BNW - TDCL - Game # 3 Persia


Jul 13, 2011

Liberty - Piety domination game

Poland ate France and Greece and quickly grew into mega-Poland (like it does in most my games) .. Went for him after dealing with Japan - Otomans back stabbed me off Poland's continent forcing me back into the carriers (had 3 cities foothold including his capital) .. Polynesia joined the fun and dropped 6-7 Xcoms around my capital ...

I find it much harder to achieve critical mass past turn 250 without honor finisher ... (probably killed in excess of 20k worth of gold units had I had honor finisher) ... A few settled prophets do not make up for that (couldn't capture any ) .. + Adding full piety tree in the mix delayed my autocracy policies ...Which forced me to do weird tech detours for a domination game (Sydney Opera/CN Tower) .. Final capital fell to SB + paratroopers ...

Had I been more careful and lost less units game would've finished earlier - but I find it impossible to maintain concentration for such high lengths of time ...Also wasted growth early chasing chimeras (Petra/Chichen Itza) build Mosque of Djenn (most benefit for that is that it generated a GE ) ...

files should be up in the next 3-4 days
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