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Booze How Old Were You.

What is the drinking age in Canadia?

It's 18 in some provinces, forget which, and 19 everywhere else. Where we were is the "everywhere else" so it was 19. There were some 19-year-olds in our "cruise friend group." So the alcohol was purchased legally, but it had to smuggled back onto the ship past inspection.
What is the drinking age in Canadia?

It's 19 here in Ontario, which IMO is 1 year too high. It creates the awkward situation for frosh students where they have to sneak buy their booze and sneak it into their dorms, instead of consuming that stuff with adult supervision, at a bar. When I started university I was almost 19 and so was most of my starting year (or already 19), but back then you started university 1 year late (they had an extra year in high school that prepared you for university)

In Quebec the drinking age is 18 IIRC
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Drinking age used to be 20 but you could join the army at 17.

For some reason IDs were not checked at the army camp bar I was at. 18 no problem, 17 no problem.

Uniform made you 20 in effect. This was 1997 though.

The 6am hangover run to you puke punishment was enough. I was sober enough most of the platoon wasn't.

Invade NZ on Saturday morning instant win.
27, turning 28 in less than a week. Never had a drink in my life.

I'm currently 43. Only ever had four toast drinks of watered-down wine at four family weddings, that I never finished the glass, as well as sips of Communion wine, in my life.
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