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Dec 29, 2001
This is a test PBEM of John Ellis' Bonaparte update, Bonaparte II. We're going with just three players: me, Henrik and Patient English. I have the French, Henrik the Austrians, and Patient English is the Tzar from the east.

Its now May, 1803 and its Henrik's turn... ;)
Quick summary of the Austrian news:

Austro-Spanish Alliance created!

A defence pact was forged between Emperor Heinrich and King Ferdinand of Spain, any nation attacking Spain will have to face war with the Austrian empire, likewise with an attack on Austria

Sofia taken!
In a brilliant millitary campaign the austrian Hussars siezed controll of the turkish city of Sofia earlier today, the troops are reported to have been greeted by cheering crowds and the population also served as scouts for the Austrian troops when securing the area from Turkish troops.

Constanta and Varna submits to Austrian Empire!
The priviously turkish cities of Constanta and Varna did when the turkish armies where preocupied with fighting the glorious austrian armies submit to the Austrian Empire.
The cities have been incorporated in Austria and new campaigns are expected to commence within a month!

Austro-Swedish relations improve, millitary cooperation started?

Swedish diplomats are reported to have been seen entering and leaving the foreign ministry in Vienna, a millitary-technological cooperation is rumoured to have been agreed upon between the Swedish and Austrian government.
A defence pact is also rumoured to be in the works.
This one is 4th PBEM-thread in scen.creat. forum. Shouldn't these be moved to Multiplayer forum, which is considerably dead anyway.
I downloaded After opening it, whoaa, all graphics were little bit...crippled. What did cause it?
[like fortress instead of quadrates, all cities-flags-units mixed up.]
Are you sure you are using the beta version of bonaparte II (not yet released) trying to load this game with the old version should produce strange results.

Oh and loads of PBEMs are in this forum since, its the scenario creators that are playing them (and they are played with scenarios).

You should see the scenario league forum at Apolyton, there is lots of pbems there. ;)
Originally posted by Gaius
This one is 4th PBEM-thread in scen.creat. forum. Shouldn't these be moved to Multiplayer forum, which is considerably dead anyway.
If the games concern scenarios, i prefer them here, not there.

This game is really a playtest, to see if the scenario works properly.
Sorry I have been a bit distracted in this (and other) PBEM games the last few days. I am back on track now, and will be playing more quickly this week I hope.

(Chris, I have played the Col 3.12 move as I couldn't see you online this weekend. It is your turn next, so why don't you see if I'm online tomorrow evening (my time) before you play?)

I have taken the first move and will play it this evening and post before I go to bed!


Deposing his brother Alexander in a palace coup, the new Emperor Ivan has changed Russian foreign policy dramatically. An entente with the Prussians has led to an exchange of technology that the Emperor hopes will modernise his country's medieval industry.

In a similar rapprochement, the Swedes have expressed interest in learning the mysteries of Orthodox theology, and in return have imparted some of their most advanced financial knowledge.

The British, unlike his brother, he views with suspicion, but no hostile action has been taken so far.

Exploratory feelers have been sent out to the Austrian King-Emperor, but no firm developments can be reported yet. The uneasily-sleeping French colossus to the west is left - for now - to it's own devices.

The campaign against the Ottoman Turks in the south of the Empire continues: The city of Nal'chik fell in early July this year.

Many rebel bands of Black Sea cossacks have also been dispersed.

[I can't attach an file to this for some reason, so I'll try in the next post.]
In a surprise move this month, the First Consul Winterfritz of the French Republic had himself crowned Emperor by the Pope and France proclaimed an Empire. It is believed that a major factor in the Papal endorsement of Emperor Winterfritz are the French armies situated in Northern Italy, now ominously on the move.

Also, in a dramatic swing in foreign policy, Winterfritz has dismissed the British as a threat, saying 'the Channel is merely a ditch they dare not cross.' And many agree with the Emperor, as the victory of the peace party in the last British election, led by Alan Ianson, seems to bode ill for future British war efforts.

In keeping with the Emperor's statements, the bulk of the Grand Armee has been withdrawn from the Atlantic and Channel coasts, and is making its way across France at this very moment, for redeployment on the Rhine frontier.

The Emperor has been unclear about his intentions behind this dramatic re-arragenment, but a drive into the unorganized states just across the Rhine seems likely.

The French diplomat Talleyrand is also reported to be working with the Austrians towards an understanding about French expansion eastward. The Russians, under the new Tsar Ivan, have not yet contacted the new Empire in the west. Perhaps they fear their diplomats will wake 'the French colussus'? ;)
Remember to post the turn, Napoleon! ;)

(Not that I should complain with my late start!)

Email or PM me with any French diplomatic initiatives that you may have. Howevr, I can say now that Russia has no immediate plans to attack French possesions or allies.

BTW, have you made peace with the British? The events system should prevent you doing that, provided the AI plays the British and/or French.
BTW, have you made peace with the British? The events system should prevent you doing that, provided the AI plays the British and/or French.

No, I'm still at war with the British. That was just my oblique way of saying I'm not afraid of the AI ;)

And I forgot to mention that France has annexed Zurich. I'm curious as to why that starts off independent, I thought Switzerland was already a French satellite by 1803.
OK, this is where the history buffs will crucify me, but here goes:

In 1803, the Swiss had been given a local sort of independence as the Helvetian Republic. They were certainly heavily influenced by France (a satellite if you like), but were technically a separate country.

Swiss troops ended up fighting in French armies, but not before about 1807 I think, which allows the French to take Zurich 1803-04, then crank out troops from it later.

On balance, I chose to make Zurich independent. Close call, though.

Interesting to see if the British make any landings on your coast. Let me know if it does happen, please.
In a bold move the Prussian government declared war on the glorious Austrian empire, the Austrian armies have begun to prepare the siege of some prussian cities.
The siege of munich is also about to commence.
More territory has been reclaimed from the ottoman empire in the south, but the borders are still uncertain and I more exact data cannot be given at this time.
More rebel cossacks hunted down in the Volga delta, as the preparations continue for war against the Turk.

As the Emperor directs the peasants from their land, into the new textile and lumber mills, murmurings against him are heard around the land. Certainly, the wild celebrations that attended his succession have died down.

Indeed, those left on the land are being exhorted to greater efforts as it looks as though the summer harvest will be poor - and the granaries are already low...
John, is this scenario going to be for MP or SP?
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