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Blood and Sieges

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Scenario League' started by Nicheal, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. Nicheal

    Nicheal Warlord

    May 30, 2009
    near Munich

    a Civilization 2 Test of Time Scenario
    by Nicheal

    Spoiler TITLE FOR BaS :

    *(Picture of Wallenstein)

    d... d... d... damned! I damned
    succeeded finishing up that Scenario after 3 Weeks Modding!!!!!!
    Pafff! Made it happen during 2 Weeks, and was quite burned off,
    and today it wasnt the Effort i was fearing the last Week... yeah!!!
    The only Trouble today, still is, to get that Events.txt ERROR out,
    and that ERROR is only caused by the last Failure: OVERSIZE (93,0 kb).

    Pafff! twice

    The Reason for me, to do this inspired Scenario can be found here:

    >>>Nikoagonistes´ Sobieski Thread<<<

    I didnt want to heavy criticise only, i wanted to help Niko, perhaps,
    getting that Thing better. Now that were 3 Weeks Modding, and
    Blood and Sieges is finally done.

    Pafff! triple

    Finally could release a playable (non-testplayed yet) 1.0!!! (7.10.)

    Finally have released a playable (non-testplayed yet) 1.1!!! (19.10.)

    But i will give one Screenshot to you Folks... no, i wont (7.10.)

    Gave already, see beyond.


    Version 1.1

    +All seven Empires playable:

    Zar Peter I the Great of the Muscovites
    King Jan III Sobieski of the Poles and Lithuanians
    Fürst Frederick II the Great of the Prussians
    Kaiser Leopold I of the Imperials
    Sun King Louis XIV of the French
    King William III of the British
    Sultan Mehmet IV of the Ottoman Turks

    +Two Skins: Ottoman Turks and Europeans

    +Six ~81 kb Events.txts to rule them all...

    Events1 until Turn 313 for British, Ottoman, all others
    Events2 until Turn 1060 for ",","

    +European Kingsize Map by McMonkey

    +255 Towns

    Spoiler NOTICE :
    My Unit-Fortresses are Zero Movement Air Units, ToT Profs know why,
    but to place a Fortress in the open Terrain causes its Disappear, wondered why
    my Fortress disappears placing it in the open Terrain: A Zero Movement Air Unit
    will hide under the empty Stack Symbol Airport/busy, and will disappear.

    Unit-Fortresses will surely NOT be placed in the open Terrain in a BaS Game,
    will be placed by Events.txt onto Terrain-Fortresses, or will be built by Towns
    and will not leave Towns, but to notice eventually a "wrong Placement",
    i use the Stack Symbol busy Airport>Fortress!, the only Appear of that Symbol
    would be caused by the only available Air Unit: Fortress... a nice Notation.


    +Terrain by Catfish and, perhaps, Nikoagonistes

    +Some Sounds by Nikoagonistes

    +Units by Fairline

    +People by Fairline

    +Towns by Curt Sibling

    +All Wonders available

    +All Improvements

    +A whole Tec Tree

    +Tribal Colours for Units, an own Sprites

    +Terrain completely terraformable

    +All modded by Nicheal

    +Ready for a Testgame

    +A super Title.Poem


    +O damned YEAH!!!



    I did the whole Events.txt, 62,8 kb, and then, into another Text Document, the so-called "Main Happenings",
    30,2 kb, the turn-based Scenario-History-Support of Actions. Both Events.txts i proofed, and the 30,2 kb,
    i had it open, still as "Mainhappenings.txt", i renamed into "Events.txt" to proof it, and there was an ERROR.

    So i searched for that Error in my 30,2 kb Events.txt, found it, it was "Janissari", the correct Name is
    "Ottoman Janissari", i saved, and another ERROR occured. So i cut the first Half out, save, load the .SAV,
    ERROR. So i cut the second Half out, save, load the .SAV, ERROR. That went a little While, until i recognised,
    that the Events.txt i was working on, was called "Mainhappenings.txt"... you understand?

    I had "Mainhappenings.txt" open still, renamed it in Folder into "Events.txt", both had the Janissari ERROR in,
    then i changed the current .txt, and saved, so i changed the "Mainhappenings.txt", which was created again
    in Folder as "Mainhappenings.txt", and the "Events.txt" had still, and still, and still the same damned ERROR.

    One Reason to getting crazy...


    The World tells Stories, which the Shadows believe...


    O yes... and i didnt want to boast, but i am very happy and proud, its a Mixture out of the best Modders,
    and Civ2 Test of Time Artists, stirred and finally finished up by the stupid Nicheal... the Bell rings, Sunday.


    Hey, Dudes! No Reaction about? No Call: Where is a Screenshot? Where is the Download?
    Currently i work on the Events.txts... decided to NOT cut the one existing 92,8 kb Events.txt down,
    that would have been maximum 81 kb Size, decided to use the Combination Batchfile and Delevent.exe,
    to create two Events.txts: Events1 until Turn 313, and Events2 until Turn 1033... if anybody will play
    until Turn 313... but these Happenings were Part of the "Masterplan", and i want them all.

    So i have a little to do with both Events.txts... then its a 1.0 finished up Version, ready for the first Testgame.


    I think about the Idea, to use the done BLOOD & SIEGES for
    another Scenarios... it is a One-Map-Thing, so this CivCity could be used, to create another Scenarios.
    The only Thing to do, first Line, is to replace all Troopers by Napoleonic Troopers, or Medieval Troopers,
    and to give the Cities to another Empires... the Scenario is from 1628 til ~ 1720, Months-Turns.
    To only replace all Troopers by same Kind of Troopers, but Napoleonic or Medieval, and to use the same
    Background Values, only replacing Stuff, would generate a Series BLOOD & SIEGES perhaps.

    There could be done everything, like early Medieval, the Franks, or late Medieval, the Fall of Byzantine,
    or Frederick the Great until Napoleon, yes, even til World War One, only by replacing Unit Graphics,
    and rewriting some Empire and Emperor Names, Unit Names and Events, but using same Values and Coordinates.
    Background as usual... nice Idea, i think. But "Masterplan" tells, BLOOD & SIEGES ready next Days,
    Cruzan Colony and The Silmarillion 64bit Batches plus some Tweaks, perhaps Mordor and
    The Lord of the Silverskull the newer Versions in, the Ruins of the newer Versions, and then out...


    Spoiler SCREENSHOT :

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  2. Hans99

    Hans99 Warlord

    Jan 8, 2010
    Kingdom Württemberg
    Wooho, so many scens an so little time. I'll give it a try like so many scens i started over the last years. Expect an Answer and Playreport maybe this or the next year ;)
  3. Nicheal

    Nicheal Warlord

    May 30, 2009
    near Munich
    Some Problems i seem to have, Folks!

    My Scenario is released right now, as a non-played 1.0.
    Currently i play, and make my Polishing and Tweaks.


    -the Select Graphic Options dont appear

    To disable Terrain or Unit Animations, i use own Terrain and Unit Sprites,
    the Terrain Dummy, and my own Tribal Colour Unit Sprites, and all the
    other Options are disabled in SCN anyway.
    Its a sad Malfunction without deeper Consequences, hopefully.

    -the Diplomacy seems broke

    Dont know. Perhaps Catfish could tell me, what went wrong,
    or IF something went wrong...

    Solution: It seems, that my Game.txt is corrupted, but for
    this Scenario only, or better: If any Game.txt is in my Scenario Folder,
    Diplomacy is cut down. Put Game.txt out of Folder, then Graphic Option
    and Diplomacy work. Dont know how that Problem occurs, sry.

    -i see the Barbarian Activity in revealed Map

    My Events.txt cheats many Barbarian Troopers in, so in a revealed
    Map Game there is much Barbarian Activity during the Turns.

    Solution: Switch on "No pause after enemy moves".

    -the Ships with Stowage dont leave the Harbours

    My Events.txt wanted to cheat many Barbarian Ships, like Spanish Galleons,
    to create a huge "Seafaring War", to simulate the Colonies and the Seven Seas.
    Barbarian Ships with Stowage dont appear cheated on Sea Squares, and dont
    leave the Harbours cheated in these Harbours... we see, that Barbarian Activity,
    and Barbarian Cheats dont follow the usual Seven-Players-Rules.

    Solution: To create three playable Events.txts for the British, the Ottomans,
    and all others will cause, that i could give the "Seafaring War" to the British,
    to the French, and to the Ottomans. There will be a Dominance at Sea, and every
    Empire will have to face huge Enemy Fleets to get a huge and expensive, and profitable
    Naval War simulating the Colonies and the Resources of the rich World.

    so far.

    My Scenario includes now 6 Events.txts:
    History Turn-Support until Turn 313 are Events1 for British, Ottoman, all others.
    History Turn-Support until Turn 1060 are Events2 for ",",", as a non-played 1.1.
    Perhaps i will play, and make some further Polishing and Tweaks.

    I did that whole Scenario, to help Nikoagonistes, or to show what i meant,
    criticising his Sobieski Scenario. Hope it could help. Hope to hear some Criticisms and Hints.
    Hope, that another Modder could perhaps make that Thing perfect. Have Fun!


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  4. McMonkey

    McMonkey ----Evertonian---- SLeague Staff

    May 9, 2005
    Wow, that was a quick production time. Well done Nicheal!!! I haven't much time at the moment, but I started a quick test game and this looks like a lot of fun. I really like they way you have made generic units that can be used by several nations, great idea. I will try and have a proper game of this, Iwo Jima Tech's Mod as soon as I can.
  5. jarhead_leif

    jarhead_leif Civ2ToT Modder

    Feb 1, 2012

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