19/13 #655-Fall of Peking
    1/20/13 #656-Duelling campaign speeches
    1/21/13 #657-Project Enigma intercepts
    1/21/13 #658-OOS-Tomorrow's Dawn-GIMP
    1/22/13 #659-OOS-MTB4884 reply
    1/23/13 #660-Retirement party
    1/25/13 #661-Ministry Council meeting
    1/27/13 #662-OOS-schedule update
    1/28/13 #663-"Face the Empire" interview
    1/30/13 #664-Election morning
    1/30/13 #665-OOS-Merchent343
    1/31/13 #666-MTB4884 reply/Election night

    2/1/13 #667-Chancellor and Ambassador
    2/2/13 #668-Otto's third inauguration speech
    2/4/13 #669-Upcoming events/Mahatma negotiations
    2/5/13 #670-Ministry Council meeting
    2/6/13 #671-Chancellor and Lady Eva
    2/7/13 #672-Sea trials and sinking
    2/8/13 #673-Prinz Helmut and Military Minister
    2/10/13 #674-OOS-RL issues and upcoming events
    2/11/13 #675-Prinz Helmut's dream
    2/13/13 #676-Research project proposal
    2/14/13 #677-Tomorrow's Dawn founded
    2/15/13 #678-Boot order to India
    2/16/13 #679-Mahatma decides to withdraw
    2/18/13 #680-Chancellor's suffrage speech
    2/18/13 #681-Turkish incursion
    2/18/13 #682-OOS-Merchent343
    2/19/13 #683-OOS-MTB4884 reply and upcoming events
    2/19/13 #684-Chancellor and Turkish Ambassador
    2/22/13 #685-Turkish espionage
    2/23/13 #686-19th Anatevka battle
    2/24/13 #687-Report to Berlin
    2/25/13 #688-Songhai naval maneuvers
    2/25/13 #689-OOS-Merchent343
    2/25/13 #690-OOS-MTB4884 reply
    2/26/13 #691-Ministry Council meeting
    2/27/13 #692-Cultural Ministry internship

    3/1/13 #693-OOS-upcoming events
    3/2/13 #694-Family dinner
    3/2/13 #695-OOS-wuhjah
    3/3/13 #696-OOS-MTB4884 reply
    3/3/13 #697-Turkish diplomatic overture
    3/4/13 #698-Prinz Helmut and General Tell
    3/5/13 #699-Meeting of Prince and Prinz
    3/6/13 #700-Sultan and Prince Kassim
    3/8/13 #701-OOS-tR1cKy question
    3/8/13 #702-MTB34884 reply/2nd Amazon musketmen
    3/10/13 #703-Prinz Helmut's leadership tests
    3/11/13 #704-Songhai proposal
    3/12/13 #705-Berlin Stock Exchange
    3/13/13 #706-Another leadership test
    3/14/13 #707-2nd Amazon's last stand
    3/14/13 #708-OOS-50k views/upcoming events
    3/15/13 #709-Turkish artillery test
    3/16/13 #710-Songhai navy and Project Enigma
    3/18/13 #711-Stampede
    3/19/13 #712-OOS-wuhjah
    3/19/13 #713-OOS-MTB4884 reply
    3/20/13 #714-Chancellor and Ministers at the opera
    3/21/13 #715-German artillery test
    3/22/13 #716-Rescue of F/V Schoenbrunn
    3/23/13 #717-Military Minister's report

    And now, on to the story!
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    MTB4884 Emperor

    May 25, 2011
    Western United States
    4000 BC

    "There!", cried Chancellor Otto Bismarck. "Just as my vision last night foretold!" His fellow German tribesmen looked in amazement at the strange sight. A huge white stone seemed to rise from the very earth, towering some 30 meters like a great marble monument over the fields below.

    "You were right, Chancellor," said his chief military advisor, Count Henrich Spee. "So what are we to do now?"

    "This is where we are to settle the first of our many cities. We shall build it here, at the foot of the great white stone, and shall name it Berlin. Our second city shall be built far away, in the direction of the setting sun, on the shore of a great water. I know not what this stone is, but its very presence here proves that my vision is true. By Wotan's Spear, our tribe will grow and prosper until we have become the envy of the world!"

    Ed. I had to continue the master list of post topics in the thread here due to the 30k size limit per post. The first spoilered section below begins on 3/24/13.

    Spoiler :
    3/24/13 #718-OOS-upcoming events
    3/25/13 #719-Dinner report
    3/26/13 #720-Chancellor and Indian Ambassador
    3/28/13 #721-Chancellor and Science Minister
    3/30/13 #722-Songhai meeting

    4/1/13 #723-April Fool's Day 2013
    4/3/13 #724-Monastery search
    4/4/13 #725-Ambassador and Prinz
    4/6/13 #726-Chancellor and Prinz
    4/7/13 #727-OOS-tR1cKy
    4/7/13 #728-OOS-MTB4884 reply and upcoming events
    4/8/13 #729-Christmas at the Palace
    4/9/13 #730-Prinzessin Elsa's engine christening
    4/10/13 #731-Indian meeting
    4/11/13 #732-Gusher
    4/12/13 #733-Iroquois discussion
    4/14/13 #734-Breakfast meeting
    4/15/13 #735-War Council Meeting
    4/17/13 #736-Sultan's Birthday
    4/18/13 #737-Election night
    4/19/13 #738-Inauguration speech
    4/20/13 #739-Infiltration plan
    4/22/13 #740-Prinz Helmut's ball

    Spoiler :

    6/19/15 #1261-2nd interview
    6/20/15 #1262-Report to Chancellor
    6/22/15 #1263-Agent Tricky-infiltration
    6/24/15 #1264-Report from Agent Tricky?
    6/26/16 #1265-Professor Waldschmidt
    6/28/15 #1266-Azores barbarians
    6/29/15 #1267-War Council meeting

    7/02/15 #1268-Turkish settlers
    7/03/15 #1268-Stalag 1 meeting
    7/04/15 #1270-Report to Chancellor
    7/06/15 #1271-Sultan's dream

    7/13/15 #1275-New World city dedication
    7/15/15 #1276-Ballroom report
    7/16/15 #1277-OOS-Blaze Injun
    7/16/15 #1278-OOS-MTB4884 reply-upcoming events
    7/18/15 #1279-Battle of Antalya
    7/19/15 #1280-Attack or wait?
    7/20/15 #1281-Chancellor's decision
    7/22/15 #1282-Search results
    7/23/15 #1283-Battle plan
    7/24/15 #1284-Escape from Khiva?

    8/01/15 #1285-Late night report
    8/02/15 #1286-OOS-tR1cKy
    8/02/15 #1287-OOS-MTB4884 reply-Sultan Rasoul's decision
    8/04/15 #1288-Victory for the Empire
    8/06/15 #1289-Balcony discussion
    8/09/15 #1290-Final destination
    8/12/15 #1291-Succession plans
    8/15/15 #1292-OOS-MTB4884/Chancellor Helmut's speech

    Note: A large part of this list somehow got deleted recently, just before the server migration. I'll be working on fixing it as I have time.
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    May 25, 2011
    Western United States
    3300 BC

    "Enough of this, both of you! I am the Chancellor here and I will decide what the name of our fifth city shall be!"

    "I insist that the city be named after my beloved wife!; demanded the Chancellor's cultural advisor. "Who made it possible for those starving settlers to make it all the way to the junction of the Romans and the Celts?"

    "The Romans and Celts will not respect a city named for a woman, minister! We must make certain that those who would challenge Germany respect our mighty warriors!", retorted the military advisor, Count Benz.

    "That's not what Count Spee said when he returned from their lands, you deluded fool! The only threat of the Romans or the Celts is in your imagination!"

    "Enough of this! I have made my decision..." and here the Chancellor's voice dropped nearly an octave, "...if you two can stop fighting long enough for me to tell of it!" Both men, though still glowering at each other, nodded their agreement.

    "First of all, Count Spee reported that the Celts have strange knowledge of maps and what they call boats that float on water which we lack. That is why I ordered that a new settlement be built on the mountains of the junction between the Celts and Romans in the first place."

    Turning to his cultural advisor, the Chancellor continued, "Johann, I promised you when Wotan took your wife to the afterlife that I would find a suitable memorial for her. All of us had the highest respect for her and grieved at her passing." Even Count Benz nodded his assent to his Chancellor's respectful words.

    "So, to satisfy both of you, our fifth city shall be called...Mercedes-Benz."
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    May 25, 2011
    Western United States
    2850 BC

    "Chancellor, the visitor from the Celts is here. All is ready as you have commanded."

    "Ah yes, Hans. Please ask him to come in." replied the new Chancellor of Germany, Karl Bismarck. He stood to receive his distinguished foreign visitor.

    The doors of his chambers were opened and an imposing man strode in. He had strange markings on his visage, and he seemed annoyed with life in general and with Bismarck in particular. "Greetings, Chancellor Bismarck.", said the stranger in accented but recognizable German. "I am High Chieftain Vercingetorix of the clan Brennus, second in descent to the first High Chieftain of all the Celts. I wish to speak to you about a insult to our mighty clan!"

    Some mighty clan, thought Bismarck. A handful of heathen barbarian savages. So help me Wotan, if he threatens battle I might just take him up on it and wipe his worthless tribe off the face of the earth. Aloud he said: "Welcome to my humble chambers, High Chieftain. You do me honor by your presence and by your address in our great German tongue. Let us sit down and speak as friends as my father did when he visited your land so long ago."

    "Chancellor, I shall stand here and get to the point. My druidic council has told me of the German warriors near Entremont. You will remove them at once or I shall not use such soft words in future!"

    "High Chieftain, with respect, these are not German warriors. They are pioneers and settlers, looking for a new life in a land west of your own. Surely your scouts have told you that they carry neither sword nor shield with them. There are some dozen archers only, to harvest some game for their traveling brothers and to protect them from the wolves which prowl your western forests. They have not harmed any of your people, nor have they asked you and yours for provisions on their journey. Besides, by now they would have left your lands on their way to their new home."

    The High Chieftain considered this. "Then these men are not invaders?"

    "Believe me, High Chieftain, if Germany were to invade your land, there would be no one, neither Celt nor German, who would not know of such a force or their intentions. And as a final proof of our sincerity, allow me to present you with this gift." He gestured to Hans, who bowed and brought forth a carved ash spear.

    "When my father visited your lands many years ago, he was given a carved ceremonial bowl by your predecessor, High Chieftain. As you can see, it still hangs here on the wall as a lasting sign of peace between our two peoples. I wish to return the favor and give you this spear as a sign of the German people's good will to the Celts. It is a copy of the god Wotan's spear which he carved from the World Ash Tree. There shall never be battle between us as long as the bowl and spear remain unbroken."

    "I thank you, great Chancellor. This spear shall remain as a lasting tribute of the good wishes of your people and mine." With that, the High Chieftain took his gift and strode out of the chambers without another word.

    "I don't understand, my Chancellor. He came all the way from Entremont to tell us that, and he did not even stay for a meal before returning home!"

    "True, Hans. On the other hand, at least we know where he stands now. And if he is foolish enough to break the spear and attack us, I think it will be a simple task to convince our people to rise up and crush the Celts where they stand. This way we get peace and the time we need to grow in power and strength. One day the clouds of war will gather, but this is not that day."
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    May 25, 2011
    Western United States
    2670 BC

    "Greetings, O strange travelers from the land of Germany. I am Vizier Tarkan, servant of the great Sultan. What brings you here to the land of Turkistan?

    "Thank you for your gracious hospitality, Vizier Tarkan. I am Count Albrecht Spee of the Germans. We are explorers, charged by our ruler, Chancellor Bismarck, to travel the earth and bring back knowledge to our people."

    "I see that you are a man of wisdom, Count Spee. Perhaps you can answer a basic question for me. How is it that I never heard of your land until two days ago when you arrived in Samarkand and yet I understand you clearly? How is it that you can speak Turkish and yet know nothing of our culture or ways?"

    "We believe that it has something to do with the Stone of Victory, as you call it, here in your capital city. The Stone somehow makes it possible for peoples of different lands and cultures to speak to one another in the capital city and still be properly understood. How such a thing is possible is beyond my understanding, but the fact that it exists and works is undeniable. We have a similar, if not identical object in our own capital city, Berlin, though we call it the Victory of Wotan."

    "How, might I ask, do you know all this, Count Spee? We have met no other peoples other than the Germans, though I have heard tales of a strange land to our west and another to the southeast of us."

    "At least one of these tales is in fact true, Vizier. I have myself seen the lands to the west of the Turkish people. They are occupied by a people calling themselves the Persians. There are at least three other lands nearer to Germany. My Chancellor has authorized me to speak of them in detail to you...for a price."

    "I see...I think this matter does deserve the personal attention of our Sultan after all. Might I ask what it is you wish from the Sultan in return for the knowledge of the other peoples you speak of?"

    "That is actually a simple matter, Vizier. We have seen that the warriors of the Sultan are able to ride the great beasts of the plains. I have lived long, and I have never seen the like in Germany or anywhere else in my travels. Germany would gladly give you the knowledge of how to reach the other peoples I have spoken of in exchange for the knowledge of horse riding."

    "They are not simply beasts, Count Spee, but noble creatures of the gods themselves. We Turks have been given this knowledge from the gods since time immemorial. As for trading it to an outside nation...I can only report your request to my Sultan and bow to his gracious and benevolent ruling. Come back in two days and I shall have your answer."

    "Thank you, Vizier. I will be certain to report your generous hospitality to us upon our return to Germany, even if the Sultan does not agree with our proposal."

    The Vizier seemed to tense for a moment. "And if the great and wise Sultan chooses not to agree..what will your Chancellor in distant Germany do?"

    "He would be disappointed, no doubt. I do know that we have wise men back home who are working on all manner of wondrous things, and it may well be that they already know the secrets of riding the horse. I also know that the Chancellor has instructed us most carefully to seek peace with any foreign nations we might encounter."

    "I see. In two days time you will have the Sultan's answer. I can assure you that the Turks are a peaceful nation as well. There shall be peace between our peoples for a thousand years to come!" The Vizier nodded to a slave and added, "The benevolent Sultan has arranged for quarters for you and your companions. Tarkaan-el here will show you to them." The better to keep a close eye on you and keep you from learning anything else about our strengths and weaknesses. The Sultan will want more from you than legends of other lands which do not exist in return for the knowledge of the horse.
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    Western United States
    1650 BC

    "Is everything ready, Ludwig?", asked the aged ruler of the German people. "Yes, my Chancellor." was the instant response.

    Johann Bismarck got to his feet and walked to the door to the west balcony. I may not be the explorer my father was, he thought, but at least I have a west balcony to address the people on occasions like this. Ludwig, faithful as always, opened the door for his master.

    Though he had ruled for a generation, he had never quite felt up to his illustrious father and grandfather. Johann had made no journeys to foreign lands. He had fought no great wars or conquered an enemy people. No bards sang of the great explorer Johann as they sang of his father and his grandfather.

    He stepped though the door and saw his cheering people. At his arrival a hidden group of drummers sounded a quick cadence. It took several patient minutes before the crowd quieted enough for him to address them.

    "My people! You have worked long and hard for this day. We have succeeded by the favor of Wotan and the gods in building what no other people could build. The enemies of Germany will see this great monument and tremble at our strength! Our creation shall lead the people of Germany into a new and glorious Golden Age!" He caught the eye of his chief priest and pointed at the reason for this celebration. "As the shadow of this monument falls across the land, so will the might of the German people fall upon all who might oppose us!"

    As one man, the crowd looked where their leader was directing. On the left was the ancient stone of the Victory of Wotan, which had been here since the beginning of time. On their right, looming like a rampant dragon in the setting sunlight, was the vast stone bulk of the new protection of Germany. "My people! I give you...the Great Wall of Berlin!"

    His people renewed their cheers as Johann thought: They may not sing of Johann Bismarck the explorer, but by Wotan, they will sing of the monuments I built!
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    May 25, 2011
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    1550 BC

    "Hans, I do not care how good you think the fishing will be. I do not want to be out here when Wotan's Breath comes over the water!"

    Hans sighed and looked out to sea over the deck of his small fishing skiff. I do not know why I let Angela talk me into bringing this fool along in the first place! "Alberich, you have been listening to those stories from the bard brothers Grimm too much. I have been in this boat in this weather before. Can you not see that the waves are calmer as Wotan's Breath approaches us?" Sure enough, the skiff seemed to pitch and rock less as the visibility dropped.

    "A fish! A fish!" Alberich suddenly yanked on his line of tied sinew as he realized something grabbed the end of it. Pulling hand over hand, he soon had the twenty meter length of line on board, together with a fine fish.

    Hans reached for his oak club in the bow and brought it down on the head of the struggling fish. The fish gave a final jerk and lay still. He carefully freed the iron fishcatcher from the jaw of the fish and placed another piece of deer entrails on it, so that the point side was facing up and barely visible. Throwing it overboard into the sea, he said: "So, you finally caught your first sea fish, Alberich. I'm sure Angela would be proud of you."

    Let us catch some more, Hans! It seems you were right about the fishing here." Sarcasm is just wasted on this one, he thought as he reached for his own twitching line. The two men had caught 11 more fish by the time Wotan's Breath left them on its way to the cliffs on the bay shore some few hundred meters away.

    About time to head back, Hans thought. He was interrupted in his thoughts yet again when Alberich suddenly pointed out to sea and asked, "Hans, what by Wotan's Victory is that?"

    Now what! His second thought was What the @#$! IS that? Hans had been on the water for years, and had never seen a skiff anything like it. The other skiff was enormous. Its crew seemed like small ants at this distance. There were three huge spars of wood standing like Wotan's Oak from her deck, and vast amounts of what looked like gray and white cloth were attached to them.

    Alberich had head many fearful stories from the bard brothers, but he had never felt the sudden chill that went down his back at the sight of the strange vessel. As he watched, a cloud of smoke suddenly appeared next to the ship. Seconds later, something hit the water like Wotan's Spear with a tremendous WOOSH and a great splash a mere dozen meters from their skiff.

    "Row! Row for your life, you fool!" cried Hans as he scrambled for the nearest set of oars. Alberich stared in frozen horror as a second cloud formed over the strange vessel. With a terrible roaring crash of shattering wood and planking, something crashed into the port side of the skiff and kept right on going out the other side into the sea. The skiff was swamped within seconds as the two fishermen were plunged into the sea.

    "You #@#$ bastards!" cried Hans as he shook his fist at the strange vessel which had just effortlessly destroyed his skiff and his livelihood. The strange vessel, as if disdaining the continuing curses of the floundering fishermen, altered course to port and headed back out to sea.
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    Nov 10, 2009
    New Lunar Republic
    lurker's comment: My usual subscription post. :goodjob:
  9. MTB4884

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    May 25, 2011
    Western United States
    Thanks for replying, Sparthage. I am in the process of reading Celtic Fury. I like your innovative ideas about the civil war. I hope you can put that writing creativity to good use in RL, and I hope you will forgive what is about to happen to the Celts in my own story.
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    May 25, 2011
    Western United States
    1300 BC

    "The pirates are within range, sir!" "Fire!"

    The crew of the catapult pulled as one man on the trigger ropes of the great machine at Lieutenant Scheider's order to fire. The 100 kilo rock was vaulted high into the sky and began to fall in a great, unstoppable arc toward the pirate frigate far below. A resounding crash and bang sounded in the clifftop woods as the Hamburg Catapulters launched their own deadly missile at the enemy ship. A splash, visible even at this distance, and a sudden hole in the enemy ship's forward sail rewarded their efforts.

    "Reload! Shift fire five degrees left!"

    "Five degrees left, aye!" At this signal, a team of oxen moved the great machine on its pivot. A quick hand signal and verbal order brought them to a stop as the crew struggled to lift the counterweight back into launch position.

    "Ready, sir!"

    "Fire!" cried Lieutenant Scheider again. This is for my father's fishing skiff, you worthless pirates ! Another rock was hurled at the enemy as an answering crack of thunder signaled the pirate's return volley.

    "Johann! Where did their volley hit!"

    "30 meters below us, sir!" was the spotter's answer.

    "Now you know why I made preparations to get us in position on this cliff top. We can hit them from up here, but they cannot elevate their weapons high enough to hit us." It is your turn to feel helpless before my wrath, you pirate scum! .

    "Direct hit, sir! Starboard side midships!" A fourth time a crash and bang signaled the launch of Germany's best answer to the pirate threat below. "Another direct hit! Starboard side aft."

    "Reload" This is the way to defeat those worthless scum! And best of all, none of my crew will get so much as a scratch. Truly Wotan has blessed us this day!

    "Ready, sir!"

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    May 25, 2011
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    1250 BC

    Count Johann Spee paced his chambers. The Chancellor had been irritated at him last night at the advisor conference. "When are we going to know of our victory over the Celts, Johann! The attack should have happened two weeks ago!" The Count's efforts to explain the vagaries of aviary messages seemed to fall on deaf ears of late.

    Wotan only knows why the message is not here yet. It could be anything from an unexpected delay in the attack to a hawk eating the pigeon on its return flight here. The Count dared not even speak the dark fear at the back of his mind that there might be more sinister reasons for the High Chieftain's formal refusal of passage for the German catapult units to attack the monstrous pirate frigate south of Normandy.

    Such a foolish reason to start a war. We were planning to go after the Romans for their dyes and incense which they refused to trade with us. Instead, we delay the attack we should be pursuing to go after a people that never did us any real harm.

    "Count Spee, sir! Aviary message from the front!"

    Count Spee took the offered message with barely a grunt to his faithful aide. He took the message and carefully read the coded words. "Entremont assaulted. City burned enemy. Casualties acceptable. Celts no more. Full details horseback. (signed) Tirpitz." By Wotan's Spear, we have done it! I knew our men could defeat those barbarians!

    "Count Spee, sir! An aviary message from Lieutenant Scheider!"

    This time Count Spee actually acknowledged his aide. "Thank you, Ludwig." The aide hesitated a moment, then stiffened and said, "Sir, may I ask whether the attack on Entremont was successful?"

    "Yes, Ludwig. It appears that we were successful. We will not know all the details until the full report arrives by horseback in another week or so." Realizing the drift of his aide's question, he added, "I will tell you myself if the report mentions your brother, or if he should be among the fallen. Dismissed."

    "Thank you, sir." Ludwig bowed to his superior and left to return to his other duties.

    Count Spee read the second coded message, which said: "Catapult successful. Pirate frigate badly damaged not sunk. Full report follows horseback. (signed) Scheider." At last I have some proper news to report to the Chancellor!
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    Washington D.C.
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    May 25, 2011
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    Working on a series of updates. War with Rome and Spain is imminent, and the Great Library starts to pay off for the Chancellor.
  14. MTB4884

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    May 25, 2011
    Western United States
    1050 BC

    "Great Hiawatha, our scout approaches."

    "Thank you, Standing Bear. Send the scout here."

    A young man approached the chief of the Iroquois and his warchief at a full run. Bowing, he spoke: "Hail, Great Chief Hiawatha and Warchief Standing Bear. I have strange tidings to report. Three days ago, at the shore of the Great Water, I saw a strange thing that was floating on the Great Water. It was larger than a great lodge, and it had many men on it. There was a single great tree in the center, with two straight branches on either side near the top. There was a great blue skin on the tree that billowed in the wind."

    "Then I saw a smaller floating thing with two men in it moving from the side of the great floating thing. They were coming to the shore while I watched. I knew then that I must return to Seneca and report this to you."

    "You have done well, Running with Deer. I want you to take Leaping Rabbit and ten braves and go to the place where you saw the blue skinned float-on-water thing. Find out whether the strangers are friendly or hostile. Send Leaping Rabbit back with the news, so that we may know whether to expect a friend or an enemy in these strange men you have seen."

    Three days later, aboard the German galley Siegfried...

    "Captain, we have refilled the water casks. Our last shore detail is returning and should be back aboard shortly."

    "Excellent, Wilhelm." replied Captain Lunden to his chief mate. "Raise anchor once they are back aboard. I do not want Thor's Hammer to get too far ahead of us in these strange waters." His next order was cut short by a cry from the lookout.

    "Captain! Men in the trees near the shore!"

    "Are they barbarians? Can you identify them?"

    "Not barbarians, sir! They wear some sort of green and purple cloaks."

    "Purple? I have never heard of a tribe wearing purple."

    "Neither have I, Captain," replied the chief mate. "I know the Roman Chancellor wears a purple robe, but his men wear red and black."

    "True, Hans, but the Romans have no galleys or seagoing vessels. They have no way to get here, and certainly not before we did." The captain mused for a moment, remembering the instructions he had been given by Chancellor Bismarck himself. "Hans, I shall take Karl with me and meet these strange men. I want you here in charge of the Siegfried until my return."

    "But sir! How will you speak with them? What if they are hostile?"

    "Hans, it will not matter that I know not their speech. We will be able to speak to their Chancellor once we get to their version of Wotan's Victory. I want you to wait one month for us. If we do not come back, continue our mission and found the city in the new land, then return to Germany and report."

    "Then I shall come with you. Someone has to watch out for you, Captain."

    "No, Hans. If I am wrong, and these men are enemies, I want you aboard Siegfried to make sure our mission succeeds. Who else can I trust to take care of her while I am away? Besides, Karl is the best swordsman aboard. If they are hostile, he will make sure that not all of the strangers will live to regret their mistake!”"

    "Aye, sir. May the wisdom of Loki be in your speech as you treat with these strangers."

    "Thank you, Hans. Do not worry, for I shall return."
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    May 25, 2011
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    1000 BC

    Hans lay wounded on the battlefield from a spear thrust to the chest.

    The day had begun just as Hans had thought it would. 15 of the finest knight divisions from all over the Empire had formed up on the hills north of Rome and began their glorious charge at the city. A hundred times during the ride to Rome Hans had imagined this sight. There would be the clarion calls of each division and the cry of their officers: “Charge!” That had happened here less than an hour before.

    He had dreamed of the thunderous sound of thousands of hooves pounding into the turf as the pride of the German army obeyed their Chancellor and attacked the enemy. That too had happened, and just as in his dreams, the German knights had the advantage of sword and mail and had used it to shatter the desperate enemy ranks and send them fleeing in vain to a nonexistent shelter. There was the crash of sword and hoof against spear and wood, and the reality was at once more vivid and terrifying and less real than the many dreams of combat he had experienced.

    Sometimes in his dreams there would be the sight of arrows lancing out from the defenders towards his galloping steed, but there had been none of that today. At least, none that Hans had seen from his position on the right flank of the assault.

    Hans had somehow never dreamed of three things that had happened this day. The first was his steed pitching to the ground, mortally wounded from a spear thrust from a Roman who had survived the first charge of his unit.

    The second was the attack of that same unknown Roman soldier on the stunned and winded Hans. He had shouted something in his own strange Latin tongue as he stabbed at Hans with his spear. Only his last minute blocking attempt had kept the Roman from killing him instantly. Hans had broken the enemy soldier's spear, but could not break the thrust of the spear towards the vulnerable joints of his mail armor.

    The third was the only reason Hans was still alive at all. A fellow knight had slashed at his enemy as he charged past, and the Roman had fallen with barely a groan. There had not even been time for a word of thanks as his rescuer continued on, charging into the heart of the enemy as Hans would have done in his place.

    Hans realized that the battle would soon be won, if it had not been won already. He could see the smoke of the burning fires that would surely consume the simple wooden huts and buildings of Rome, and he could see no living Romans on the hill. He was not the only German casualty, but they were far fewer than the shattered ranks of the enemy. They seemed to fade from his sight as Hans began to succumb to his injuries.

    The Chancellor will be pleased with our victory this day was his last thought as his vision faded entirely.
  16. MTB4884

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    May 25, 2011
    Western United States
    950 BC

    Alberich sat at his desk as he had done for years, even before the annexation of the former Roman civilization by the victorious German army. Very few of the library staff had penetrated his gruff exterior and learned of the reason for his pain.

    His gloomy thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of the daily mail cart. The teamster climbed down from his basic wagon and approached the receiving clerk on duty. "Sir, another shipment of scrolls from Delhi. Where do you want them?"

    "Right here on the desk, please." The teamster placed the fragile bundle of scrolls on the desk as he had been instructed. Alberich signed the offered receipt without a single word, and the teamster left the clerk to his thoughts and his latest batch of scrolls.

    So, what are those clever Indians up to now? Alberich began the task of comparing each scroll with the master catalog of the library's holding of Indian scrolls. The first dealt with an unnamed scholar's theory on applying the science of numbers to weapons of war, suggesting that it might be possible to build a "throwing machine" capable of hurling 50 kilo weights 100 meters. Hmph, our catapults actually exist and can throw a bigger weight than that!

    The second scroll was a bit more interesting. It quoted a Turkish scholar who believed that men should decide for themselves who their rulers should be. It would be nice to be able to choose a Chancellor who did not send the sons of Germany into war simply because he could. Perhaps then my son Hans would not have fallen at Rome. He made a note to check with the Turkish desk later and see what this was all about.

    One month later, at the court of the Chancellor...

    "Let me see if I understand this "Republic" correctly, minister. We set up some sort of meeting house for the nobles..."

    "We would call it a Reichstag, my Chancellor," added the new domestic advisor, Karl von Ribbentrop.

    "Reichstag, right. The men of Germany would elect these people into office, and they in turn would elect a Chancellor?"

    "That is correct, my Chancellor."

    "That is the most ridiculous idea I have ever heard in my life!! Can you give me one good reason why I should even CONSIDER letting some ignorant nitwit decide whether or not I should be the supreme ruler of Germany??"

    "My Chancellor, this is not quite as odd a notion as you might believe. As you know, my predecessor began a program to determine your popularity at any given time in the Empire. We learned how this could be done with our discovery of of mathematics and we have used this knowledge to give warning of dangerous conditions in our cities with a view to prevent riots and civil disorder."

    "So what does all that have to do with this Republic idea?"

    "My Chancellor, we have determined that currently some 80 percent of the citizens of the Empire approve of the job you are doing."

    "WHAT! That is terrible news! Who are these 20 percent who do not approve of me? I want their names! I want their homes burned to the ground and their worthless, traitorous carcasses thrown into a dungeon immediately!"

    "My Chancellor, it is simply not possible to please everybody. The good news is so long as at least 51 percent of the people approve of you, we not only prevent civil disorder but we ensure that you will be elected as Chancellor if we adopt this system."

    "I still do not understand what good this strange system will do, even if I were to approve of any of this."

    "My Chancellor, the Turks and the Indians have already adopted this system in their own lands. Our contacts report that both of the original rulers remain in power after the changeover. The people are happier and more productive than they were under the original system, which they refer to as despotism. Even their scholars seemed to do better under this new system."

    "Great, now we have to adopt this system just because our two biggest rivals are doing it." Seeing an odd glint in his advisor's visage, the Chancellor added: "Or do we really have to adopt this system?"

    "My Chancellor, that is the very point I was leading up to. Since our scholars at the Great Library of Wotan have discovered this system, we at the domestic ministry have been working around the clock to study it. We have come to the conclusion that, while good, a Republic is not the best form of government possible. We believe that an even better form of government will soon be discovered, and it would be foolish to go through the turmoil of changing our entire society to a Republic only to have to do it all over again when this new form of government is learned."

    The Chancellor considered these strange concepts. "What happens if you are wrong, and a Republic is in fact the best government we can have?"

    "That is the beauty of our plan, if I may say so. Now that we know how to form a Republic, we can do so at any time upon your order. If we cannot learn of this better government, or if it proves merely an illusion, we can become a Republic. In the meantime, the government will continue as it has always done. The Empire is large enough, and our scholars are doing so well, that we really do not lose much by staying as we are today. Even better, we do not have to undergo the turmoil of a revolution now."

    "Minister, that is the best advice on this subject I have heard from you yet. We will continue our government as it is. I want you and your ministry to study this new theoretical government and get back to me about it when you have it figured out."

    "Very good, my Chancellor."
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    May 25, 2011
    Western United States

    Got the knowlege of Republic thanks to the Great Library. I considered a revolution just for the economic advantages, but decided that I was too close to Democracy to risk losing 7 or 8 turns, especially since I was still in a Golden Age. Kal-El's mod has a Golden Age for 35 turns, which makes it possible to power through the medieval techs pretty quickly even on despotism.

    Didn't get as much done on the story as I thought I would. I'm amazed that Vanadorn wrote as much as he did as quickly as he did. Next up should be the preparations for the assault on Spain, and hopefully I can get that posted in the next day or two.
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    900 BC

    The elderly domestic advisor cleared his throat before addressing his Chancellor and the war council. “There is one last issue to discuss, my Chancellor, before you give the order to attack Spain. As you know, there is a new religion in our Empire which seems to have begun around the time we discovered theology.”

    “Ah, yes, the new religion of the Christians. I have been hearing dire warnings from Chief Priest Kung about their alleged threat to the order and stability of the Empire. I think it is more likely that he is really worried about the effect on the income of the priests of Wotan if this new religion spreads much farther. ”

    “Be that as it may, my Chancellor, I have received a proposal from the new leader of the Christians, Grosbruckner Heinrich II. He asks permission to send 10 of his priests with the assault force to serve as spiritual leaders for the warriors of Germany who believe in this religion.”

    “Interesting. I certainly do not see Chief Priest Kung marching with our men and putting his behind on the line, for all his bluster about the bravery of the soldiers of Wotan and the alleged cowardice of the Christians. I suppose that this new Grosbruckner would simply try to send 10 men secretly to the front if I were to refuse his request.”

    “No doubt you are correct, my Chancellor. I believe it is prudent to try to work with the Christians rather than against them. We should try the carrot before applying the stick, if I may so put it.”

    The Chancellor took a quick look around the war council meeting. The other ministers nodded in approval. “Very well, tell the Grosbruckner that his request is granted. Have his men report to Field Marshall von Schnieder once they arrive.” He paused for a moment, then continued in a more serious tone: “Make certain that he sends 10 brave men, minister. This will be a battlefield, not a camping trip. I want to see a list of whoever it is he is sending, and I want to make sure he knows that I will not delay the assault just to let his men catch up. And one more thing. Do not tell him when the attack is to take place. I do not want to risk the Spanish learning of our intentions until it is too late for them to mount a defense.”

    “It will be done, my Chancellor.”

    “Very well. Is there anything else?” A chorus of head shakes and no's followed from the assembled ministers. “Then send the proper messages and let the attack on Spain begin.”
  19. MTB4884

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    May 25, 2011
    Western United States
    March, 875 BC

    "Cap'n, the men are assembled on the quarterdeck."

    "Excellent. I will address them in a moment." The chief mate saluted his captain and left.

    Captain Lutjens of the galley Wotan's Spear adjusted his hat in his looking glass one final time and then strode out of his cabin. He walked to the rail and looked out over the crew of Germany's newest warship.

    "Sailors! It is time for you to learn just what our mission is. I can assure you it is something that you will tell your children and your children's children of! We have received specific orders from Chancellor Bismarck himself...to go forth and sink the pirate frigate Eustace the Black Monk!"

    "Now before you all ask for a transfer to somewhere safer, such as the Spanish front..." Captain Lutjens paused for a moment as his crew chuckled nervously. "...There is some other news I need to tell you. I was ordered to wait until we put to sea to make certain that no scurvy Spanish dogs learned of our plan. We have 2 supporting batteries of catapults who have been bombarding those pirate scum for weeks now. I have received a report that the enemy ship is heavily damaged. They actually had to flee out of range of our catapults to keep from being sunk! Even better, they do not have a naval base or docks to repair their vessel properly.

    "And so, it falls to us, the pride of the German fleet, to go forth and slay this wounded dragon of the sea. We will bring death to these pirates as they have brought death and ruin to our people!" Drawing his sword, the captain continued: "I say to you that this ship and her crew will not return home until either we or they are at the bottom of the sea. Who is with me! Victory or death!"

    "Victory or death!" came the response from the assembled sailors.

    "I cannot hear you, men!"

    "VICTORY OR DEATH! VICTORY OR DEATH!" came the cry from a hundred throats as the crew shouted their defiance of the pirates.

    "That's more like it, men. To your stations! Helm, set a course for the northeast. We shall follow the coast until we sight the enemy."
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    May 25, 2011
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    April, 875 BC

    “Chancellor, Queen Isabella is here to see you. Shall I send her away?”

    “No, Minister Ludwig. If our men have the courage to attack Spain at my order, the least I can do is face the enemy leader as a Chancellor should. Send Hans and his guards in, then allow Queen Isabella entrance.”

    “At once, my Chancellor.” replied the chief military advisor. At once he left the Chancellor's chambers, and Captain Hans Gruber and five of his best guards entered. A shrill female voice confirmed that the Queen was outside and most unhappy. A nod from the Chancellor and Hans himself opened the door.

    “There you are!” shrieked the angry Queen as she stormed into Chancellor Bismarck's office. “You have many horse soldiers and swordsmen on the hills outside Cordova. Remove them at once or there will be WAR!”

    “I believe their intention is plain, Queen Isabella, as is mine.” replied the Chancellor in a strikingly calm voice. Something in his tone seemed to penetrate even the Queen's rage, as she replied in a more subdued manner. “What do you mean?”

    “I could tell you of Spain's refusal to allow our galleys to engage the pirate fleet in her waters who threaten the lives and livelihoods of German fishermen. I could also tell you of Spain's insolence as Germany dealt with the Celts and the Romans in previous battles, and your increasingly hostile attitude towards us. Instead, I shall simply say that the clouds of war are gathered, and the resulting storm shall sweep your civilization off the face of the earth.”

    The Queen had grown pale at the Chancellor's calm demeanor as he pronounced the doom of the Spanish. “You have made a terrible mistake, Bismarck. I am certain the English people will help us in the fight against the German hordes.”

    “It is just possible that the English would help you. What a pity that the very pirates that prowl Spanish waters will sink any of your ships that try to reach England. If you had allowed us to enter your territory to destroy them, you could have reached England for help.”

    The Queen reached for the dagger at her belt. She might have been able to do something with it, but for the nod the Chancellor gave to the expectant Hans. With a quick easy motion, the dagger was wrenched from the Queen's grasp and tossed contemptuously to the floor. Hans merely looked to his leader for his next order.

    “I could order your imprisonment, or even your execution, Queen Isabella. Hans here would no doubt carry out either order with alacrity. Instead, in obedience to our ancient customs of warfare, you will be escorted to the Spanish border, and there released unharmed, to direct the futile defense of Cordova and Madrid against the unstoppable might of the German army.” At another nod, Hans half carried, half dragged the protesting Queen out of the Chancellor's chamber.

    Meanwhile, off the Norman coast..

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