Bombardment weirdness (3.13 + Bhruic)


Nov 28, 2005
Torquay, England
When bombarding a city with Walls, using Cannon or later units, the damage done is still reduced by the Walls although they are not supposed to be effective against gunpowder units. The defence of the city goes down only by about 80% of the "rated" damage, e.g. a reduction of -16% from a shot by a Cannon with Accuracy instead of the -20% inflicted on an unwalled city. Add a Castle and the damage is only 60% of that expected. This applies equally to Air Bomb attacks, and refers to cities with 40% cultural defence.
If the target city has 60% cultural defence plus Walls and Castle and is bombarded by Cannon, although the defence shows as 60% on the city label it goes UP to 88% after the first shot but falls by the expected amount after a second shot - which still leaves the city showing more defence than it had before being bombarded. This absurd increase does not occur from bombing, which does only about 60%of the expected damage.
Try the attached WB-generated save as it stands, then reload and put Elephantine and Pi-Ramesses up to 60% culture defence, or perhaps try 20% and 100% just for laughs.


  • Bombard test BC-4000.CivBeyondSwordSave
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