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Bombard and ROF Values


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Jun 9, 2003
It's embarassing that I come to you all with this question now having been registered for months and having played Civ for at least a year, yet I'm still gonna bring it...

What are bombard values? What is their significance? What are the differences between bombarding a target with artillery (B value of 12) and with the catapult (B of 4)?

Also, what does rate of fire affect? Only one bomb is dropped--I don't see a logical explanation for this value. Also, if its not clear by ROF's definition, how does an increase in ROF benefit the user?

Thanks a lot, guys. ;)
The higher the ratio of vombard value : unit being bombarded's defense, or bombard value : some random number for the defense of terrain improvements. The ROF is how many hit point it can destroy on a unit per turn. It will not always be this many, but it can.
ROF determines how many hp's it can potentially take off of a unit. ROF of 2 means that it can take off 2 hp's.

I am not certain how bombard values determine whether it hits a target or not. It must be a percentage thing. It seems to me that something with a bombard of 2 is more likely to damage a unit than a building/tile, if bombarding these 2 targets seperately.

edit: eh, Gogf beat me to it. Ya I guess its just like attacking another unit. A units attack/defense is compared to the bombard value and the unit with the higher number has a better chance of "winning". I would suspect that if the bombard wins, it will damage the unit, if the unit wins, it will not be damaged. Again, as Gogf said there is a number for terrain defense, which I assume is probably pretty high, but i'm not sure what it is.
In your example, an artillery is 3 times as likely to hit as the catapult.

Rate of Fire means that, in fact, this calculation is done multiple times and the target loses one hit point for each successful hit. So it does bomb multiple times.
Thanks a lot, good explanations. Now I am ready to kill the enemy from the comfort of my barracks. :p
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