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BNH03- Iroquios Revenge on the Pale Skins... An AWM challenge


This... Is your story...
Apr 29, 2003
The third installment of the ever-popular BNH series is here! Quite the challenge as brave warriors of the Iroquios tribe will stand alone against the world! Join now for fun fun fun!

Civilization- Iroquios
Difficulty- Monarch
Variant- Always War
Parameters of World- Small, Continents, 70%
Barbarians- Roaming
Climate- Random
Opponents- England, France, Spain, Dutch, Russia.
Version- C3C 1.22
Its New World vs Old World in this classic civ match up! Will you help lead the Iroquios to their rightful spot in the world?

Proud Iroquios Warriors:
TriviAL (Prancesonwolves)
MjM (Wannahawkaloogie)
Soul Warrior (Whisperer to Horses)
Durkz (Thunderchaser)
BigNHuge (Chief PlaysWithSquirrels)
JB1964 (ArrivesQuiteLate)


10 turns each until we start to go into a huge invasion mode, where we'll slow down to 5. 24 got it, 48 play. I know in my other games im not to strict with this, but this will be very strict on it.
Also, pick an Iroquios name, it adds to the excitement! (Not really but their silly and fun to laugh at, imagine blaming every city we lose on PlaysWithSquirrels) :lol:
welcome aboard Whisperer to Horses. Middle for you then, id like the end! :D
yes c3c1.22
lurker's comment: I take it this game will start before Jul 17th so I must pass. I've been doing awful at all my AW attempts over regent anyways, so I'll lurk this one for helpful info.
Just moving this up so it can be seen by hopeful warrior prospects
ahhh, i can only win on monarch... cant even win OCCC on regent :sad: so its acually up to you for me to play, because i would if i had your backing.]
never mind
sign me up
im "Thunderchaser"

explanation: a lightning struck near my house an burned my modem and my powersupply unit 15 days ago.
put me second to last please
@ MJM- Welcome aboard, but their can only be one chief! You can be Wannahawkaloogie, Not a power thing :hammer: cough :hammer: but traditionally there was only one chief per tribe.

@Durkz- Welcome aboard! good 1 more

I'd be up for it if you're still looking for that final player!

Not been here for a while, but I'm back on Civ again... This looks like it'd be an interesting SG, love those cheeky Iroquios and their friendly horsemen. :)

Beaten deity a few times (with a good start) and played some solo AW games. Played a few SGs a year or so ago.

Can play regularly, but will be on holiday for a week at the end of the month.

Would rather not do the starting turns, but don't mind if no-one else is willing too...

If you're interested, then could we post a save and we can discuss the start.

Oh and a name: PrancesOnWolves?
BnH - how about, seeing we have 4 already, we start up choosing the starts and discussion?
if you want i can roll us some starts and post tonight

[EDIT] it seems we have a fifth.
what say you Oh Big and Huge leader of the tribe?

{EDIT 2} Prances on Wolves? in the same game as Whisperer to Horses :rotfl:
@TriviAL- Welcome Aboard! Our tribe is complete!

Ill generate us 3 good starts and we'll discuss.
Ok, I generated 2 saves because we have a lightning storm coming through and I gotta shut down the comp soon. :cry:

Here is the first

Da Save

and the second

Da Save
do that i became paranoid now :sad:
i like the second start beter (more shileds, river, more money )
Hope the storm is OK!

The second one is looking stronger to me... The river is good for our Agricultural trait and the commerce bonus is useful. Think the hinderance to movement is worth living with. More BGs and even a gold hill for later... Unless we want more of challenge I'd go for that one. Irrigate the wheat and we'll potentially have a 4 turn settler factory later on.

My general thoughts, regardless of starting location.

Start with a couple of warriors, for home defense in case anyone wanders into us. Also some very limited scouting for nearby city locations. If we don't meet anyone, a granary and some settlers. If we've got really close company, then a barracks, settlers when possible.

For tech, I'd think max research on Bronze Working, Warrior Code then The Wheel. This will give us defense, offense and then hopefully some horses to whisper to. :D

I'd say, all settlers to be escorted, preferably with vet spearmen. I'd rather build all cities in a CXXC format - so they can support each other...
That's a 4-turner you've got there :worship:
Too bad it's an AW game :p
chief Whisperer to horses breaths in, breaths out, and speaks truth!

start 2 it is. you just dont pass up a 4 turn settler pump. you dont.

what are we? we are Iroquis!
what do we need?
1- get to Monarchy.
2 - get to Horse Riding (thats what whisperer does best).
3 - get to literature for the GLib.

since we get Alpha and Pottery on hand.
it just begs to go WC at max (archers) in 24 turns, then rush for WRITING and LIT (using those 60 odd turns to prebuild the library), followed by a nice slow crawl for the wheel and HBR.
we want our GA when we have the GLib, preferably AFTER we are a monarchy.

building SPEARS is good on upper levels (we cant compete offensively) but what we need is OFFENSE.
if we position our archers correctly we can win almost everytime.
but im a "best defense is offense" guy.

just remember we can do some initial trading, before we declare...

i would go Granary > archer > archer > settler.
if we meet up in the first 30 or so we are in a bad shape whatever we do.
i would keep Salamanca as a settler pump, with 2nd town as GLib prebuild, and 3> rax > units builds.

it all depends on what we see later on though.

another note - our Mounted Warriors are MIGHTY POWERFUL!!!!
my guess is we can do even without the GLib.
(but it would be VERY nice to have)
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