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BNH Series REBORN! BNH01: The Rebirth


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Apr 29, 2003
Im glad to be starting a brand new Succession Game. This one should be a challenge.

Civ: Any Civilization who thrived in the Ancient Times (Babylon, Egypt, Rome, Carthage, Celts, etc.)
Version: C3C v1.22
Difficulty: Emperor or Demigod (Group Vote)
Parameters: Continents, 7 AI, all else random.
Rules: This is to be the glorious rebirth of a once proud civilization. To bring this civilization back to its former glory is our goal. Only a nation that lived its best times in the ancient times will work here. We are gonna build them up to withstand the test of time itself.
No RoP rape, breaking deals, etc. But, if someone ever breaks a deal with us, we are allowed to use Supreme Justice, and break anything off with them. If someone decides to kill our great civilization, we shall use the mighty force of the Ancients. :D

just moving this to top to see if people will join.
if your viewing this thread, has this idea been overplayed or disliked? I dont see anyone joining! Brings me back to the original BNH01.
If there was a previous BNH01, how can this be BNH01? I will play this one, and I will throw in some suggestions: Is this definitely emperor? I will play this as either emp or demigod, as I need some sg-demi experience, but it is your call - I'll still play on emperor.

Civs preferred:Sumerian,Aztec,Zulu,Carthage,Maya,Egypt.

I won't play if we are Hittites! :D
Welcome to the team. we dont need to be the Hitties, I was hoping Egypt or Zulu.
3 more spots still open!
Welcome Rik, and thanks!
Carthage would also be cool, with the seafaring ability, possible quicker finding the other continent.
I'd come in, vote :egypt: and demi. If you put me on roster, make sure you leave your sanity home before reading posts with the white bear on the left - they will be stupid.

I think we should 'try' and avoid GA too early, if it is not totally insane not to do so (IE not using gallics or something that crazy) and make up for it in the later game with a republican or democratic GA(now that would whoop ass).

I'll be sporadically here and there until april 22nd, but after that my finals will all be bagged in and I'll be here lurking 24/7 :coffee: ... or almost :sleep:
Hmm... I'm in a lot of SGs now, but playing with Rik is tempting...

Not a sign-up, yet.
@Beorn- Ill sign you up, welcome aboard.
@Tomoyo- Well, if you decide a yes, which i hope you do, we can get this thing a going.
i would like to try my first sg! i must be last though because i am getting c3c tomorrow or sunday. But its never too early to start a SG!
I cant let you join up if you dont have c3c, thats the version, sorry
wanna just go with 4?
Might as well take a 5th, I *might* have to skip a few turns during the next 2 weeks
ok we got our fifth :D

Ill generate a start, and also i made a list of player order, if this isnt good, let me know.

Chunky Kong.

What ill do is go random, if i get a decent start with ancient civ, we'll go with it, except hitties as requested.
O.o That is the holiest of all start positions. This could be a potential settler factory. Do we want a coastal capital?
We can mine all 3 cows and have a factory, which is like holy cow ! if you allow me the bad pun.

Also in favor of SE moving, worker SW.
w00t egypt! I was kinda hoping to be them.

I agree worker SW, settler SE, but shouldn't we irrigate the cows instead? That will give our growth the magical +5 food for a 4 turn (?) settler factory.
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